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This simple recipe was my favourite food of the entire weekend. And there was some stiff dessert competition this weekend too. I’ve been craving doughy fresh bread like nobody’s business. In honour of breaking in the new kitchen, I decided to revisit one of my favourite old recipes on the blog: Organic Homemade Spelt Tortillas. And by old, I mean it was posted a good 5 years ago! Time is flying. Before I know it, you’ll be calling me Grandma Glow.

Not only did I improve upon the previous recipe, but I discovered a way to shave 40 minutes off the dough-sitting time. In other words, the dough rest wasn’t even necessary. What the what? I know. As a result, these spelt tortillas are literally thrown together quicker than you can run to the store. They are much fresher and tastier too. This makes me a happy girl, especially after the dishwasher and washing machine broke within a 24 hour period. That was after they leaked all over floors of course. Nobody said moving was easy, but stuffing homemade wraps in my face sure helps.

The beauty of the wrap is that you can add any toppings you’re in the mood for. Change it up every time! One of my favourite simple combos is vegan butter spread over a warm tortilla with a sprinkle of Herbamare (heaven). Or for a sweet treat, spread on coconut oil and sprinkle it with cinnamon and sugar. Drool. Or toast it in the oven and make a pizza. Ok, now I’m getting hungry again!


The veggie wrap above is a simple mix of fresh orange pepper, red onion, cucumber rounds, hummus, black pepper, and yellow mustard. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve been craving yellow mustard all day + all night. I’m dipping veggies in yellow mustard for crying out loud (for the record, I put on more mustard after shooting these photos). Things are getting weird in my mouth. Whenever Eric sees me with the mustard he says, “I put that shit on everything!” in the voice of the old lady from the Frank’s hot sauce commercial

When I took my first bite of this veggie wrap I almost shed a tear of joy. All the moving and renovation pains vanished from my memory during those crunchy, fresh, zippy bites. Simple homemade food is the best food, don’t you think? Eric also demolished his wraps (yes, I managed to share somehow) and said he can’t get over how much better they taste compared to his regular store-bought ones. It was a success on all fronts! I’ll let you know if I try out any other flours – and you can feel free to do the same in the comments.

Cheers to a new, fresh spring week and significantly fewer boxes to unpack. Yellow mustard for life!



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Easiest 5-Ingredient Spelt Flatbread

Vegan, nut-free, refined sugar-free, soy-free


In no time at all, you can have a fresh, pliable spelt tortillas made with just 5 ingredients! Lightly adapted from my Organic Homemade Spelt Tortillas.

6 large or 8 small
Prep Time
Cook time


  • 2 cups + 2 tablespoons light spelt flour (see note)
  • 1/2 teaspoon fine grain sea salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 3/4 cup almost boiling water
  • 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil


  1. In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, salt, and baking soda.
  2. Stir in the hot water and oil until a shaggy looking dough comes together.
  3. Knead the dough with your hands about 15 times, soaking up the extra flour at the bottom of the bowl as you go. If the dough is still too wet, add a touch of flour and knead again.
  4. Shape dough into a ball and place in the bowl. Cover with a tea towel so it doesn’t dry out.
  5. Preheat a large skillet over medium heat.
  6. Grab a chunk of dough just larger than a golf ball. Shape into a ball and sprinkle on some spelt flour to coat lightly.
  7. Place a large nonstick baking mat on the counter and flour a rolling pin. You can also use parchment paper instead of a nonstick mat. Sprinkle the mat with a dusting of flour.
  8. Roll the dough all directions into a circular shape until it's paper thin. It’s ok if it’s not a perfect circle - mine usually come out all kinds of odd shapes! Drizzle the tortilla with a tiny bit of olive oil and spread it out to coat the entire surface.
  9. Place the tortilla on the preheated skillet, oil side down. Cook over medium heat for around 30 seconds and then flip it with a spatula and cook for another 30 seconds or so. If you cook for too long, your tortilla might be prone to tearing or drying out, so keep that in mind.
  10. Place cooked tortillas on a plate and cover with a tea towel to prevent drying. Repeat steps for the rest.
  11. Store leftovers on a plate with a lightly damp paper towel spread out on top. Cover the plate with plastic wrap and place in fridge.


Note: Other flours might work besides light spelt flour, but I haven't tested any yet. Please let us know in the comments if you try any out!


Oh, and in case you are wondering – yes, they do wrap nicely! I didn’t experience any tears or cracks with this batch. I think this is due to cooking it for much less time than the previous recipe and also using light spelt flour instead of whole spelt flour. I’ll have to test more versions to be sure…

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Anu May 7, 2017

Excellent recipe. Absolutely loves this recipe. I eat the wraps as soon as they are cooked. I eat them plain when I am eating on the go. I have also used this recipe to make a pizza base. Baked in oven for 10 minutes in pizza pan then added tomato sauce then my sliced raw veggies then baked for another 20 minutes. Was very tasty.


Angela Liddon May 8, 2017

Great idea, Anu!


Marie-Eve MacPherson February 18, 2017
Recipe Rating:

Just wanted to share that I made this recipe exactly as above except I soaked the flour to reduce physic acid. I added 2T of light spelt flour and about 2t of apple cider vinegar t the same amount of warm water (not hot). I placed it in a bowl covered with a tea towel overnight (minimum of 7hours) and they turned out fantastic!!!


Angela Liddon February 21, 2017

Thanks for sharing, Marie-Eve! I’m glad to hear the recipe was a hit.


Rebecca Purington February 7, 2017
Recipe Rating:

Absolutely delicious! Thank you so much for this recipe. They held together so well for chili-lime shrimp wraps.


Fran Winder January 21, 2017

Thanks for introducing me to such a great recipe. Was so much better to make them from scratch and was so quick. I make everything with spelt flour but hadn’t managed to make anything like this before


Angela Liddon January 23, 2017

I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed the recipe, Fran :)


Roxy December 29, 2016
Recipe Rating:

Hi, I made these with whole spelt flour and they turned out fine. Must confess they didn’t look anything like your pictures but they tasted great. I had some left over so put them in a large ziplock bag in the freezer. Had one for lunch today – zapped it in the microwave for 15-20 secs and it was fine. Really easy to make and love the taste.


Ailsa October 16, 2016

Just made these with gluten-free flour (Dove’s Farm, UK) & began/chickpea flour 50/50 – fantastic results, creamy flavour, delicious with garlic butter!


Natascha October 12, 2016
Recipe Rating:

Made these with 100 % wholegrain sprouted spelt flour. They came out great! Thanks for the recipe. Did need a little extra salt. Not sure why?


Jenna October 2, 2016

Hi! We tried these and the dough was so sticky we couldn’t even form it into a ball. Any ideas on what we may have done wrong?


Monica September 13, 2016

Hi Angela,

I used to make these wraps from white spelt flour but Whole Foods no longer has it in their bulk section. Where are you able to find white spelt flour in the GTA?
BTW, these wraps are amazing, thanks so much for great recipes!


Denise Whaley May 28, 2016
Recipe Rating:

This recipe worked great! Delicious results but I did use whole spelt flour. Was thrilled at the texture and mild but lovely flavour!


Angela Liddon May 31, 2016

Hi Denise, I’m happy to hear the recipe was a hit! :)


Laurie N. May 14, 2016

What do you mean by “light” spelt flour? Do you mean white (not whole?)

Thanks for the recipe!


Alicia April 11, 2016
Recipe Rating:

Hey, fellow Vegers!

Today, I tried this recipe with 1 TBS Coconut flour and 2 cups and a TBS of a blend of left over GF flours (almond and I want to say “all purpose” … you know when you have less than a 1/4 a bag and just make one large bag of “all types” flour … just me?). Anywho, kneading for 15 is the BEST arm workout, ever. While mine were not so lovely shaped as above, the taste and cooking was on par! I let them get a bit more color, heating my pan to med-high, and eventually lowering to in between med and med-high. SO easy, quick, and successful! Going to try with buckwheat flour next time. Thank you for this amazing little gem of a recipe :)


Angela Liddon April 12, 2016

You’re so welcome, Alicia – I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’d love to hear how it goes with the buckwheat flour, when you try. Comments like this are always so helpful and informative for everyone!


Alix February 23, 2016
Recipe Rating:

So yummy!!! I wonder if they freeze well?

Had one straight out of the pan with hummus and avocado, so good.
Had the second with maple syrup, even better haha


Angela Liddon March 17, 2016

Hi Alix, I’m glad you’re enjoying the flatbread! Yes, I think leftovers should freeze well for a couple of weeks. I would wrap each individually in wrap or tinfoil, and then place them in a large zip freezer bag. Hope this helps!


Lara Maier February 17, 2016

Hey! I would love love love to try this recipe out. Do you think I could use oat flour instead of spelt flour? and how about if I left the salt out?
Thanks heaps!
Lara xx


Nancy February 9, 2016

I’ve been trying to find a good recipe for tortillas. I haven’t tried them with Spelt flour yet. I did try it with Arrowhead Mills Organic Gluten Free Buckwheat Flour. Unfortunately it did not work. I did everything else exactly like your recipe but they won’t roll without cracking. I’m going to make tortilla crackers with the rest of the dough. I wonder if there is something I can put in it that would prevent them from cracking? I’ll try your recipe next. I’m sure that will be great.
Thanks for all your great recipes!


Edith Lewis January 31, 2016

I don’t use a microwave how can I keep my flatbread soft.


Dawnen January 30, 2016

what about freezing them?


Ida January 11, 2016

I make my tortillas with half all-purpose wheat flour + half whole wheat flour or if I want corn corn tortillas, I sub the whole wheat flour to corn flour. I have made perfect ones & dry, not-so-well ones with both recipes,so I guess it’s all about getting the dough just right and remembering to switch the sides quickly while cooking :)

I don’t think using boiling water is necessary – I have never done that and I still managet to get perfect ones. I also have tried cooking without oil and it works just fine if you have hot enough non-stick skillet and you wipe/brush the excess flour carefully off with a pastry brush.
I use 2 plates for keeping the breads warm while cooking, one for you piling the breads and other upside down as a lid. Drizzle few drops of water there and the steam will keep the breads warm & moist no matter how big batch you’re preparing.

If your flatbreads get dry the next day, just drizzle a little bit of water to them and heat 5-10 seconds in a microwave – tada! You have perfectly rollable bread again. Too bad the reheating works only for some minutes, so eat your re-heated left overs quick and reheat only one at a time. The same trick basically works for everything made of dough; pita bead, all kinds of bread, buns, cakes, cookies…Or actually the greasy ones don’t usually even need any water (depending of course how dry they are), mostly just a few seconds in the microwave will make dry buns all soft, fluffy & fresh again. Toaster also works fine for some stuff, but don’t drizzle water there!

Beyond saving dry tortillas can be cut into little triangles, drizzled with some oi, salt & seasong, baked and look what you have there? Tortilla chips!


Elizabeth December 30, 2015
Recipe Rating:

INCREDIBLE. The best flatbread I’ve made (including those with wheat), soft, tasty and perfect with dinner. We used them as wraps for burritos. YUM! 5 stars from the whole family – my 2 year old helped make them which was even better. Thanks for a great recipe. (we used whole spelt flour not light).


Janice December 28, 2015
Recipe Rating:

Made today. Used 1 and a half cups regular spelt flour and 1/2 cup with 2 tablespoons of king arthur white bread flour sifted. Mixed up in my Magimix processor. Rolled out on non stick sheet for my dehydrator . They turned out great. Thanks.


Janet October 16, 2015

Made these yesterday. I used the regular organic spelt flour from bulk barn….they turned out great !! Today I stuffed one with hummus ,cabbage , carrot and apple . Mmmmmmmm
Thank you for your wonderful recipes


Emily September 22, 2015
Recipe Rating:

We’re free of gluten, corn, and more. Tried these with 1.5 cups plus 1 tb of urad dal flour (Indian black lentil) and .5 cups plus 1 tb of potato starch. It needed a lot more water. Then I rolled into balls with wet hands and pressed between two layers of parchment. Super delicious, especially dipped in a little oil and salt!


Sybil G. September 20, 2015
Recipe Rating:

I tried your recipe today using the Shiloh Farm organic sprouted whole spelt flour. I replaced the extra 2 tablespoons with organic yellow cornmeal and also used the cornmeal to roll out the discs.
My flat breads turned out beautifully. I used coconut oil instead of olive oil as I don’t like to cook my olive oil. I was careful not to overcook them as you recommended. Just 30-40 seconds on each side. I covered them as I cooked them and we ate them about 45 minutes later as my husband prepared the fillings. They remained soft and pliable. I will make them again.
This was my first time making flat bread. Great success! Thanks for the recipe.


Karolinka September 15, 2015
Recipe Rating:

I’ve been following your blog for years now, it is still one of my top favorites!
I need to let you know that you inspired me to go vegan (been a vegan since december), LOVE your posts!
I made this recipe (nah, can never stick to the recipe 100% haha) for a second time today. I just always mix the flours I have at home, today it was semolina, Whole wheat and rye bread flour, turned out great, wanna eat all 8 by myself haha! (The rye flour made it a little harder, didn’t use as much water but it gives it a more bread-like taste)
Thanks for everything, you’re amazing!! ♥
(Greetings from Czech Republic)


vicki August 25, 2015

Has anyone tried to use these as dumplings? If so how did they turn out. If not anyone know how to make rolled dumplings out of spelt flour?


Erin August 24, 2015
Recipe Rating:

Also, can make them literally faster than going to the store!!! You are so right about that!!


Erin August 24, 2015
Recipe Rating:

I make these on the regular, love them! Even used them as pizza crusts and really loved that!! Today I used half sprouted kamut half sprouted spelt…I’m so happy to eat something resembling a wrap that it doesn’t bother me if they rip a little! But I’ll have to try with light spelt for once like the recipe says! :) thanks for the recipe!!


Anna Lee August 12, 2015
Recipe Rating:

These were wonderful and so easy! I filled one with your chickpea salad and another with avocado and tomatoes. So delish!


Mickinly June 3, 2015

Do you know the nutritional info?


Maureen June 2, 2015
Recipe Rating:

I’m a total novice when it comes to cooking but I made this yesterday and it turned out much better than I had anticipated. I did find it a little doughy however, but I blame this entirely on my lack of skill and not on the recipe itself. Any advice as to how to make it less doughy?


April May 30, 2015
Recipe Rating:

Great recipe Angela!! I used regular spelt flour, and they turned out great! That being said, I do think they would be even better with light spelt flour! I ate mine with hummus and roasted veggies and it was like a divine mediterranean wrap! Can’t believe how quick they are to make!
I absolutely LOVE your page, you’re my go to for all recipes, and I have yet to be disappointed with anything I’ve tried! Keep up the amazing work :)


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