Fueling For Long Runs


Good morning! I got up and got my long run out of the way this morning. It was a clear and crisp morning (around 19C). I had a Run Glo Bar before heading out for some fuel. The run: Distance: 8 miles Time: 1 hour 12 mins 22 secs. Avg pace: 9:02 min/mile   Mile […]


Memories of Yesteryear


I think I figured out why I like antique markets so much- for the memories! We saw so many cool things today that made us reminisce about our past. We went to the Aberfoyle antique market today. Eric and I hadn’t been since we were in 1st year university. It is located near our old […]


A Green Holiday


Happy Civic Day to my Canadian readers! I hope you are enjoying a lovely Monday off. I’m not feeling too good this morning! We went to a friend’s last night and I am now nursing a Wii and beer hang-over. Never a good combo! I did however, win the coveted prize as the Boxing Queen […]


Whistle While You Work!


Hi there =) We had a really tiring and physical day, but we also had a fun time today. We spent a couple hours in the basement sanding (no pics yet, too much dust) and then almost 4 hours doing yard work. Weeding, mowing the lawn, pruning, removing dead shrubs/vines, etc! Eric said I did […]


Verbose Tuesday


Good morning! The Civic Day long weekend is now over! I have a very busy yet exciting work week coming up. This morning I have been working on Kristin’s custom wedding favour Glo Bars. I will also be working on the Healthy Living Summit Glo Bars and getting caught up on my orders, stock ordering, […]


Easy Salt & Vinegar Roasted Chick Peas


Hello friends! My revived Salt & Vinegar obsession lives on! I am so excited to tell you about this next recipe tonight. Unfortunately, it is not a clue for my overseas trip in September (didn’t have time to make it), but it is a great recipe regardless. Easy Salt & Vinegar Roasted Chickpeas Adapted from […]


Bon Voyage!


Those of you who guessed I am going to Paris in September are correct! Good work, ma petite détectives, good work. ;) During the 3rd week in September, I will be on an all girl’s trip with OSGMOM and my sister Kristi. We have been planning a trip together for over 5 years now and […]


Operation: Beautiful Pancakes


Good morning! For those of you who were asking, the Vanilla Bean Paste is from William Sonoma. I bought it when I was using up my gift card the other week. I’m sure you can find it online for cheaper though! This morning’s breakfast was my treat for working so late last night! I also […]


Vegan Black Bean Burgers


Good evening! I hope you are having a great Thursday. :) I finished the Healthy Living Summit Glo Bars just in the nick of time today! They are currently on their merry way to Chicago! This is what 230 Glo Bars looks like in a HUGE box! Luckily my strong baking arms had no problem […]


Operation Beautiful Virtual Book Tour


Toot, toot! All aboard, the Operation Beautiful Virtual Book Tour! I am excited to be talking about a body image topic that is very near and dear to my heart this morning- Happy Weights!   But first, a delicious, healthy, and energizing breakfast! YUM!!!!   Morning Glow Vegan Overnight Oats Ingredients: Classic Vegan Overnight Oats […]


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