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Hamilton Hiking Day Two: Tiffany and Sherman Falls! The Photography & Grub


After spending half of the day hiking Webster and Tews falls, we rested our weary legs back at home and geared up for a second day of hiking. I threw this lovely dinner together for post-hike fuel. This salad is a potential cookbook recipe, but if it doesn’t make the cut I will certainly post […]


A Hiking Trip in Hamilton, Ontario: Webster and Tews Falls + Our Photography Backstory


This weekend Eric and I went on a hiking adventure in Hamilton with our cameras, backpacks, and tripod in tote. I totally underestimated how tiring lugging 10 pounds of camera equipment would be while fumbling all over steep trails. Somehow I didn’t wipe out despite wearing my 5 year old sneakers with the soles worn […]


My Journey to Naturopathy: Part 1


My first visit with the Naturopath Doctor was exciting. In a 1-hour consultation, I felt like we made more progress with my health issues than the past few years with my regular family physician. My regular family physician tends to dismiss everything I tell him and I feel like I’ve had no resolve for any […]


How To Beat A Slump and Get In The Groove


Today was the first morning in 2 weeks I woke up without a sore throat! Holla. (literally). Right now I can swallow without any pain and it’s a MIRACLE. A bad flu really makes me appreciate when I am in good health I tell ya. I just need to get rid of this tickly cough […]


Fruity Baked Oatmeal with Crunchy Cinnamon Almond Topping


Yesterday, I thought the tide was turning with my flu. I had a fairly restful sleep Monday night and my symptoms had died down a bit. I was so excited because I thought that I was getting over this thing! …and then Tuesday evening hit and the symptoms came back with a vengeance. I was […]


Weekly Health News

Well, it is a good thing I made energy bites for last night because we needed them to fuel our beer and chatting marathon on the couch! Last night  = Sitting on the couch > Kinect I am a strong believer in listening to your body and last night our bodies wanted beer, energy bites, […]


Organize My Kitchen


Good morning! I’ve been waiting for this moment. Well, actually this moment is bittersweet. While I didn’t want my TJ’s Sunflower Seed Butter to ever end, I was anxious to make Vegan Overnight Oats in it. This was my first time making oats in a jar after seeing it on the blogs for a year […]


In Tune


Good morning! It looks like my long run on Friday and lack of sleep on the weekend really did me in because my body is not bouncing back as quickly as it usually does. I am feeling quite run down this morning! The difference between me now and pre-injury (January 2009) is that I now […]


Fueling For Long Runs


Good morning! I got up and got my long run out of the way this morning. It was a clear and crisp morning (around 19C). I had a Run Glo Bar before heading out for some fuel. The run: Distance: 8 miles Time: 1 hour 12 mins 22 secs. Avg pace: 9:02 min/mile   Mile […]




Good evening! Thank you for sharing your thought’s in this morning’s Friend in the Mirror post..lots of interesting insights and stories. Today I had what I call an ‘E-work’ day- which is a ‘paperwork’ day just on the computer, electronically. I have a Retail Sales Tax return due Friday so I have been working on […]


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