Bikini Body Boot Camp Results! Part 1


I had the best of both worlds this morning for breakfast! A lovely Green Monster:    Ingredients: 1 1/4 cup Almond Breeze 3 organic kale leaves 1 T peanut butter (SO GOOD!) 1 scoop Hemp powder 1 Peppermint tea bag Garlic 1/2 frozen banana ice And a special treat for ending the BBBC!   The […]


BBBC Before + After and My Hip T Contest Giveaway!

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Missed my BBBC Results Part 1? Taking Before and After pictures is scary enough without having to post them on the internet for all to see! I hope you guys appreciate this because I was NOT going to do it!!! :D It takes a lot of guts to see pictures of oneself on the internet…LOL. […]




  Remember the other day when I said it had been a couple years since I bought my last jar of peanut butter?   My friends, those days are long over. I don’t even know who that girl was. She was clearly misguided.   And missing out on some of the finer things in life […]


Raw Food: Is It Always Better?


It is no surprise that Raw Foodism has taken the health field by storm over the past few years. With an increased focus on society’s over-processed, animal fat, and chemical laden diet, the Raw Food Movement seems like a suitable alternative for many. Raw Foodism is defined as “a lifestyle promoting the consumption of un-cooked, […]


Stick To The Basics


Sometimes the most simple dinners are truly the best dinners… Tonight I made Vegetable whole wheat spaghetti and boy was it delicious! The products included Eden Organic Salt-Free Pasta Sauce, PC Frozen Veggie mix, and PC Whole Wheat Spaghetti:   It was a lovely meal! I had a side of a PC flatbread bun (toasted) […]


The End of 100-Calorie Packs?


Yesterday I came across an interesting article on 100-calorie packs! You may have also noticed the Tip of the Day mentioned it too. Kraft was the first company to pioneer the 100-calorie packs and they made an estimated 75 million off them in the first year alone. Even the Girl Scouts are banking in on […]


Hip T Contest Winner + Easiest Vegetable Soup


Thank you for everyone who participated in the Hip T giveaway contest! There was such an overwhelming response for this product! I must admit, I am in love with my Hip T! And now for the winner of the contest: Danielle J!!! She said: you look great! the hip-t looks so cute.. would loveeee to […]


Amazing Grass Giveaway!!


This is possibly the most excited I have ever been to review products! I was just thrilled to receive a whole box of Amazing Grass products. I was even more delighted to see all the awesome loot inside the box! Thank you Teri from Amazing Grass! :D   I think this is similar to what […]


Photo Journaling: Helpful or Harmful?


As you probably have figured out, I am not really what you would call a ‘food blogger’. I don’t take pictures of everything I eat; I instead like to focus on a variety of topics that appeal to me. On average I probably post 1 meal a day and I also enjoy posting healthy baking […]


Where’s Angela?

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Where is that girl?? Where is her promised baking post? Stay tuned to find out Where in the World Angela could be!!! Love, Mystery Man Comments (17) | Share on Facebook | Tweet | Pin It | Snapchat | Google+


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