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FAQ Installment 12


Evening everyone! Eric and I have been doing some errands this afternoon, all of which were hugely unsuccessful! I wanted to get some boots on sale at Payless because my current boots are about 3 years old and have absolutely no grip on the bottom (and a huge heel), so I was thinking of just […]

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FAQ Installment 13


Happy Friday night everyone! Eric and I had such a long commute home tonight. There was an accident on the road and it took us forever to get home! It is really a test in patience being stuck on the highway for over an hour and a half! It was really funny using crutches at […]

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FAQ Installment 17


Good afternoon! I hope you are having a better day than Eric and I are! Eric recently bought a used car at the end of January. To make a long story short he has had a list of problems with this car. Our brother in law was driving it during his stay and he mentioned […]


FAQ Installment 18

Good evening! Just a quick update on the car problems I spoke about in this afternoon’s post: To make a long story short, Eric spoke with the ministry of transportation and they said that the only thing we could do is have the ministry inspect it, then we’d have to pay out of pocket for […]


FAQ Installment 19


Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great day! :) I sure did. Yup, still riding the endorphin high from my first workout in 7 weeks! haha. I have been getting some great questions as usual today so I thought I would do another FAQ installment. FAQ Installment 19 Missed 1-18? 157. AGS asks, […]


FAQ Installment 21


Happy Friday!! (The 13th!!!!)   Is anyone out there superstitious? I can’t say I am but know many are. :) Wow this week just flew by! I feel like I have so much to do before the wedding photoshoot tomorrow. As I type this post, I am currently sitting in my favourite REN face mask. […]


FAQ Installment 23


Good afternoon! I have been working on a secret mission for Leah’s Bridal Shower that is this weekend! :) Of course, I can’t blog about it because she reads my blog. I can’t wait to see her this weekend and do a recap of all the fun! I’ve been looking forward to this for months! […]


FAQ Installment 26 + Fundraising Winner


208. Kayzilla asks,  “I’m having academic struggles, and I’m just so mad about it. Because I’m mad about that, I’m also mad and frustrated with my body image, and because of that I just want to eat more then usual, and then I feel all crummy about wanting to eat more then usual. I’ve stopped […]


FAQ Installment 27


211. Ashley asks, “Have you checked out the Cakes Canada website? It’s a great Canadian resource for decorating with tones of amazing pictures and advice. Are you planning to take any classes? I took an intro class with Bonnie Gordon and she was just phenomenal. I learned some much in that class!!” No, I have […]


FAQ Installment 28


  FAQ Installment 28 219. Carrie asks, “Angela – your lunch looks delicious!  I saw on your About Me page that you gave up artificial sweeteners.  What do you think about the new "natural" zero calories sweeteners that are coming out – Truvia, etc.  Thanks!” To be honest with you I don’t know much about […]


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