Trying Not To Drop The Ball in 2010


2-0-1-0 baby!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where did you watch the Ball Drop? We were in the comfort of our own family room! We relaxed at home and watched the US vs. Canada Juniors hockey. What a great nail bitter! US dominated until the 3rd period and then Canada came back and tied it up. Canada won in a […]


Healthy Spelt Pancakes For One


Do you like pancakes? I sure do.   I am a pancake lover, but I typically don’t make them for the following reasons: I am not a fan of how many pancakes most recipes make when I just want a single serving Whenever I make pancakes on weekends, it always turns into a big production. […]


Thank You Black Eyed Peas!


You know what they say… The harder a fruit is to open, the better it tastes?   Let’s sure hope so… Behold, the Red Pummelo fruit. As part of the Exotic Fruit Experimentation, I knew I had to try out this fruit. The Pummelo is the largest of all citrus fruits.     "There are three […]


Speedy Sweet Potato Falafel Balls


January is always a difficult time of year. The last hoorah of the holiday is now over and that can be hard to accept. We have to pack up our Christmas decorations and try to fit them into the impossibly small boxes that they came in. Glitter is everywhere, Fluffy just chewed through expensive LED […]


Baked Cherry Pie Breakfast Pudding


I somehow managed to fit everything in yesterday! It was truly a proud moment. I managed to squeeze in a great heart-pumping workout + Whittle My Middle 2 with Eric. However, my WMM2 victim willing participant is getting a bit unruly! Last night Eric decides that it would be fun to POKE me as I […]


Lululemon Love


Bonjour! After an Epic fail of a hockey game (congrats to the US team!), Eric and I slinked off to do WMM2 with our tails between our legs. All was well until we began. My husband proceeded to morph into Richard Simmons. He was doing the most exaggerated poses I have ever seen, pretending he […]


In A Jiffy Spelt Veggie Burgers


     Cooking and baking > Unpacking Small, embarrassing confession: I still haven’t unpacked from our trip to New Brunswick over Christmas!! My clothes are currently placed neatly in a heap around my suitcase. It is a very sad sight. The fact of the matter is unpacking won’t bake my bars for me or create blog […]


Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None?


How many times have you wished for one of these? Breast pump?! hahaha :D :D [Source] I used to be a big fan of multitasking! ‘I can multitask like the best of ’em’, I would grin from ear to ear. My multitasking skills were called upon heavily at my old job. I had a span […]


The Benefits Of Green Tea


Saturday! How I love thee. :) I wasn’t always a huge green tea fan like I am today. When I first started drinking green tea, I thought it was bitter and not overly enjoyable. Green tea is an acquired taste much like wine; after time, you begin to appreciate the flavour and enjoy experimenting among […]


How Not To Multitask Day 1 Recap


G’day mates! So many fun things to talk about today… ONE: Sketchie is Back and has been Whittling His Middle! This is the longest we have ever been without our ‘child’. :D The in-laws have been cat sitting him since our trip to New Brunswick. Sketchie has been having a ball with the other cats- […]


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