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Blog Questions

1. When did you start Oh She Glows?

I started Oh She Glows on October 31, 2008. You can read my first post, Boo, if you’d like to see where it all began.

2. Why did you decide to write a blog?

I started the blog with hopes of talking about food and my recovery from an eating disorder. Even though it felt terrifying to talk about so openly, I reassured myself that no one was reading anyway. However, within the first few months, my readership grew and grew. Before long, I had connected with other women from all over. It ended up being therapeutic and healing to talk about my 10-15 year long battle with food and weight because for the first time I realized I wasn’t alone. I didnt have to hide anymore.

In the beginning, the blog didn’t really have a focus; I wrote about anything and everything. As my relationship with food improved, I narrowed my focus on creating healthy recipes. Oh She Glows is now a celebration of my renewed zest for life and the good food I enjoy along the way. Not coming from a food or photography background, I had to teach myself how to cook, style, and shoot my creations. It’s been an adventure to say the least and I have learned so much.

3. Why did you call the blog Oh She Glows?

The name represents the happy glow that comes from the inside when I’m treating myself well. After I had been in recovery for a while, my friend Leah told me something I will never forget: “I can tell that you’re being good to yourself because you have a real glow now that you didn’t have before.” Her words always stuck with me and it became my goal to glow throughout recovery. When I was brainstorming blog names, I wanted something that was catchy and had the word “glow” in it. I first thought of ‘She Glows’, but I discovered that the domain was already taken, so I decided on ‘Oh She Glows’. I’m really glad that I didn’t go with ‘She Glows’ because I feel like Oh She Glows is a great fit. To this day, the name still has a lot of personal meaning in my life and I’m sure it always will.

4. How did you make your blog successful/How can I make my own blog grow?

One of the most important factors, in my opinion, is publishing high-quality content. You can have the best-looking website out there or the most active social media, but if you don’t have solid, reliable content it will be difficult to keep people reading. It’s important to know what is already out there in the blogosphere and then ask yourself what unique things you can contribute. Find out what your passions and talents are and then translate this into a blog. Whatever you do, make sure it’s from the heart. There is only one you out there and that’s what people want to see.

Quality trumps quantity any day. In 2009, my content shifted from blogging 3 (often rushed) times per day (yes, that’s 21 times a week!) to 5-7 times per week. As a result, my posts consistently improved because I had more time to work on each one. If blogging once a day isn’t going to fit into your schedule, be realistic and find what works for you. Now that I’m working on a cookbook, I’m posting around 2-3 times per week, which to be honest, still feels like a lot because each post takes much longer to produce and I’m often testing and shooting over 10 recipes a week.

Social Media, to me, is one of the best options out there for any type of promotion. Twitter, Instagram (love!), Pinterest, and Facebook are great platforms to get your blog out there and I highly recommend using all of them. Pinterest is now my second biggest traffic referral source and Facebook is my third. The only thing I don’t like about social media is that it takes up so much time.

5. How many hours a day do you spend on your blog? What does your work include?

Blogging and working on my cookbook are my full-time jobs, but it didn’t start out this way. When I started my blog, I was working full-time as a researcher, commuting 2-3 hours per day, and blogging 3 times a day. Sounds crazy, right? Well it was, but I fell in love with blogging and it kept me going. Eventually, I left my job, opened an online bakery, and kept pursuing my blog. Almost 4 years later, I’m working on my first cookbook and blogging full-time.

On a typical day, I start working around 7:30am and work until dinner around 7ish. At night, I will often check comments and email and I’m often planning recipes for the next day. I also work part of Saturday and Sunday, especially with the cookbook taking up a lot of time these days. I estimate that I work about 70 hours a week.

My blog work includes things such as recipe creation, recipe testing, writing/editing, photography, editing photos, responding to comments, questions, and emails, social media, staying up to date with food trends/info, media and press opportunities (such as interviews), freelance work, and website development. I love the variety!

6. When are you going to write a cookbook?

Good news – my first cookbook was released on March 4, 2014! Click the link for all the info.

7. Can I use one of your recipes on my own blog?

If you have not changed the original recipe I prefer that you simply link to the original. If you have changed the recipe significantly, feel free to post it along with your changes and a link back to the original recipe.

8. Can I use your pictures on my blog?

I do not permit the use of my photographs without consent. If you ask me, I’m usually fine with it pending that proper credits are provided.

9. Where can I learn more about the press/media Oh She Glows has had?

You can view my Press page here.

10. What kind of camera equipment do you use?

I recently upgraded to the Canon 5D Mark III body which I love. My most-used lens for food photography is the 100 mm 2.8.

All other camera equipment (such as tripods and gear heads) can be found in my Amazon photography store.

11. What are your advertising policies?

For my advertising policies, please see the bottom of this post. Please note that my goal is to have vegan-friendly advertising on my site and I block as many meat, dairy, leather, weight-loss, etc ads as I can. If you see something offensive on the site, do not hesitate to email me along with a screenshot of the ad. adinquires [at] ohsheglows [dot] com  Thanks for your help! It is hard to stay on top of when it’s just myself and my husband monitoring and I often don’t see ads run outside of Canada.

12. Do you have any help with your work? Are you looking for an intern or recipe testers?

Aside from my amazing husband who helps with programming and advertising, I do everything else on my own. I’m the one responding to your comments, questions, chatting on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and of course what you see on the blog each week. I’m not looking for an intern at the moment, but I may need to hire help at some point in the future. If I do so in the future, it will be a paid position.

At this point, I have enough recipe testers for the book, but I will be sure to mention it on the blog or Facebook if I’m looking for more testers. Thanks for asking and offering to help!

13. What breed is your cat? Do you own a dog?

Ok this isn’t a blog question, but I didn’t know where to put it! Sketchie is a Bengal and is bat-shit crazy, wild, extremely social, hilarious, and unpredictable. Eric, the life-long cat man, bought Sketchie several years ago when I was entering grad school. I always grew up with dogs, so I didn’t know what to expect from a cat. Well, that crazy cat grew on me like a weed. I love him to death and pretty much any cat who crosses my path now. I think cats have the most hilarious personalities and quirks. Of course, I still love dogs, so I do have plans on rescuing a dog in the near future. Hopefully Sketchie doesn’t mind…

Aside from this, I have a crazy dream of owning a rescue animal farm someday in the future. I adore animals so much and I think it would be so amazing to be able to give them a good home and shower them with love and affection. Animals are so intelligent, loving, and often do not get the appreciation they so deserve.

14. Where can I find the products you use every day?

You can find many of my favourite kitchen gadgets, cookbooks, food products, and photography equipment in my Amazon store. Thanks for your support!

School & Business Questions

1. What did you go to school for?

I graduated with both an undergraduate honours degree and a graduate Master’s degree in Social-Personality Psychology.

2. Why did you decide to start your own online bakery?

After pursuing graduate studies and working in the field, I realized that research did not fulfill me on so many levels. I didn’t want to live my life being unhappy with my career, so I made the tough decision to quit my job and find something that would fulfill me. Creating delicious and healthy baked goods is one of my passions in life, so I decided to translate this into a business by opening up Glo Bakery. I have since closed Glo Bakery in 2011 to pursue my blog and cookbook full time, but it was a learning experience I will never forget. I’m still toying with the idea of opening the bakery at some point in the future. Next time, I would like to have the bars made and produced outside of my home so I could still pursue my blog and cookbook goals.

You can read all about my career series called ‘A Year Can Change A Lot’ on this page.

3. How did you start your own business?

This is one of my most frequently asked questions and it is also one of the most difficult to answer because it took me several months of random research to start up my bakery business.

The first thing I did was Incorporate Glo Bakery with the Federal Government. I also had to file a Nuans report which is a business name query. After incorporation, I called one of my town representatives and found out if they permitted in house food businesses. I took a Food Safety course with my local health department and I had a food inspector come in to inspect and approve my bakery space. This is done on a yearly basis. I also registered my business with the town by purchasing a yearly business license. Costs add up very quickly when running your own business, especially in the start up phase!

After I had my papers in order, I began the long process of recipe development, nutritional analysis, website development, and packaging/labeling testing.

It’s a blur, really!

Weight & Eating Disorder Questions

1. I read that you suffered from an eating disorder. What did you suffer from and how did you recover?

I suffered from Anorexia and ED-NOS from the age of 11 until my early twenties. I restricted my calorie intake much too low for my activity level, I over-exercised, and I engaged in binge eating when my body couldn’t handle the deprivation. If I could do it over, I would’ve treated my body so much better than I did and got help much earlier.

For many years, I did not think I had a problem, even though others around me did. It caused huge fights with family members all the time. My eating disorder was never really about the weight or food though; it was about asserting control during times when I felt like my life was out of control. The obsession with calorie restriction and exercise was merely a mask and a way to feel in control of my life. It took many years for me to realize that I had a problem and it took even longer for me to admit that I needed to recover and get help.

Recovery is an on-going process and I don’t think it ever ends. One of the best things I did when entering recovery was seeing a counselor who specialized in ED’s. My counselor helped me develop positive coping strategies to fight the negative thoughts that I had about myself. I really do not think I could have recovered had I not seen a professional, especially because the ED habits were ingrained in me for 10 years. It is really hard to recover on your own and I always recommend seeking out a professional to others in the same position.

Aside from seeing a counselor, I decided that I had to stop counting calories and weighing myself; both of which were completely toxic habits in my life for years. I would often let the number on the scale determine whether I had a good day or a bad day and I would not listen to my hunger cues, but to how many calories I ‘allotted’ for the day. It was a miserable way to live and I knew I had to stop.

But stopping was not easy. Many of you write me, frustrated, because you cannot stop counting calories or weighing yourself. The truth is, it took me a couple years to finally rid myself of both of these habits. It’s not an overnight miracle. I figured that I counted calories for over 10 years and to expect that I could just instantly stop was not realistic. My advice is to start small. Don’t count the calories in a small snack or drink, and gradually work your way up over time. I had many relapses with calorie counting, but as long as I was working toward my goal of recovery, I knew that eventually I would get there. Now, it doesn’t even occur to me to count calories anymore! The habit was definitely broken. I feel so free and I’m much more in-tune with my hunger cues.

My last piece of advice is to surround yourself with positivity. Find other friends who have similar goals as you and be each other’s support system. You need a good circle of influence. Focus on the great things about yourself, instead of what you don’t have. Ultimately, the way you feel will guide you. When I was not treating myself good, I was unhappy all the time. Eventually I got sick of being unhappy and I did something about it. As I began to trust myself, I started to feel alive again.

I used to think that I was a product of my environment, but I now believe that I am in control of my happiness. Happiness did not come and find me. I created it…and I worked very hard for it.

See also, my 5 tips on beating the obsession.

2. Can you help me with a plan to lose weight or give me advice on my exercise regime or diet?

I am sorry, but I’m not qualified to help you with a diet or exercise regime.

3. How did you stop binge eating?

Please see my posts on Binge Eating here:


4. How much do you weigh?

I don’t feel the need to weigh myself, but I can tell you that I am a Size Healthy. I prefer to go by how my clothes fit!

Food & Recipe Questions

1. What do you eat in a typical day/How many calories do you eat a day?

What I eat from day to day varies greatly with all the recipe testing I do, but you can get an idea of my typical meals by checking out my Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner categories on my Recipes page. I typically start my day with 2 cups of water, followed by one of the following: a Green Monster or Vegan Overnight Oats and herbal tea. Lots of tea…always!

For lunch, I love eating leftovers and anything that is quick and easy. I rarely spend more than 5 minutes prepping my lunch because time is very short during the work day and I need all the natural photography light I can get. I might have leftover casserole or salad or open-faced veggie sandwiches with a protein like beans or veggie burger, along with fruit for dessert.

I typically have a couple snacks during the day as I can’t go more than a few hours between my meals. I’ve always been a big snacker!

For dinner, I am a huge fan of ‘one-pot’ or ‘one-dish’ meals and we often eat simple, basic whole foods, seasoned with fresh herbs and spices. I especially love hot soup, curry, and chili in the winter and eat them at least once a week.

I do not count calories, but I would guess that I eat around 2,000 calories per day. I always eat when hungry and since I started doing this, I have 100% rid myself of binge eating. I now believe that most of my binges were due to severe calorie restriction.

2. Where can I find ‘x’ ingredient?

I buy my ingredients from five places: 1) Wholesale from Ontario Natural Food Co-op, 2) Bulk Barn, 3) Loblaws/Superstore (natural foods section, mostly), 4) Whole Foods and 5) Organic Garage in Oakville. Please see my Online Guide to Vegan Shopping post for online vegan-friendly stores around the world.

3. Do you buy mostly organic food?

I do believe that organic food is an investment in my health and the environment and I try to buy organic whenever my budget allows. I also rely on the Dirty Dozen list to guide my purchases. I’ve been eating organic produce for so long now I can actually taste the pesticides on non-organic produce! It’s scary really. I also try to buy in bulk as much as possible. For example, I buy my oats, other grains, and nuts often by the 10 pound bag from ONFC. The price is much, much lower when buying in bulk. The freezer is your friend. I try to buy locally as much as possible and I purchase an organic CSA share in the summer. I chose to spend money on quality food and make cutbacks in other areas of my life. For example, I don’t spend much money on entertainment or clothing, but I will drop cash for pure, delicious whole food any day.

4. Where do you buy your bulk food?

I purchase bulk food from Ontario Natural Food Co-op, Whole Foods Bulk Bins, and Bulk Barn.

5. What are your favourite meal recipes?

Check out my popular recipes page.

6. Where can I find delicious vegan desserts my whole family will love?

Check out my dessert recipes here.

7. I can’t find this recipe of yours I am looking for, where can I find it?

If you cannot find a recipe you are looking for on my recipes page (try my new recipage for easy searching), you can try using the search bar on the right sidebar of the blog. Another quick way to locate a recipe is to simply search in Google ‘Oh She Glows + [name of recipe you are looking for]’. It will bring the recipe up 92.384% of the time. Approximately.

8. What can I substitute for maple syrup, agave, brown rice syrup, etc? Do you use stevia?

These questions are tricky because it really depends on the recipe. Maple syrup and agave tend to be the same consistency, so I find them interchangeable, however keep in mind that agave is sweeter per tablespoon than maple syrup. As for a sub for brown rice syrup, if you eat honey you can sub honey in for brown rice syrup or if you don’t eat honey check out this new Bee Free Honee product. I haven’t tried it yet as I can’t get it here in Canada, but I’ve heard great things about it. You can also try coconut nectar syrup as it has a similar consistency to brown rice syrup. For granulated sugar, I love to use organic Sucanat, organic coconut sugar, organic brown sugar, and organic cane sugar.

I do not use stevia in my diet or in my recipes, for a couple reasons: first, I really don’t like the taste of stevia, and second, I just discovered that it gives me really bad headaches. I realized this because there is stevia in a protein powder I bought and I was getting all kinds of bad headaches. Well, I cut it out and my headaches have gone away. I just don’t think my body likes it! I prefer to use unrefined sugar like coconut sugar which has a low Glycemic index and is all natural.

9. What is a ‘flax’ egg?

A flax egg is a mixture of 1 tablespoon of ground flax seed and 3 tablespoons of water. It is used in vegan baking to replace a traditional hen’s egg. When mixed with water, ground flax gels up and the texture is almost identical to an egg. While the flax egg is a great binding agent in many recipes, it does not work with every recipe.

10. How has your eating evolved over the years?

I grew up eating a very traditional “meat and potatoes” diet as a child and teenager. My parents both worked full-time so quick and easy meals like Hamburger helper with a canned vegetable on the side were the norm. When I left for university, I experimented with a vegetarian diet for a while only to go back to eating animal products because I didn’t have access to many vegan options. In mid-2009, I shifted my diet to plant-based after learning more about nutrition, the meat and dairy industry, and factory farming. I fell in love with creating delicious plant-based recipes and sharing them on this site. My goal is to show others that “vegan” isn’t code word for weird, unappetizing food! No matter what your current diet is, I hope you’ll be inspired to incorporate some of my recipes into your life.

11. What is a Green Monster?

A Green Monster is what I started calling my green smoothies back in 2009. Please see ‘The Story of the Green Monster’ and my Classic Green Monster recipe posts. You can also visit my Green Monster Website for more info and hundreds of reader recipes.

12. How often should I drink a Green Monster? What is your favourite recipe?

I can’t tell you what amount is right for your diet, but I have a Green Monster a few times a week. It is important to get a variety of foods in the diet and I like to make sure I eat a variety of greens. My favourite ‘go-to’ recipe is The Classic Green Monster recipe. I recommend trying kale in your green monsters to change up from spinach. Spinach is high in Oxalic Acid which may hinder calcium absorption. You can also cook spinach to reduce the OA content (read more from Dr Weil here). I take a calcium/magnesium supplement (taken apart from a green smoothie) as extra insurance.

13. What vitamins do you take?

After trying tons of brands of vitamins over the years, here are the products I LOVE (click link for more info):



Calcium (and chews)

protein powder

14. How do you resist all of your baked goods? What do you do with leftovers?

Wait, I’m supposed to resist them?! Well, I bake so much that I don’t feel the urge to go crazy on them, but of course it does happen now and then! I have a major sweet tooth, but I do try to find a balance like anyone.  I always store leftovers in the freezer. Eric also takes many leftovers into work to share with coworkers or I give them to friends/family. Nothing goes to waste.

15. Where did you get your Glass Straw and the small colourful spoons? What about the cutlery that looks like sticks?

The glass straw is from Glass D’harma and the colourful spoons are from Crate and Barrel. They are called ‘Appetizer Spoons’. The “stick-like” cutlery is from West Elm.

16. What brand of blender/food processor/mixer/juicer do you have?

For all of my loved kitchen appliances, please see my Amazon store for the complete product listing.


Running & Fitness Questions

1. How did you start running?

Please see this post on my running journey from 1 minute to 10 miles!

2. Where can I read about your race recaps?

Please see my Race page for all of my race recaps.

3. How did you injure your knee in 2012?

In the spring of 2012, I injured the inside of my right knee while lifting a heavy box of cookbooks during a move (oh the irony). The pain was very bad at first and of course I stopped exercise immediately, taking a whole month off any activity. Then the pain decreased slightly and often I would only feel it when walking or if I tried to run (ok, “only” is not the right word because I spend every day on my feet so it greatly impacted my life). I went to PT for it and had zero relief from pain and the PT had no idea what was wrong.  So finally, in the fall I had a MRI after meeting with a sports doctor in August. The MRI revealed a torn meniscus which is exactly what the doctor thought it was! I was upset (but not surprised), however so relieved to finally know what was going on inside of my knee! Not knowing, is much worse than knowing.

I have the option of getting surgery for my torn meniscus, but I do not meet with the surgeon for a consult until February 2013. My sports doctor has encouraged me to stay as active as I can. I’ve ramped up my leg and knee strength exercises to build the muscle that supports my knee. My pain has been so much less over the past couple months and I am finally back to speed walking on the treadmill and feeling pretty good, although the motion in the knee is still fairly limited (for example, if I crouch down and do a “crab walk” this causes a lot of pain). I have a consultation with an orthopedic surgeon in Feb 2013 about my torn meniscus and we will discuss my options and benefits/risks of surgery. He will take a look at my MRI scan images to assess my type/location of tear.

Aside form speed walking and yoga, I’ve been doing a ton of strength training. My husband and I are doing the 100 pushup challenge (I’m currently on week 5! Eric completed it successfully) and also the 200 sit up challenge (completed it, but Im restarting week 6, every week) to build muscle. I am feeling so strong. This injury has taught me to appreciate what my body CAN do and not focus on what it can’t do. Running was such a big part of my life, but life always goes on. I never thought I’d be out of running for 8+ months in 2012 (and possibly for a long time), but that just goes to show you that you never know what life will bring. Roll with the punches. I have so much of my health to be thankful for, so I count my blessings each day and do what I can.

If I could do it all over again I would have met with the sports doctor much sooner than I did. I basically went through a crappy 7-8 months without any answers and a lot of frustration. I’ll be sure to update this in Feb after I’ve met with the surgeon and I’ll keep you posted on whether I go through with surgery or not. Thank you for your concern!

UPDATE: July 2013

After meeting with the orthopedic surgeon in Feb, we opted not to move forward with surgery. My pain from the torn meniscus has decreased steadily and he didn’t feel like it was necessary to operate. Whew. I still experience twinges of pain in my knee, especially when I’m active, but it’s not as bad as it was last year. My doc has encouraged me to remain active and build muscle, so that’s what I’ve been doing! When you tear a meniscus, it’s usually something you have to deal with for life (it never really goes back to how it was before), so that is hard to come to terms with, but I’m just trying to stay positive and do what I can to help the situation.

IMG 9611 thumb   FAQ

For my Disclaimer page, please see here. Also, check out my About page for even more info on 2008-present.

Thank you for reading!

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Lauren April 10, 2012

Hi! Im in LOVE with your blog. I use to be vegan, and I got pregnant and everything changed due to HEAVY cravings. Im now vegetarian, and i realllllyy want to transition back into being vegan again, I felt AMAZING being vegan, not to mention so much healthier. But, Im having such a hard time with vegan ever since having my son, especially with trying to afford food being a single mom, on a tight budget.
any advice on transitioning to vegan, and ways to STAY vegan on a budget?


Angela (Oh She Glows) April 11, 2012

Hey Lauren,

I’m writing a post today that will list a huge vegan shopping guide…different stores online and in person. Hopefully this will help you get the best bang for your buck.


Melani April 20, 2012

Thank you so much for writing this blog. I work with individuals who struggle with eating disorders, and it can be a real challenge finding recipe/lifestyle sites that are appropriate resources for clients. Congratulations on finding and pursuing your life’s passion! (Your recipes are delicious, too!)


Angela (Oh She Glows) April 20, 2012

Thank you Melani, that means so much to me.


Shelly April 21, 2012

Thank you for sharing your story and being such an inspiration!


Angela April 23, 2012

I don’t remember how I found you because I just started this blog thing and I am sooooo confused! Lol. But I’m sure glad I did!!! I think you are amazing And I love your website! I am definately interested in your cookbook and hope all your fabulous recipes are in it! I myself am a bit of a carnivore but I love taking a break from it and eating earthy!! I would love to follow you but I can’t figure out how, I can’t even figure out how to add your blog in my “follow blog” site in word press. If you have any suggestions for me I would love to hear them! Looking forward to reading more on your site and trying your recipes!

Good luck girl! You are a shining star!!!!


Angela (Oh She Glows) April 23, 2012

Thank you Angela! :)
I have follow me icons on my right side bar. Do those help at all?


KATHY MALLET April 30, 2012

Hi Angela, fell on your amazing website by chance and love it! Im not vegan, but the recipes sure does interest me. The reason why I am writing to you; Im a 34 years old healthy+athletic women that LOVES TO EAT! Unfortunatly…sometimes I eat more than I need. Good and bad food. I know whats good for me, but still eats the bad…even if they make me feel not that great…didnt find the perpose yet. Is it auto-sabotage? Control? Sure there is boredom and emotion involved…but here in Moncton, I dont know anywhere I could get the help I need. Deep down, I am just working on loving myself and eat without gilt. Kathy xo


Audra April 30, 2012

Can you recommend a brand of nutritional yeast? I’ve tried two different brands so far and they both taste like sawdust???


sarah Bradley June 7, 2012

Hi I have a question regarding your recipes…..what is the serving amount on them….I have a family of 5 but im thinking the recipes that you post might be for 2? thank you.


Angela (Oh She Glows) June 7, 2012

Hi Sarah, I post the yield/servings in each recipe. I hope that helps!


Cynthia June 10, 2012

I made the Lemon Tahini Dressing and just love, love, love it. I also use it as a dip for raw veggies. I would like to know how long can you keep this dressing? I made mine three weeks ago and I have it in a well-sealed glass jar in the fridge. I use it about once a week and well I smelled the dressing today, and it still smells good. There is dressing for one more salad so do you think I could use it?
Ciao for now


Kentucky Lady 717 June 23, 2012

Just discovered your blog per (My 2 cents with a grain of salt) it is great, do you offer a newsletter and if so how can I sign up ?
Love your Green Monster Drink recipe, will make when I get to the store….Thanks


Angela (Oh She Glows) June 23, 2012

Thank you, I’m glad you like it! There is an RSS and Email subscription on the right hand side bar, no actual newsletter as of yet, but hopefully soon.


Cynthia June 26, 2012


I am a chilean-italian living in France… and here in the counrty of cuisine i have found my love for cooking…

I have become a vegan not so long time ago, although i was already eating less meat. For me all started as a support for animals since it makes me very sad how they are being treated. Now i just also feel great and so light and healthy.

But im worried cause i might start getting less protein and calcium?

Do you have any advices? i have always been so healthy and now that im feeling so good and more loving to cook i dont want to quit my new vegan life..


Courtney July 11, 2012

I can’t even tell you what a change your website has made in my life. Just a few short months ago, I was overweight and unhappy with high cholesterol and very high blood pressure. After I incorporated green monsters (which I now drink every day before my workout and LOVE!) and became a vegetarian, I’m down just over 20 pounds and I feel great! Even if I hadn’t lost any weight, I would’ve kept going, because I FEEL incredible! My skin is clear, my hair is shinier, and I’m in a much better disposition. I am working on my goal to become a complete vegan and I hope to continue on this path. Thank you SO much!!


Angela (Oh She Glows) July 11, 2012

Hey Courtney, Thank you so much for your kind comments! I’m so happy to hear about all of your changes. Congrats!


Caryn July 16, 2012


I am a recent convert to veganism & came across your site while looking for recipes. My daughter, Meghan, is 13 months old so I’m always trying to find recipes to keep her interested :) Can you recommend any good recipes that are suitable for babies?
I also wanted to ask you if you prefer Almond milk to Soya milk & if you do, why?



Stephanie August 6, 2012

Hi Angela !

I have recently adapted a vegan lifestyle and your blog has inspired and got me through my transition from vegetarian to veganism – I don’t know what I would have done without it !
I am attending my first vegan potluck this weekend and I was wondering if you could suggest a crowd pleasing, no fail recipe (I want to make a good impression !!). Also I am from New Zealand and it is winter here so a preferably a recipe that uses more “wintery” ingredients !

Can’t wait for your book and hope I can get it shipped all the way over here !!


Angela (Oh She Glows) August 13, 2012

Hey Stephanie, Sorry for the delay in reply! I would suggest checking out my top salad recipes here: http://ohsheglows.com/2011/12/28/top-5-salad-recipes-of-2011/ I love the lightened up protein powder goddess bowl.


Lynn August 7, 2012

I have been stalking your site, trying your recipes and enjoying every minute of it. I had a question about the egg substitutes, do you ever use Ener G Egg replacer and how do you compare it to chia egg and flax egg?
Thanks for all your effort, it has helped improve my life.


Angela (Oh She Glows) August 7, 2012

Hey Lynn, I used to use it more in the past, but then I challenged myself to make recipes without it and haven’t really used it since. It does work great though! I might have to use it in a vegan vanilla cake recipe because Im not having much luck otherwise.


Rita August 15, 2012

Do you have a newsletter that I could sign up for?
Thank you Kindly!


Angela (Oh She Glows) August 15, 2012

Hey Rita, Not yet but hopefully at some point!


El August 30, 2012

Hi Angela, I just found your blog. I was actually looking for a recipe and then started reading about you and that you have had an ED. You are so successful and happy and beautiful and it motivates me because I still am in denial a lot of the time and believe there is nothing wrong with me and my habits are normal. It sooo confusing. But you are proof that recovery is possible. I am 20 and have been struggling a lot with university and recovering at the same time, they are both so consuming.

Also, I have a few questions:
1) do you think being vegan somewhat restricts your options, I want to become vegetarian but my dietician says thats not a healthy behaviour at the moment because it restricts what I can eat
2) I have trouble with baking/cooking/preparing meals, I still live at home so lucky Mum does it now, I don’t feel safe around the kitchen as it leads to the uncontrolled/mindless eating or binges. I looove cooking and trying new recipes, I spend so much time on recipe blogs (which I know is terrible for my ED, because it makes me think about food a lot) but I just wanted to know how you cope with that, i feel like cooking and recipes feds my ED

3) I used to want to become a nutritionist or dietician, I currently studying pre med… but still really unsure about life. I think its not a good idea for me to go down the nutrition pathway as It will again fed my ED

I hope this makes sense to you, I would love to hear back from you!

All the best, XX


gyen September 1, 2012

I love your blog! And I’m not even a vegetarian, much less a vegan! I just like good, whole food, and yours is just that. I’d totally buy your cookbook, because I love everything you make! I make that tahini-lemon-nutritional yeast dressing all the time and serve it on whatever raw veggies I have on hand.

Thanks for offering so much of yourself: the blog must be a ton of work, but it is a huge blessing!


ruby September 18, 2012

Hello Angela!

I first came to your site through Buzzfeed where you were in a competition with Tiny Urban Kitchen sometimes in 2011 (?).

I just read through your “About” page and this F.A.Q and wanted to let you know that…

You are an inspiration to a happier future.

I love this quote from this post:

“I used to think that I was a product of my environment, but I now believe that I am in control of my happiness. Happiness did not come and find me. I created it…and I worked very hard for it.”


Desi September 24, 2012

Hello Angela!

As I was searching for vegan graham cracker recipes I came across yours and noticed that one of the ingredients is olive oil. I was just wondering what role the olive oil plays in the recipe? does it change the flavor of the cookie at all? Can it be substituted? Does it mess with the shelf life of the cookie?

Sorry for the load of questions but I figured if any one would know it would be you! Thank you very much and keep up with the awesome blog!!

Looking forward to hearing from you,



Angela (Oh She Glows) September 24, 2012

hey Desi, You can probably sub the olive oil for another oil of your choice! I wouldn’t omit it though.


Amber September 26, 2012

I’ve been recently turned onto your page/blog. I love baking and baking vegan. I’ve been looking for an awesome cranberry oatmeal cookie recipe that uses dates in it. Any suggestions?


Natasha October 1, 2012

Let me start by saying your story is inspirational, and your passion comes through with every post. The attention to detail amazes me!! I am a person who has recently made the lifestyle change of Veganism. Your website has helped me more than you know, every recipe I make is amazing and always a hit. I am however in Graduate school. I find myself busy and overwhelmed, my social life is now a distant memory and preparing meals is probably the only thing I do for myself these days. I was hoping you had some budgeting tips for the broke vegan?
:) Natasha


zara k. October 4, 2012

You’re story is so inspiring I teared up. I’ve been in college for 5 years studying something I have no interest in, and I find that 5-6 hours a day I’m online researching the vegan lifestyle and drawing pictures (alot of them having to do with veganism). I spend another 1-2 hours everyday cooking because it’s what I love to do. I am so close to graduating but I dread my life ahead of me as a high school teacher. I want to make a life change so bad, but school has drained me of all my money. Instead of having a pity party, I am going to look forward and hopefully make big changes after a few years of making money from teaching. Thank you for giving me hope that I can one day make a living doing what I love xo


Jaimie October 10, 2012

Hi! LOVE your blog; it is so beautiful! I am on Day 3 of attempting to eat vegan. I came here from Pinterest; someone posted your strawberry pancake recipe; it looks amazing! I was just wondering who designed your blog; I am looking for something similar to this for my business blog. Thank you!!


annie October 16, 2012

Thanks so much for your amazing blog! I am a vegan, however, I have to admit that I mostly eat frozen foods. I am trying to get into a healthier lifestyle and really need to buy a blender! Is there one that you recommend? I am trying to make smoothies and to make the pumpkin butter and other vegan recipes, it calls for it to be pureed. Anyone have any blenders that they could recommend? Thanks!


Char October 22, 2012

Where can I buy this Balsamic vinegar that you recommend? Thank you for such an informative and lovely blog. Can’t wait to try the vinegar.

Acetaia La Bonissima Balsamic Vinegar


Angela (Oh She Glows) October 23, 2012

Hey Char, I purchased it from Whole Foods. Goodluck!


Celia October 25, 2012

I love your recipes! I am neither vegan nor vegetarian but eat that way at least half the week and your recipes (the ones I have tried) are great. I have a question. What do you use that would replace evaporated milk or condensed milk in a recipe such as a pie or pumpkin roll. I am trying to replicate family recipes, making them healthy but tasting as much like the original, that have been passed down, as possible. Thanks for any ideas.


Angela (Oh She Glows) October 26, 2012

Hey Celia, I have made a condensed coconut milk before, maybe that could work? See my vegan bailey’s recipe: http://ohsheglows.com/2012/03/12/homemade-baileys-irish-creammade-vegan/


Celia October 28, 2012

Thank you, I will give it a try.


Cindy October 27, 2012

Hi Angela,
I am wanting to make your “Choc. Chip Blizzard”, but noticed it is for only 2 people, and I’m having a party. How do I increase ingredients properly?

Cindy Burkey


cynthia October 30, 2012

hello Angela,

i love you oatmeal recipes…but i live in a small studio without kitchen for the moment, only a microwave…do you have any recipes i could try in the microwave to make my oatmeal in the morning? or is not possible?

thank you!


Heather Graham November 4, 2012

OMG I LOVE this blog so much! SO thankful I found this because I have been on a very restrictive diet for a while now and it’s starting to get to me. I am on Kimberly Snyder’s diet and it is lacking in the vegan recipe department haha! I’m hooked on your site, Angela!! I’d also LOVE a shout-out as I’m a pop/r&b recording artist in Atlanta working with Justin Bieber and Usher’s vocal coach, Jan Smith and two Grammy winning producers seeking exposure. I have a fashion and health blog too called “Glitter and Pearls” on Tumblr with my sister.
Just let your followers know I am a hard-working vegan woman, trying to make her career happen, like the rest of us. I write songs to empower women and my EP is in the works. Ok enough about me… Thanks again for your awesome site!!


Mary Rawlings November 9, 2012

If the photos above are from your own files, is there a recipe for the 3rd photo-the fruit-pie looking shot…or maybe those are your fruit tarts? So glad to find your site!


Jenny November 22, 2012

Hi! I LOVE all your recipes!! Please don’t ever go away! Your blog has saved my, “what do I make” blues!

I’m not sure if you’ll see this in time to respond, as I’m making one of your recipes for tomorrow (Thanksgiving). But even if you see it afterwards, I would still love a response. :)

In your, “Pumpkin Pie with Gluten-Free Pecan Crust” recipe, the filling calls for coconut cream or almond milk. My store was familiar with coconut cream, but said they didn’t sell it. Can I use full fat coconut milk instead? Or can I refrigerate canned coconut milk & use the fat on top? I’m just not familiar with coconut cream, so not sure on substitutions, if you could please advise. I can’t use most nuts, especially almonds. (I’m going to make this with a store bought GF crust). Thanks so much!


Angela (Oh She Glows) November 22, 2012

Hey jenny! Yes you can use either full fat coconut milk or you can use the cream from the top of the can. When I have it handy, I prefer to use the cream from the top of the can for an extra indulgent tasting pie. Happy Thanksgiving!


Gen November 22, 2012


I was wondering if when you use brand name processed foods, could you say what is in the product that you are using. (For example I can across Earth Balance in a pie recipe — what is that ???). I do not live in the USA some things you have mentioned by brand name do not exist here, and it would be good to know what is in what you are using so we can find a suitable substitute.

Also could you for example with using beans from a tin, could you say how many cups exist in the drained product or the weight of the dried beans ? In Europe they do not have the same tin sizes as the USA or sometimes that type of bean is only available dry, not tinned, and sometimes there is even more or less liquid in it. (Also most European recipes tend to use weights not cups but that is easier to deal with).

So a more exact measurement of how many cups or weight of beans after draining go into a dish would be great. Also if someone wants to make it from dried beans it is easier to know how many to use at the end of cooking … I can only get black beans here dried from the Asian import store for example :-)

Very good recipes – have book marked you.


Shivani Jain November 22, 2012

Hi Angela! You have one more fan among so many! I’m on a spree on trying your Vegan Overnight Oats these days! I just heat it up in the microwave next morning and I’m all set!! I was wondering since your recipe calls for all sorts of various Oats like rolled, steel cut etc. Does it make any difference if I replace them with just “Regular” Oats??



Rhonda November 26, 2012

Hi there – I am interested in your homemade rolos. Do you know what impact they might have on Glycemic Index? How about calories? These are 2 things I’m trying to pay more attention to and I was wondering if you had a sense of this based on your experience with the recipe. Thanks in advance!! I love your site and recipes and I’m not even vegan!


Cassandra @ TheScienceofFood December 2, 2012


I’m sorry to hear about your knee injury. I know how frustrating it can be when you feel limited and you have to wait a long time for answers. It’s good that you’re still able to do other forms of exercise in the meantime.

The orthopedic surgeon will definitely be able to give your more information but surgeons tend to only know about….surgery. With many orthopedic surgeries there isn’t nalways a guarantee that it will do any good, it’s quite a process to go through for nothing.

Have you ever considered consulting an osteopath? As a medical scientist, I used to think that they were a little cooky but they’re actually really knowledgeable to tend to take a more holistic approach on your body. I can’t say enough good things about my experience with my osteopath regarding my back issues. She was so knowledgeable and gave me answers that nobody else could give me, and she was really positive, she ended up talking me out of surgery which I believe was a good thing. If you have insurance you might be covered 80% or more for visits, if that’s the case I would strongly urge you to go and consult with one. Your sports medicine clinic could probably refer you to a good one. It would be beneficial to have their opinion before your consult with the surgeon just so that you have the ENTIRE picture and you can make the most informed decision about your knee.


J -D December 5, 2012

I’m struggling with how to support a friend with an eating disorder. If you could find time for me to email you the details I’d really appreciate hearing your opinion on whether or not there is anything helpful I can say.
Thank you!


Mary Hirschhorn December 7, 2012

I am so glad that a sports injury led me to your site! I am very interested in learning more about eating Vegan so thank you


Molly Hale December 7, 2012

Hey there!

I am in love with your blog, I made the rawtella recipe for the first time and it turned out amazing, that is going to be stocked and ready at all times!

I am a crazy cook myself, love to make Thai Food (PS have you read she simmers? THAT blog kills me!)

I’m mostly writing to say “awesome blog!” and see if you have any interest in a guest blogger? I want to feature some whole food recipes that I love and the benefits of clean eating.

Thanks for reading and keep up the awesome work, you can email me back if you’re interested!

Best regards,



Jenny December 22, 2012

Hi, Angela!

I LOVE your blog… please don’t ever go away! I am going to try your, “Black Bean, Sweet Potato, and Red Quinoa Soup” this weekend. You mention “cashew cream” but I couldn’t find a recipe for it. Could you please give instructions for it?

Any time you want to give alternatives for sweeteners for your recipes to replace sugar, I would love that! :)

Also, formatting-wise, it would be wonderful if at the bottom of each specific recipe if we had the option of asking a question there, about that recipe… just a suggestion! :) THANK YOU for all your wonderful, healthy recipes!


Christina December 22, 2012

Good afternoon Angela!

One of my really good friends (whom I admire for making healthy eating and fitness high priorities in her life) recommended your blog to me. I myself have been battling a cycle of binging for about 6 years now.Then one day I watched the documentary Forks Over Knives and Food Inc, and I became painfully aware of how damaging processed foods are. I want to clean up my diet and elliminate all of this horrible food before it takes a serious toll on my health, and believe me I’ve tried, but I have had so much trouble getting started and instilling healthy habits that will last. Do you have any advice for someone who is just starting out? I’ve heard the best way to make the switch to clean, all natural eating is to start slowly..

I really appreciate your time, Angela. I really admire you for overcoming all that you’ve gone through; you inspire me. Have a wonderful day!! Happy Holidays!


Angela (Oh She Glows) December 24, 2012

Hey Christina, I am actually starting a new series at the beginning of the year on this very same topic! I Hope you find it helpful. :) Thanks for reading & goodluck!


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