Launching the new OSG website…in….3…2…1….


Note. Oh She Glows is currently experiencing technical difficulties with the domain transfer. Your patience is greatly appreciated! If you are viewing this website with no issues, I would appreciate if you email me at [email protected] and let me know. :) Thanks + wish me luck….patience is running out this week fast! lol. Angela Now back […]


Pre-Launch Festivities


Good Saturday morning, Healthy Hotties! Sorry about the late morning post; I have been working on the new website since 8am this morning! I. am. so. excited. for. the. launch. So when can you feast your sweet little eyes on this new website? This afternoon! Yes, that’s right. The official launch of Oh She Glows […]


FAQ’s Installment 20


Good eveeeeening! :) I thought I would start off tonight’s post with my 20th FAQ Installment– twenty baby! Pretty crazy. FAQ Installment 20 Missed 1-19? 162. Kristen asks, “Hi, I am sorry, but I am new to the blog, so I was wondering if you are all ready married? I have been looking at your beautiful […]


I’m Blogging In The Sun!


Happy Friday afternoon! :) Man, it is warm outside today! Almost 16C and SUNNY! The snow is going, going, almost gone. :D I have been waiting months for this. I heard on the news yesterday that the cold weather is supposed to be over now and it should be getting nicer and nicer from here […]


The Dress Fitting


Good morning! Happy Friday :D I had my ‘dress fitting’ this morning. It is always best to do the fitting first thing when my stomach is flattest! lol. Sketchie was my personal tailor… And the dress…. With me in it :) The result? Thankfully, the dress is starting to fit better! I have definitely seen […]


Sweet Potato Pinto Burgers


Hey guys! I must admit, all of your squirrel comments from my lunch post cracked me up! :D Who knew us Canucks had Craaaazy squirrels!? lol. What do your squirrels look like? I’d like to know! Flashback…. These lil guys (ok they are pretty BIG) drive Sketchie nuts all day long! He runs from window to […]


Dempster’s Healthy Way


Good afternoon! I hope everyone is having a great Thursday. I am having a great + productive day. Luckily Eric’s car was finally ready to pick up at the shop, so he got his wheels back, which makes things easier on both of us. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that his car stays in working […]


Oh She Glows Virgin Green Monster


Good morning! I still am not sleeping very well…the past few nights I have only gotten about 6.5 hours of sleep. I am not sure what is up! Silly body. Last night Eric and I were up late working on coding my new website. We ran into a BIG problem. :( My categories didn’t transfer […]


Art Imitating Life


Well, today didn’t get much better in terms of feeling like I accomplished something! I felt like I was spread out over a bunch of tasks, and at the end of the day I had not much to show for it. Ah well, hopefully tomorrow will flow better! Now that I am going to the […]


Chick Pea Stir Fry


Good afternoon! Today is going along well…but I feel like I have gotten nothing accomplished! Wait, I did get something fabulous accomplished- I had a wonderful lunch with my sister in law and niece. :D It was so fun to catch up. I made us a lovely chick-pea stir-fry: Chick Pea Stirfry The Contents: 1 […]


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