The Good Old Hockey Game


Such a fabulous 17 day stretch of the Olympics! Canada is not typically a country associated with a great deal of overt patriotism, but these winter games really brought the country together in a way that we never have before. I couldn’t be more proud of my country and for all of the amazing athletes […]


March Madness


Good morning! :) Yesterday was a crazy day. I was up until 1am implementing the new Fedex shipping module into the shopping cart and getting ready for March madness. This was after baking all day! I was one tired girl. The good news is Fedex is now integrated in the shopping cart and will be […]


A Contribution To Knowledge


One of the biggest debates I have regarding my blog content is whether or not to post about recipe flops. Tonight, I had such a flop. I walked into the kitchen without a recipe and said I was going to create a recipe out of the blue and it would be magnificent. The most magnificent […]


You’re So Cheezy


Greetings! :) I had so many hiccups with work today. It was just one. of. those. days. I won’t bore you with the details though…!! If there is one thing having my own bakery has taught me, it is that my own personal meals need to be QUICK, easy, yet still nutritious. After a slight […]


Health News Round Up: Take 3


Happy Friday! Wasn’t The Office hilarious last night? Definitely one of the best episodes of all time. It is Beeee-u-tiful outside today in Southern Ontario! What a mood booster. :) I am hoping to get outside today for a run on my lunch break. Spring is on its’ way!! I had this great Purple Monster […]


Project Natural Glow: Homemade Lemon Sugar Scrub


Spring, is that you peeking out? Our weather has been outstanding over the past week and is only getting better. I love it! I am so excited to get outdoors for runs. I think a lot of the snow and ice will melt this weekend. First up, three Project Natural Glow product reviews! I bought […]


Break For Brunch


Landy got the cold shoulder yesterday! For THIS!!!!!!!! Our winters are pretty grey here in Ontario, so to see the sun like this is always very welcomed after a loooooong winter. There was ice on our driveway, but luckily no ice on the roads for the first time in a long while.     Since […]


Blogger Blind Date


Hello there! Two for two this weekend for beautiful weather. It will be a shock to my system when we get more snow! Because, you just know we have not seen the last of it… But…for now it is SPRING and we live it up! :mrgreen: We had a great meet-up in Toronto at a […]


Mini Pizza Pancakes


Happy International Women’s Day! To my mom, sisters, grandmas, girlfriends, and amazing readers- thank YOU for being amazing and inspiring women in my life. Today was a crazy start to the work week. I had a huge stack of orders to tackle, stock to order, paperwork, a delivery, shipping, etc. Nothing like starting Monday off […]


The Photography Process And Blogging


Good afternoon! I made a game time decision last night not to workout. I just was not feeling it and I felt pretty worn out from my work day. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between feeling lazy and feeling burned out or tired so I decided to do the ‘10 minute rule’. […]


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