Sun-dried Tomato Cheezy Kale Chips



Eric has this new thing for kale chips.

Specifically, “cheezy” kale chips. The guy is practically obsessed. Every time we find ourselves in Organic Garage, he sneaks a bag of kale chips into the cart and then gets annoyed with me if I eat too many of “his” chips. I never thought I’d have to fight him for a dried up green leaf! When we first met, his vegetable consumption consisted of potatoes, lettuce, tomatoes, and corn. Eleven years later, I don’t think there’s a vegetable he won’t eat. Give me time and I can wear down even the toughest critic.

Well, this kale chip obsession motivated me to dig out my rarely used dehydrator and start making kale chips again. Have you ever had cheezy kale chips? They are basically “chips” made from torn kale leaves which are coated in a “cheezy” cashew sauce and then dehydrated until crisp. They are ridiculously addictive. I personally cannot figure out how to make a batch last more than 1 day.


I’ve made Doug McNish’s sour cream and onion kale chips many times in the past and they are always incredible. For this batch, I decided to make a new flavour with sundried tomatoes, basil, and other seasonings for a fun twist. Very tasty idea. I found myself just eating the sauce-covered pieces of raw kale before they even were put into the dehydrator. Always a good sign the recipe will be a success!


I spread out the batch on 3 trays and set the temperature to 105-110F. Then I left it overnight for about 12 hours until they were nice and crispy. I awoke to this.



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Sun-dried Tomato Cheezy Kale Chips

Vegan, gluten-free, oil-free, refined sugar-free


Like nachos only better tasting and better for you. Satisfy your every chip craving with these cheezy, salty, green, and crispy kale chips!

1 large bunch of kale
Prep time
Cook time
0 Minutes


  • 1 large bunch of kale, stems discarded and leaves ripped up
  • 30 grams organic sundried tomatoes, soaked in water to soften for at least 1 hour (see note)
  • 1 cup raw cashews, soaked in water for at least 1 hour
  • 2 large garlic cloves
  • 3/4 cup + 2 tbsp soaking water from tomatoes
  • 2-4 tbsp fresh basil
  • 2 tbsp fresh lemon juice
  • 2 tbsp nutritional yeast
  • 3/4 tsp fine grain sea salt, or to taste


  1. In two separate bowls, soak the sundried tomatoes and cashews in water for at least 1 hour, but preferably 1.5-2 hours if possible. After soaking, reserve the tomato soaking water and set aside. Drain and rinse the cashews.
  2. In a food processor, with the machine running, drop in the garlic and process until minced.
  3. Add in the rest of the ingredients except the salt. Process until smooth, scraping sides as necessary, and add salt slowly to taste.
  4. Wash the kale leaves and tear the kale into pieces, discarding the stems. Dry the leaves in a salad spinner (this helps the sauce stick). Place greens into a large bowl. Pour the cheeze sauce on top of the kale and stir with a spoon. Then toss the spoon and get in there with your hands to massage the sauce into the kale until well coated. Season with salt to taste. I used a few shakes of Herbamare.
  5. Dehydrate for about 12 hours at 105-110F. Kale chips are ready when they are super crispy and taste magnificent. I dare you not to eat a full batch in 1 day.


My sun-dried tomatoes were very hard and dry so I had to soak them first for about 1-2 hours. If you are using oil-packed sun-dried tomatoes, you obviously won’t have to soak them first. I would add them to taste and then use filtered water as needed, rather than the soaking water.


I bought my Excalibur dehydrator a few years ago when I was running the bakery. I have one of their largest models because I was making over 200 raw bars at a time in it. It was a bit insane. If I could do it again I would have a smaller model for personal use (they do have many sizes too). The Excalibur works well and I haven’t had any issues with it. I do find the “humming” noise to be a bit annoying, so I like to dehydrate overnight whenever possible.


If any of you have a dehydrator, feel free to leave a comment with the brand and model as a few readers have asked me for recommendations. Bonus points if you have a recommendation for a reliable dehydrator at a low price!!

Now, I know you are wondering…well, can I use my oven if I don’t have a dehydrator? I’ve been told that it’s possible. If some of you have made cheezy kale chips in the oven, please leave a comment below and let us know what temp, method, and duration you used. Merci!

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1 Jenna A. | The Paleo Project May 4, 2012

I love sundried tomato, what a smart twist to the classic! Can’t wait to try


2 Giorgia May 4, 2012

Yes, you can if your oven has a low temperature setting. I once made raw veggie burgers at 40C and they were just perfect.


3 Liz May 4, 2012

I have a question – how do you store kale chips?? I have made them in the oven (just sea salt, olive oil and occasionally nutritional yeast), but when I put them in a tupperware container they soften and aren’t as crisp. Any suggestions? Thanks!!


4 Angela (Oh She Glows) May 4, 2012

They usually don’t last more than a day over here. haha. I think a glass jar might hold their crispness a bit better, but I’m not sure. I have had the baggie problem too!


5 Liz May 4, 2012

Glass jar hunting it is then!! Be curious to know if you find an alternative. And the plastic bag thing does not work. Leaving them on the tray works, but then you have the problem of not last more than a day (which you seem to be familiar with – husbands!! :)).


6 Angela (Oh She Glows) May 4, 2012

hah well that’s if Eric gets to them in time!


7 Trish Adams May 7, 2012

what about paper bags??


8 Liz May 8, 2012

So obvious – why didn’t I think of that? Thanks Trish!


9 Jasmine May 4, 2012

I know its not vegan but I always add a few marshmallows to my brown sugar because they absorb the moisture….maybe it would work the same in a container of kale chips?


10 rachel May 28, 2012

Rice grains absorb moisture in salt shakers. Maybe that would work in a glass or plastic jar.


11 alan schechner August 11, 2012

Store them in the freezer and they stay crisp


12 Jill August 13, 2014

Try the freezer. I just put them in a tupperware and it works amazingly… i can keep a batch for a couple weeks (if they last that long!!).


13 Angela @ Eat Spin Run Repeat May 4, 2012

Looks yummy!! Next time Eric gets annoyed at you for eating too many of ‘his chips’ just tell him that he owes you because your ability to convert him into a veggie eater has made him so much healthier! I haven’t made kale chips in a while but you’ve triggered a craving now! I don’t have a dehydrator and usually make them in the oven. They seem to turn out just fine, but I’ve never tried the cheezy version so if I do I will let you know! :)


14 Cindy May 4, 2012

We have a Nesco dehydrator and really like it. I suggest buying extra trays.


15 Amy May 4, 2012

We have the same deydrator – you can get it through Lee Valley. The price is right, it works well and you can get both extra trays and liners (i.e. for making fruit leathers, crepes, etc.)


16 Angela (Oh She Glows) May 4, 2012

Aw thanks for the tip! I am going to check out their liners… :) thanks


17 jaime collins May 4, 2012

Ive tried making kale chips in the oven but they didnt turn out good. Does anyone have a recipe for this?


18 li May 18, 2012

Jaime – my husband and i have been making kale chips non-stop since the New Year. Our 3 kids under 5y love them too. We bake them in the oven – spray of olive oil, sprinked with truffle sea salt and nutritional food yeast – bake for 30-35minutes until dry at 250F (convection or regular bake mode – both work and there doesn’t seem to be a difference in the speed of cooking or perfection of the chip!). I have not had issues with the kale burning even if left in a little longer. We store in a wooden salad bowl (no lid) – chips rarely last a day unless i make them when the kids are in bed and then they get gobbled up before breakfast!


19 jaime collins May 4, 2012

PS. I think your website is great. I’m having a lot of fun trying all the delicious recipes!


20 Angela (Oh She Glows) May 4, 2012

Thanks Jaime!


21 Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table May 4, 2012

I love how much of the coating you got on these! It makes me want a dehydrator… so much more effective than the oven!


22 Tessa @ Amazing Asset May 4, 2012

Yumm what a delicious looking new take on kale chips! I need a dehydrator, and you and this recipe just allowed me to realize it eve more :)


23 Liz @ Tip Top Shape May 4, 2012

These look fantastic!! I’ve never had kale chips before, but I’ve always wanted to try them!


24 LizAshlee May 4, 2012

Sun dried tomatoes are the best…especially when you add cheese…yum yum yum!! I haven’t made kale chips in awhile..I think it is time! :)


25 marla May 4, 2012

These are such inventive kale chips ~ must try soon!


26 Nadiya @ Milk and Honey May 4, 2012

Everyone keeps talking about kale chips but I’ve never actually tried them before. I guess I’ll have to give it a try in the oven because I don’t have a food dehydrator though :(


27 Raychel May 4, 2012

I make kale chips in the oven (actually a convection toaster oven in my dorm room) all the time. I make giant plates of it (salad size!) and make it a meal with toast and cashew “cheese” on top. Here’s my recipe for cashew cheese (I add chickpeas to make it lower fat)

1 bunch kale

Cheese sauce (makes ~2.5-3 cups)
1 can chickpeas
2-4 TB nutritional yeast (2 for the very finely grated kind, 4+ for the flaky kind)
3/4 cup raw cashews
1+ cup almond milk unsweetened
1/2 tsp salt (or Herbamare)
1/4 tsp red pepper flakes
other seasonings if desired: onion powder, garlic powder, black pepper, kelp flakes, etc.

Add 1/4 cup of “cheese” sauce to kale, massage in with hands and then put on a tray in the oven. Set it to ~400 degrees (it might be different for other people’s ovens since mine is a toaster oven) and cook for ~10-12 min. Enjoy immediately after!


28 Julie Boyer May 6, 2012

This sounds really tasty!! Thanks for sharing.


29 Courtney December 2, 2012

Making these now! They really are yummy! Thanks for sharing your recipe!


30 Kathlee Brophy May 4, 2012

Hi there Angela. I love your page. I also love Kale. My brother has a Kale company called Tasty Kale out of New Haven CT. All natural and really innovative flavors: Zatar, Zing Zang, Sweet Kale, Garlic, etc. Check him out!
Keep up the good work, I’m addicted to your website and love love love your recipes!


31 Jody May 4, 2012

I also have a nesco dehydrator, a square one,

I have added 4 trays for a total of 8.

It has been running nonstop in my house lately. I have been making apple crisps (thinly sliced apples, dehydrated to the point where they are crispy like a potato chip) and strawberry crisps from all the strawberries on sale lately.

I have made kale chips in the oven. There are lots of recipes out there for “baked kale chips”. I have not made them in the dehydrator. I am trying out this recipe next.


32 Lauren May 4, 2012

I’ve always wanted to try these but have been nervous! I need to go out and buy a dehydrator now!


33 Jill @ A Cook's Nook May 4, 2012

I recently have become obsessed with kale chips (a little out of season, no?). Patience isn’t my biggest strenght, so I’ve been baking them at about 300 degrees F for 12-15 minutes. They’re still pretty good, but these look much better. Do you think that the slow and low cooking time helps? If so…I could try and wait!


34 Nicole May 4, 2012

I make kale chips often, and I don’t have a dehyrator. I put my oven temp as low as it will go (mine goes to 170 F) and prop the door open and bake for about 1.5 hours. If you don’t leave the door open, it holds the moisture in the oven and they won’t dry out.


35 Angela (Oh She Glows) May 4, 2012

Does this work with cheezy kale chips too?


36 Anniemac May 5, 2012

Gonna try this in the morning – I normally do mine in the oven with garlic and chilli flakes and they are soft (but delicious over rice)!!


37 Anna May 7, 2012

Yes, it does! :-)


38 Katie May 14, 2012

AHHHHH!!! Thank you so much, I was reading through all the comments because I wanted to do them in the oven and I was getting discouraged :) YAY!! Totally making these for my toddler who will only eat a select few veggies!


39 Amanda May 4, 2012

Another reason why I need to finally bite the bullet and get a dehydrator. Looking forward to reading through the comments to see what people recommend!


40 Katrina May 4, 2012

Mmm these sound like the perfect snack. Love this!


41 [email protected] KatieDid May 4, 2012

Yes I’ve made them in the oven once or twice, a low setting and not very long. They are great! I do prefer sauteed kale though for some reason, I feel like when they get crunchy they lose their substance. Then again I haven’t tried them with this sauce!


42 Jesse (OutToLunchCreations) May 4, 2012

I make my Kale Chips in the oven at 250 for 30-40min. You really have to babysit them by flipping every 5min or so after the 25min mark and taking out all the the crispy chips. I might try Nicole’s method next time because that sounds a lot easier.


43 Mary Casaubon May 4, 2012

I was looking into the Sedona brand one, from tribest, anybody have that model? It is really nice but very expensive.
You can purchase these little packages to put in your bags of kale chips etc that help them to stay crisp. I think they are called Deyex packages.


44 Kristen @ Popcorn on the Stove May 4, 2012

My husband loves kale (he’s on a real kick lately) so I think I would come off as wife-of-the-year if I was able to whip these up for him! Thanks for the recipe!


45 Marianne May 4, 2012

It’s not cheap by any means, but I love the Sedona 9-tray dehydrator by Tribest. It looks much nicer than the Excalibur (I leave it out on my counter so looks matter) and it’s digital, so very easy to use. You can also set it to only use 1/2 the dehydrator (upper or lower trays) which saves electricity when doing a small batch. I make kale chips, granola, fruit leather, and yogurt in it all the time!


46 Mary Casaubon May 4, 2012

That sounds good! Is is quiet?


47 Marianne May 4, 2012

Yes, it’s quiet and there’s also a “night mode” which is even quieter (but will take things longer to dry since it slows the fans a bit). There are videos on YouTube comparing the Excalibur to the Sedona if you want to see a side-by-side.


48 Tracy May 4, 2012

I have made kale chips in the oven and I thought they turned out great! As one of the commenters above said, once you store them in an air tight containter they get soggy, so only make what you plan on eating right away (but make MORE than you think you need because they are addicting, delicious and nutritious!).


49 Steph May 4, 2012

Yes love the new website! (and kale chips of course!)


50 Jacquie May 4, 2012

For storing kale i have to say the best way seems to be simply in a big bowl, don’t crowd them .They do last a few days,sometimes i think you just can’t “store”some things?!Plus if they are on yor table they do get eaten by passing children!


51 Angela (Oh She Glows) May 4, 2012

thats a good idea…not like they can really get stale I guess? hah


52 Anne May 4, 2012

Hey –
I make them in the oven – although I have not tried the Cheezy version. I actually just put some kale leaves (plain) on parchment paper at 250 and watch until they crisp up. Maybe 12-15 minutes. Be careful on burning, but I watch mine pretty closely.


53 Christine Gillis May 4, 2012

I know that cooking things at too high a temp kills the enzyemes, hence the low temp however, I make kale chips in a 350 degree oven for 10 minutes with olive oil and sea salt. They are light and flakey, perhaps avoided if I were to use a very low oven. Do your kale chips get crispy? As in, could you actually take a bite of a kale chip or do you have to eat one in one bite sort of thing?


54 Angela (Oh She Glows) May 4, 2012

I’ve baked regular kale chips in the oven too…they work great! However, Im not sure how it would work with the cheezy coating. I tried once and they burned along the edges so I think I had it at too high a temperature. Yup, the kale chips get super crispy in the dehydrator.


55 Raychel May 5, 2012

I bake mine in the oven with a cheezy coating and they don’t burn, but get nice and crispy


56 Sarah May 6, 2012

I make my kale chips in the oven with the temp. at 200 degrees F. They seem to take a long time to get crispy though…..something like 2 to 2.5 hours. But I saw that someone mentioned propping the oven door open so that might speed the process along. I haven’t tried this recipe, but I do make cheezy kale chips and they do get crispy without burning!

I experimented last week with a new batch of kale chips. If you blend an avocado with the cashews for the cheesy coating you get a slight hint of avocado which is oh so good!


57 Angela (Oh She Glows) May 7, 2012

Oh wow that sounds to die for!


58 Carrie May 4, 2012

YUM! These look amazing!


59 Zestful Lou May 4, 2012

I’ve been eyeballing your sour cream and onion kale chip recipe for a while now! I’ll have to head out to the farmer’s market this weekend to pick up a few bunches of fresh kale!


60 Stacie May 4, 2012

Thanks for your post on NYC a while back. We just returned from a trip there and John’s Pizzeria was a huge hit with my husband (among other suggestions from you)! Never would have guessed from the outside how awesome and huge it was on the inside. Plus the yummy food!

Thanks for the tidbits and your posts…and the wonderful work you do….as always :)


61 Angela (Oh She Glows) May 4, 2012

Hey Stacie, I’m glad you enjoyed it! I think Eric is still full from eating that pizza…hah. Thanks for your kind words.


62 Stacie May 5, 2012

tee hee hee….Brian said the same thing!


63 Tricia May 4, 2012

OK. I’m sold. I’ve been putting off buying a dehydrator (small kitchen – no storage), but you’ve inspired me :-) Those kale chips look fab. If I follow through with my purchase, I intend to dry seasonal fruits, too, for use a snacks or in oatmeal. Thank you!


64 Willow May 4, 2012

LOVE me some kale chips, haha! I’ve made them many times, but have never made them different flavors like this. Great idea!


65 Katie @ Creature of Habit May 4, 2012

What a fun flavor combo! I would love to get a dehydrator but I don’t think I would use it enough to justify the expense :(


66 Alex @ Raw Recovery May 4, 2012

I was so hesitant to try kale chips but I’m hooked now!! It’s been 8 months of luv :) I’m becoming increasingly aware that I would like a dehydrator as I’m eating more raw foods now.


67 Yellow Haired Girl May 4, 2012

You’re a genius. That is all. These look amazing!


68 Averie @ Averie Cooks May 4, 2012

Angela, these look so incredible! I love love love sundried tomatoes, and haven’t made anything with them in awhile. Must change that! My usual kale chip coating recipe involves red peppers and I can see how the sundrieds are perfect in your coating mixture. I want to eat kale chips for breakfast after this post :)


69 Angela (Oh She Glows) May 4, 2012

Hey Averie, Thank you! I think I remember you saying that you can bake cheezy kale chips in the oven? Do you remember what temp and for how long?


70 Averie @ Averie Cooks May 4, 2012

There are different variables and ways to do it, i.e. 350F for maybe 20-25 minutes or 200-250F with the oven door ajar for maybe an hour or more. I have made chips with the door open at 200F and it takes quite a long time, especially if the coating mixture is really drippy and the chips are very saturated.

Best advice is to flip every 20 minutes, and carve out a block of time where you can “babysit” them. I find slower/lower temps are better than faster/higher temps.


71 Char @ May 4, 2012

mmmmm adding sundried tomatoes is a good idea! The last time I made kale chips, a handful would go into the dehydrator, then another handful would go into my mouth…it’s dangerous work, kale chip making ;)


72 Ashley F. May 4, 2012

I make mine in the oven – generally a full cookie sheet with an even layer of kale I’ll cook at 350 degrees F for about 8-10 minutes. I find the trick is to check on them often and remove the pieces that are done while allowing the others to continue to cook (that way they all get crispy but you don’t end up with burnt ones). Hope that helps!


73 Casey @ Insatiably Healthy May 4, 2012

I have a Nesco dehydrator that I found on craiglist so it was super affordable. I read up on the brands of dehydrators before I went searching and Nesco was the best bet!


74 Marlee @ May 4, 2012

This looks and sounds amazing!! I’ve made kale chips int he oven with nutritional yeast, but after reading this, I need to try this cheesy cashew sauce… and I’m contemplating getting a dehydrator! You are very convincing.


75 Angela (Oh She Glows) May 4, 2012

To be honest, I dont use mine that much, probably because 1) its huge and 2) im impatient….BUT if you think you will make a lot of raw foods it could be worth it!


76 Leanne @ Healthful Pursuit May 4, 2012

haha from the guy who used to drink loads of soda! Too awesome that he gets upset with you when you eat too many of “his” chips. Kevin gets the same way when I make him apple fries (sliced apples baked with a crunchy almond flour topping). He gobbles them up with his shoulder OVER the plate so I can’t sneak in and grab a couple!


77 Angela (Oh She Glows) May 4, 2012

We’ve clearly created monsters…bahah


78 Mary May 4, 2012

I make cheezy kale chips in my oven! Not with an actual cheeze sauce (I toss them in olive oil, nooch, garlic powder, and salt) but they are pretty wet and floppy when I put them in there and they still come out crispy so I think the cheeze sauce would work too.

I bake mine at 300 degrees F for about 15-20 minutes, depending on how heavy handed I was with the olive oil. It also helps that I live in Colorado where we have zero moisture in the air to begin with so they crisp up nicely!


79 Jill May 4, 2012

mmmm those apple fries sound delicious. Wanna share?


80 Ileana May 4, 2012

Woo, I hope you keep making veggie lovers out of people!


81 Amy @Health Hungry May 4, 2012

I just thought today that it’s time I purchase a dehydrator! This is clearly a sign, don’t you think? I posted today about a friend’s Vegan Raw goodies that she sent me, so much better than anything I can buy. Your kale chips have me curious, up to this point I have not been a fan… Do you know the price range for the dehydrators? Do they use much electricity?


82 Angela (Oh She Glows) May 4, 2012

I dont know the general prices for dehydrators, but I would suggest checking out some of the suggestions in the comments and reading reviews on amazon. Thats usually helpful (or more confusing!). Excalibur reports it costs 4-5 cents an hour to run their dehydrators.


83 deirdre of ladies holiday May 4, 2012

a dehydrator is on my someday list…until then- bags of kale chips for me and I’m not sharing! Love the new banner!!!!


84 Stacy May 4, 2012

These look yummy! I have gotten my husband to like kale, but nutritional yeast is another story. He says he still can’t get over the smell. Too bad, but I’ll keep trying it on him!


85 Angela (Oh She Glows) May 4, 2012

maybe just knock him out with garlic and he won’t be able to smell the nooch ;)


86 Ilana May 5, 2012

maybe this is just my tastebuds but I feel like baked garlic tends to get way way way too bitter with the kale. i like other herbs like basil or cilantro to brighten up the mix a bit.


87 Carmi May 4, 2012

I put kale on a large cookie sheet and put in the oven at 300 degrees for 20 minutes. I watched it constantly! Then I took the kale chips out of the oven and flipped them, putting them back to cook for another 15 minutes. WATCH THEM …They turned out great!
Storing them is something else, because like many of you I tried paper, tupperware etc.. I finally put them in a glass jar that was on its side. I left the lid off. They lasted 3 days. I don’t know if I will do it again, as I didn’t like them sitting on the counter without a cover. Bit of a germaphobe over here!


88 bitt of raw May 4, 2012

I love the excaliber dehydrator! I got a 9 tray because the 4 tray was always getting so messy because it’s so small. I like the way with the 9 tray you can spread out the sheets and then not get the tray bottoms so messy. Can you tell I hate the clean the thing? I haven’t had much success with oven kale chips, I heard one second too long and they burn up. I’d rather go slow and steady overnight in the dehydrator if possible. More nutrients that way too.


89 Angela (Oh She Glows) May 4, 2012

I burned a batch of cheezy kale chips in the oven a while back…not very fun! I think I baked them at too high a temperature.


90 Lisa May 5, 2012

I have the same dehydrator i love. Im making these chips this weekend; can’t wait!


91 Adija Mugabo May 4, 2012

Personally, I like to bake my kale chips at 225F for 45 minutes. Now, I tend to use half the amount of sauce that most recipes use. Probably because I like to inhale them so quickly and I still want them to be a healthy snack. But I find that at a lower temperature, if I forget on them all of my work isn’t ruined. So yeah, I prefer slow and foolproof to quick and precarious.


92 Angela (Oh She Glows) May 4, 2012

Thanks for the tips!


93 Ana May 4, 2012

I have made this recipe many times

I have made them with different seasonings and when you add a thinker coating I let them bake an extra few minutes.


94 suzanne May 4, 2012

I LOVE kale chips – have made them in the oven but they do seem to burn (esp the ones on the outer part of the pan) – even with mixing them around. I just bought some for the first time – and OH MY – YUM!!! They have a lot of coating too – look like yours. They were $8 for a small bag so it would be incredible to make them – I am SO ready to try this recipe :)
I have been toying with buying a dehydrator but the excalibur is so expensive – and the one I seem to hear most about. I am not sure I would use it enough to put that much money into it. I am glad to hear others responses – will look into those brands. What kind do you have angela? Are you happy with it?
Thanks for another great recipe !!! Have a wonderful weekend!


95 Jasper {crunchylittlebites} May 4, 2012

We have a 115 oz. container of sun-dried tomatoes (already soaked in oil, actually) in our cabinet. It’s from Costco. Here’s my question for you Angela: if I use up the entire container of sun-dried tomatoes for making your cheesy kale chips alone, (which I’d need 127 bunches of kale by this evening if I wanted to use up the entire container this weekend) how long do you think it’s take me to consume 127 batches? I’m thinkin’ I just took loaded question to a whole new level…


96 Gulcan May 4, 2012

Hi Angie and others,
out of my curiousity: isn’t it expensive to keep an electric machine running for 12 hours? I’d love to have a dehydrator but am quite put off its downside of using too much energy thus being not so much environmental-friendly. Any thoughts?


97 Angela (Oh She Glows) May 4, 2012

Hey Gulcan, I can’t speak for all dehydrators but I’ve read the Excaliburs don’t use much energy, and cost reportedly only 4-5 cents an hour according to their website. I assume others are the same. Much like the oven and other appliances, I do think they should be all used in moderation though!


98 Liz May 4, 2012

I cannot believe all the varying times, temps and procedures to bake kale chips in the oven. So, of course, I thought I’d just throw my method out there as well. :-D It’s super simple, I’ve done it half a dozen times (with cheesy chips, too), and it works beautifully for me ALL the time. (DISCLAIMER: I’ve never had RAW/dehydrated chips so I can’t attest to how closely they resemble those, BUT mine are wonderfully addictive, and No, these never last more than an hour in my house. In fact, somehow, HALF of my chips have already disappeared by the time they get taken off of the tray! ??!?!)

–250F (121C), on an aerated tray (I use the broil tray/sheet from the broil pan that came with my oven. I imagine a roasting rack would work, as well.)
–Bake for 20 mins, flipping once and rotating the pan, 10 mins into bake time

SO easy, so perfect, every time. I’ve used the broil PAN when the chips wouldn’t all fit on the tray, and those take 5-7 mins longer to get crispy.

Obviously different times and temps work for different people, but my method is as simple as it gets if you don’t have a dehydrator. **And the chips on the tray definitely come out nicer than when baking on a sheet or pan.


99 Angela (Oh She Glows) May 4, 2012

Thanks Liz!

This is too funny- “HALF of my chips have already disappeared by the time they get taken off of the tray!”….umm glad I’m not the only one!


100 Liz May 4, 2012

No. *I’M* glad *I’M* not the only one. :-) WhenEVER I make these, I feel like I’m coming off of a week long fast cause I act like I haven’t EATEN in DAYS. They get stuffed in faster than I can chew!

But, well, there are WORSE things I could be pigging on than antioxidant laden, cancer-fighting, nutrient dense, mineral loaded, vitamin filled, cruciferous veggies, right? Stuffing this in my mouth at the speed of light, bad food habit? Hardly. LOL


101 Traci May 4, 2012
102 Robin C May 4, 2012

Whole Foods has a recipe that uses the regular oven at 350 on large baking sheets with parchment paper. I haven’t tried it yet but will soon!


103 Robin C May 4, 2012

oops forgot to say for 10-12 minutes


104 Moni Meals May 4, 2012

Love it Ang. Thank you! You are the best.
I need a dyhydrator pronto. Good thing Averie has some great tips above. :)


105 [email protected] May 4, 2012

You just might be a culinary genius Angela. Are you going to try them out in the oven for those of us who don’t have dehydrators?


106 jami May 4, 2012

I’ve got these in my Excalibur as I type…. hubby and I make up a huge batch almost every weekend. They are a staple in our house. I’ll have to try them with the sun dried tomatoes…sounds yummy!


107 Amber from Slim Pickin's Kitchen May 5, 2012

Kale chips scare me, but I think this recipe should be the first ones I try. They look amazing. Now I just need to get my hands on a dehydrator!


108 Jan May 5, 2012

Hi, I occasionally make potato chips in my microwave. I have a 1000 watt Kenmore microwave. Because of the nature of potatoes you have to spray the plate with spray oil or take napkin and put a dot of oil on it and rub the plate. Cut the potatoes very thin and place in a single layer on the plate. I thin run it for one minute at a time until I see it starting to brown just slightly. The variable it how thin or thick I slice the potato. Usually takes 2 minutes but that will be decided by the visual appearance of the potatoes. I told you this because I figured if I could do potatoes then I should be able to do Kalk. I tried it with the leaves plain and it worked with heating it for 2 min but because of the nature of Kale I don’t think you will have to spray the plate. I also have a counter-top convection oven. I put a tray of plain kale in at a temperature of 150 degrees for 30 minutes. When I have what I need to coat the leaves I will try the actual recipe. I just figured it might encourage others to test more from what I’ve done. Happy testing! Jan


109 Michelle May 5, 2012

I’ve used my warming drawer of my oven to make cheesy kale chips before. My warming drawer gets to about 170 on high. And I leave them for a few hours, checking every hour or so. many times the outer chips will be done earlier than the ones on the inside. I don’t let my warming drawer go during the night or when I’m gone since I have a gas stove. My next adventure will be to make fruit leather with applesauce and the fresh strawberries we have.


110 jane May 5, 2012

are you no longer making glo bars? or is it full time blogging?


111 Sylvia May 5, 2012

The only success I had in the oven is at about 300 and for around 45 mins with lots of checking and a little flipping them over. Less of them on the tray, the better they turn out.


112 Ilana May 5, 2012

In the oven, I like to use between 300-325F (depending on how wet or dry the mixture is) for about 45 minutes then flip and bake for another 25 – when I flip sometimes I either raise or lower the heat to the other number. After flipping watch carefully so they don’t burn.


113 Ilana May 5, 2012

also lining your sheets with parchment is a brilliant idea.


114 Malea Cooper May 5, 2012

Here is a dehydration method that is cheap and RAW. I cannot take credit for it, but it was used on an episode of Good Eats by Alton Brown. It involves getting a box fan, a couple of bungee cords, 4 cellulose furnace filters (very important-MUST be the cellulose kind!), and some food grade dehydrator liners (very cheaply bought online-just put the description in your search engine). Put the liner on the filter, add your goodies, then another liner, then another filter, until you have 4-5 layers of filters/liners with your goodies encaplsulated inside. Then use the bungee cords to attach the stacked filters to your box fan, turn it on, and leave for 8-12 hours. The beauty of this method is that it uses NO HEAT AT ALL. For you raw foodists, this is awesome, am I am amazed how many raw foodies do not know about this method. Ironically, he was making beef jerky on the episode he used this technique on, but considering meat takes a lot more power to dry, drying veggies should be a snap, not to mention, MUCH cheaper then buying a dehydrator, which is going to use heat and “cook” the food more then dry it.


115 Emily May 5, 2012

love it!

much love from a fellow ontarian : )


116 Angela (Oh She Glows) May 7, 2012

Thanks Emily!


117 Catalina @ Cake with Love May 5, 2012

I love kale chips, this flavor sounds so good!!


118 Bridget May 6, 2012

I made these last night, using my Nesco dehydrator. I need more trays, though! I had more kale than would fit on the 5 trays I have. They took about 10 hours, and now I have a second batch going (I saved the kale that wouldn’t fit in the first batch in the fridge).

I’ve experimented with kale chip recipes before, and I think these are my favorite! I ate an entire tray this morning “to determine if they were done.” LOL.


119 Angela (Oh She Glows) May 7, 2012

hehe so happy to hear that Bridget!


120 Laurie June 4, 2012

Hello Bridget,
I have a new Nesco dehydrator as well. I tried to make the cheezy kale chips and set it at 105 and used the easy clean screens. After 12 hours they still weren’t crispy. I was wondering what temperature you set yours at and do you use the screens?



121 Bridget June 4, 2012

I set it at 115. I used the screens for some of the trays (the bottom ones) but not for all the trays because I don’t have enough screens. The chips seemed the same whether I used the screens or not.


122 Taylor May 6, 2012

Delish! I made kale chips all the time! Never thought we would eat these more than normal chips but I think it’s safe to say my husband is addicted. He asked me to make them for our annual christmas wine party even… let’s just say our friends found us a bit strange.


123 Angela (Oh She Glows) May 7, 2012

hahahah Eric said we should make them for my birthday party coming up! I just about fell off my chair.


124 Laura May 6, 2012

Hi Angela,

I’m wondering if you still have the bakery? I haven’t seen much about Glo Bars lately and I remember you selling them online and in local stores. Just curious. The kale chips look insane btw :)


125 Angela (Oh She Glows) May 7, 2012

Hey Laura, I closed it last year, but thank you for your interest. Who knows maybe someday I will open it up again!


126 Veggie V! @ Veggie V's Vegan Adventure May 6, 2012

I make kale chips in the oven all the time, but I use a different method than anyone mentioned, unless I missed it. I coat mine in a mixture of nooch and salt – no oil – with wet kale leaves. I use the dino kale. I spread the pieces on a parchment covered cookie sheet and bake at the lowest temp my oven will go – I think it goes down to 120 – for about 4 hours. I don’t crack the door, and they still get crisp. Sometimes it takes longer than 4 hours. You have to keep an eye on them after about 3 hours so they don’t burn. They turn out crazy crisp and delicious! I store them in a long, plastic container, and they stay crisp for days. I’ve also read you can store them in a paper bag, and they’ll stay crisp for a few days.

Love kale chips!


127 Veggie V! @ Veggie V's Vegan Adventure May 6, 2012

PS love the new banner!


128 Angela (Oh She Glows) May 7, 2012

Thanks so much and thank you for your tips!


129 Vandana Sood Aggarwal May 7, 2012

Hey Angela,

I am writing from India and have been a fan of your work for the past 3 years and love your posts.I was wondering if some other leaf can substitute for Kale, as we don’t get them in India. I have had Bok Choy crisps (fried) but then again as they would be imported in India, I would like to avoid them (carbon footprint et al). Do you think Spinach would do? (Haven’t tasted Kale so don’t know how close or distant in taste it would be) :)


130 Angela (Oh She Glows) May 8, 2012

I think spinach would just wilt? I would try collard greens maybe? Im really not sure though, I would probably google it before testing it out!

Thanks for reading all the way from India!!!


131 Kathryn May 7, 2012

Don’t you love watching your hubby make these healthy decisions all on his own?!!?? My guy is over the moon for kale chips too. He’s even learnig how to make them himself because I can’t keep up with him. I have to hide a little bag of chips for myself otherwise he eats them in a day!

I’m trying to figure out what would need to go into a NACHO variety!


132 Amy W May 7, 2012

Tried raw kale chips for the first time this weekend. They did not last more than two days!!! Hahaha :)


133 Nicole May 7, 2012

Not sure if anyone else tried this yet or not, but I did make some kale chips on Saturday and stored them in a glass jar. They are still nice and crispy today (Monday)! Oh, and I made them in the oven, too. Love the new banner! :)


134 Linda Brennan May 7, 2012

HI, lovely to read all these comments about kale chips. Yes, they are crispy, delicious and good enough to be a tasty snack without all the calories and fat or ‘normal’ fried crisps. Your recipe will be on my list to try when the kale is in season again – which will be about a month here in the Aussie subtropics
This year I’m growing 4 different sorts of heritage kales because we have just become hooked on kale chips. The purple frilly kale leaves and the Red Bor look awesome in the garden.
Thanks for your lovely blog Angela!


135 Tammy Blankenheim May 7, 2012

Ok, I am new to Kale Chips. Trying to eat healthier and try new things. I have never heard of Nutritional Yeast. Do you have to add the yeast to have the sauce the correct consistancy?


136 Angela (Oh She Glows) May 8, 2012

its not so much for the consistency, but for a bit of cheese like flavour. I do think the recipe will work without it though. It just might not have as much cheeze flavour.


137 Tammy Blankenheim May 8, 2012

Thanks for the quick reply. I am going to go to our Natural Food Store later today and see if I can find some! Really looking forward to trying this recipe!


138 Tammy Blankenheim May 10, 2012

Tried this last night & am munching on them today! Very good Sun Dried Tomato flavor. I will be making these more offen! Just need to have my Husband try them! Thanks again!


139 Angela (Oh She Glows) May 10, 2012

Glad to hear that!


140 [email protected] May 8, 2012

I usually soak my nuts over night to get enzyme inhibitors out of them.


141 Matt Lurie May 9, 2012

Pictures look great! Thanks for mentioning the store.

Matt Lurie
President & CEO
Organic Garage Ltd.


142 Cortnie May 13, 2012

LOVE the new header!!



143 Lexi @ You, Me, & A World to See May 15, 2012

My toaster oven doubles as a dehydrator, so I may have to give this a try :)


144 Lexi @ You, Me, & A World to See May 15, 2012

Being that I’m a total chip addict, these sound fantastic!


145 Crystal from Hawaii May 27, 2012

Hey guys!!! I am a Lover of kale chips as too. I turn my oven as low as it will go and then on a cookie sheet I put a cooling rack on it and then add my kale. It helps the air to get all around the kale. It takes about 30-40 min. Depending on how much you put on the sheet. Very yummy!!! Love your blog…So many recipes I want to try out!!!


146 Angela (Oh She Glows) May 28, 2012

Thanks Crystal!


147 Anna June 23, 2012

Hi there!

Do you know if you can substitute anything for the nuts – beans and some oil? I have some friends who are allergic to nuts, so cashews wouldn’t work too well Also, have you ever tried it with red pepper instead of sun-dried tomatoes? In addition to getting rid of allergens, I’m trying to think lower cost. : )

Anna (college student)


148 Angela (Oh She Glows) June 23, 2012

No I’m really sorry but I don’t know of any subs. I haven’t tried that substitue, but it sounds good!


149 Dr Becky July 12, 2012

Love your kale chip recipes. I am soaking my cashews, as I type this, so that I can make the ‘cheesy’ chips. Can’t wait!!!
Question? Why are there ads on your site for Harry and Davids and Fiber One Bars? I can’t imagine you eat these products. I’m confused.
Love your content….just perplexed about your ads.


150 Jocelyne July 16, 2012

I have a Baron with 10 shelves. The thermostat doesn’t work so it is always on low. I dry my cherries in my little green house ( 6×8)and plan to try kale chips in it as it heats to 120F in a sunny day with the window and the door closed,.


151 Taya July 19, 2012


Can these be made without nutritional yeast? I don’t have any on hand right now and I just bought a big bunch of kale from the farmer’s market today.
Thanks so much! We can’t wait to try them!!


152 Angela (Oh She Glows) July 20, 2012

Im sure you can Taya. It will have a slightly less “cheezy” flavour but im sure it will still taste good.


153 Michele August 1, 2012

Absolutely A-MA-ZING!


154 Charlene August 10, 2012

I have made cheesy kale chips in the oven, many times. I have a convection oven that I set to 325 deg for 10 to 15 min, using the lower 2 racks. About half way through I switch the two cookie sheets out, for a more even crispiness. Oh…. and use parchment paper so mixture doesn’t stick to sheets!!

TIP: If there is such a thing as leftover kale chips, store in paper bag for best result (may go stale after more than 2 days). I once was out of paper and used a plastic bag for camping trip. Chips were very soggy!! I decided that since truck dash was so hot from sun, to take chips and lay them on the outside of the bag….presto, crispiness again!!! If at home you can also revive in oven, on cookie sheets for a few minutes too. Hope this has been helpful!!


155 Laura August 30, 2012

This recipe is SO DELICIOUS! These are better than potato chips, and much healthier! :) The tomatoes I used the first time needed to be soaked longer, so now I soak the tomatoes overnight first.


156 Katie September 9, 2012

This cheese sauce is fantastic!! I am writing this as my kale is drying and dipping some raw kale and sauce I left out to eat right away – love, love it!! Thanks for the post.


157 Laurie December 19, 2012

I love my Excalibur and dry many different foods with it. I haven’t tried Kale so am doing it today. But another really good item to try is tomato slices both plain and flavored. They crisp up beautifully and provide a burst of tomato goodness. I would dry them half way then brush them with your sauce!


158 joanne January 6, 2013

How imperative is it to use the yeast. I presume one may use spinach leaves also?


159 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 6, 2013

The nutritional yeast lends a bit of a cheese like flavour but you can certainly leave it out. Spinach wont work unfortunately – it just wilts if I remember correctly. enjoy!


160 Christine January 24, 2013

DEE-lish! I am loving these…especially good when I wanted a savory, crunchy snack. Thank you!


161 Wendy February 10, 2013

For oven baked kale chips, I follow this recipe which works beautifully:
Not sure if this would work with the extra moisture from the tomatoe/cashew sauce.
My husband and 6 year old son love them, so they disappear shortly after coming out of the oven.


162 laekker April 17, 2013

Out of sheer curiosity have you ever cooked with cannabis?


163 lori April 22, 2013

I just made some baked kale in the oven…no issues with it burning…as the recipe had me put in oven at 175 for 30 mins….then turn oven off for 30 mins.but leave in oven…then flip leaves over..turn oven back on same temp for 30 mins…off and sit in oven again for 30 mins….at this point they were suppose to be done- but I had to turn mine back on for another 15….may seem time consuming but I was working around the house anyway….they turned out great..not burnt !


164 Jenny Wheelan June 28, 2013

These are the most delicious kale chips I have ever eaten! They put the store bought ones to shame!!!


165 Brian August 6, 2013

I did not see how much Cheese to use in the recipe. Could you let me know?

Thanks so much,


166 Angela (Oh She Glows) August 7, 2013

I think I used all of it. If your kale bunch is small you might want to add more kale if the sauce is too thick. enjoy!


167 Brian August 6, 2013

OOPs, Is the cashews and other ingrediants that you blend the cheese sauce? Sorry I am new to this.



168 Cindy August 28, 2013

Just dehydrated kale straight from the garden…so delish! I don’t even cut it up, just give my kids whole dried leaves and we all just love it. Great new recipe, thanks!


169 sandra December 27, 2013

I’m a little late to the kale chip party, but I have a batch of these in my Nesco for just under 6 hrs at 115 degrees, and I just ate a salad plate full of them! But with one major change since I’m not patient at all and can’t have cashews in the house unless they’re preportioned! So I substituted a handful of whole almonds, unsoaked, straight out of the bag. And the chips were glorious!! My husband hasn’t discovered them yet, so I’m going to store them in a Food Saver canister with a chalkboard label that’s marked “Nasty”. ha


170 Candace January 20, 2014

Hello! I noticed in your article you said Eric went from eating a very limited variety of vegetables to eating almost all vegetable. My question is, how did you do that? My husband is incredibly picky. If it looks strange or has a unique color he won’t touch it (Let me add, what is considered strange to him is spinach or butternut squash). He grew up eating mostly frozen dinners and fast food and after being together for nearly 5 years he will eat a few more things but still not what is needed. So getting a picky husband to eat better is possible, how did you do it?
Thank you!


171 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 21, 2014

Hi Candace,
Years ago when my husband didn’t eat a wide variety of plant-based foods, he would always promise to try one bite of whatever I made. I think this was key because over time, these small bites grew on him and he started eating a bit more and a bit more. Now, over 5 years later, he eats hundreds of new foods that he never used to enjoy.


172 Stephanie Owens January 29, 2014

Never made cheesy kale chips but I do make all sorts of other kinds and I make them in my oven all the time. They turn out great and it’s hard not to eat them all in one sitting!!! I sympathize with your husband…it’s hard to share something so delicious!!! I treat my kale the same as you. Make sure you dry it really well. Then I coat mine in tiny bit of olive oil or any healthy oil and my seasoning blend – depending on whatever flavor I want. Spread in a single layer on a sheet pan and bake at 250 degrees until they are crisp completely. Let cool completely before storing. I never make it to this last part. In my house we eat them all and we never have to worry with storage.


173 Lauren April 6, 2014

These are absolutely amazing as is–but I’m going to try them with canned chipotles instead of sundried tomatoes today!


174 Annabelle Langlois October 6, 2017
Recipe Rating:

I just made those, and they are DELICIOUS! I used sundried tomatoes in sunflower oil and I didn’t need to soak them beforehand. Will definitely make those again (and again and again and again!). Thanks for the great recipe!


175 Angela (Oh She Glows) October 6, 2017

So glad you enjoyed the chips Annabelle :)


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