Brownie Caramel Pecan Cake


Afternoon! My day is going well. We are getting tons of prep work done for tonight! I think it is going to be a big hit. I did some Power Yoga inbetween prepping. It feels so good to be moving my body again (even though very slightly). I am slowly healing and feeling better. The […]


From One Extreme To The Next


Morning!! Well, I started off my morning surrounded by health. The sky is a clear, bright blue, the air is crisp, and I nurtured my body with a delicious fruit & veggie smoothie this morning. I needed some fuel to give me energy for what I was about to tackle! How lovely is this???? Today’s […]

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Menu 4 Six


Wow…what a late post! I am way off schedule today. It is nearly 11:20pm. Sorry about this guys- it has been a whirlwind getting everything together tonight. I had to decide on the menu for tomorrow, browsed lots of cookbooks, made a grocery list & sent hubby to the store while I cleaned and prepped. […]

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Forget The Bad Days, Remember The Good


Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of timely posts today. It was one of those days at work :( I was in tears most of the day and got taken a strip off of me for something that wasn’t my fault. I won’t get into it because I just want to forget about it for now […]


Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga: Energize


Hey everyone! Happy Friday!!! :D Yawhoo I decided that I am feeling well enough to try out some light yoga this morning! I have been dying to try my new Power Yoga DVD that arrived the night before my injury! I have watched a bit of it and couldn’t wait to try it out. This […]


Results of Neal Brothers and Honest Foods Giveaway! (Contest #2)


Hello everyone! What an exciting night- I get to announce winners of TWO contests!! Yawhoo :D I am sorry that there is no exciting video like last time- the video failed to upload (grrrr!) and I knew you guys wanted these results up fast! Without further ado I present you the results from both random draws:  The […]


Fit Gear Photography + Key Lime Pie


Hey guys! Wow….keep those contest entries coming in!!! Here is the US contest (Honest Foods) pile as it stood last night: And the Canadian contest entries (Neal Brothers) come on, Canucks, where is the love??? hehe: Luckily I have been keeping up with the entries so I don’t have to spend a long time writing […]


Sneak Peak


Good morning! Do you know what today is??? It is Contest #2 giveaway day!!! Yippee. Are you feeling lucky? You should be! I could barely sleep myself, lol. This morning I made a lovely green monster, despite the horrible 14% love it got on yesterday’s poll. It’s ok, I only cried a little. I actually […]

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Beating The Freshman 15: Part 3 + Food Product Review


Good evening! Wow, so much has been going on tonight since I got home!! I just now have a chance to sit down and write! I feel like my blogging has been off kilter this week. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because I knew it was a crazy week going into it! I am […]


What A Relief


Hey everyone! Sorry again for not having time to do my regular morning post this morning. I was up early and off to my big presentation today for all the big wigs! :) It actually went really well! I am so relieved. I always get so nervous before hand, but once I am doing it […]


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