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Happy (almost) Spring! Sun

It’s that time again for another round up of delicious vegan recipes around the web! To kick it off, check out this vegan St. Patty’s Day meal from Kier and Nic.

1. Vegan Irish Stew with Colcannon and Soda Bread from Life (and running) in Iowa.

Vegan Irish Stew with Colcannon and Soad Bread

2. Spicy Roasted Chickpeas from Fit Sugar.


3. Warm Israeli Couscous and Lentil Salad from The Healthy Hostess


4. Healthy Fries and ‘Honey’ Mustard Dipping sauce from I Heart Wellness.


5. Navy Bean Soup from One Sweet Vegan


6. Red Chard and brown Rice Soup from Zestful Lou.


7. Chinese Dumpling Soup from Leading the Good Life.


8. Roasted Sweet Potato Salad from Vegvacious.

roasted sweet potato salad

9. Apple Peanut Butter Wrap from Cupcake Kat.



10. Blueberry Cinnamon Rolls from Healthy Food For Living.


11. Sleepy Banana Muffin Smoothie from Healthful Pursuit.


12. Fruit Salad with Coconut Cream Dip from Party Like A Vegan.


13. Raw Pumpkin Pie from Make It Healthy.

14. Samoa Cookies from The Baking Stone.


15. Sunbutter Chocolate Bars from Sketch Free Vegan Eating.


16. Grahamy Mallow Brownies from Tahinitoo.

S'Mores Brownies

17. Raw Vegan Brownies with Avocado Icing from Wayfaring Chocolate.


18. Banana Oatmeal Muffin for One from Anywhere There’s An Airport.


19. Raw Vegan Mango, Date, and Sunflower Snack Balls from Wayfaring Chocolate.


20. Cranberry Goji Muffins from Positive Ponderings.


21. Apple Crisp from The Duo Dishes.

Vegan Apple Crisp 2

See you Monday!


Recipe Link Love is a new series highlighting other blogger’s vegan recipes right here on OSG! For more info, see this post.

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1 Carrie (Moves 'N Munchies) March 13, 2011

another FANTASTIC post! i got a lot of bookmarking to do!


2 Baking 'n' Books March 13, 2011

Just what I was going to say. Bookmarks are gone insane…

I want #5, 8 and #10 – holy wow to that picture. But they all look amazing.


3 Emma (Sweet Tooth Runner) March 13, 2011

Oh WOW everything looks so DELICIOUS!! I love these posts Angela!! :D

I have opened almost all of these in new tabs- they’re all SO yummy looking!! Those raw chocolate brownies especially are calling my name…! :P


4 Leanne @ Healthful Pursuit March 13, 2011

I have to try the vegan brownies with avocado icing and the raw pumpkin pie. I’ve tried Kris’s healthy fries + honey mustard dipping sauce and it was delicious! Great post Angela. I’m smacking my lips together… time for dinner I suppose!


5 Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn March 13, 2011

Every single time you put one of these up I absolutely drool and get super hungry. I especially love the look of those raw recipes! And the sweet potato-cranberry-pumpkin seed combo. Ahhhh bookmarks galore!:)


6 Kat @ Cupcake Kat March 13, 2011

I’m loving this new series. Its great to discover new recipes
Thanks for highlighting one of my submissions!


7 Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty March 13, 2011

Wow… this has been my favorite group of recipes so far! YUM!


8 Megan March 13, 2011

Woo i’m so excited to try some of these :)


9 Kierstan @ Life {and running} in Iowa March 13, 2011

Wow – those samoa cookies (and everything else!) look AMAZING!!


10 Lauren at Keep It Sweet March 13, 2011

Lauren’s Blueberry Cinnamon rolls look amazing!


11 Kelly @ Laughter, Strength, and Food March 13, 2011

This is such a great series! The pictures are amazing too and make the food look sooo yummy! They are all “must trys”!!!!


12 Angela @ Eat Spin Run Repeat March 13, 2011

I’m not even a big sweets person, but you have SO set off my sweet tooth! Off to check out the raw pumpkin pie! :)


13 Jessica March 13, 2011

Thanks for the links! The mallow brownies look very tempting, and I like the idea of a sweet version of wraps with apple and peanut butter – would never have thought to try this.


14 Amber Shea @Almost Vegan March 13, 2011

Aw, yay, you posted two of Hannah’s recipes! She’s the best. :)


15 tasha the clean eating mams March 13, 2011

So many great recipes! Thank you for sharing!


16 Lili March 13, 2011

Danng looks good!
I used your chocolate cake recipe for a “drunkin chocolate cupcake” and i just wanted to let you know they go gluten free very well!


17 Angela (Oh She Glows) March 13, 2011

oh good to know! Curious- what flour did you use (AP GF?)


18 Amber K March 14, 2011

Ooh, I’m curious as to the type of flour that you used! Some seem to turn out well and others have been flops for me!


19 Holly @ Couch Potato Athlete March 13, 2011

These all look so delicious — and the Sleepy Banana Muffin Smoothie has such an adorable title!


20 Emily @ One Sweet Vegan March 13, 2011

You have no idea how much I’m craving one of each right now! Thank you for putting my Navy Bean Soup on here. :-)


21 Katie @ Nourishing Flourishing March 13, 2011

Love this series! Thanks so much for compiling and sharing these :)


22 Traci(faithfulfoodiefashionista) March 13, 2011

I just love food porn :) heehee


23 Alayna @ Thyme Bombe March 13, 2011

I love these! So many awesome recipes all at once!


24 bitt of raw March 13, 2011

They all look amazing! If I emailed one to you, does that mean it didn’t make it, or that you may post it later? Just curious.


25 Angela (Oh She Glows) March 13, 2011

I have about 200 in my inbox right now, so it will take me a while to get to them….don’t worry!


26 [email protected] March 13, 2011

I love these posts I just have to bookmark one page and I have 20 recipes yum!


27 Emma (Namaste Everyday) March 13, 2011

thanks so much! I love it when you introduce me to knew blogs! :)
PS – don’t tell but your is and always will be my favorite


28 Jenn L @ Peas and Crayons March 13, 2011

oh gosh! so many yummy dishes!!!!!


29 Lisa March 13, 2011

Even though I’m not vegan I love these posts.I’m a veggie lover!


30 Stefanie March 13, 2011

This is a great post. Everything looks so good. :)


31 Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) March 13, 2011

Omg I just opened up like 20 of the 21 links I think :)

Holy wonderful collection of recipes…I am just blown away by your readers and their amazing recipes!!!

The brownies, the samoas (I tried my hand at raw vegan samoas but hers is way!!! prettier) and the grahmy marshmallow brownie..omg I am dying and going to heaven.

Thank you, once again, Angela for doing these posts…they truly rock!!!


32 imwaytoobusy March 13, 2011

What a fantastic list! I think I bookmarked at least six of them. I love these posts.


33 Gail March 13, 2011

Ok, I’m going to have to try those raw brownies. They look so scrumptious, and no sugar!!!!! (At least no granulated or evaporated cane juice). Yum!


34 Kiersten March 13, 2011

Some of those pictures almost made me drool


35 [email protected] March 13, 2011

Mmmm they all look delicious. And the Irish food reaally realllyyyy intrigues me


36 LKO March 13, 2011

That cous cous looks amazing. As does the dumpling soup. But most of it looks delicious!


37 Andrea @ Vegvacious March 13, 2011

There are so many recipes I just have to try on this post. The brownies and the smoothie are #1 and 2 on my list for sure.

PS – Thanks for choosing one of mine :-)


38 The Healthy Hostess March 13, 2011

All of these recipes look amazing! Thanks so much for posting mine!
:) ali


39 Jaclyn T March 13, 2011

Thanks for posting my muffin recipe! So many bookmarks…


40 Cara Craves... March 13, 2011

Love your links of love!
Thanks for sharing!


41 Melomeals: Vegan for $3.33 a Day March 13, 2011

Yum! Everything looks so good!


42 Ashley March 13, 2011

Oh gosh, all these recipes look amazing!! I’m loving the spicy chickpea one from FitSugar:) So many creative and wonderful foodies out there!


43 Jolene ( March 13, 2011

I love the recipe link love posts!!!!! This one looks extra awesome!


44 amber (omnomivore) March 14, 2011

i cannot wait to try the Sleepy Banana Muffin Smoothie tuesday morning. i love when i’m absolutely stoked to try a recipe.


45 Kristen - Anywhere There's An Airport March 14, 2011

Thanks for the link love! I love this series. My – “to make” bookmarks are outta control! :)


46 Chelsea @ One Healthy Munchkin March 14, 2011

Pumpkin pie is my absolute favourite dessert! I’ll definitely have to check out that raw recipe!


47 Sabrina @ Radioactive Runner March 14, 2011

Oh goodness, all of those sweets look SO GOOD! Thanks for sharing!!


48 Amber K March 14, 2011

Oh my gosh. So many fabulous recipes are in my “must make” list now!


49 Sam (the neurotic yogini) March 14, 2011

I never cease to salivate on these recipe link love posts!!! Love it!


50 Alyssa March 14, 2011

Wow! You have officially turned me into a crazy cooking lady! You should see the STACK of recipes I have tried in the last month, since I found you website. For example, right now I am eating that raw brownie (very good, but next time I will use a little less cocoa powder than the recipe calls for) and a oh so longed for Green Monster (just got my blender back, it was broken:(. You probably haven’t tried the brownie yet but do you think that carob powder would be good instead of cocoa powder? What about 1/2 and 1/2? Now that I cut way back on coffee I actually do feel the caffeine in the cocoa and I get worried that my kiddos won’t sleep for like days with all this cocoa powder;)


51 Ashley March 14, 2011

I made a recipe similar to the roasted chickpeas today, but used your recipe for peanut butter sweet potato fries. I used raw almond butter, 1/2 tablespoon of olive oil, coated the chickpeas with the mixture and baked at 400 for 30 minutes. Once out of the oven, I drizzled them with agave nectar. Almost way too easy to eat the entire pan!!!! Thanks for sharing all of these amazing recipes!


52 Kathleen @ KatsHealthCorner March 16, 2011

I love this series!! :D I have some bookmarking to do! :D



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