A Lululemon Inspired Halloween


What do 3 Lululemon obsessed fans decide to be for Halloween? Why yoga instructors of course! Left to right: Hatha Guru Legs (Alex from HGL), Omm Spiritual Goddess (moi- OSG), and Bending It Backwards (Krissy from BIB). We ooze with creativity don’t we? haha. Now this was some relaxing yoga. PS- I snagged this super […]


Back On Track: Nov 2-8


Each year at the beginning of November, I start to feel a little bit sluggish. Halloween is over and it usually involved some sort of over-indulging in the form of food and drink. This year was no exception! The sun also sets a bit earlier each night and it makes me want to hibernate. While […]


33 Things I Learned As A Health Blogger In 365 Days


Given my recent OSG 1st Birthday celebration (don’t forget to enter the contest!), I wanted to take some time to reflect on the past year and what I have learned from blogging. Here are 33 things that being a health blogger has taught me: 1) Blogging is hard work, but it is also fun and […]


Yoga’s Sweet Embrace


BEHOLD…HOT YOGA… …on a budget! hahaha It works, seriously. Oh my muscles felt so warm and loose. Mmm. Costco heat lamps rule. We barely turn on the heat in the house (we keep the thermostat around 65F) and we just use the space heaters and it saves so much energy. The only thing that sucks […]


Meals That Make Me GLOW!


It is day two of back on track week and I am feeling quite fabulous! It is amazing what a couple days of healthy eating and exercise can do. I feel so much better. I thought I would share with you some of the wonderful foods that have given me my GLOW back! Sweet + […]


Summer Glow Photoshoot- Revealed!!


Hey everyone! What a crazy busy week this has been. Sorry for my MIA status yesterday. I was just itching to post, but time was not allowing me to! If you remember, back in the summer I ran the Summer Glow Boot Camp! The top prize was a photoshoot with the amazingly talented Dave and […]


A Fun Elliptical Interval Workout


Helllooooooooooooooo! Let me just tell you, I heard from Sarah and she is absolutely beside herself with all of your nice comments on her photoshoot! :) She said she is glowing all day long after seeing those kind words. Awww!!! Yesterday and today I had more fun workouts at the gym! It is so weird […]


Making Light Of Annoying Habits


Let me explain why I have this picture on the blog. I swear there is a good reason! haha. As you may see, there is a fruit sticker on Eric’s sneaker. Eric claims that I have this annoying habit of always sticking the produce stickers on the kitchen sink. I, on the other hand, really […]


Deliciously Healthy Vegan Party Snacks! Part 1


Good morning and happy Saturday! It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL in Southern Ontario today. Sunny, warm, and I heard we are supposed to have warm temps all week! It feels like September! 1) Do we like to vent or what!? Can I just say I had an absolute blast reading about everyone’s annoying habits!? I kept […]


Christmas In November


Who knew my brother Chris and sis-in-law Nicole were such crazy Christmas people??? Oh my gosh their house is a winter wonderland!!! I was in pure heaven. :D :D I’m so decorating as soon as we get home!!!! Our night was fun! Chris and Nic have my DREAM house. It is a huge log cabin […]


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