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I’ve been in denial about this whole “November” thing. And this whole dark-at-5pm-thing. Ouch. The fall season is passing before my eyes. Suddenly, the nights feel super long and I’m going a bit stir crazy. Instead of resisting it, I’ve taken up evening hot yoga a few times a week. It just feels so good to have a deep stretch this time of the year and it’s a great reason to get off the couch at night. My sleep has felt a bit more restorative, so that’s always a plus too!

If there’s any ingredient that makes me set aside my November denial and embrace the cool weather, it’s blackstrap molasses. It’s been a long time since I did any baking with it and it always feels special when I dig it out from the back of the cupboard. A powerhouse sweetener filled with iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, vitamin B6, and more, it also lends a seasonal baking flair to baked goods. Plus, your entire kitchen fills with that delicious aroma of the holidays. It’s really something magical.


Today, I’m sharing another reader request recipe. Jessie recently wrote in saying:

“Hi Angela, I have a special favor to ask you. As a Vancouver girl, I am DYING to make your vegan Nanaimo bars but I can’t find gluten free and vegan graham crumbs to swap for the regular ones. I can’t eat any gluten. Any ideas?”

Jessie is right, I do have a handful of recipes that call for graham cracker crumbs. A few of them:


It’s true that there aren’t many vegan and gluten-free crackers on the market. At least, I haven’t been able to find any in my local grocery stores. And if there are any, do they even taste good? So, I took matters into my own hands and came up with a go-to graham cracker for the holidays! And dare I say, they are respectable enough for a mid-morning snack. Dipped in a little Lightened Up Raw Pecan Pumpkin Butter…wow, just wow. I can’t get enough.

After several trials, I’m happy to report that these crackers are authentic and crispy, made with wholesome flours, and are free of gums and strange ingredients commonly found in gluten-free baked goods. They have such a wonderful crumb to them. And when I say crispy, I really do mean crispy! These are not soft, doughy graham cracker imposters here…no way.

You know how store-bought gluten-free baked goods can have that funky taste and texture thing going on? Well, it is possible to do gluten-free and vegan right. It’s just a matter of using the right combination of flours and other ingredients. A strong will (read: stubbornness) and patience (read: sweet tooth) never hurts either. Luckily, I have both. And now my freezer is stocked with grahams for many weeks to come.



4.9 from 7 reviews

Vegan and Gluten-Free Graham Crackers

Vegan, gluten-free, soy-free


Crispy, authentic graham crackers made gluten-free and vegan! Now you can make them in the comfort of your own home. When rolling the dough, I suggest using a non-stick baking mat and a non-stick rolling pin, if you have them. It really makes rolling a breeze. If you don't have those, not to worry; a floured counter and rolling pin will do just fine. I used gluten-free all-purpose flour to flour the mat and pin. It's normal for the dough to crack slightly when rolling, so if this happens simply mend the crack with your fingers and forge on! Don't worry about getting them perfect. When the crackers come out of the oven they will be a bit soft, but within 15 minutes on the cooling rack they will firm up into crispy delights! I know I'm going to get questions about a nut-free recipe, and I don't have one to share yet, but I will try my best to come up with one. In the meantime, check out the Vegan Graham Crackers recipe from 2010 (you can sub the almond milk for a nut-free milk to make it nut-free).

25 (2-inch) crackers
Prep time
Cook time


wet ingredients:
  • 3 tablespoons coconut oil (melt before using) or grapeseed oil
  • 3 tablespoons blackstrap molasses
  • 2 tablespoons almond milk
  • 2 tablespoons pure maple syrup
  • 1/2 tablespoon ground flax
dry ingredients:
  • 3/4 cup + 2 tablespoons almond flour (not almond meal)
  • 1/2 cup raw buckwheat groats, processed into a flour
  • 1 cup gluten-free rolled oats, processed into a flour
  • 5 tablespoons arrowroot flour
  • 2 tablespoons Sucanat (or other granulated sweetener)
  • 2 teaspoons cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon fine grain sea salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/8 teaspoon ginger
  • 1/8 teaspoon nutmeg


  1. Preheat the oven to 350F and line a large baking sheet with parchment paper.
  2. In a small bowl, whisk together all the wet ingredients.
  3. Add the buckwheat groats and rolled oats into a high-speed blender and blend on high until a fine flour forms.
  4. In a large bowl, whisk together the dry ingredients.
  5. Add the wet mixture to the dry mixture and stir well with a spoon until it comes together and there are no dry patches of flour left.
  6. Form the dough into 2-3 balls and place one at a time on a lightly floured non-stick mat. Lightly flour a rolling pin (if necessary) and begin rolling out the dough until you have a rectangle that is about 1/8 inch thick. The dough will crack a bit, but this is totally normal.
  7. Cut the crackers into the shapes of your choice using  cookie cutters, a pizza slicer/pastry slicer, or a knife to cut the shapes you want. I used a 2-inch square cutter with a beveled edge. Place each piece onto the baking sheet, leaving 1/2-inch between each. Poke a few fork holes into each cracker. Repeat with the remaining dough.
  8. Bake for 10 minutes and then remove from oven and carefully flip each cracker with a spatula. Rotate the pan and return to the oven for 6-7 minutes longer, until golden. Carefully, transfer crackers to a cooling rack for 15 minutes.
  9. Store crackers in a glass jar or container on the counter or wrap up and freeze for later.


Notes: 1) 1 batch of graham crackers will make about 3 cups graham cracker crumbs. To make the crumbs, add the crackers into a food processor and process until a fine crumb forms. 2) I haven't tested these crackers with almond meal yet, so I suggest using almond flour for best results. You can find almond flour in the natural food section of most grocery stores or you can make it yourself by blending whole blanched almonds until a flour forms. Sift before using. 3) If you aren't looking for a gluten-free graham cracker, see my vegan graham cracker recipe and my PB & J graham cracker sandwiches. 4) If you prefer a less crispy cracker, bake for a few minutes less time.


By the way, a huge thank you for your lovely comments on my Canadian cover reveal post! I’m so touched by your excitement. Thanks to your pre-orders, The Oh She Glows Cookbook has been dancing around the #1 spot in the vegan cookbook category on this weekend. Big, big smiles. Thanks again for all your support!

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1 Beth E. November 5, 2013

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have run into the same problem of not being able to make anything with graham-cracker crumbs because of the gluten-free and vegan issues! These will be perfect for crumbs and for eating with homemade peanut butter! :)


2 [email protected] November 5, 2013

I have never seen gluten free vegan graham crackers so this is a real treat; most gluten free baked goods do taste funny they are much better homemade. I decided to take up yoga again to and almost dropped to the floor the whole time in class, but I feel open so it was worth it :)


3 Savina November 5, 2013

Just wanted to say I’m really loving your food photography lately. I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I’ve definitely seen your photos evolve.


4 Angela (Oh She Glows) November 5, 2013

Thank you Savina! So happy to hear this.


5 Ali November 5, 2013

I was so excited to see GF graham crackers and then I saw almond flour…and I’m allergic. Do you think another flour such as fava bean might work? Oh – and yes, there are GF crackers out there but they are thin and super crispy (i.e. not very good). In my opinion, they aren’t worth the high price.


6 Angela (Oh She Glows) November 5, 2013

Hi Ali, I haven’t tried a nut-free version yet, but if I do I’ll be sure to post my results. I personally don’t like the taste of fava flour in sweet baked goods (just tastes a bit beany to me), so I’d probably be more inclined to try super fine rice flour or more oat and buckwheat flour.


7 Ali November 5, 2013

Sounds good – I just bought a huge amount of buckwheat groats so I can grind those and use that! I don’t mind the fava flour as long as it’s mixed with other flours so it isn’t too overwhelming. Thank you so much for your reply!


8 Angela (Oh She Glows) November 6, 2013

Totally agree! I hope it works out – let me know!


9 Adrienne November 5, 2013

Above is a link to grapeseed flours from ApresVin. The Chardonnay flour apparently tastes like graham cracker flour. I have been meaning to try it. It’s nut free and gluten free.


10 Angela (Oh She Glows) November 6, 2013

Interesting- I’ve never heard of such a thing!


11 Fit Missy November 5, 2013

Thank you for posting. Looks delicious and like a great snack.


12 annie November 5, 2013

I have two small children and am always on the hunt for healthier snacks, this fits the bill. I love adding new recipes to my kitchen. This one is a keeper. Keep up the great work. Your site is a wonderful tool for healthy cooking without losing the taste. Thank so much! Have a blessed day.


13 Cathy November 5, 2013

These look absolutely divine! I can’t wait to try this!


14 Anele @ Success Along the Weigh November 5, 2013

These looks really yummy. I don’t need to eat gluten free but it might not be a bad thing to make for say pie crusts and such to send in to the Mr’s work from time to time. I’m sure there’s someone there who doesn’t imbibe in treats because they’re not sure if they’re gluten free or not and it’d be nice with the holidays coming up to let those people in on the party. :)


15 Elisabeth August 28, 2016

ÉHey Anele, I know you posted this long ago but I just read it and, just in case you’ll get my reply, I think this is one of the nicest things I’ve ever read !! I’m celiac, so I rarely get to enjoy the treats my coworkers bring to share. Whenever someone bring something gluten-free, it makes my week ! I’m like a child on Christmas morning ! So thanks for making other people feel that way, you’re an angel ! xox


16 Maureen November 5, 2013

Can’t wait to try these! I’m going to swap for the almond flour, I’m no baker but I’ve got to try. My 9.5 YO has never eaten a graham cracker or any cracker that has any taste (she’s allergic to 7 of the common 8 allergens, plus sesame, legumes, garlic, mustard and all gluten grains). BTW, I have a pot of your spiced red lentil & kale soup on the stove as I type – I make it every 2 wks. Next up are the super seed chocolate protein bites that I’ve had my eye on since you posted. Can’t wait for the cookbook! Thanks for your delish recipes Angela!


17 Angela (Oh She Glows) November 5, 2013

Glad you are enjoying the recipes Maureen! I’m making the lentil soup tonight..can’t wait.


18 char eats greens November 5, 2013

These look fab Ange!!! I love molasses too!!!! I definitely see myself making these to snack on!! I could go for some right now!!


19 Shannon November 5, 2013

I feel like these would be amazing with the banana pudding I made the other day! they look great!


20 Angela (Oh She Glows) November 6, 2013

That sounds like a great combo :)


21 Kelly @ hidden fruits and veggies November 5, 2013

I feel like vegan graham crackers can be a rarity, so GF ones must be nonexistent. This recipe sounds tasty! I’ve never made graham crackers at home, but I love the idea of cutting them into adorable shapes :)


22 Lillian @ Seize the Latte November 5, 2013

Ok, so this recipe is unspeakably exciting for me: in the 5+ years that I’ve been gluten-free, the one thing I’ve missed the most has been graham crackers. (On more than one occasion, I’ve been known to pout and say things like “I WANT S’MORES, DAMMIT!”)

I’ve found GF ones in the store, but they tend to be laden with butter — and, as you said, some fairly gnarly binding agents — and they don’t even remotely taste like the real thing. I thought I might be having memory problems with this, but my husband, who doesn’t have Celiac, has confirmed that the store-bought GF graham crackers are total imposters and a far cry from the graham crackers of my glutinous youth.

Soooo…the idea of a vegan, GF graham cracker that tastes like a legit graham cracker? Genius. I can’t wait to try this out!


23 Robyn @thereallife_RD November 5, 2013

wow, I cannot wait to share these with my patients! One of my favorite snacks is graham crackers with PB and honey but I haven’t had in years because of gluten issues, thank you thank you!!! I share your website will all my patients and clients and they find it SO valuable!


24 Dana @ Conscious Kitchen Blog November 5, 2013

Yum! These sound like the perfect snack for this time of year… maybe accompanied by a mug of hot chocolate? I’d love to add these to a holiday “dessert” spread with different jams/spreads to put on top of them.


25 Natalie November 5, 2013

So I would be making these for someone who is allergic to flax seeds unfortunately! But they do eat eggs sometimes. Would you make this with eggs instead of flax?


26 Angela (Oh She Glows) November 7, 2013

Hey Natalie, Since there is only 1/2 tbsp ground flax in these, I would probably sub it with ground chia seed instead. Hope this helps!


27 Abby @ The Frosted Vegan November 5, 2013

I am SO in denial about the dark at 5pm thing, it makes me so tired so early! Ok so I need to these to pep me up, right?!


28 Averie @ Averie Cooks November 5, 2013

Angela these turned out beautifully! I’ve made graham crackers and while it was easy to keep them vegan, I used graham flour, i.e. whole wheat pastry flour, so not at all GF. Very impressive you got these to stay crispy, light, snappy and crunchy using almond flour and groats! Wow! And I love the little cookie cutter you used – so festive. Pinned!


29 Alexandra @ Lean Green Healthy Machine November 5, 2013

So perfect! I love that blackstrap molasses is a sweetener that also contains essential nutrients. These are definitely graham crackers that you can feel good about eating and I love that :)


30 AK November 5, 2013

OMG. You are a godsend. I love love graham crackers and have been very sad about not having any since going gluten-free (I went vegan for the animals so that part didn’t bother me). Thank you!!
I’ll probably end up using almond meal rather than flour and tapioca starch instead of arrowroot just because that’s what’s in my pantry.


31 Angela (Oh She Glows) November 6, 2013

Let me know how it works out with almond meal…curious!


32 AK November 8, 2013

Yep! It worked :) I ran out of a lot of staples so there were a lot of substitutions but the graham crackers still turned out crispy and tasted well. I just had to bake for a shorter period of time after I flipped the crackers (~3 minutes). Thank you for the recipe!

3 tablespoons coconut oil (melt before using) or grapeseed oil (subbed half earth balance coconut spread, quarter coconut butter, quarter olive oil)
2 tablespoons almond milk (subbed hemp milk)
2 tablespoons pure maple syrup (subbed agave)
3/4 cup + 2 tablespoons almond flour (subbed almond meal)
5 tablespoons arrowroot flour (subbed tapioca starch)


33 AK November 8, 2013

They tasted a bit mild according to my father, but it tastes graham cracker-y enough for me :) Maybe I’d have to add more sugar next time or use another sweetener..


34 Elizabeth November 26, 2013

Be careful with the agave nectar, when I started trying to cook healthier for my family I almost bought some, but I’m glad I decided to wait and research first! Agave nectar is made from the starch of the agave plant in the same manner high fructose corn syrup is made from corn starch. It is a high fructose syrup. Large amounts of fructose turn into fatty acids that enter our blood stream as triglycerides (which can cause heart disease), fructose inhibits the production of leptin (which causes us to feel full) without it you have an increased appetite, and also excess fructose gets processed in liver and can develop fatty deposits and cause cirrhosis of the liver. I love Angela’s recipes, but it always irks me when I see agave nectar. I just had to share because I know eating healthy is important to Angela and everybody that comes to this website for recipes!!


35 Nikita November 9, 2013

I made these with almond meal and they were great! :)


36 Mallory @ Because I Like Chocolate November 5, 2013

I love how not only are these homemade, they are GF and vegan. What a perfect cookie to make in this format considering they are crumbly to begin with!


37 Emma November 5, 2013

We don’t even get graham crackers here, vegan or not so I’m especially appreciative of this recipe! Molasses is such a great ingredient isn’t it. I love that rich, spicy flavour it brings.
Hot yoga must be a wonderful way to get the blood circulating on these colder days. I’m not loving the dark evenings either….


38 Amelia November 5, 2013

You really went and did it again! These look so yummy and I can’t wait to make them. I can’t eat soy, therefore I avoid all boxed graham crackers because they all contain soy! I would be running to the kitchen asap to make these, only I don’t have buckwheat groats or arrowroot flour. Any suggestions for subs so I can make these tonight or should I hold out until the weekend?


39 Kammie @ Sensual Appeal November 5, 2013

OMG yes!!! This is amazing. I love graham crackers but I’ve had to refrain from them since they aren’t normally gluten free and I couldn’t find any good ones that are GF and not expensive like cray. I am loving that these are vegan too. Saved!


40 Lisa November 5, 2013

I’d love to hear if someone has success with substitutions for the almond flour!!


41 Angela @ Eat Spin Run Repeat November 5, 2013

HUGE congrats on the cookbook pre-order success Ange! I knew that would happen! November denial and 5pm darkness – I hear ya. I couldn’t believe how dark it was when I walked out of work today! Not cool at all. These graham crackers on the other hand sound amazing. I recently found out that I’m gluten intolerant and graham crackers are my all-time fave cracker. As a kid, I loooooved teddy grahams and I’d be tempted to buy a mini teddy cookie cutter for this dough!


42 Jolene ( November 5, 2013



43 The Peace Patch November 5, 2013

Hello vegan graham cracker and cream cheese sandwiches! With the edges rolled in sprinkelz for my nephew. :)
Thank you!


44 Elizabeth € Hippy Mom November 5, 2013

Well, another gorgeous recipe, I will make this one with my daughter. And will buy your book for myself on my bday in December .


45 Jordan Younger November 6, 2013

Angela!!! Did you read my mind?! I have been craving graham crackers lately (well, to be honest I’ve been craving S’mores) and I have yet to try to make them since I have gone vegan. I am so excited to try this recipe out! Will let you know when I do :) lots of love, girlfriend! Thanks for being awesome.


46 Emily - It Comes Naturally Blog November 6, 2013

Living in the UK I often hear about Graham crackers, but I wasn’t sure what they were. I think a bit like a digestive??? Now I can make some and find out for sure :-) YAY!


47 Johanna GGG November 6, 2013

this recipe looks brilliant – though I am yet to taste graham crackers – one of these days – but I always love the sound of them and this sounds great – love the combination of flours and love anything with blackstrap molasses


48 MIZ November 6, 2013

I can totally do this at home, right??


49 Kathleen @ Kat's Health Corner November 6, 2013

Oh my gosh, you are a lifesaver!!!! THANK YOU! I have been dying for some graham crackers, and you just saved me! THANKS! :D


50 Erika Stone November 6, 2013

I love your recipes! those crackers look really tasty, just wanted to thank you for sharing your ideas. xx


51 Josee November 6, 2013

I can’t wait to try this recipe. Perfect for a “cheese” cake base. There’s just one problem. Where do you find buckwheat groats? Bulk Barn doesn’t seem to carry them. I have been substituting them in your other recipes but I’d really like to make this recipe as is.


52 Angela (Oh She Glows) November 6, 2013

Hey Josee, I buy raw buckwheat groats online from and bulk bins at Whole Foods. Hope this helps!


53 Julie November 6, 2013

These look super delicious! My husband has been wheat free for several months and feels so much better, but he misses crunchy things. I am gathering the ingredients now to make these! And sharing the link with my gluten free friends.


54 ew November 6, 2013

I already have oat and buckwheat flour in my cupboard – can I do a direct sub for the oats and buckwheat groats? Thanks!


55 Angela (Oh She Glows) November 6, 2013

Yes that should be fine, although I would use 1/2 cup and 2 tbsp of buckwheat flour (as it usually makes a bit more) and the same amount of oat flour as rolled oats.


56 Ceara @ Ceara's Kitchen November 6, 2013

My mouth is watering ! You did it again! These look amazing!


57 Em @ Love A Latte November 6, 2013

How fun! I would love to try to make these. They would make such a nice snack at work. Love that they are GF as well :)


58 Catherine @ Chocolate & Vegetables November 6, 2013

Graham crackers used to be one of my favorite snacks but I ditched them because they were so nutritionally blah–these look like a much better option!


59 Jodie November 6, 2013

Yes! I just made these and they are soooooo wonderful! Thanks for all the hard work on the front end :) I think with load of ginger and spices I think this would be gingerbread house worthy! And so easy to roll out too!


60 Madeline November 13, 2014

That’s such a good idea! How clever!


61 Jenni November 6, 2013

I really want to make these! What’s the difference between almond meal and almond flour? I’ve seen the terms used interchangeably, as in it being written “almond meal/flour” in recipes.


62 Angela (Oh She Glows) November 7, 2013

Hi Jenni, Almond flour is when blanched (skinless) whole almonds are ground into a flour. Almond meal is when whole almonds (with their skins) are ground into a flour. As a result, almond flour is much finer and more flour-like, while almond meal is more fibrous and grainy. In a cracker recipe such as this, I wanted a much finer consistency which is why I used almond flour and not meal. That being said, I haven’t tested it with almond meal yet. Hope this helps!


63 Purvi November 6, 2013

Thanks Angela, these look DELICIOUS!!! I just have one question – what can I substitute for arrowroot starch? I don’t really use any starches in my cooking. Would chia powder work?


64 Angela (Oh She Glows) November 7, 2013

Hi Purvi, I haven’t tried them without arrowroot so I’m really not sure. Generally swapping a starch out is very difficult in GF + vegan baking. It would be a pure experiment to find an alternative. Good luck!


65 Jack November 6, 2013

How on earth did u know I juat bought a honking tub of blackstrap molasses today!?!?! Making these on Friday :)


66 Terri November 6, 2013

We have a local GF bakery here that I go to and stock up on breads at a decent discount. Every time I’m in there, I look at the graham crackers, but never buy them because they are so expensive! I’m going to try this recipe, thanks for posting it :)


67 Kari @ bite-sized thoughts November 7, 2013

Thanks so much for this recipe! We don’t have graham crackers here in Australia and having finally tried them (and worked out exactly what they are!) on a recent US trip, I am missing them. I’ll make my own now :-)


68 Alex @ Kenzie Life November 7, 2013

Ah I’ve been waiting for this recipe!! I also couldn’t find vegan graham crackers, or gluten-free and vegan graham crackers. I can’t wait to use these to make s’mores next year! Or maybe won’t wait until summer. S’mores are good any time :)


69 dishing up the dirt November 7, 2013

I love graham crackers and am so excited by this recipe! Thank you!!!


70 Andie @ Pretty Little Vegan November 7, 2013

Finally a vegan graham cracker recipe!

Can’t wait to try this :) I eat graham crackers with dark chocolate as my after-dinner dessert most evenings. I bet homemade ones taste even better!


71 Samantha November 7, 2013

Those look delicious. I agree about the molasses- such a unique ingredient. :) I love how certain scents just make you feel nostalgic.


72 Mona B. November 7, 2013

I can’t wait to try these. If I have trouble finding buckwheat groats, can I substitute with more oat flour? Thank you!


73 Barbara November 11, 2013

I used buckwheat flour (Bob’s Red Mill). I can find it in some of our grocery stores, but it isn’t always easy to find. I sometimes have to order it online.


74 Mona November 11, 2013

Barbara, thank you. And I actually had some buckwheat flour, so it worked perfectly.


75 Barbara November 8, 2013

What do you use to grind up the buckwheat groats? I have not been successful grinding them up fine enough with my appliances.


76 Angela (Oh She Glows) June 3, 2014

Hi Barbara, I use my Vitamix – it’s great for grinding flour very smooth.


77 Barbara June 3, 2014

Thanks! I have a Vitamix now so that will work great!


78 LeeAnn November 8, 2013

I can’t wait to try these and I don’t even have gluten issues. And I love love LOVE hot yoga, even when all I can think of is getting the heck out of that room. I pre-ordered your book a while ago on (US) and I’ve seen the US-version cover — very cool. Congrats on the past five amazing years, Angela.


79 Sherry November 9, 2013

I made these and they turned out great. Love that they aren’t too sweet.


80 Angie November 9, 2013

These sound great! Can’t wait to try them. Question- Is arrowroot flour the same as arrowroot powder? Thanks!


81 Sarah November 10, 2013

Thanks for your great blog! I just wanted to let you know that I made these with almond meal because all I could find was something labelled: almond meal/flour. Not sure if it was as coarse as regular almond meal – but it certainly wasn’t as fine as flour. They turned out great anyway!


82 Angela (Oh She Glows) November 11, 2013

Glad to hear that Sarah!


83 Emma November 12, 2013

Well well well- what a coinkidink! We just made s’mores a few days ago. Store bought, Sweet n’ Sara’s marshmallows & graham crackers, though. Will definitely be making my own soon- likely in large quantities if this last weekend was any indication of how many we can go through in one sitting… Thanks, Angela!


84 Martha November 14, 2013

Another sub question for you: Any problem with using tapioca starch in place of arrowroot powder? I have everything else in my cupboards right now and would love to make these tonight! Yummy!


85 Andrea November 15, 2013

Any suggestions for subbing something instead of oil? Would applesauce work?


86 donna November 15, 2013

Hi I would love to buy your books what are they called and is buckweat goats ? gluten ? what can I subtitute them for ? thanks


87 Anna Cordova November 16, 2013

Let me just echo my thanks!!! I have missed out on graham crackers for such a long time….Hooray!! You are so creative and talented. xx


88 Sasha November 17, 2013

My kids even liked these, which is a rare event!


89 Angie November 21, 2013

I would LOVE to make these. I am vegan and celaic and I thought I would never be able to have grahm crackers again BUT I am also allergic to almonds. Would another flour work in it’s place?
Thanks so much!


90 Lily November 23, 2013

Thanks so much for the great recipe! I tried it out and I felt like I needed to double the amount of wet ingredients for all the dry ingredients I had to be able to obtain the same amount of moisture in the dough that you had in your pictures.
I checked your Vegan Graham cracker recipe and it seems like your dry ingredients seemed less in volume? I would love to know what I’m doing wrong! Thanks for your help!


91 Lily November 23, 2013

I forgot to mention, I made a couple of substitutions, I used Hemp Milk instead of Almond Milk, and then I used Sorghum flour in place of Almond Flour to make it nut free also!


92 Angela (Oh She Glows) November 24, 2013

Hi Lily, My guess is that it was the change in flour – GF baking is very sensitive to flour changes unfortunately. I find almond flour creates a wetter batter usually.


93 Lily November 24, 2013

Thank you Angela for your response! If I need to use more wet ingredients, do you think the right thing to do would be just to double the wet ingredients that you have there? I don’t necessarily want to make it much sweeter, just wetter! :) Substitutions are hard, especially if you don’t know what the original product tasted/looked/felt like in the first place! :P
I appreciate your response. Thank you!


94 Lily November 24, 2013

Another thought would be to make the dough without the sorghum flour (almond flour substitute) and then add in the sorghum flour tbs by tbs to try to achieve the same moist type of dough that is in your pictures.


95 Renee November 25, 2013

I don’t have buckwheat groats, flax seeds, or molasses. Also no chia seeds to replace the flax. I’d love to make them tonight, though! Any replacement ideas? Thanks!


96 leeann macdonald December 2, 2013

I have been in love with your blog for a couple of years now and its gotten me through some tricky situations when I needed some inspiration for feeding my family which has dietary restrictions for health and wellness reasons. This is a great recipe for my 10month old and I would love to see other options that are toddler/baby friendly :-)


97 sabrina December 5, 2013

Looks so yummy! Do you have a substitute suggestion for buckwheat groats and do you think I can substitute molasses with coconut butter? Thanks for any help…


98 Sherry December 8, 2013

I took advantage of the first snowy day in Maryland and made these graham crackers. As with every other recipe from Angela that I’ve tried so far it was very easy to follow. My dough did not look as moist or smooth as the pictures in the post the results are great!! I love these crackers and will be making then again soon.


99 Allison December 8, 2013

Hi Angela

I am going to try this recipe and then also make some of your other recipes that need the graham crackers. I was wondering about the buckwheat groats and oats. Can I just use buckwheat flour and oat flour or will that change the recipe too much?


100 Edith-Nicole December 11, 2013

For people who were looking for an almond flour substitute, I used ground sunflower seeds and substituted by volume (3/4 cup + 2 tablespoons). The dough was very easy to work with and these turned out delicious and the texture was fantastic. If you grind sunflower seeds, just make sure you use small batches because it goes from meal to butter in an instant. (Some parts of my ground seeds were a bit wetter than I would have liked, but it made no difference in the recipe.) Angela, if I refer back to this site, do you mind my posting the recipe on my own blog? We are not vegan or entirely gluten free, but my son is allergic to dairy and eggs and barley (previously wheat as well), so my website, in the last year, has focused primarily on allergy-free food.


101 Angela (Oh She Glows) December 11, 2013

Sure, be my guest! Thanks for letting me know your trial worked :)


102 Leauna December 16, 2013

can these crackers be dehydrated instead of baked?


103 Amy December 25, 2013

My daughter has Celiac disease and several other allergies, one of them being oats. Is there something else I could use to substitute for the oats?
I really want to try making these for her-they look delicious!


104 Angela (Oh She Glows) December 26, 2013

Hi Amy, You might be able to try swapping it for another gluten-free flour, but I haven’t tried anything else yet so it would be an experiment. Let me know if you try anything out.


105 Nicole January 10, 2014

Hi There!

What a great recipe! I often have a really hard time finding anything in the stores that I can eat when it comes to crackers, breads, etc so thank you for this recipe!

I do have one question for you. Have you tried, or what do you think about trying to make this recipe with honey or another sweetene? I’m wondering because in addition to being gluten free, dairy-free and egg-free (casein allergy), I’m also allergic to sugar cane (and it’s by-products, including molasses). I’d love to hear your thoughts!!

Thanks again for all the great recipes – you’re definitely one of my go-to blogs for all things delicious and nutritious! Keep it up!


106 kim January 25, 2014

Yum, made these and really enjoyed them. Subtle sweetness and the smell when they are baking was really good on this snowy day. Will make these again.


107 Jenna April 13, 2014

Hey there! This looks like a great recipe– however, I am not into cooking gluten-free at all. Can I use regular flour to replace all of those exotic flours in there?


108 Angela (Oh She Glows) June 3, 2014

Hi Jenna,
I have a couple non-GF graham cracker recipes on my blog already – I linked to them in my recipe so check those out. Hope this helps!


109 lauren July 3, 2014

Hi, Can I substitute an all-purpose gluten free flour instead of making it with the nut flours?


110 sadie October 22, 2014

Can I just use buckwheat flour? If so, how much … or, is it necessary to grind the groats into flour.



111 sadie November 12, 2014

I swapped arrowroot wih tapioca and had no problems. I’m going to try it with honey instead of molasses and no spices to see if I can get a more authentic graham cracker taste. Will keep you posted.


112 Madeline November 13, 2014

Kinickinick makes the best gluten free graham crackers I have ever tried. Even better than what I remember gluten graham crackers were like if you do not want to make this recipe.


113 Craig November 26, 2014
Recipe Rating:

Hi. I was really glad to find this recipe until I saw that it includes almond flour. =( I am allergic to Soy and Tree nuts.
Any good ideas for a substitute flour for the Almond Flour?


114 sadie December 5, 2014

Honey instead of molasses. About half of the maple syrup and no spices made for a perfect graham cracker taste!!!


115 Mandy D. December 12, 2014
Recipe Rating:


I made these and had to grab my phone just to message you! These are amazing. I was looking for a honey graham cracker so i swapped out maple syrup for unpasteurized honey and the recipe turned out bang on (sorry my recreation isnt vegan). However i did have to lessen the first baking time to 8 minutes. Honey treats burn easily! The dough texture was perefect! I made them just to use them as crumbs. It was sad to destroy them after i made them look so pretty! Thank you for the recipe!!



116 Angela August 16, 2015

So glad these worked for you Mandy!


117 Cathy January 14, 2015

Can I make them with 4 tbsp. of regular molasses instead of blackstrap and maple syrup? I really like molasses and would like to taste it in the crackers.


118 Kate January 23, 2015

Can I substitute buckwheat and oat flour for the buckwheat groats and rolled oats? How I figure out the measurements?


119 Rachel F. May 17, 2015

Buckwheat has gluten in it. Fyi.


120 Angela (Oh She Glows) May 20, 2015

Hi Rachel,

Not sure where you get your information from, but I suggest checking out this. It is gluten free, just have to make sure it comes from a source that is not cross contaminated.


121 Rachel F. May 20, 2015

I actually got the information from my child’s doctor but apparently you know more than she does. Perhaps you can cut the attitude when replying to someone. Just saying.


122 Rachel F. May 20, 2015

Oh my god I am an epic asshole. I apologize. I was thinking of barley. My sincere apologies!


123 Angela August 16, 2015

I apologize if there was attitude in my reply – that wasn’t my intention at all. I suppose I could have worded it better. Anyway, not to worry about the mix up! :)


124 Louise June 9, 2015

There are a couple of recipes of yours I’d like to try including your Gluten-Free Graham Crackers but I’m allergic to almonds and coconut. I can have cashews, pistachios and macadamia nuts. Do you think any of those could replace the almond flour?


125 Laura M. August 1, 2015
Recipe Rating:

I loved them, just what I was looking for, I just found out that I’m allergic to soy. The store bought brands have soy… Thank you for sharing your recipe Angela. These crackers are 5 stars! Mine were a little thick, I’ll fix that next weekend :)


126 Angela August 16, 2015

So glad they worked out for you Laura!


127 Tiffany April 3, 2016
Recipe Rating:

Hi Angela!

I just made this recipe and it’s delicious! I had a lot of fun baking the squares. The only change I made was to use almond meal because that’s all I had on hand. I I accidentally made the squares a bit thick so I baked it for 4 minutes extra. Thank you!!


128 Dragana July 7, 2016
Recipe Rating:

I follow your exact recipe for ingredients. Only change I make is that I roll the dough a little thicker and cook them on one side only for 8-10 minutes. The end result is more of a gingerbread cookie that’s crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. I make them weekly so that we can have them as a snack throughout the week. Add a smear of raw honey or PB, and these are to die for!


129 Angela Liddon July 8, 2016

I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying the recipe, Dragana!! Thanks for taking the time to let me know. :)


130 Maja August 11, 2016
Recipe Rating:

I’m writing this as I enjoy these freshly baked crackers – they came out perfectly crisp and deeply delicious. I have a cookie stamp with customisable letters so I used it instead of poking the crackers with a fork. And as a result, I’ve served my dad crackers with the name of his company written all over them… His reaction was priceless :)
And as to the the recipe, it’s hard to imagine that a combination of oats, almonds and buckwheat with a touch of a sweetener (apart from maple and molasses I used coconut sugar) could be something other that delicious.
Also, I might have eaten some raw dough before baking it… And I had a real struggle putting them in the oven later on, haha.


131 Lisa November 16, 2016

My family and I are absolutely in love with these! My husband asks me to make these year round! I was hoping I could ask you a question about the almond flour. Its difficult to find organic almond flour, so I was thinking of making my own with my Vitamix flour container, however, I’m not sure how to achieve this so it’s not the consistency of almond meal. Do I need to run it through the Vitamix and then put it thru a fine strainer? Any advice would be greatly appreciated : ).

Thank you!


132 Angela Liddon December 6, 2016

Hi Lisa, Happy to help! You can make homemade almond flour by blending blanched whole almonds on high speed until a fine flour forms (finer than meal-like consistency). Just be sure not to blend for too long, though, or the oils will release and the flour may clump together. Then, sift out any clumps or large almond pieces before using. :)


133 Kary November 20, 2016

Hi me again! Loving looking thru your Thanksgiving recipes! I want to try this graham cracker one but we have a 2 yr old granddaughter with nut allergy so we will do different flour. My husband and I are both gluten free, oats, rice and dairy. We have eggs though. THat said, I will be using Manini’s All Purpose flour for the crackers. Have you heard of this? It uses Millet flour for the main ingredient. Also Im hoping we can get by with gluten free oats in the crust. We are only intolerant and not allergic. If you have any other suggestions for the oats please reply.


134 Sandy March 10, 2017
Recipe Rating:

Thank you so much for such an incredible recipe!! I can barely stop eating the dough long enough to get them in the oven. I love that these are made with coconut oil instead of the typical oils that should never be heated, and it’s also low in sugar but high in flavor. Thank you Angela!!


135 Mia September 30, 2017

Is there an easy way I can use this for a pie crust?! Looks so amazing!


136 Angela (Oh She Glows) October 3, 2017

Hey Mia, You probably can! I haven’t tried it so I don’t have specifics for you though. After baking and cooling the crackers, I would probably process them in a food processor until fine, and add some melted coconut oil and liquid sweetener until you have a lightly wet texture which can be pressed into a pie dish and baked.


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