We Just Need To Stop

One of the comments I get again and again on this blog is how much people love the positivity and inspiration that they get from coming here everyday. And let me tell you, that makes me feel so good. I have to be honest though, it was really tough for me to try and find […]

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It’s a Love/Hate Relationship


Good afternoon everyone! I thought I would be fun to do a huge Love it/Hate it post today filled with everything from food to fashion! :D Love It or Hate It Fashion Poll:         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Love it or Hate it Food Poll:                   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Love it […]

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Toss and Turn


Morning everyone! Thank you for all your get better soon wishes! I tossed and turned all night because I was in so much pain! Never fun. I decided to call in sick to work today because I could barely get out of bed. Eric gave me a nice rub last night, so that was really […]

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Angela: 0, Jack Frost: 1


It hurts to type this right now. I had a horrible fall tonight!!! My first mistake was wearing high heels on a day that I knew there was going to be snow. My second mistake was running across the street in said heels, trying desperately to cross before an approaching car came. As I was […]

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To Know Or Not To Know


Good evening everyone! My goodness your comments are just heart-warming! I honestly get such a big, goofy grin on my face when I read your comments. The thing is- you are all helping me lead a healthier life because I have gained so much knowledge and so many ideas since I started this blog. It […]

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A Girl Can Dream


So we’ve made it past Moody Monday….and overcame the ‘How-many-days-til-Friday‘ Tuesday, now we sit gleeful and hopeful on this glorious hump-day! I had the best dream last night!!!!!! I dreamt that I won the lottery with 2 other people :D It was 60 million and we each got a cut of 20 mil!!! I must […]


My Road To Health: Part III

So where did we leave off…. :D My Road To Health: Part 1 My Road To Health: Part II 2. Get Excited About Your Sweat Yes, your sweat. It’s a good thing (unless you are standing in front of a crowd about to give a presentation, that is). What feels better than getting into the shower […]


Groovy Tuesday


Morning fabulous Oh She Glows readers! :D I hope you are having a groovy, happy, and healthy start to your day! I had a fun workout this morning despite my growing blister on my heel! Ugh, I am not sure what to do about this. I guess I will have to make another appointment with the podiatrist […]

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Question and Answer Session #4


Whew….Monday is almost over! It’s downhill from here, right? :D I had possibly the most delicious snack when I got home from work tonight: The perfect combination of the tarte crunch of the apple and the savory creaminess of the almond butter! The results of the Lulu contest ‘runner up’ vote are in: It looks like […]


Take It With A Grain Of Salt


Now for a new Feature on Oh She Glows, called the ‘OSG’s Misleading Product’ of the day: This one really makes me roll my eyes! A new product called ‘Skinny Water’: Apparently celebs like Kristen Bell and Nicollette Sheridan are endorsing this product. The product contains Green Tea EGCG, which is supposed to increase the […]


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