Summer Glow Boot Camp!


Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians!!!! Why I am proud to be Canadian: I am proud to be a Canadian because we are FRIENDLY people! It sounds cliché, but it is TRUE! I also love the beauty of our country and the diversity in climate that you find all over. Where else can […]


Easy-Peasy Cook-Out Salad!


I was searching far and wide for a healthy and delicious cook-out salad that would be perfect for a Canada Day Picnic! I found a delicious looking Green beans, corn, and cherry tomato salad recipe over at Good Bite and it was love at first…bite! Of course, I made this recipe healthier, slashing the fat […]


Canada Day Picnic!


Good evening! ATTN Canadians: Glo Bakery is having another GLO-OUT! My Blueberry Banana Streusel Mini Loaves are 25% off until tomorrow only! Order by tomorrow at 2pm EST and get your mini loaves by Friday! While quantities last! Email [email protected] for more info. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was a busy baker today! I made 28 Blueberry banana […]


Book Buddy Giveaway Contest!


Mr. Sandman doesn’t like me lately! :( I STILL can’t sleep. I believe I had the worst sleep last night known to man!!! Maybe 3 hours? Since I was lying awake last night, I narrowed down my sleep troubles to a couple things: 1) Increase in caffeine (loose leaf Sencha Green Tea) 2) Not unwinding […]


If It Ain’t Broke…


Don’t fix it!!! Well, I certainly needed to take that advice today while baking! For some strange reason, I decided I wanted to make a new gluten-free brownie recipe, when I already had a perfectly good one. And I had TWO horrible disasters!!! Disaster 1: I thought to myself, ‘Damn, I should have used a […]


SGBC Topic 1, Week 1: ‘Dear Body’

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Good evening Summer Glow Participants! I hope the challenge is treating you well so far! ;) We have over 265 people signed up for the boot camp- whoa baby!! :) That is so awesome. I am so glad that you guys are as excited about this as I am! Summer Glow Boot Camp: Topic 1, […]


Green Monsters Take Over The World


Check out this awesome email I got yesterday from Jackie: Hi Angela! I was in Nashville, TN this weekend for a women’s health and fitness retreat. There was a place to post recipes to share, and I posed one of a Green Monster. A girl came up to me and asked if I got it […]


SGBC: Topic 2, Week 1: Make-Up- Can We Live Without It?


The other day I was thinking about a show I saw on TV years back. The show was challenging women to go a week without make-up. The show was absolutely ground-breaking. It documented what these women went through each day as they went about their lives- make-up free. One lady even went to bed with her make-up […]


A Bounty of Bars


I was a busy bee in the kitchen today! I created FIVE new On The Glo Bar recipes!!! In no particular order… ;) Coco Glo:   Chocolate Peppy-mint: Almond Raisin Glo: Orange Hazelnut: Coco Carob: Check em out here! To my sheer amazement, everyone of them turned out fabulous! I tell ya, some days the […]


I Have Exciting News!!!!


Ok it is 2:15am on Friday night and I just finished putting this together! I can’t handle the excitement… Click here to see what it is!!! :D   Comments (40) | Share on Facebook | Tweet | Pin It | Snapchat | Google+


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