Project Food Blog Challenge #3: Luxury Dinner Party


Hi folks, this poet is back for Challenge number three!

For this, we were asked to host a luxury dinner party,


It should have much style and be personal too,


So here’s what I did to express myself to you…


I present to you our first ever Vegan Thanksgiving,

We would eat delicious food but nothing once living,



Don’t leave, I promise this meal is delicious!

I have some organic wine to persuade you (and it’s totally nutritious).


I’d love for you to join us, come wine and dine,


Us adults and the kids, we had a delicious time!

(However, if I said there were leftovers I’d be lying…)

You see, the word Vegan often makes people cringe in fear,


But I’m here to show you Vegan can be tasty and spread lots of cheer!


My challenge to you is to create new and fun traditions,

Print off this guide should you wish, to help you on your mission.

[Yes, I typed up 16 recipes as a fun little addition]


But do as I say, not exactly as I do,

It wouldn’t be my dinner party without a funny flop or two…


[Hopefully incinerated pecans won’t happen to you…]

All week I have been testing and experimenting so,

You can follow this plan and your own meal will glow.


So here is what I served, starting with the delicious wine,

A couple glasses down the hatch and you will really shine.



Throw on some high heels and a cute little frock,

Soon your man will want to help you around the clock. ;)


Follow the wine with Eggplant Toasts and Lemon Cashew Cheese,

A fun twist on traditional Bruschetta, they are the bees knees.



Now for the Cranberry, Pear, and Candied Pecans on Greens,

Always start off light to feel like a Queen.


To round it out, some Roasted Nuts in a Rosemary Glaze,

Oh boy did these nuts incite quite the praise.


As you can see the appetizers were light,

To make sure you save room for the main course delight…



First up, ‘Frank Approved’ Glazed Walnut Loaf and Gravy for our roast,

If you’re wondering about Frank you’ll find out at the end of this post!


Nope, This Ain’t Grandma’s Sweet Potato Casserole,


But this dish was at the top of my dinner party poll!

Now for the High Protein Garlic Mashed Potatoes with a secret twist,


Even my bean hating husband just could not resist.


Homemade Fluffy White Dinner Rolls with ‘butter’,


These rolls made my guest’s hearts go all a flutter.


Hmm what’s missing, oh that’s right delicious veggies on the side!


Olive oil, salt, pepper, and lemon had our guests enjoying Brussels with pride.


And last but not least these beautiful, yet bitter berries…


Were made into a sauce with a visit from the maple syrup fairy.


Now for the grand finale, loosen your belt a notch or three,

I actually prefer to wear an empire waist and set my food baby free.


For dessert, Gingerbread with Spiced Buttercream,


This spicy luscious frosting made everyone beam.

And now I present, the smashing hit of the night…

20101002-IMG_3991  20101002-IMG_4025 

Chocolate brownie,


Pumpkin Pie,


And pecan crunch delight.


With silence and smiles, we devoured every last bite!


Now before I go, I have a few secrets to share,

On How to Host a Thanksgiving Dinner Party with Flare.


No need to break your budget just a few dollars will do,

Hit up the Dollarstore for placemats, decorations, baskets, and a stick of glue!


20101002-IMG_4082 20101002-IMG_3996

Next, the grocery store for gourds, pumpkins, and some fruit,


Just look at those place settings, they were easy and disgustingly cute!


Get some inspiration from food magazines and books,

20101001-IMG_3972-2 20101001-IMG_3969

Gather your clippings and recipes then set off to COOK!


Last but not least, my favourite secret to share…


Surprise your guests with take-home baskets of delicious vegan fare!


Don’t forget to click this link for the recipes all in one place,

Now you can plan ahead at your very own pace.

This now concludes our First Annual Vegan Thanksgiving,

Frank enjoyed it too and will happily go on living… ;)


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Gloria October 3, 2010

Wow!! You.. are… awesome. :D I’m definitely going to try some of your recipes out for Thanksgiving dinner!


Moni's Meals October 3, 2010

My dream Thanksgiving! Well done Angela!


Rachel R. October 3, 2010

WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!! It all looks delicious…love your take on this challenge! I have to make that bread and the walnut loaf looks so interesting. Mmmmmm. Good luck!


Allison October 3, 2010

You are an absolute goddess in the kitchen! Everything looks so delicious!


Alison (Fueling for Fitness) October 3, 2010

Wow – I was completely blown away by this post!


Cheryl@BlackGirlChefsWhites October 3, 2010

What an incredible post! Your table was gorgeous, as was all the food. And vegan too!


Heather (Heather's Dish) October 3, 2010

you couldn’t have done a better job…seriously, nothing was left out! i love it :)


Tanya @ Vegan Faith October 3, 2010

I want to come to Thanksgiving at your house! Great job Angela!


Bobbi McCormick October 3, 2010

Sad I didn’t advance but so happy to CHEER you on girl!! Great party :)


Ashley Craft October 3, 2010

This dinner looks AMAZING!!!!! Everything looks so beautiful and delicious! You have a gift! :)


Ashley October 3, 2010

You are absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!! Honestly, completely wowed!! The place settings are perfect…everything is perfect! The food looks + sounds to die for. I WANT THAT PIE. The poetry rocked and you look so happy + gorgeous!!! xo


Emily October 3, 2010

TOO Cute! I love everything!


Nicole October 3, 2010

wow. you’re amazng and so creative. you deserve everyones vote missy!


Stace October 3, 2010

Wow! You really need to consider holding a cooking class. I’m from Toronto and I’m sick of being a terrible vegan cook (and I have the added challenge of needing to be gluten free). My dreadful cooking doesn’t entice my boyfriend to lay off the meat and cheese much either!

Wishing for help one day,


Amber K October 3, 2010

The food, the table setting, the poem? Angela you truly never disappoint.

Thank you so much for sharing the recipes!!


Lori October 3, 2010

AMAZING!! This is your best post every, everything is perfect in every way. I read daily, but rarely comment :) but had to after reading this. Thanks for being so inspirational, motivating, and giving….your readers love you!!


Susan October 3, 2010

Absolutely wonderful! And Frank was happy too!


Allison @ Food For Healing October 3, 2010

very nice! i can’t wait to do a thankgiving supper for the family one day, might just do a small one for me and the boy this year, not vegan, but vegetarian


FlyingRoo October 3, 2010

No tofu turkey here! :-D


Jenn (GH) October 4, 2010

Oh my goodness! How creative and beautiful! Loved it!


Laura October 4, 2010

If this isn’t a post to bring the “silent” followers out into the open, I don’t know what is. I’ve read your blog every day since April… actually, when I first found it I read the entire thing from the beginning (and I’m sure that’s not unusual!) Each time I think you couldn’t possibly be more inspiring, I’m left shaking my head in awe by a post like this. I can’t wait to (well, try to) whip up some of your creations for my first vegan Thanksgiving next weekend!


Ulrike Riebl October 4, 2010

you are absolutely AMAZING!!! how did you prepare all this in this short amount of time?? i’m impressed!! (as always!!) and thanks for the recipes!!


Emmanuelle October 4, 2010

Wow, I’m losing my English over this post, this is amazing!


Cara Craves... October 4, 2010

Most impressive!
Every last detail looks perfect…minus the burnt pecans! Ha!


Rs October 4, 2010

Awesome, simply awesome! You really made my day!!! It all looks FANTASTIC!!!!!!


Natasha Wilson October 4, 2010

Wow, Angela! This is incredible! Thank you so much for sharing your work with everyone. You definitely get my vote each time :) It is so wonderful to see such a beautiful and warm vegan “Thanksliving” (that’s what we call it around here, lol).


Marika October 4, 2010

Wow, you really outdid yourself! The number of different dishes you prepared is amazing. I’m impressed!


Dani @ Body By Nature October 4, 2010

AMAZING! You’ve got my vote!!


Kristy October 4, 2010

Girl – You freaking rock every challenge! I am speechless!


Elizabeth October 4, 2010

Your presentation was amazing. The menu was outstanding. Thank you for all the recipes. I was starting to stress about hosting Thanksgiving dinner now that I’m vegan (last year as a vegetarian it was easy, just don’t eat the turkey — but this year I won’t even cook turkey, don’t have to.)


Therese October 4, 2010

LOVE it, Angela! Everything looks amazingly delicious! Every year my best friend and I have a vegetarian Thanksgiving together which we celebrated yesterday this year! It’s easily one of my favourite traditions!


Jemma @ October 4, 2010

This poem is fab! The food looks amazing! :)


Chase @ The Chase Project October 4, 2010

You are so cute! I saw your tweet last night saying, “I’d pay big bucks for someone to type these recipes for me.” and now I know why! Such hard work you put into it! Great job, Angela!


Jillian @ Reshape Your Life October 4, 2010

That party looks gorgeous and all of the food looks AMAZING!


kelly October 4, 2010

Amazing! Now I want a vegan Thanksgiving!! :)


Faith @ lovelyascharged October 4, 2010

So, is it Thanksgiving yet? Please?


melissa @ the delicate place October 4, 2010

omg. i’m coming over haha! i seriously think you should win this round, no joke. that was adorable and quite a feast! (i’m taking some ideas of my thanksgiving to share with my family!)


Rachael @ Mrs. Adventure October 4, 2010

Oh my gosh you are so adorable, thanks for such a fun inspiring post!


Jennifer October 4, 2010

Absolutely amazing!! The table looked so pretty, and the food was making me drool. :)


Heather @ Side of Sneakers October 4, 2010

1. Your table setting is absolutely gorgeous & exactly my taste :)
2. The food sounds delicious (obviously)
3. I love, love your poems– so talented!


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