Learning To Love Your Body: Part 1

Good eeeeeevening! [muahahauha] There has been a question that I received a little while back that I admit I have been putting off. I apologize Mariposa. I really do. It’s just that, well, your question sort of threw me off guard. It is one of those questions that you know someone is eventually going to […]


Leftover Time

Good afternoon everyone! After driving in horrid conditions for an hour and a half….and crawling along at a snails pace….I said forget this!!! I almost got stuck in the snow 3 times! So I turned around and went home. It was a shame I had to go through all of that and waste all that […]

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Blueberry Banana Kale Smoothie

Good morning! Wow, this smoothie is a winner! I added a handful of organic blueberries and a very ripe banana to my smoothie today and it was awesome! Just from adding a handful of blueberries, the smoothie was a dark green, bluish tinged, colour. A nice change from the usual bright green. :) The line-up: […]


What I Bought

Hey guys! Ever wonder what things I buy in the course of a week? No? Didn’t think so! But just in case there are a few of you out there, you may just be interested in an upcoming new feature on Oh She Glows! :D So seeing as I will be out of work in […]

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Worst dressed at the SAG awards

Hey guys! Wow what a day. It was quite stressful to say the least. I have so much on my plate before I am done on the 6th. I am trying not to get stressed out about it but it is hard. I have a feeling like they are overloading me and trying to squeeze every […]


A Failed Smoothie + SAG Awards Best Dressed Fashion!!

Morning everyone! Wow I did not sleep good last night! My thoughts were racing about my day at work and leaving my job. I was up around 6am, and thought it was a good time to apply for the job that I found on the internet this weekend. It sounds awesome…it would start immediately and […]

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A Big Announcement

Sorry for leaving the big cliffhanger like that in my earlier post! The truth is, I was running late and had to rush off to pick up Eric from the train station. I knew my big announcement would take time, and I didn’t want to be rushed. Let’s get to the smaller stuff first: 1) […]


Roasted Acorn Squash + Beauty Product Review

Good afternoon everyone! I have had a few requests for the Roasted Acorn Squash Recipe that I used in the dinner party. So without further ado, here we go! Roasted Acorn Squash, Pearl Onions, and Rosemary Adapted from ‘Great Food Fast’ from Martha Stewart Living Ingredients: 2 acorn squash, cut into 6ths 10 pearl onions, […]

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A Delicious Start

Good Monday morning! Well, no matter how my appointment and work go today, at least I know I got a delicious and healthy start to my day! I made a new smoothie concoction and I loooved it. I got the idea to use canned pumpkin from Kath yesterday! I also decided to add some fresh […]


Baked Dijon Salmon + My Pelvic X-ray

Goodnight everyone! I hope all of you had a fun & relaxing weekend! Our weekend was really nice :) It was recharging and great time spent with family. I really needed this ‘mental’ (and physical) vacation from work this weekend. I’m still wondering though- when are they going to make the 3-day weekend?! lol. That […]


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