Where You Live And The Pressure To Be Thin


***The comments weren’t working all morning for some reason- sorry about the inconvenience. I think they are fixed now! ** Happy February! One month closer to Warmth… :mrgreen: Back due to popular demand: A limited number of Adore Glo Bars (S’more with homemade graham crackers) are for sale on the shopping cart! I have also […]


Project Natural Glow: Jason Body Enhancing Conditioner


Sorry about the comments not working this morning..I’m not sure what was going on, but it is now fixed! :) Time for another Project Natural Glow review! I was out of conditioner, so I picked up this Jason Body Enhancing Conditioner:   It was rated a 4 out of 10 on the Skin Deep website, […]


I’m Not So Good With Blogging Lingo…


I have sort of a random question! I have been seeing the phrase ‘nom, nom, nom, nom’ all over the blogosphere lately. Does anyone know where it originated? Also, what does it mean? It is just supposed to be the sound of someone eating good food…really fast?? lol. :mrgreen: Please tell me I’m not the […]


My Winter/Spring Training Plan


Helllloooooooooooooooooooo! Happy Groundhog Day! Before we get into this, I wanted to mention two things: 1) WMM2 recap is now up on the abs page! Congrats to everyone who participated. :) 2) I had no idea the nom, nom, nom was from the Cookie Monster!!! You learn something new everyday… Now this juice is PINK! […]


Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock.


I discovered my Lululemon yoga mat makes a great GREEN backdrop for a photo! Today I want to do a product review. I purchased these Ezekiel Whole Grain Tortillas last week as a reward for my early rising challenge. The challenge is still going well- I have been getting up between 6-6:20am, with a few […]


Baby Talk 101


I know it is not Mother’s Day but I loved this cartoon too much. [Source] In the words of Stephanie Tanner, WHOA BABY! You guys set a new record for the most commented Hot Topic post ever on OSG. I think that was the most fun I have ever had reading comments. Between you and […]


Vegan Pizza With Cheeze


Mmmmmmmmm. Did you do a double take?   Tuesday, I did a review of Ezekiel tortilla wraps. I received a comment from Meagan saying that I had to try these wraps as a pizza and she linked me to her amazing post. After wiping the puddle of drool from my desk, I knew I had […]


Creamy PB + J Oatmeal Parfait


Holy smokes it’s Friday again! I swear it feels like it was just Friday. Yesterday’s workout was FUN. I love the feeling of renewed enthusiasm after a day off. I did a 3 mile run: 3 min walking warm-up Mile 1: 6.0 mph, incline 2% Mile 2: 6.5 mph, incline 5% (such a hard mile!!!) […]


Homemade Crunchy Maple Quinoa Cereal


Q: How many creeks does my house make in one night? A: That depends if Eric is home or not! Yes, that’s right folks. I made it a night…on my own, without the manly man. Eric stayed at his brothers last night as he was helping him with renos. It was VERY scary. Let me […]


I’m Sixteen Again


Hello :) Remember last Saturday, when I had high hopes for my day off and the day ended up being kind of a dud? Well, today surely made up for it! The stars must have aligned perfectly in the sky, because my day was Perfect with a capitol P. After my amazing breakfast, I hit […]


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