Pumpkin Banana Bran & Oatmeal Muffins


Morning everyone!

I hope you are having a super fabulous, healthy, & rocking start to your day!

I had a lovely morning myself. I slept in until about 8:30am and had a big bowl of Nature’s Path Spelt Cereal to start my day. While that settled, I puttered around the condo and checked my email.

My heart rate was 59 as I got ready for the gym…but it wasn’t for long…!


And I was off to the gym!

My workout was rockin’:

  • 4.0 mph walking warm up on treadmill, incline 15
  • running for 30 mins. @ incline 7, speeds 5.5mph -7.0 mph
  • 4.0 mph cool down for a few mins.
  • Total treadmill duration: 35 mins.
  • 3.4 miles
  • 300 calories burned
  • Max heart rate: 203 bpm (!!!!!)
  • Average heart rate 161 bpm
  • 15 mins. on the Elliptical (5 forward, 5 backward, 5 forward)
  • Varying inclines (7-14), resistance 6-10
  • 24 flights of stairs (3 mins 30 secs.)
  • Calories burned: 140
  • Avg. Heart rate: 155 bmp

Total duration: 53:30 mins.

This workout rocked!!! I had new tunes blasting on my iPod and it felt amazing! I had a quick shower and a snack of cucumbers and dressing when I got out.

Still having problems with blisters on my right heel. I am going to look at the other pair of sneakers that I was debating getting at the sports store today. I may also return my HRM for one that logs distance.

I have an appointment with the podiatrist on Monday morning- yawhoo!! I hope I can get some orthotics made (my insurance covers it so it wouldn’t cost me a thing)!


I made some delicious pumpkin-banana-bran-and-oatmeal muffins last night. These would make a great pre-workout snack!

I created this recipe myself and I was pretty impressed by it! :D



Here is a beautiful picture I took of Sketchie laying in the sun this morning! He’s got the life I tell you!


See you later for a poll recap & Foods that Fight Cancer!

I am also going to try and post a pic of my new haircut later today!

Ciao :D

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1 Jess November 22, 2008

Sketchie is so pretty! I’m ssooo not a cat person but I found myself checking prices on these cats online today, I found a silver one that is so beautiful! You may have started a trend here :D


2 Erin November 22, 2008

Yummy muffins, always do the trick to fill me up perfectly!


3 Maggie November 22, 2008

Nice workout. The muffins look good too. I think I’m going to bake today :)


4 VeggieGirl November 22, 2008

Great workout, muffins; and cute Sketchie! :-)


5 Grounded Fitness November 22, 2008

I dont even like cats, but yours has to have the most gorgeous coloring Ive ever seen. Like a leopard!

Kelly Turner


6 HangryPants November 22, 2008

The muffins look fabulous! Thanks for sharing.



7 Foodie (Fab and Delicious Food) November 22, 2008

Thanks for the muffin recipe!


8 Michelle March 19, 2009

Yesterday’s post inspired me to open a can of pumpkin to try the molasses bars, but then had so much pumpkin that I tried this recipe too. Both are excellent and am going to make them again. I’ve frozen the bars to grab when I need a snack for outdoors activity. How long do you think they’ll last in the freezer?


9 Kristen July 27, 2009

These muffins turned out awesome! Very satisfying. Thanks for the recipe!


10 Yana June 25, 2013

Thanks for sharing the recipe. I think next time I will put less sugar even and maybe skip the butter too since the muffins are very soft and moist, it took me a hile longer to bake them to make them a little bit firmer.
otherwise tastes awesome. I love your recipes. thanks


11 jill August 26, 2013

Hi, I was wondering if there was a substitute I could use for the egg in your muffin recipes??


12 Angela (Oh She Glows) August 27, 2013

Hey Jill, Unfortunately this recipe was posted before I became a vegan, so that’s why there is an egg in the recipe. I would suggest making one of my vegan muffin recipes found here: http://ohsheglows.com/categories/recipes-2/breakfast/breakfast-muffins-squares-qbreads/


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