Vegan Enchiladas with Cilantro Avocado Cream Sauce



Out of all of the recipes on my Weekly Meal Plan, this is the one we were most excited about!

I first made vegan enchiladas with ‘cheeze’ sauce almost a year ago and Eric has been gushing about them ever since. I must agree that I really don’t make them enough…and I’m not sure why because I’m crazy about them.

Last night, I jazzed up the original recipe and the outcome was so drool-worthy we found ourselves forgetting that they didn’t contain- or even need- cheese. Now that is a good vegan enchilada!


For this version, I made a creamy green sauce made from Cilantro, avocado (the cream!), lime, and a few other spices that served as a decadent topping for the sweet potato, black bean, spinach, and pepper enchiladas.

They satisfied our every craving…and then some.


Make your filling and adjust all seasonings to taste.

IMG_5328 IMG_5330

Fill and roll your tortilla wraps, placing fold side down in the dish. You can sprinkle vegan cheese on them before baking if you prefer.


Prepare the cream sauce while baking the enchiladas.



When the enchiladas are done cooking, spread the Cilantro avocado sauce over top, sprinkle with cilantro and green onion and eat your heart out!


A couple hints:

1) Due to the avocado in the cream sauce, this sauce needs to be used immediately for best results. If you plan on having leftovers, my advice is to wrap the leftover enchiladas without sauce and store in the fridge. You can try storing leftover sauce in an air-tight container for up to one day or you can make a half batch and make fresh sauce as needed.

2) These would probably be tasty with Nacho Cheeze Sauce too.


We both loved ‘em. A bit too much maybe because we were totally stuffed afterwards! They would also make a fun meal if you are celebrating Cinco de Mayo tomorrow.


After taking his last pleasurable bite, Eric proclaimed, ‘I predict this is the best recipe all week.’


We shall see husband, we shall see. ;)

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Virginie Basque March 27, 2017

How many does it feed?


Angela Liddon April 12, 2017

Hey Virginie, The recipe makes 4 enchiladas, so depending on the kind of sides being served and people’s appetites, I’d say this could serve 2-4?


Stacy May 16, 2016

Do you think the avocado sauce would freeze well?


Angela Liddon May 24, 2016

Hi Stacy, I find the avocado sauce is best enjoyed fresh. Hope this helps!


Stephanie May 10, 2016

My girlfriend made this recipe for me a few weeks ago and it was fantastic. I have since made it twice and my family loves it too! SO good!!! I have another girlfriend who is vegan, pregnant and ready to pop any day. I’d like to prepare her a dish that I could freeze and give to her to use whenever she needs it. Any recommendations?


Angela Liddon May 11, 2016

Hi Stephanie, I’m happy to hear the enchiladas were a hit!! You are so sweet to think of your friend – I’m sure she’ll appreciate whatever you decide make her. For some inspiration, check out question number four in this post for some great freezer-friendly recipes: Hope this helps!:)


mary April 12, 2016

great post


Jenn D February 22, 2016

I made these last night to pack for my lunch today. They were awesome! :)


Angela Liddon February 23, 2016

Glad you enjoyed them, Jenn! :)


Karen January 25, 2016

Delicious! So impressive. I didn’t know what my family would think and they were all enthusiastic at supper tonight! My sister bought me your cookbook for my birthday and I’m experimenting with it :). I will make these again! Next time as a “lasagna” casserole.


Sarah January 22, 2016

These you were so delicious! Very filling and nutritious. I was able to save the avocado cream for left overs. If you store the pit with avocado cream it keeps the avocado from going bad.


Vaish November 12, 2015

These were ridiculously good! Definitely a keeper
Thank you :)


Holly November 6, 2015

Do these freeze well? I’d like to make a double batch and freeze half.


Jeniffer September 29, 2015

I just made these last night for my sister in law that is a vegan. THEY WERE A TOTAL HIT!!!!!!!! She loved it and they were super yummy! Also, very easy to make! The Avocado sauce was awesome. I would totally recommend this to anyone!


Gail August 29, 2015

Made this had company over everybody loved it!!


Leah August 18, 2015

Is it just me or is this recipe missing the enchilada sauce recipe?


Diana August 12, 2015

It was so good! I love the avocado sauce!


April July 10, 2015

Just made these for dinner tonight….sooooo goooooood!!! I’ve never seen a grown man lick his plate like that :) I often find myself missing the cheese in mexican dishes, but I didn’t at all with this dish :) You are a talented individual…keep these gems comin!


Lori Nilsson June 16, 2015

I am going to make these Enchiladas but are the wraps large or small wraps?


Elena April 27, 2015

Made these over the weekend – amazing! I also used the left over sauce for salad dressing (after adding more lime and water to make it more liquid).

this will be made again!


Heather April 1, 2015

These were great! Even my boyfriend seemed to really like them. I LOVED the avocado cilantro cream sauce. So. And I put the leftovers in the fridge and it is still bright green, so I think people are safe for at least one day of leftovers with it.

I didn’t follow the recipe exactly. My filling was onion, garlic, sweet potato, zucchini, and quinoa. My bf doesn’t like the effect beans has on him, so I just added them to a couple of tortillas for me. I also used a different sauce and I’m still trying to find one I really like. I added more lime because I love it. I also made my own tortillas, which turned out to be surprisingly easy.

Thanks for a great recipe!


Heather April 1, 2015

[And that would be corn tortillas…I am firmly in the don’t use flour for enchiladas camp :)]


Lori March 9, 2015

I just made these again, it’s about the 3rd or 4th time……… was SOOOOOO good, I think I put a bit more of the sauce on top this time ( basically a ton ), and we had leftover Yves canned corn, popped that on top. TO DIE FOR and we’re not even vegan!!!


Vadra February 19, 2015

Oh, Angela. I must say that this is the best enchilada recipe I’ve ever tasted, hands down! The homemade enchilada sauce was delicious. The avocado cream sauce is to die for! My husband, who claims he hates cilantro, loved it! My husband, daughter, and I used up the sauce for our three enchiladas so we didn’t have any for the last two the next day. Oops! I’m so excited for your next cookbook to come out. I have made many meals over the last two weeks from your first cookbook; they’re all so wonderful! Thank you!


dianne February 6, 2015

A friend made these for vegan me at her “Mexican” dinner event on New Years Eve, and I loved the filling and sauce enough to ask for the recipe. One thing that seemed very wrong to me, though, was the whole wheat flour tortillas. Enchiladas should have the rustic corn taste of corn tortillas. Without it, they’re just burritos. Corn tortillas are very easy to make, using just masa harina, water, and a little salt, and though the processing of the corn for masa harina keeps it from qualifying as “whole grain” by some standards, the entire kernel, all three full seed parts, remains in the final product. Thanks for the wonderful filling and sauce recipes; this is just a tweak.


Jodie February 3, 2015

Oh yes thanks for helping me glow with all your great recipes. Making this as a gift for a friend in need..
Could I just saute the sweet potatoes (small dice) with the onions in the first step? Between that and then the baking time I think I could eliminate boiling them. Also could I make the filling now, then put them together the next day with success? I just name more time now to prep, but not gifting till tomorrow. Thanks!!!


Gayle January 29, 2015

I have made these three times now and they are incredible….I served them to a meat-eating friend and she went wild over them, inspired her to go vegetarian.


Chelsea Evans January 28, 2015

These enchiladas are so yummy. My family can’t believe they are vegan. They like these enchiladas better than our regular recipes. The avocado cream sauce is spectacular and really makes the dish. I used your enchilada sauce from one of your other recipes. Wonderful!


Kyla January 26, 2015

Hi Angela!
I just saw these on your vegan-freezer friendly meal page. Just wondering what stage would be best to freeze them at, and what the best way to reheat would be! They look amazing!!


annie January 22, 2015

These were fabulous! The cilantro avocado sauce was perfection! My husband gobbled it up as well as my 4 year old son! Love love this!


Dan Harris January 20, 2015

I made these over the weekend from the recipe in the book and they’re great!

I found a few problems however…

The recipe list (from the book) includes kale but the description uses spinach. Not a big deal, just a heads up before reprinting.

The main issue I had is the recipe doesn’t mention the size of the tortillas. The only sprouted grain I could find are the 6″ (15cm) Ezekiel bread tortillas. I suspect the recipe is asking for the larger 8″ (20cm) size because I only used half the filling even after layers some on the top.


Angela (Oh She Glows) January 22, 2015

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your feedback. I’m glad they were still enjoyed!


Sarah J January 19, 2015

I know this is an old recipe but I had to stop by and tell you how wonderful these enchiladas are. I made the cookbook version last night (which is the same as this one?) and I am now eating them again for lunch. I doubled the recipe and added extra cayenne to the enchilada sauce for a little more kick. SO good! The avocado cream is to die for. Tonight we are having the empowered noodle bowl with orange miso dressing and I’m adding baked tofu for some extra protein. That recipe is also a winner. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing recipes. I’m not even a vegetarian but my fiance and I enjoy your recipes on a regular basis and we love both the taste and the way they make us feel. I can’t wait for the 2nd book!


Victoria January 5, 2015

I made these out of your cookbook the other night with my guy friend who is a big meat and cheese lover and he said these were the best enchiladas he has ever had. I was quite impressed with them too and they make great leftovers even two days later. Well done, Angela!


Sarah December 30, 2014


I got your cookbook for Christmas and made this recipe last night. So delicious! Even my meat-loving boyfriend said they were amazing. I can’t wait for leftovers tonight.


Jessie November 3, 2014

I was looking for a cilantro/avocado cream recipe and came across yours. I didn’t make the enchiladas but will *definitely* be coming back to make the cream. SO GOOD.


Frances Wu October 19, 2014

My friend made these the other night and they were so yummy, I had to make them myself. Just made them for dinner tonight and they turned our amazing! Thanks so much for a fantastic recipe :)


Tami October 8, 2014

These are mouth watering and absolutely delicious. My family asks for these at least once a week, I don’t mind :) I use enchilada sauce as there is more flavor for my liking and I did not use the cheeze. These are a must try for anyone!


Abby September 25, 2014

I made these a few months ago and everyone fell in love with them. Today, I turned this recipe into a soup… holy cow it was amazing! Thanks for this recipe, it’s so versatile!


Audrey September 18, 2014

I made this for lunch today and can honestly say that it was the best enchilada I ever ate (and this is counting my pre-lactose intolerant, vegetarian days)! I’m not a fan of avocados so I made it without the cilantro avocado sauce (or the other sauce you listed) and it was amazing! I followed the recipe to a t, except for omitting the nutritional yeast (careless error), and I don’t even think it needs it actually! You were right, you don’t even miss the cheese at all the recipe’s so good! 10/10


Jen August 25, 2014

Please, could someone come over and make these for me every day for the rest of my life. DELICIOUS!


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