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Home Renos + Smoothie Success


Good morning! 2 days ladies and gents! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D Ok, I am a bit hyper this morning. Why you ask? I just made the most delicious smoothier ever. yes. yes. yes! And I drank it so fast I feel a wee bit sick now. lol. But before I get to the super healing smoothie, let […]


I’m In Love With A Steamer


Good morning! Wow I must say it was so nice not having to get up and do that commute this morning! :) Whohoo! Last night Eric and I were stripping wall paper. Eric actually did it all day while I cooked and did the food prep- we are quite the team I tell ya! We […]

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My Afternoon Powersnack


Good afternoon! Wow, it feels good to take a break. I have been stripping wall paper all day! The room already looks bigger with the dark green wall paper gone from most of the walls. If you recall before: And after stripping: Then after steaming and scraping off the GLUE: Looks like a new room […]

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The Morning After


Good morning! I am definitely fighting a slight cold (Eric too) because the past couple mornings I have not wanted to get out of bed despite having a full 8-8.5 hours sleep! I hate that feeling. Normally, I am wide awake after 8 hours of rest. My nose is a bit stuffy too. Although that […]


Trail Mix Spelt Cereal + Possible Paint Colours


Good morning! Today is Family Day in Ontario today. It is a national holiday provincial holiday created for families to have a long weekend to spend together. It just so happens to be my niece’s 1st birthday today so we will be with family coincidentally! :) The party starts at 4pm later this afternoon. I […]

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Glo Bakery: Wholesome Food Made Fun


Good afternoon! Whew. This gal needs a break….and Eric too! We have gotten so much accomplished today. We had an early start (thanks to me yanking him out of bed this morning). I find getting up early on the weekends really stretches the day out and makes the most out of the short time. I […]


Firefighter Renos + Bakery Buys


Today has been one of those days where I just knew that not much was going to get accomplished on the to-do list. That is ok though, I anticipated that going into it! My brother Chris and buddy Jay arrived early this morning and got started on the renos! Chris and Jay are full time […]


Healthy Comfort Food: Vegan Mac and Cheese


  I have been wanting to make Fat Free Vegan’s Easy Macaroni and Cheeze for a long time. I finally got to the bulk store and remembered to buy nutritional yeast. I have been looking forward to trying nutritional yeast ever since I heard about its’ nutritional benefits and cheese and nutty-like taste! Seems too […]


Painting The Ceiling


is no fun!   Note: Ceiling paint goes on PINK but dries white. Don’t worry! haha. Tonight’s challenge: Find a colour for Eric and I to paint our living room! Living room (Click to enlarge): Note: We are replacing the carpet with walnut hardwood flooring. We will also likely paint the crown moulding white. Any […]


Flirty Fix-Ups


I discovered a new beauty product while visiting my family out West! Of course, my mom let me raid her beauty products and I got hooked on one in particular: Bumble and Bumble Colour Support High Shine Conditioner (for cool blondes): They have some for other hair shades of well (and other tones of blonde). […]


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