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Kicking the Coke Habit For Good!


The sun is back after a rain-filled week…Hallelujah! Eric and I took advantage of the nice weather to get outside for our first hike of the year. We weren’t the only Canadians with Spring Fever! We could barely find a parking spot… Ladies and Gents…meet Dwight K. Schrute! Or just Dwight for short. ;) I […]


Bring It On, Half Marathon!!


I reached a new distance PR today! :) Today was my last planned long run before my half marathon in 13 days (Sept 27th). My goal today was to do around 12 miles. Last week, I was debating whether I would do 12 or 13 miles as my longest run and many of you gave […]


My Half Marathon Training Progress


At the beginning of August, I started to enter in my mileage into a calendar. Since I was two months away from my half marathon, I wanted to pay closer attention to my training. This is what the month of August looked like: [If you’d like to see my training before August, check it out […]


Boredom Busters: OSG Health News Roundup


Wondering what is hot off the press in health news? I have hand picked the top health stories in the headlines and across the blog world right now! Just don’t forget to come back when you are done! Research finds that the timing of a women’s cycle may be related to knee injuries, with more […]


The Running Beast: Landice Cardio Trainer


Alright, lets cut to the chase. After several days of anticipation, I present to you my new running beast in all its glory: It is a Landice Cardio Trainer! The brand is rated #1 treadmill for the past 7 years by Consumer Reports. It also is made out of Aircraft quality 6063-T6 Aluminum and has […]


What’s For Dinner?


Good evening everyone! We’ve had a busy day once again! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. :D Some of you were very close to guessing what I made for dinner last night! I made a 7-Layer Tortilla Pie! (aka Mexican Lasagna) It was sooo delicious. I made a few modifications to the recipe (as […]


When Gadgets Inspire


Top of the Morning to ya! :D I could not sleep in this morning…despite being up until after 1am, my body was wide awake at around 7:30am. How maddening! Oh well, I still layed in  bed until about 8:30am before I got up. :) I think I was too excited about using my new Polar […]

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When Training Goes Wrong


Luckily, I am not referring to cardiovascular or strength training here, but cat trick training! lol. So we taught Sketchie how to sit, and he mastered the ‘shake a paw’ in under a week. Now, we are trying to teach him how to ‘shake the other paw’…and well, let’s just say it isn’t going as […]

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From Sun to Snow


Good afternoon everyone! I had a great workout this morning when I finally sauntered off to the gym. I was so excited to use my new HRM and sneakers! I am loving the soft chest strap feature of the Polar F7f. Here is the lo-down of my workout: 2 min. walking warm-up on treadmill for […]

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I’m Shopping In The Rain


Juuust Shopping in the raaaiin….*sings* :D Today’s weather was the PITS! Horrible! I want a free Saturday redeemed to me at once! lol. It piss poured rain all day, and it was so dark this afternoon. No visit from Mr. Sun today. Tomorrow should be better though…let’s hope, oh, let’s hope. So Eric told me […]

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