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Behind The Scenes: Project Food Blog Challenge #10


Good evening! I thought it would be fun to show you a behind the scenes look at my preparations for Challenge #10 of Project Food Blog. Sometimes it is fun to see what craziness is ensuing behind the posts. It isn’t always glamorous behind the scenes! My kitchen wept. I sustained my energy levels on […]


The 10 Lessons of Project Food Blog


When I first heard about Project Food Blog, I was shaking in my boots. You want me to do…what exactly? I felt as small as an ant. For how many months? My eyes were wide in horror. I thought about it for a while as I read over the challenge descriptions. And then it hit […]


Project Food Blog #9: The Coup: Breaking Ground in Cowtown


Surrounded by acres of cattle fields, cowboy boots, and hay stacks, the last place you’d expect to find a thriving vegetarian restaurant is in the centre of a beef-loving city known by many as Cowtown. Calgary, Alberta is known for their juicy beef and world-famous Calgary Stampede, but many aren’t aware of the vegetarian movement […]


Project Food Blog Challenge #8: Pumpkin Pie Cinnamon Rolls


As you can see, my beverage of choice during Project Food Blog has become progressively stronger. Over the past few months, I went from being a devout Japanese Sencha tea drinker, to a French Press coffee drinker, and now I pour bourbon whiskey into my baked goods. ‘Tis the season. This year, I am preparing […]


Project Food Blog Video 411


  As I sit here at my computer screen anticipating my Project Food Blog video post, I can’t help but wonder, “What do I write? Do I just show the video? Do I hide under my desk with a basket full of Christmas Blondies listening to Bing Crosby?” [Trust me, I have to hide these […]


Project Food Blog, #6: Going The Distance


The year is 1986. My hobbies include playing in the snow, baking with my mom, and trying to be just like my older sister Kristi. Life is good. It is the middle of a long winter in Riverview, New Brunswick and we have just been pummelled with a snow storm. I would stay outside all […]


Project Food Blog, Challenge #5: A Pizza Complex


Pizza is sort of a touchy subject with me lately. Ordering a vegan pizza at a restaurant can prove to be a bit interesting at times. Chefs come to the table and try to sweet talk me, pleading with their delicious Italian accent for just a sprinkle of cheese. One time, a chef flat out […]


Tick Tock, Racing Against The Clock


Good evening! After my Luxury Dinner Party post, I received a few questions about preparation that I thought would make for a fun follow-up post. Tick Tock, Racing Against The Clock This was the first time I hosted a Thanksgiving meal and I admit I felt quite frazzled and overwhelmed at the thought of everything […]


Project Food Blog Challenge #3: Luxury Dinner Party


Hi folks, this poet is back for Challenge number three! For this, we were asked to host a luxury dinner party,   It should have much style and be personal too, So here’s what I did to express myself to you…   I present to you our first ever Vegan Thanksgiving, We would eat delicious […]


Project Food Blog: Entry #1


Once upon a time there was this little girl, She loved pink, polka-dots, and rollers that made her hair curl. She was always happy, smiling, and enjoying her youth, But somewhere along the way she lost her truth.   Soon this girl was a teenager and she lost her glow, She struggled with an eating […]