Get Your Body Back 2009 Fitness Challenge


HAPPY 2009 everyone!!! I must say, our night last night was probably one of the most low-key night’s Eric and I have had yet! We missed the ball drop!!! LOL. We were watching a movie at home, and all of a sudden I was like….’ITS 12!!!!!!’ We put on the TV to see everyone in […]


Pretty Winter Make-up


Good afternoon! I hope 2009 is treating you all well! :D My year has started off pretty freaking fantastic. :D Ok, I am exaggerating a bit, but it’s all in the attitude right? I made sure to have a great workout to start the year off on the right foot. The workout: 0.10 mile walking […]

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2008 In Review: Part 1


Good evening everyone! Eric and I just got back from seeing Marley & Me at the theatre. It was sooo sad. But I knew it would be going into it because I read the book. Like most books made into movies, I thought the book was much better; however, the movie was still pretty good. […]


Easy Vegan Breakfast Banana Bread


Morning everyone! TGIF! I must say it is a great feeling going into work and knowing that a weekend is right around the corner. :) This morning my right foot was still sore, so I decided to take an off day from running. I am expecting my new 30-day Shred DVD to arrive today so […]


2008 In Review: Part 2


Missed it? 2008 In Review: Part 1 July (continued…) In July, my sister Kristi threw me an awesome bachlorette… My mom came out for the dinner but not the bar…lol The theme was ‘Golf Hoes’ and they dressed me in black stilettos, fish nets, short shorts, a decorated tee (made by a bridesmaid), and a […]


2008 In Review: Part 3


Missed these? 2008 In Review: Part 1 2008 In Review: Part 2 August (continued…) We had a Wedding Rehearsal Luncheon The next day we got married on August 31st, on a gorgeous sunny day. Not a cloud in the sky. I posted lots of pictures. And more. In September we left for our honeymoon. We went […]


A New Distance


Morning everyone!! I hope you are all having a kick-butt start to your Saturday! I woke up this morning with a jolt– not because I wanted to get out of bed at 6:30 in the morning- but because Sketchie pounced right on my stomach!! What a crazy cat. I screamed SKETCHIE!!!! Then fell back to […]

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The Insatiable Hunger


Why hello there! Fancy meeting you here. :D My hunger has been through the roof today, not surprisingly since I burned about 650 calories with my long run today. I had a great breakfast today comprised of about 1 cup of Healthy Valley Spelt Flakes & Cranberry cereal and 1 cup of Nature’s Path Flax […]

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Pre-Dinner Party Prep!


Whooooa tonight has been a whirlwind! I have been so busy prepping the food since we got home from Crate & Barrel, William Sonoma, and Pottery Barn. We had gift cards for all three- wedding gifts that had not been used yet. To my dismay, we actually had a really hard time spending them! The […]


A Sweet Morning


Good morning! I have been busy as a bee this morning. I woke up early with lots of my mind of what I have to do for the dinner party prep today. Up and at ’em! Chugging along on my Weekend of Fun to-do list: I started my morning off with a bowl of Nature’s […]

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