High Protein Quinoa Almond Berry Salad



This weekend, we went on our first summery hike of the year. The weather was warm and the sun was shining.

It was our first hike of the year that we didn’t think we were going to: 1) freeze to death, or 2) sink 3 feet deep in the mud.


I didn’t even need a jacket!


Yes, I’m one of those hardcore people who lug their big camera on a hike. ;)


It was worth it though! I love taking pictures of nature.

IMG_0732 IMG_0737


This waterfall pic below was taken using a slower shutter speed (1/20). Slow shutter speeds create flowy and ‘creamy’ looking waterfalls.


This one below was taken using a faster shutter speed (1/400), which creates more individual drops and a broken up look. Cool, eh?


We hiked about 6k and then raced home to devour lunch.


Feature ingredient: strawberries!


I wanted to create a fruit salad with more staying power, one that was high in protein and healthy fats. I thought quinoa would be a fun grain to use in a fruit salad because it is so light in both texture and flavour. It’s also a complete protein source and gluten-free.

I added some protein and calcium-packed almonds along with a lightly sweetened dressing.

Open mouth. Inhale. Repeat.



The fluffy quinoa soaked up the fruity flavour from the berries and dressing, making a party in my mouth. This would make a great fruit salad to bring to a summer BBQ or gathering. It’s also good for a light & summery breakfast or snack.

That is, if you can share after you taste it!

We each gobbled down a couple heaping plates worth and stared in disbelief at the bottom of the empty bowl.

Who stole our fruit salad?!


Til next time fruit salad, til next time.


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Catherine January 4, 2017

I searched for a recipe to use quinoa with and made this one. Very good. I love simple recipes that are full of flavor. Thank you!


Ella September 8, 2015

Not a fan of cherries..what can I sub them with since its 1 cup or just leave it out?


Wayne Lemoine June 26, 2015

Made this last night for my wife and I. AMAZING! You’re a food genius!


Joann Woolley June 7, 2015

This looks amazing. I”m going to have to try it this summer. I’m trying to get my kids out of a cereal rut.


Nicole June 9, 2014

Just pinned this! Never thought about doing fruit with quinoa.


Lena Hanson August 24, 2013

The recipe looks delicious! Would you happen to know how many grams of protein are in the recipe. According to Kashi, I need 84g of protein and quinoa would give me a big boost! God Bless!


Risha McLellan August 6, 2013

I made this for dinner tonight. It was wonderful. Thank you.


Michelle June 8, 2013

Thak you for sharing tis wonderful recipe. I by chance had all of the ingredients in house and made it late last night. Yummy! I am not a maple syrup lover so I was unsure. I had a pure jar of maple syrup in the cupboard use for this. It was perfect and not overwhelmingly maple. this will be my new goto dish to bring places. thank you for sharing.


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