1 Year Ago Today


We were lying on a beach in Mexico. The moon was full and bright and there were millions of stars in the sky. It was our first night on our first ‘official’ vacation together, and we were loving every minute of it. We hadn’t slept for over 24 hours, but we didn’t care. We had […]


Part V(b): My Road To Health


Continued from…Part V (a): My Road to Health Part V(b): My Road to Health So where was I? Oh yes. Be Realistic. I asked you to do some homework. Did you make your list? I read some fabulous lists in last night’s comments. Some snippets from the comments that made me smile: From ‘s’: “It […]


Benefits of Technology: Free Workout Videos


Morning everyone! Well, if I thought yesterday’s weather was bad- today’s is 10 times worse! It is pouring rain out, windy, etc! Oh well, I hear it is supposed to go up to about 8 degrees celcius today so that will be a nice change. :) Today is an off day from running, to rest […]

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Part V: My Road to Health

Miss these….? My Road To Health: Part 1 My Road To Health: Part II My Road To Health: Part III My Road To Health: Part IV        My Road To Health: Part V  4. Be Realistic Lose 20 pounds by Christmas! Fit into your skinny jeans by Friday!  Never Eat Again! We’ve all […]


The 6-Mile Hunger


If you’ve ever run 6+ miles, you know what it is. The insatiable hunger that never seems to go away! For lunch I did some volume eating, to try and fill the void in my stomach: I had some leftover veggies from the huge veggie platter that I made for my office X-mas Party. I […]


Winter blahs? Run It Away!


Hello there! I am using Windows Live Writer (Blogging tool!) for the first time today, so I hope that my post turns out OK! I hear it is supposed to save tons of time, so here’s hoping! Thanks Kath! Update: Ok, so I’m not liking how Live Writer is formatting my pictures!!! I wonder if […]

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Homemade Pecan Pie Larabar


Good evening! [I don’t know why but whenever I say ‘good evening’ I always picture myself saying it in a creepy dracula voice….muhauha….I’m weird I know!) I hope you are all having a great weekend! I have had a busy day- we have been doing laundry non-stop (it’s amazing how much accumulates in 2.5 weeks!). […]


A Splendid Saturday


Hi everyone! I have had a relaxing yet productive Saturday morning! I was up after only 6 hours of sleep for some reason- I was wide awake, so I got up and used it to my advantage. I continued on my never-ending loads of laundry! I had one of my delicious Almost Nuttin But Pumpkin […]


115 Calorie, oil-free Pumpkin Muffins


I was yearning for a low-cal, low-fat yet delicious pumpkin muffin- one that could be dressed up with icing for a decadent dessert or eaten plain with breakfast or for a light snack. So I went looking through various pumpkin recipes and decided that none of them provided what I was looking for- wholesome nutrition […]


OSG’s Reader Poll re-cap!


Good evening everyone! My day was going along swimmingly until I left my office party around 3:30pm. I walked back to my car to find a $30 parking ticket, then it took me 2 hours to commute home! Here I was thinking that I was leaving early and *beating* the traffic. No such thing in […]

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