The Psychology of Running


Being a Social Psychology major in both my undergraduate and graduate university programs, my mind is often geared toward understanding the psychological underpinnings of the mind and body. I love research, I love statistics (so you should expect to see many a poll on this blog!), and I love understanding why we do what we […]


Get glowing!


Good evening everyone! Beth asked me what products I use to get my skin glowing, so I thought I would do a post detailing the products I use on my skin, under my makeup! :D Here’s the loot: Starting with St Ives and going clockwise… $ = cheap $$ = Average $$$ = cha-ching 1) […]

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Lipstick is Recession Proof


I found this wonderful and thought-provoking quote on Lucy’s Blog from Lucy Danziger is the editor-in-chief of SELF Magazine. The short answer is: People are investing in themselves. Investing time, mostly, but they’re also establishing healthier habits. We can’t control the markets, the war, the economy in general or the outcome of the election tomorrow, but […]

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Looking forward


Well, another Monday is here again! Time to look forward to the weekend. :D I got up and hit the gym in our building before work as usual. I did 40 mins. of hill training @ the highest incline (15), alternating walking at a 4 mph pace, with some running. Interval training is supposedly the […]

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Baking away a free hour in the day


What did you do with your extra hour of time today? Did you sleep, read, have a bubble bath, workout? Whatever you did, I hope it was something fun! I decided to bake. My passion, my love, my hobby, my someday-hopefully-my-profession. The question is what to bake. I immediately went to my go-to site for […]


My cat has S.A.D.


Speaking of Debbie Downer’s on the blogs lately, I think Sketchie has S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder)! He’s seemed so blah lately. I have been doubling-up on his treats lately, but still nothing! lol. Eric and I took the subway to the mall this afternoon to pick up my boots that I put on hold. The […]


Canadian girls are tough!


After my breakfast settled, I decided to hit the road for a run! I checked the Weather Network as I always do, and I was a wee bit scared to find out it was only 2 degrees Celsius (35.6F) outside- with 15 km winds! Yikes. I put on my gloves and my Lululemon Shape Jacket for […]


An extra hour


Did you forget to turn your clocks back like we did?? I got up this morning around 8:45am, and was pleasantly surprised when my computer clock said it was only 7:45am! Who hoo. A free hour in the day! Last night, Eric and I went grocery shopping and watched the Leafs game. It was a […]


Fun Run In Da Sun!


After many delays (leaving for my run and discovering my ipod was dead, last minute guest cleaning), I finally headed out for my run around 3pm! I was delayed so much I almost lost my motivation to go (and my hunger started to return!), so I had a quick salad and headed out. The skys […]


The Countdown to Christmas begins!


I can hardly believe it is November 1st! Where does the time go? My life has been flying by in mock speed ever since the engagement in Mexico last December 2007. Our official engagement date is December 15th, 2007- Hubby proposed to me on the beach under the stars our first night there. :D Last night […]


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