Chocolate Blueberry Banana Green Monster


Good morning! I am in a flurry getting ready for Leah’s stagette today! I was up around 7am so I would have time to prep everything and not have to rush too much. I think summer has finally arrived because it is beautiful outside again today! Must be the bridal luck. ;) I started off […]


Project Natural Glow


Some of you may remember the Project Glow challenge I put together for Caitlin a while back. Well, I’m cooking up a similar challenge, but this time it has an all-natural twist. The questions I am asking are: Can I commit to switching to all natural cosmetics? Will using all natural products improve the appearance […]


Tequila Boom Boom: Leah’s Stagette Part 1


This picture about sums up the drinks of the night! TEQUILA shots. And way too many. But that’s what bachelorette’s are for right? ;) Let me rewind a little… I left the house yesterday morning at 11:30 to head to Leah’s stagette. I picked up Carley in her hometown and then we made our way […]


Leah’s Stagette: Part Deux


Missed Part 1? So where did I leave off? Oh right. We were leaving the restaurant and heading back to the hotel to have a couple drinks, open gifts, etc. Here Leah is opening my gifts…I forgot to take pictures of the actual gifts- oops! I got her a nice lingerie set from Le Senza […]


Solar Powered


Happy Civic Day to my fellow Canadians :) I hope you are enjoying a lovely long weekend and day off work!   Yesterday afternoon I needed some solar power! I was feeling so blah and tired yesterday I finally just decided to go outside in the beautiful sun and chill out for a bit. It […]


Brain Food


Yesterday marked another first for me in the food department. I tried the Lychee fruit! Covered by a leathery rind or pedicarp which is pink to strawberry-red in color and rough in texture. A greenish-yellow variety is not grown in California at present. Fruit shape is oval, heart-shaped or nearly round, 1 to 1-1/2 inches […]


Project Natural Glow: Explained

IMG_9626 copy

What is Project Natural Glow? Project Natural Glow is similar to Project Glow except that I am challenging myself and all willing participants to try using natural cosmetic products. My goal is to use products that are safe for the environment, animal friendly, vegan, organic, and/or free of chemicals. Of course, not every new product […]


Pink Be Gone


Good morning! I’ve been baking in the kitchen this morning since about 6am. It is amazing how much progress I can make when I get up at 5! Hopefully I don’t hit a wall later… Breakfast was this delicious Green Monster: Ingredients: 3 steamed kale leaves 1 T natural Peanut Butter 1 T cocoa powder […]


Got Veggies?


Hello! I’ve already put in a 7 hour work day and it is only 1pm! Love it. :) This may persuade me to get up much earlier from now on. Although, I will miss my late nights. I don’t typically go to bed until midnight. I just love staying up late! I also love the […]


Glo Bakery Shipping Updates!


I’m so tired I can barely find the mojo to type this post! Please forgive me, but I am about to fall over. And my day isn’t near done yet! Earlier this week, I promised you an update about Glo Bakery US shipping, so without further ado… ~~~~~~ Healthy Living Summit When Caitlin emailed me […]


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