Vegan Green Goddess Dressing


I want to be a Goddess.


Or even better, a glowing Goddess.


However, I don’t always feel like a Goddess in my day to day life.


Being a baker & food blogger covered in syrup, flour, and who knows what else on a daily basis isn’t exactly Goddess material. Neither is my worn apron with oats stuck to it, my lunch lady hair net, or my flustered red face when baking Glo Bars in the summer heat. And if you think I actually bake in heels, I’m sorry, I really am.

It’s frump town over here most days.



Though when I do get dressed up for a special event, it’s extra special. This weekend I’ll be dressed to the nine’s for my brother-in-law’s wedding, complete with sparkly jewelry, an evening clutch, heels, and a cocktail dress. And if I’m lucky, a cocktail in my hand.

Berry lipgloss…much to Eric’s chagrin.

Shimmery eye shadow, black eye liner, and mascara.

I guess I better find that cocktail dress…

Sometimes, though, feeling like a Goddess comes from within. [OK, I might sound like a certain women’s shaving commercial at this point, but go with it.] Sometimes a workout makes me feel like a Goddess. I rocked out a 60 minute spin class this morning and I left dripping in sweat and beet red in the face. Total Goddess.

And often, FOOD makes me feel like a Goddess! That’s the best. Eating a vegan diet makes me feel like a Goddess. No matter what things in my life are going on that make me feel the opposite of a Goddess, sometimes all I need is one rockin’ recipe to give me a kick to my step.

This is that recipe.


Have you heard of the famous Green Goddess Dressing which is thought to hail from the Palace Hotel in San Francisco? It’s a pretty big deal. I finally decided that I would make a vegan version, cuz you know, the original has 3 cups of MAYO in it.

I don’t know who equated mayonnaise and feeling like a Goddess, but it must have been a man.

Ladies, this one is for you.



Finger-licking good.


The avocado replaced the mayo in this recipe VERY well. Love avocado as a mayo replacer! This dressing would also be amazing poured over my Protein Powder Goddess Bowl. I will be trying that tonight!


I also won’t tell you how much I ate yesterday. That would be embarrassing…


Let’s just say I felt like a Goddess for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


P.S.- I had so much fun chatting with you on facebook yesterday! I’m pretty sure my productivity went down about 5 hours, but who’s counting? It’s so fun to get to know you guys on a more interactive level and see your lovely faces.

If you’re looking for me you can find me on Facebook asking random questions, gushing about food, posting pics, and rambling on about body image epiphanies.

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1 A Teenage Gourmet August 5, 2011

Delicious! If it makes you feel better, I had my fair share of Fage Total FroYo yesterday. I’m ready for goddess time! :D


2 Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance August 5, 2011


That is all.


3 Angela (Oh She Glows) August 5, 2011



4 tweal August 5, 2011

This looks and sounds amazing – what a great green colour! Thanks for sharing the recipe, I will try it soon.

No baking in heels, huh? Sounds a bit like me sewing in just my underwear. What can I say, summer is hot and sewing is better when I’m cool :)


5 Claire @ Live and Love to Eat August 5, 2011

This looks AMAZING! Can’t wait to see your wedding outfit! :)


6 Angela (Oh She Glows) August 5, 2011

me too haha. Must find dress.


7 Jackie @ That Deep Breath August 5, 2011

Gorgeous green color! Avocado is pretty much amazing


8 Holly @ The Runny Egg August 5, 2011

I’ve tried Goddess dressing before and I didn’t like it — but seeing the ingredients you used makes me want to try your version — maybe I tried a mayo based one? How could avocado made into a dressing not be delicious?


9 Carrie (Moves 'N Munchies) August 5, 2011

this looks gorgeous!!!!


10 [email protected] KatieDid August 5, 2011

I’ve never had the green goddess dressing but I used to ADORE annie’s goddess dressing, until I found out I can’t eat it anymore thanks to it containing gluten. So thanks for an awesome looking alternative because I’m pretty sick of my usual balsamic and olive oil drizzles… they aren’t doing anything for my goddess status!


11 Amby October 19, 2014

Balsamic & vinegar gets old pretty quickly. Try making other types of vinagarettes, there are so many tasty ones out there. I currently use a japanese ginger one that even my partner loves.


12 Apron Appeal August 5, 2011

a salad without dressing is just a veggie tray. I’ve been avoiding salads for the past bit because I want dressing and haven’t found one I like. Can’t wait to try it. Oh and not that I think I’m better than you but if my kitchen looked like the picture you posted…I would think I’ve died and gone to heaven….whenever I walk into the kitchen it seams like all of my baking/cooking supplies just tumble out of the cabinets…they all want to join the party and the clean up is brutal.


13 Tiff @ Love Sweat and Beers August 5, 2011

I was turned off by the avocado due to its shelf life, but now that I read it can last a week in the fridge, I plan to put it on my to-try list. Thanks!


14 Angela (Oh She Glows) August 5, 2011

The week in the fridge is an estimate, but I will update it once I test it out. Also you can make a half batch!


15 Julie @ Shining From Within August 5, 2011

I want to stick my face in this stuff


16 Angela @ Eat Spin Run Repeat August 5, 2011

Oooh yummy! You must have had a boatload of basil delivered recently with all these fabulous recipes this week! Sounds like you had an awesome spin class this morning! :)


17 Julia August 5, 2011

Love this! Avocado is my fave. How long will this keep in the fridge? Will the avocado turn brown or does all the acid keep it nice and green? Thanks!


18 Angela (Oh She Glows) August 5, 2011

I have no idea, but I suspect the ACV and lemon helps preserve it longer. I will update the recipe after I test it and see how long it keeps!


19 Julia August 5, 2011

awesome, thanks! I will be making this today!


20 Alayna @ Thyme Bombe August 5, 2011

Awesome! I love green goddess dressing but it really is full of some gross stuff. This recipe sounds so light and creamy, perfect!


21 Hilliary @ Happily Ever Healthy August 5, 2011

This looks so good! Have fun at the wedding cannot wait to see pictures!


22 Leanne @ Healthful Pursuit August 5, 2011

haha there is NOTHING Goddess about all that mayo. Yeesh.
When I was recovering from a really dark time, I envisioned myself as a golden goddess and defined what that was for me – strong, independent, confident, loving. I love to draw, so I ended up sketching ‘the golden goddess’ which ended up being an image of me in the lightest most amazing light I could conjure up at the time. It was such a HUGE part of my recovery.
Thanks for the reminder ;)


23 Aine @ Something to Chew Over August 5, 2011

Yummy! I feel healthier just looking at its lovely greenness :)


24 Kristen @ Popcorn on the Stove August 5, 2011

Thanks for posting this! I have always been kind of freaked out when it comes to mayonnaise (it’s sort of a weird food). To be honest, I won’t even try the vegan version!

I can’t wait to try this!


25 Angela (Oh She Glows) August 5, 2011

I havent tried the vegan version either.


26 Arielle (Your Vegan Girlfriend) August 5, 2011

Men and mayo just go together huh? I can’t think of anything more disgusting than eating plain straight up non-vegan mayo. YUCK! Love this avocado based dressing! I’ve never made a homemade dressing using avo as the base and am so excited to try! Generally speaking is avo a good equivalent to silken tofu in dressings, puddings, and the like?


27 Angela (Oh She Glows) August 5, 2011

Yes I would say so!


28 Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes August 5, 2011

I love avocados in dressings! I have to give this one a go!


29 Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table August 5, 2011

I had no idea the original had 3 C of mayo in it! OMG – I can’t believe I ate that.


30 Julie August 5, 2011


I drool reading your posts and love them (and you!) oh so much. How do you contain yourself from eating all the yummy batter, dressings and ingredients before it makes it to the table? I would be 10lbs heavier and never have a real meal because I wouldn’t be able to wait!

Cheers to you and health!


31 Ash @ Good Taste Healthy Me August 5, 2011

omg I definitely marked this baby. It looks amazing. Avocado is the best thing ever so I just don’t think this could be wrong.


32 Amanda (Tomboy That Wears Makeup) August 5, 2011

Must try this!! Thanks so much!


33 Stephanie August 5, 2011

Does anyone know about how many avocados would be 1 cup?


34 Angela (Oh She Glows) August 5, 2011

I think it was 2 small


35 Faith @ For the Health of It August 5, 2011

Girl, you better believe I’ll be making this!!! I see it over brown rice – mmmm!

And I feel ya on the vegan diet – I’ve been slowly transitioning and I love how vibrant and alive it makes me feel!


36 Lindsey @ Why Just Eat August 5, 2011

This has got to be one of my favorite recipes you’ve ever posted!! here I say that and I haven’t even made it yet – but I will today! Even if I have to bribe the produce guy for ripe avocados :)


37 jenna August 5, 2011

i love this recipe!! sounds amazing!


38 Katie @ Nourishing Flourishing August 5, 2011

So funny — I posted on a vegan green goddess dressing today as well! :) Looks like our versions are different, but a funny coincidence nonetheless. Such a great way to incorporate some of those fresh herbs that are taking over the garden! Great minds think alike?! ;)


39 Angela (Oh She Glows) August 5, 2011

too funny! Soul sistas ;)


40 Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga August 5, 2011

I love the opening part

“However, I don’t always feel like a Goddess in my day to day life. “– really? You don’t feel totally amazing every single day? Ha! What woman (or person) does!

Frump Town? You could never be fully in this category b/c you don’t have a baby yet. Once you become a mother not only are you covered in flour, but all kinds of bodily fluids, too. It’s a different kind of “being covered in”…lol

Seriously though…You are always stunning, Angela, seriously!! You are soooo gorgeous!

And this dressing, also a beauty!


41 Living, Learning, Eating August 5, 2011

I love creamy green food :)

Thanks for introducing me to green monsters! I’m addicted :P and I just made the *yummiest* one ever: It had no right to be so delicious!


42 Angela (Oh She Glows) August 5, 2011

Glad you like them!!


43 Cait @ Cait hates Cake August 5, 2011

I think this would be great in a pasta salad! Yum!


44 Cait's Plate August 5, 2011

Hahaha – I would probably down that entire mason jar in around 15 minutes, so you’re definitely not alone. And I hear ya on the frump town – that’s me on the weekends because those are usually my baking days :)


45 Bev Weidner August 5, 2011

Seriously, if there was any way I could jump off a diving board into that jar and eat my way out, I would. I totally would.


46 Angela (Oh She Glows) August 5, 2011



47 Beth August 5, 2011

Your Green Goddess Dressing looks like a winner!
The first Green Goddess Dressing I tried was from Elana’s Pantry ( and it is fabulous. Also gluten free and vegan.


48 Andrea B. @ Vegvacious August 5, 2011

Ange — you definitely rock the goddess status every single day! I loved this post – and I love this dressing!!! I will definitely be trying it out on your protein power goddess bowl (it’s one of my faves)! Have fun at the wedding!


49 Gillian August 5, 2011

mmm that looks amazing!!! and totally reminds me of my childhood being raised by hippies that all referred to themselves as goddesses. haha


50 Angela (Oh She Glows) August 5, 2011

Are you calling me a hippie? lol jk


51 Maria August 5, 2011

I’ve been making a vegan goddess dressing for several weeks now, absolutely obsessed with it. Although, I use tahini instead of avocado, and dill as my main herb of choice. I’ve been putting it on everything lately.


52 Angela (Oh She Glows) August 5, 2011

I’ll be trying that next! It might keep longer with tahini too :)


53 Cynthia (It All Changes) August 5, 2011

I’m gong to love this to spice up my salads this summer.


54 Kris | August 5, 2011

HUBBA HUBBA!! Could this dressing get any hotter?! I love how you say you don’t always feel like a goddess, because I think we ALL see you as a goddess…a beautiful one every day :)

Happy Friday Love!



55 [email protected] healthy helper blog! August 5, 2011

First the pesto…now this!!! I am in topping heaven!!!! :)


56 Gina @ Running to the Kitchen August 5, 2011

I’ve heard of this dressing before but never quite knew what was in it. I love your version. It’s like pesto with avocado, what’s not to love?


57 Heather (heathers dish) August 5, 2011

Oh I wanna be a goddess too :) I’ll be making this ASAP!


58 Victoria @ The Pursuit of Hippieness August 5, 2011

This is perfect! I’m always looking for ways to lighten up salad dressing.


59 Cat @Breakfast to Bed August 5, 2011

you ARE a goddess. Don’t ever doubt that.


60 Claire August 5, 2011

Where do you add the avocado? Did I miss it in the recipe? Otherwise it looks great! :)


61 Angela (Oh She Glows) August 5, 2011

oops added that in, thanks!


62 Claire August 5, 2011

Now it definitely looks delicious!


63 Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty August 5, 2011

Interesting… sounds tasty!
How long do you think it would last?

I’m looking for an awesome salad dressing recipe for a bbq this weekend, maybe this is the one (if I can find avocados!)


64 Angela (Oh She Glows) August 5, 2011

not sure but Ill update as soon as I test it out!


65 Allysia August 5, 2011

LOL, Angela, I laughed at your 3 cups of mayo comment! And avocados are like nature’s mayo. Or something.


66 Heather @ Side of Sneakers August 5, 2011

I love how proud you are of your vegan diet and how you bask in all the positive benefits. :)


67 Nikita August 5, 2011

This looks great, Angela! When I first started eating salad (it was the end of highschool- embarrassing but true!) Annie’s Goddess Dressing was all I ate! I’ve since expanded my tastes quite a bit and haven’t had goddess dressing in years! I’m glad you posted this so I can give a healthy vegan version a go!


68 Tonya August 5, 2011

love love love that you’re giving me some great ways to use up the basil and parsley from my community garden harvest yesterday! I came straight home and made yesterday’s oil free basil pesto!


69 Mimi (Gingersnaps) August 5, 2011

I totally know what you mean about feeling like a goddess after a hard workout. A war goddess, like Athena or Sekhmet!

But I looove that recipe! Will try post-haste. I love green goddess dressing but don’t like all the vegetable oil in it.


70 Liz August 5, 2011

Eatting healthy fresh wholesome foods makes me feel like a goddess too, AND I love to leave the gym dripping and red faced! It is SO wonderful!!


71 Charlie August 5, 2011

This dressing sounds amazing! And the non-vegan mayo version is not even that green :P.


72 Shelley @ MileHighHealthy August 5, 2011

It is absolutely beautiful. Just looking at the pictures of the dressing makes me feel like a Goddess (hehe)!


73 Suziee August 5, 2011

This looks amazing!! I can’t wait to try it!


74 mi-an August 5, 2011

i never comment but thought i would today because i want to say you are such a beautiful goddess! all women are!!
i’m also going to a wedding tomorrow and i cannot wait to be all sparkled up! :) i have this gorgeous cocktail dress, bling bling shoes, glimmery clutch and swarovski crystal earrings (my bf gave me last yr) and cannot wait to get all goddessed up!! :)) have fun this weekend girl!


75 Angela (Oh She Glows) August 5, 2011

Thank you! Your wedding attire sounds awesome…have fun!


76 bitt of raw August 5, 2011

thank you thank you for using avocado in here and not just doing the swap to veganaise thing. i dislike that stuff. i will be trying this one soon for sure.


77 Mary (What's Cookin with Mary) August 5, 2011

I recently bought a bottle of Amy’s version of this for the first time a few weeks ago and upon the first taste, I knew I had to make it! Your vegan version sounds so much more goddess like than the ingredient list on the bottle… but I am determined to make a non-vegan version too ;)

My favorite thing to use it on right now is my ‘goddess bowl’ ;) … pinto beans, spinach sauteed in garlic & olive oil, quinoa, green onion & the green goddess dressing all topped with sriracha. SOOOO good.


78 PR_Cal August 5, 2011

What food processor do you use?

My lil’ Cuisinart just conked out after making banana soft serve!


79 Angela (Oh She Glows) August 5, 2011

Sorry to hear that! RIP food processor, RIP.

I use a Kitchen Aid. Its a 14 cup for the bakery’s needs, but one that large isnt necessary for personal use. Ive had it for a year and a half now and I dont have any issues with it really.


80 Stefanie @TheNewHealthy August 5, 2011

Oh em gee, I need to make this! Goddess status, here I come! ;)


81 Niki August 5, 2011

Yum!! Sounds delicious!

I also don’t cook in heels and love hearing that you’re absolutely normal. I cook in my bandana, apron and no shoes most of the time (I don’t like shoes. I love them, but I don’t like them). Since I’m constantly moving and shaking, I don’t wear makeup because it’d just end up running down my face. I like to think of my cooking as a sort-of workout… interrupted by mini photo-shoots every step of the way. :) Sounds like you’re the same! Except, of course, you make awesome salad dressing and I don’t!


82 Angela (Oh She Glows) August 5, 2011

man is it ever a workout! Sweating from the heat and running back and forth, taking pics, washing dishes etc!


83 Jenn L @ Peas and Crayons August 5, 2011

Fantstic! I was bookmarking a ton of goddess dressings and your vegan version is by far my fav right now! def making this one first! =) Thanks girl!



84 Amber K August 5, 2011

I’ve heard of the dressing before, but never actually had it. It looks delicious! And mayo has a weird taste to it, who would want ot eat it anyway?


85 [email protected] August 5, 2011

“I don’t know who equated mayonnaise and feeling like a Goddess, but it must have been a man”. That made me laugh out loud :D this sounds really good!! I don’t like recipes with much mayo either b/c it has that heavy, way too creamy, stick to your tongue feeling to it. A little is okay, but not much!


86 Angela (Oh She Glows) August 5, 2011


Eric used to be obsessed with mayo…thats where that joke came from! hehe. Oddly now he HATES it!


87 Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg August 5, 2011

Mmmm…this looks awesome. I love the idea of adding avocado to make it creamy!


88 Amy-Nutrition by Nature August 5, 2011

Looks VERY good! Thank you! :-)


89 Christine August 5, 2011

This dressing looks great–a lightened up version of one of my favorites. I think the traditional version uses tarragon, which is so delicious–you should try that herb next time you make it! Or I’ll use it in this recipe and report back :) I’m excited to make the pesto you posted earlier this week too!


90 Angela (Oh She Glows) August 5, 2011

yes I would love to make a Terragon version!


91 Laura August 5, 2011

What a perfect summer salad dressing! I love anything with avocado’s :)


92 Stephasaurus August 5, 2011

This recipe looks amazing, and I’m adding it to the stockpile of your recipes I’ve been bookmarking lately. Starting this weekend, I’m going vegan and unprocessed — I’ve been a vegetarian for 10 years (I really don’t eat much dairy anyway, other than cheese sometimes…milk is gross), and tomorrow my fiancé and I move in together. I figured, hey, I’m making one huge life change (living with the fiancé), now is a great time to add another life change and take my vegetarian lifestyle a couple steps further by finally going vegan. Your blog and recipes, and heck, YOU, are an inspiration to me and I so look forward to trying out more of your delicious recipes — in our brand new apartment kitchen. :)


93 Angela (Oh She Glows) August 5, 2011

Wow, goodluck to you! Although it sounds like you won’t need any!! :)


94 Stephasaurus August 5, 2011

Thank you thank you! :)


95 Moni'sMeals August 5, 2011

you already are a goddess… that glows! great dressing.

Glad to be back…:)


96 LizAshlee August 5, 2011

What a great recipe! I am ready to venture into mixing my own dressing, especially for ones entitled Greek Goddess! :)

I just saw your recipe for oil-free pesto which I am also SUPER excited to try!!

Happy Friday!


97 Katrina August 5, 2011

This sounds so yummy! Awesome idea and recipe.


98 Lauren @ What Lauren Likes August 5, 2011

This looks so delicious, I have been looking for a new dressing to perk up my salads! thanks :)


99 Maria August 5, 2011

I can’t wait to try this dressing!


100 Lexi @ A Spoonful of Sunshine August 5, 2011

Whoa. Just reading this recipe is inducing a state of Goddess-ness!


101 Corinne August 5, 2011

That. looks. GOOD!! I am totally drooling at the thought (and sight) of it!


102 VeggieGirl August 5, 2011

YAY a new way to make avacado, I love it!


103 Heather @ Get Haalthy with Heather August 5, 2011

Yum avocado is such a good mayo replacer! So much tastier too.


104 Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn August 5, 2011

Didn’t you know? Everything green makes me feel like a goddess. Mwah. Can’t wait to drink this stuff with a straw! I mean drizzled on my salad?


105 Emilie August 5, 2011

Definitely going to make this over the weekend! Enjoy yours!


106 Christine (The Raw Project) August 5, 2011

This sounds wonderful! Wonder if hemp seeds and tahini could work in place of the avocado, hmmmm….


107 Tarah August 5, 2011

Love the recipe! But the Facebook link did not work.

Error: 404 Page Not Found/


108 Marianne August 5, 2011

The only green goddess dressing I’ve tried is the one made by Annie’s (I think?), and I wasn’t a huge fan. Not sure what it was about it that didn’t work for me, but it was only meh. I like that you’ve done an avocado base, because let’s be honest, avocados make everything better! Might need to give this one a whirl (bad pun).


109 Kiran @ August 5, 2011

3 cups of mayo?!? Haha, i love your sense of humor about men! Thanks for this recipe. Love me some avocado :)


110 Molly @ RDexposed August 5, 2011

Avocado? Yes please!


111 Chelsea @ One Healthy Munchkin August 5, 2011

Haha I definitely wouldn’t feel like a goddess after eating a dressing made with 3 cups of mayo either. Your version sounds much more appealing! I can’t wait to give it a try.


112 chelsey @ clean eating chelsey August 5, 2011

This looks incredible. It’s getting bookmarked immediately!


113 Wendy Irene August 5, 2011

I can’t wait to try this! I had to laugh at this post because it is totally Frump town at my house too…so you are not alone :) In fact, I like it that way. Have a great weekend!


114 Kathleen @ KatsHealthCorner August 6, 2011



115 Rebecca August 6, 2011

Just when I thought your tahini avocado dressing was THE BEST, you come along with a new fab recipe. This may just give your avocado tahini dressing a run for its salad money! The competition is on! Ohsheglows wins every time of course :) MERCI BEAUCOUP can’t wait to try! Bisous, Goddess in Paris


116 suzanne August 6, 2011

this sounds wonderful – what would you use it with other than the protein bowl? I am really just learning what goes with what and am looking for good potato/pasta salad dressings that are different and healthy – would this work?
You are a kitchen inspiration!


117 Nicole @ giraffelegs August 6, 2011

hahaha I laughed so hard during this post!! You are anything but frump town angela!!!! Please show us your wedding outfit when you can =)


118 DORIS @vanillacocoberry August 6, 2011

aaaah I already liked you on facebook (of course!)

But how can I make my picture appear on the side of my comment? help!


119 Bindi August 7, 2011

Looks terrific and I can’t wait to try it!


120 Kristen August 8, 2011

I can’t wait to try this! Bet it would be delicious on sandwiches with grilled summer veggies, yum!!!


121 Laura August 10, 2011

I tried it tonight with arugula, strawberries, sprouts and sunflower seed salad. My sister loved it but I was a little “meh”. I think I need to increase the agave. Would love more suggestions about what to have it with.


122 Anna Marie August 15, 2011

I just came across your blog and it’s great! I already tried a few recipes and they are yummy. I’ve tried the VOO and this green goddess dressing. My five year old daughter just loved it and wanted a salad “right now”. I’m thinking about using limes and cilantro (instead of the lemon and basil) and have a Mexi-Cali Salad with grilled corn, jicama, black beans, etc.


123 Angela (Oh She Glows) August 15, 2011

aww so glad your daughter enjoyed it! Great ideas about the modifications too :)


124 Sarah August 16, 2011

Limes and cilantro is a great idea! This would be so delicious in a Mexican-style wrap or as a dip for hot spicy tortilla chips too.


125 Anna Marie August 15, 2011

Oooh. Another thought – great dip for grilled artichokes? I’ll find out tonight!


126 Sarah August 16, 2011

I tried this tonight and it’s delicious! I didn’t have any basil so I added a tablespoon of pesto instead. I used honey as a sweetener (but only a tiny bit). My fiance went crazy for this as a dip. Thanks!!


127 Isabelle April 18, 2012

LOOOOL “I don’t know who equated mayonnaise and feeling like a Goddess, but it must have been a man” >>> love this !!


128 Angela (Oh She Glows) April 18, 2012

haha ;)


129 Amy May 22, 2012

I made this other day with the tahini. Thank you for the suggestion, as I do not like avocado. Even my husband said This is outrageous! I plan to keep it on hand at all times. Yum!


130 Dawn January 11, 2013

I’m making this today! I want to use this on the weekend glow kale salad!! I think I might try throwing a few mint leaves in this. Thank you for posting amazing recipes that keep me healthy and satisfied.


131 Henry March 31, 2013

I’ve made this Vegan Green Goddess recipe a number of times and love it. I find myself craving it at times,so thank you. It goes great with black bean falafels and black bean burgers as well.


132 Cayra May 7, 2013

This is great on my zucchini pasta salad!! Thanks so much


133 Michelle June 12, 2013

This dressing is amazing! I just made it last night and my hubby was raving over how delicious it was! I couldn’t finish all of my kale/chard salad so I put it in the fridge and the greens still stayed fresh overnight in the fridge with the dressing on it! AMAZING!!! Thanks for sharing!


134 Dolores Little June 17, 2013

Just made this for dinner tonight. Step 3 is a must! Since there are only 2 people in my house, I halfed the recipe and threw everything into the VitaMix – perfect.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!


135 Linda July 9, 2013

I just went vegan 2 weeks ago and I LOVE it! I don’t miss meat/daily at all…especially when there are sites like yours that post some wonderful recipes….thanks :)


136 Kim G July 22, 2013

Just made this and am enjoying it over a salad right now as I type this. THIS. IS. SO. GOOD. !!!!!!!! I love tangy kick, so I just dumped it all in the food processor and went for it. Haha!


137 Shannon September 18, 2013

I made this recipe and loved it so much it’s now a staple in my fridge…sooooo goooood!!


138 Serita Rivera November 7, 2013

Made this today, and it was AWESOME!!! I could eat it straight from the jar.


139 Myriam @OffToWanderland June 16, 2014

I just made this recipe yesterday but with tahini instead of avocado (as I didn’t have any).
It was delicious!
Thank you so much for this recipe that will become a big classic at home :)

Cheers from a French in Sweden <3


140 Anastasiia July 7, 2014

I’m going to make this tomorrow with Protein Powder Goddess Bowl. Do you just pour the dressing over? Because in the Goddess Bowl you cook with the dressing. Thank you:)


141 Nicole September 1, 2014

Hi, so….what did you end up wearing to the wedding & have you got any recipes for some easy breakfast casseroles or pies & lazy dinners for 1???


142 LIzz March 29, 2015

Made this recipe for the first time tonight and loved it. Earlier today I made your Back on Track II salad which I will be eating for lunch all week (I’ve made that one many times before.). Thanks for the great recipes!


143 jackie nichols May 11, 2015

Just made this and it’s my new favorite..Thank you!


144 Jenn December 14, 2015

So delicious! I frequently even replace the parsley and basil with cilantro to serve with a southwest type salad and it’s just as amazing. Love this dressing.


145 Cee January 20, 2016

Hi I found your delicious recipe online today and will incorporate it into my cleaner living diet plan. How long will this recipe keep in the refrigerator? I always have to plan ahead… Thank you!


146 Julie Levy June 9, 2016

Just made this, it is absolutely amazing!!!! The combination of those ingredients is just magical…can’t wait to eat it ! thank you


147 Angela Liddon June 9, 2016

So glad to hear you like the recipe, Julie!! Enjoy :)


148 Kimberly January 23, 2017

Just made this, and is wonderful! Just as creamy as I’d hoped =D thanks for the recipe


149 Angela Liddon January 23, 2017

I’m glad it was everything you’d hoped for, Kimberly! :)


150 thám tử March 3, 2017

Just made this, and is wonderful! Just as creamy as I’d hoped =D thanks for the recipe


151 Michaela March 6, 2017

Will the recipe still taste good without the oil?


152 Angela Liddon April 3, 2017

Hey Michaela, I’m sorry I don’t know for sure, but you could certainly try it out! My guess is that it would still taste nice without it since there are fats from the mayo and avocado in there. :)


153 ellen April 2, 2017

Could you share the nutritional value counts to this recipe for Green
Goddess Dressing


154 Angela Liddon April 6, 2017

Hey Ellen, Unfortunately I don’t have the nutritional information for this recipe on hand right now, but if you plug the recipe’s information into a free online tool like or, or even an app like MyFitnessPal, you should be able to find out everything you want to know fairly quickly! I hope this helps.


155 Lauren Burn May 18, 2017

I love this recipe!

To make it extra healthy/sexy/green I like to add 1-2 tsp of spirulina! The other flavours do a great job of cancelling out its funky after-taste :)


156 Christina May 18, 2017

Thanks for the awesome recipe.

Do you have any recommendations for omitting the oil? Like should we add more liquid to the recipe? Or just omit and see how it comes out?


157 Angela Liddon May 31, 2017

Hey Christina, I’m sorry, I haven’t tried this myself. But, you could certainly try omitting the oil! My guess is that it would still taste nice without it since there are fats from the mayo and avocado in there. :) And you could experiment a bit and try adjusting other ingredients if you think it’s necessary.


158 Rachel June 7, 2017

You’ve referenced mayo several times in the comments but I don’t see it listed as an ingredient. Am I miss reading something? Thanks!


159 Angela Liddon June 26, 2017

Hey Rachel, Mayo is often an ingredient in green goddess dressings, but in this particular recipe it’s replaced entirely by avocado – so no worries, you’re not missing anything. :) That said, my more recent version of a green goddess dressing does feature a bit of mayo, and that one’s found here. I hope this helps!


160 Debbie June 30, 2017

Oh my God this should be an ice cream flavour it’s soooo good!!!


161 Angela W Broyles August 14, 2017

… not my favorite… very herby and did not really remind me of green goddess :(


162 Christine October 21, 2017

Made the tahini version of this tonight because the avocados at the store were hard rocks. Served it in a salad of thinly sliced napa cabbage, fennel, Brussels sprouts, little bit of red kale, green onions, and preserved lemon. It was delicious.


163 Angela (Oh She Glows) October 23, 2017

That sounds incredible..I’ve never had this dressing with brussels sprouts, but I need to. They’re one of my fave veggies.


164 Jennifer C. December 15, 2017

This was incredible! Made it tonight for a buddha bowl consisting of roasted red pepper, onion, broccoli, sweet potato, brussel sprouts, plus chickpeas and quinoa. HOLY WOW. It was absolutely delicious. I think my SO was skeptical when I was preparing it all, but he gave rave reviews! Thanks so much for sharing this healthy and delicious recipe :)


165 Angela (Oh She Glows) December 16, 2017

Hey Jennifer, Oh man that sounds delicious!! So happy it was a hit with you both. :)


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