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Interval Train With Me!

summer glow boot camp copy

Hello Boot campers! :) This afternoon I decided against my run, since I went on a run yesterday. I keep reminding myself not to push it with running, even when I really want to go for a run. I reasoned with myself today- the weather is supposed to be nice today and tomorrow, so I […]


Hell Has Frozen Over.


Look what I ‘surprised’ Eric with today! A Green Monster!!! To say he was underwhelmed is an understatement… Hahaha, the nervous look on his face kills me! Here is what went into his mix: Ingredients: 1 large handful organic spinach 3/4 cup milk 1/2 cup Light ice cream 1/4 t Kyolic garlic extract 1 T […]


Fueled By Greens


If someone would have told me last year that I would be DRINKING greens in 2009 and loving them, I would have laughed in their face… Never say never! I had 3 delicious green monsters today. My morning batch made 2 glasses full….sweet! :) Today’s mix was pineapple banana kale! Ingredients: 1.25 cup low-fat soy […]


Food Product Reviews: The Good, Great, and Superb!

PC Barbecue Baby Back Ribs Riplpled Potato Chips

Becha didn’t guess that this is the new food that Eric and I are currently obsessed with!!! Yes, even health nuts like me eat chips!!! :D Surprised?? I was recently sent a box of President’s Choice ‘Tastes of Canada’ food products and these chips were in the box. When I read that they were BBQ […]


Whole Grain Oatmeal Pancakes: Zesty Style

summerglowbanner copy3

I just got finished doing the SGBC exercises for today…all I can say is WOW! What a great total body workout that was! :) I also did a heart-pumping 50 minute treadmill hill workout. It was great! The workout: Duration: 50 mins + 5 min cool down Distance: 3.70 miles 4.3 mph at incline 15% […]


Super Detox Green Monster Recipe


Good afternoon! :) I am glad you enjoyed this morning’s fun poll feature! I had a lot of fun putting that together. I would love to review the stability ball desk chair as well as the Reebok sneakers, myself! I have super bad posture at my desk and I think this chair could help me. […]


Over The Rainbow


Good morning! I am one tired girl today, but wow did we ever have such a fun time last night at the wedding! The rain cleared and we had a wonderful drive up North. The drive was about 2 hours and 30 minutes long. I may or may not have dozed off along the way. […]


Lucky Number Seven


This morning I felt like I was dead to the world! I was dressed in my running gear, but I wanted to do this instead: I sometimes say that getting dressed is the hardest part. No, sometimes getting out the door is the hardest part. And the first mile. And the second..etc. ;) I moaned […]


Flying By


My day, that is! I was on a business call not too long ago and I looked down at the time and it was almost 1pm! Holy moly! The good news is today is going excellent on the business front! I am getting lots done and making lots of progress. So what is the fun […]


SGBC: Sprint To The Fridge

summerglowbanner copy3

     Have you been wanting to get your hands on some Amazing Grass??   Don’t forget to enter my Amazing Grass giveaway! This is the first set of 3 amazing prizes that will be given away the month of July. You won’t believe what the grand prize is, either!   Also, check out the […]


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