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Getting My Frosty On


It’s official: I’m hooked on 5k races! My second 5k race is under my belt…err…bib, after yesterday’s Frosty 5k race in Burlington. I had such a blast. There was also a half marathon going down…kudos to the brave souls who ran it yesterday! Unlike my last 5k race a few weeks ago, the skies were […]


Old Man Winter Vs. Heart of Gold


Leave it to Old Man Winter to arrive promptly before my first race in almost 16 months. Impeccable timing, Old Man. I swear, it was mild and there was no snow on the ground when I booked the race. As soon as I booked, a storm moved in on the weekend and the temperature plummeted. […]


Labour Day Oakville Half Marathon & 10K


Thank you for your good luck wishes this morning. :) We arrived almost an hour early to the race this morning and we were treated with a gorgeous sunrise along Lakeshore. It was breathtaking. Possibly the most gorgeous sunrise I have ever seen!   The lake displayed a rainbow of colours.     A great […]


Run Like The Wind


Happy Labour Day! I hope you are enjoying a lovely day off and are sleeping in right now! I like to spend my holidays by getting up at 4:15am. I am sick like that. Let me rewind to last night… The Dizzy Bizzy Board was stressing me out a bit. Actually, it was giving me […]


The ‘Earthquake Run & Shake 5 Point Oh No’ Recap


Greetings! (aka: Hellllloooooooo) What a day! So interesting to read all of your comments about your earthquake experience today. The news is now reporting that it was a Magnitude 5.0 earthquake that originated in Quebec from 18 km in the ground. Crazy! However, I carried on. I had a race to fuel for and lots […]


Trisport Canada Milton Try-A-Tri Race Recap: Part 2


Good morning! Sorry about leaving you hanging yesterday. I was moving at such a slow pace after the race…you don’t want to know how long it took me to write Part 1. Eric goes, ‘You are STILL typing?!’ You should have seen the look on his face when I told him I only got through […]


Time Crunch Vegan Enchiladas


Good evening! I’m glad you enjoyed today’s 1,000 words post! Oh graphs, we go way back. All the way back to my university days. I used to make so many painfully boring graphs while doing psychology research, it was really fun to just be able to make a silly graph. Ahhhh, my dear readers what […]


She’s Quirky


Good evening! Today felt never-ending even though it was pretty much a typical day in the bakery. My muscles felt progressively stiff as the day went on and I had lots of Glo Bars to make. If yesterday was the running half marathon, today felt like the baking marathon. I got it done, thankfully! I […]


What I Ate After A Half Marathon


Happy Memorial Day to my American readers! I hope you are enjoying a lovely day off. Thank you for your amazing comments on yesterday’s half marathon. It means a lot to me to have your support! Also, thank-you to a couple of you who suggested contacting the race director about my experience with the man […]


Toronto Women’s Half Marathon


No matter how little sleep I got or how many doubts floated through my mind this morning, I said what will be shall be and I forged on ahead! This was another one of life’s great experiences and I was going to embrace it with open arms! You only live once (YOLO!). Oddly enough, I […]


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