Curry Dud In A Flurry


Thanks for your encouragement about the TRY-A-TRI!

I don’t know what has gotten into my husband, but I agree with you guys- he is on FIYA! Eric says thank you for all of your nice comments about his Coke Kick and decision to do a Triathlon. Next thing you know he’ll be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro blind-folded on a pogo stick! bahaha.

Today was a busy day in the bakery. I cranked out my orders, made some business calls, shipping, and did more Gluten-Free & Raw Glo Bar testing + nutritional calculations. I am zonked. I honestly thought it was Wednesday today and then I realized it was Monday. Not a good sign! ;)

Dinner was to be quite honest…pretty lame. My goal was to make Coconut curry quinoa with my leftover quinoa and I was way too heavy handed on the curry. I tried to make it taste better by adding some hummus (what can’t hummus fix!?), but it still was just blah…

Then I uploaded the pictures and realized it looks about as good as it tasted…

IMG 4170 thumb   Curry Dud In A Flurry

Ick. It almost looks GREEN! And not the good kind of green

I’m not giving the recipe because I don’t want you making this…trust me on this one. ;)

With carrots…

IMG 4160 thumb   Curry Dud In A Flurry 

and Mary’s Crackers.

IMG 4169 thumb   Curry Dud In A Flurry 

Onward and upward tomorrow!

Because I was in such a flurry today, I don’t have any exercise to report, but I do have a wonderful Health News Round Up to share with you tonight…

Health News Round Up


Tonight’s question- How often do you have cooking/baking duds in the kitchen?

I tend to have usually 1-2 duds per week. This is usually from throwing a bunch of things into a pot and hoping for the best (as I did tonight). I am also notorious for burning my sweet potato fries to a crisp. When I tell Eric I am making sweet potato fries for dinner, he always says ‘uh oh’ and laughs. :( I’m cursed!

img 61651 thumb   Curry Dud In A Flurry

I’m off to learn more about Dwight and hopefully hit the hay early as I am zonked. Night!

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Beth @ Beth's Journey to Thin April 12, 2010

I usually have one dud every two weeks or so. I’m lucky because my boyfriend is a chef and he’s taught me well about flavor combos, but sometimes I still mess up big time.


Allison @ Food For Healing April 12, 2010

LOL thats funny “uh oh” maybe you just need to relax in from of the oven and watch them so you don’t burn them haha you’ve got too much other things going on.


Danielle (Coffee Run) April 12, 2010

Ahh do you set the timer for the fries?? haha
I live at a higher elevation so I usually cut 10 minutes off cooking time…maybe that could be it? I usually have 1-2 duds a week as well!

Yes, I expect Eric to be the next Brendan Brazier ;)


Jil April 12, 2010

I always set a timer for my sweet potato fries – I’ve burned them to a crisp/almost set my house on fire too many times. haha They go from not quite there to burned so quickly!


Lisa (bakebikeblog) April 12, 2010

haha yes I have had a few lately :) I made a homemade caesar dressing the other day and the first batch was DISGUSTING! I had to throw it out and run to the shops for more ingredients….so frustrating!


Cynthia (It All Changes) April 12, 2010

I have about 1 dud a week but I’m not too ambitious with my cooking. I use recipes most times.


Jenny April 12, 2010

I read your tweet aabout this post- so not true!


Jaclyn April 12, 2010

I love the idea that you were going for with the quinoa – hopefully it works out better next time! I always have a hard time with sweet potato fries too…I can never get them crispy enough without burning them, so they usually stay soft. Oh well!


Jewel@fit-and-fabulous-jewel April 12, 2010

Oh you just made my day…my sweet potato fries always seem to come out like that and I was feeling like a tater fry failure!!

Glad to see I am in great company and just making an occasional dud. Of course I kind of like them crispy myself. Okay, maybe not that crispy!

Congrats on Eric’s turn towards the light and to you too…it should be so much fun for you guys to do the training and the tri together!


Meg April 12, 2010

I hate it when my sweeties get burnt :(
I usually have a couple duds a week…tonights dinner was deifnitely a dud – ugh I’m so glad it’s over haha…i mixed so many things into a big salad, and bleh…some of the tastes just weren’t happening together – ie: cabbage and pumpkin puree…awful awful awful!

Thanks for including me in your round up! That dinner was far from being a dud!!!


Jolene April 12, 2010

LOL – nice fries!!

The hubby is in charge of making the sweet potato fries in our house … I would probably burn them like you!


Heather April 12, 2010

At least once or twice a week I have a recipe mishap! It is discouraging sometimes, but I also enjoy the challenge of making it better next time :) I climbed part of Mt Kilimanjaro (just an 8 hour day hike) and here is what I learned: I am not a mountain climber!! haha


Heather April 12, 2010

Although I definitely didn’t climb it blindfolded OR on a pogo-stick ;)


Heather (Heather's Dish) April 12, 2010

i’d say a true dud (as in something completely ruined) probably once a month or so. i get a great idea and then ruin it in my excitement! there are a lot of times though where i just get disappointed because something didn’t turn out exactly how i wanted…c’est la vie, right?!


Kelsey April 12, 2010

omg i made sweet potato wedges last week and burnt them too!!! :(:( it was so sad..


Jennifer April 12, 2010

Hahahaha I couldn’t help but laugh at Eric’s reaction to you cooking sweet potato chips. I always burn toast – don’t ask how I just do :)

I was on fitsugar during my lunch break and noticed that you where mentioned


One Healthy Apple April 12, 2010

I have a flop about once or twice a week. I decided I wanted to make french toast with tortillas instead of bread. Um- fail!


Diana April 13, 2010

I don’t cook or bake very often but I’ve had a few disasters in the kitchen!


Aoife - Adventures in Veg April 13, 2010

Hee I can totally relate, I have regular disasters in the kitchen! I made a sesame noodle meal for my mum recently for a column I write, and cos I’d just started writing the food column I was all excited to show her that veggie food can be delicious….and it was probably the worst version of it I’ve ever cooked!! :( The poor thing probably went and had another dinner after! Anytime I try to impress friends or family something goes wrong!

Oh also another time I tried to make gluten-free cookies and they were rock hard balls of flour!

Oh also I set the kitchen on fire once – I left the glass lid of a pot on the hob…and left the hob on!! Bad idea…

Good luck with your Try-A-Tri!


Jessica @ How Sweet It Is April 13, 2010

I also usually have 1-2 duds a week. I do take pictures because it is funny! Many times I burn the sweet potato fries, to!


Rachel (Suburban Yogini) April 13, 2010

I feel bad…I suggested curry on twitter :(



Angela (Oh She Glows) April 13, 2010

Dont feel bad it wasnt your fault silly…I practically dumped three times the amount of curry I should have ;)


Jackie April 13, 2010

LOL… your sweet potatoe fries look like mine.


Therese April 13, 2010

Ha! I’m cursed with sweet potato fries as well!!! I think it’s a broiler issue but I’ve never cooked them and NOT burned them!!!

And I remember one morning waking up thinking it was Saturday and it turned out to be just TUESDAY!!! Worst day I tell ya…

Too bad on the curry but at least you know for next time!


Tracey @ I'm Not Superhuman April 13, 2010

Ugh, I have cooking duds all the time. More than I’d like to admit. At least I’m not alone. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only incompetent one in the kitchen. Good to know I’m in good company!


Kristin (Cook, Bake and Nibble) April 13, 2010

I do have cooking duds- usually more cooking than baking, which I hope is a good sign because I really want to be a baker!! ;) I tend to forget about something on the stove when I am doing something else… and then it burns =( lol



Life Lite April 13, 2010

I always seem to have a dud when I have guests over and I get brave and want to fix some exotic something wonderful to impress them. It’s almost a guaranteed fail and I never learn my lesson.


nut April 13, 2010

I bet even a poor dish by your standards is still a pretty tasty thing!


Samantha Angela @ Bikini Birthday April 13, 2010

I’ve always wanted to climb Kilimanjaro. Maybe not on a pogo stick though.


Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg April 13, 2010

Boooooo to kitchen fails. But they definitely happen to all of us :-)


Katie April 13, 2010

I’m fortunate that I only experience cooking dudes once every few months. Normally as a result of an untested recipe gotten off the web.

I congratulate Eric. I started by wanting to do something active. Started with aquafit thinking that if I were submersed in water no one would see how large and lumpy I was. It went from there to boot camps to running half marathons.


Daniel April 13, 2010

Lots of my meals end up as “duds” because I’m in a hurry to make something and it’s really irritating to have the dorm kitchen on the 3rd floor, live on the 4th floor, and constantly forget things. All in all there’s usually 1-2 per week but they’re not completely inedible – and my hummus can usually fix any meal. :D


Kady April 13, 2010


I am so excited you shared the recipe website I found in your Round Up!

I do burn things in the kitchen when I start trying to do too many things at once! But I am not very adventurous as far as creating my own concoctions, but am looking forward to trying some of those recipes in the website!

I wish my fiance would be more interested in running with me, but I am happy for the little steps he has made…I do get him do go to the gym with me once in a while, we might get bikes and start biking together, and I got him drinking GREEN MONSTERS! Ha


Christina April 13, 2010

I must have missed the Triathlon post. Go Eric! I’ve always wanted to do a Tri too but the swimming part always freaks me out. I’m gonna attempt to train this summer!


Chelsea @ One Healthy Munchkin April 13, 2010

I’ve definitely made some real duds before! I once accidentally added steak spice to a teriyaki stirfry and it was the worst thing I’ve ever tasted!


Jess @ MTL Veggie April 13, 2010

I’ll usually get a dud probably once a week- I like experimenting too much for my own good sometimes. My most recent dud (embarrassingly enough) were oatmeal cookies- pretty sure that one’s never been done before!
I like the concept of the Coconut Curry Quinoa- hope it works out for you next time :)


Julie April 13, 2010

I have one dud a months I think, even though I cook every day. I guess I’m just lucky…

Really liked your health roundup today!

Do you oil your sweet potato fries? I do, and then I keep them no higher than in the middle of the oven. That works… And of course I look at them every 5 minutes, trying not to do too many things at once :-)


Angela (Oh She Glows) April 13, 2010

No I hadnt been oiling them…will try that!


Paige @ Running Around Normal April 13, 2010

Oh man those sweet potato fries are hilarious! In a cute way:)
Sorry about the dud. I have a couple duds a week, too. But at least you’re trying new things!


Jessica @ The Process of Healing April 13, 2010

Sweet potato fries are soooo easy to burn! I now swear by Kath’s Low and Slow method.. you should try it!

And thank you so so SO MUCH for the links!!!! The one about ways to overcome disappointments really inspired me. I had a stress fracture back in December and it isn’t healing properly. I’ve now been put on crutches, can’t work, can’t go to school, have been from doctor to doctor and so I understand the whole disappointment thing. But that article really helped me and inspired me, so thank you!


Laura Georgina April 13, 2010

ALL of my oven fries have a 50/50 chance of looking like yours! I am the Queen of Burn (or rather, of Slightly Golden Food, as we euphemistically call things). I’m also the world’s crankiest baker–I’m not fond of baking stuff (measuring and following directions are not my thing) and my oven is possessed so things come out burnt in patches and underdone in others. Yuck… Good thing I can live without sweets :-)


Lauren @ Eater not a runner April 13, 2010

Everyone has duds, I think that’s just part of being adventurous in the kitchen!


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