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Sadly, the super tidy “after” living and dining room didn’t last very long!


Real life happened. Or should I say I happened.

I always have good intentions when it comes to cleaning up clutter, but often, more important things just get in the way. I’m trying to start a daily habit to tidy up clutter though. I’ll let you know how that one goes…

Here is a another angle from the other day when it was all tidy looking. Boy, that didn’t last long.


See the staircase to the basement? The basement is rented out to someone else and we don’t have any access (there is a fireproof door locked from both sides). It would be nice if we had it for storage, but I think we’ll be ok since we got rid of so many things before the move.

The hallway:


When we were staging our house before we put it on the market, we put long mirrors in hallways to make them look bright and big. It’s a fun trick that we carried over into this place. 

By the way, if any of you are interested in a post on staging please let me know. We picked up several great tips from a stager that our realtor brought in. I also have lots of pictures (after staging) from the old house. If there is interest I will write a post on it, so please let me know!

Here’s peek at our old house’s entry way after staging:


The entry way was previously empty (and I mean empty!), so we added the sofa table, big mirror, faux flowers, rug, plant, and small accessories on the shelves. It made a huge difference.

Ok, back to the new place.

If you walk down the same hallway, you’ll come to a small powder room:


It needs some sprucing up…I might even paint it if it drives me crazy enough. Anyone have a good colour for a small bathroom?

At the bottom of the stairs you’ll find our cute little giraffes to greet you.


Now, we’ll go upstairs for a peek!


This is the view looking to the right from the top of the stairs:


We put another piece of art up and another mirror in this hallway.

The door to the right of the mirror is our bedroom and the door to the left is the bathroom.


The bathroom is quite modern looking and flooded with light. It’s definitely one of my favourite rooms.


This pic was from before we moved in. We have plans to put up art and pictures in there, so I will show you those when it’s finished. It also needs a bright pop of colour!

If you turn right out of the bathroom, you’ll come to the laundry:


I guess it’s more common these days for homes to have the laundry on the second floor and I must say it’s GENIUS. I’ve never had laundry on the second level and I’m loving the convenience. No more lugging baskets of dirty clothing down the stairs.

Here’s what you’ll find inside the doors…


One of the hardest things I parted with in the old house was our new front loading whirlpool washer and dryer. I cry at night for them. Ok, not really, but man do I miss them!

Eric had a vision for this laundry space.


Last weekend, he installed a shelf and he’s also putting a small one on the far left side a bit lower down.


It took us over an hour to pick the shelving, figure out the parts, and then find someone to cut the wire. Remind me again why I let him talk me into going to Home Depot on a Saturday? If it weren’t for those energy bites, a meltdown may have occurred.

IMG_2810  IMG_2809

We plan on putting our cleaning supplies, laundry soaps, toilet paper, paper towel, etc up there. The shelf is just low enough for me to reach on my tippy toes.


It also doubles as a clothes drying rack…which is why he put the shelf a bit higher up!


I originally wanted to purchase one of those free-standing clothing racks (the big clunky ones), but I like Eric’s idea much better. It’s a 2-in-1 laundry “room” now and takes up no extra space in the house. He’s a keeper.

Across from the laundry is a linen closet:


Something you may not know about me (but may not surprise you): I simply have no patience for folding. Don’t even get me started on those fitted elastic bed sheets! I know how to fold properly, I just don’t like spending time on folding and could care less what my linen closet looks like. That’s also why I hang up 95% of my clothing.

Immediately next to the laundry and linen closet is the 2nd bedroom, which we’ve turned into a shared office. Well, we will be turning into a shared office.

Right now, it’s a scary, scary place.


Oh and you know how I said I loved the central vac? Well, after using it for 2 weeks, I now have mixed feelings about lugging around the hose and having it take up all the closet space. I think someone needs to invent a retractable hose for a central vac…one that retracts right into the wall. Do they make those? That would be pretty fun, but only if the hose came out of the wall easily and it was on each level. Probably not the most practical idea.


Our desks are due to arrive in another week or so. Right now, we’re trying to do our personal and business taxes among this mess and it’s not working out so well, especially because we put one of our files in storage by mistake.


Our bedroom is also not finished, so those pics will have to wait for another time too.

By the way, I forgot to mention in my Kitchen before and after post that I’m challenging myself to stop using a microwave. Our microwave in the last house is staying with the new owners, so I took this opportunity not to buy a new one. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time now, so I figure now is the time. I’ve missed it a few times already (mainly for reheating leftovers and melting chocolate), but it is nice having the extra counter space too. I’m sure I will get used to it after a while!

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Laura March 30, 2012

Your posts give me motivation to continue my unpacking and cleaning as we just moved as well.

Love the giraffe photo. Where did you pick that up? I’m trying to find jungle-themed art for the nursery walls that isn’t “cartoony”.


Fiona March 30, 2012

I love Eric’s idea of the bar that holds clothes for air-drying!!! I told my Eric (my husband is named Eric too and is from Toronto!), “Oh She Glows’ Eric built her a really cool bar for air drying clothes in their laundry so I want my Eric to build me one too!” He agreed; yay! I love the giraffe picture too! And the long mirror idea! But I couldn’t live without a microwave! I agree with another commenter that sage green would look nice in your little bathroom! Loving these home posts!


Fiona March 30, 2012

Oops I didn’t mean to post my comment as a reply! Sorry!


Andrea March 30, 2012

Please, please, please do a post on staging! We are going to be selling our house in the near future and we need it to sell quickly! Any help you can provide would be a lifesaver!

It is funny, in the U.S., at least in the part where we currently are, appliance stores will not deliver and set up appliances on the second floor! We had to have them delivered and then have a second guy come out and install them for us on the second floor. You are right, they are awesome on the second floor!

It looks great and I love your bathroom!


Moni Meals March 30, 2012

wow, such great progress! I LOVE your bathroom/shower. So spacious. I love the wood floors too. Great style!


Lauren @ Oatmeal after Spinning March 30, 2012

I have a tiny bathroom on the main floor of my house that was covered in the ugliest wallpaper in the world when we moved in (it had raspberries and blueberries on vines all over it- we called it the berry hideous room). We stripped it and painted it light blue. I LOVE IT. It looks great with the white sink.
My home office is full of boxes and crap that I have yet to unpack. And we’ve been in our home for a year and a half…


Katie @ Creature of Habit March 30, 2012

My fiancé and I are looking at houses right now and one of my major requirements is a microwave. Lol maybe I should take all these great tips and be less rigid about it. It sure would expand the number of possible housing options.


Natalie March 30, 2012

Would love a staging post!


Jill March 30, 2012

Retractable central vac hoses do exist…they’re just really expensive. They put them into lots of luxury homes now. The convenience would be pretty awesome! I had central vac in my home growing up and I definitely miss it. I live in a tiny apt but I still hate lugging the vac around (which is maybe partially why I don’t vacuum nearly as often as I should!)


Jenna March 30, 2012

I’d love to see your information on “staging”, I keep a file of tips and ideas for when we get ready to sell this house….****************pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……noooooooooooooo neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*

thanks and always love reading your blog,



Leah March 30, 2012

I lived without a microwave for 2 years and honestly didn’t miss it too much. The only thing that was hard to live without was the convenience of microwave popcorn, but I don’t eat that too often anyways. Thanks for the updates and I would love to read a post about the staging process!


Christine Gillis March 30, 2012

HI Angela. Thanks for your updates. I love reading all of them and really love everything I’ve ever made from your site! Endurance crackers, S&V chick peas, Overnight Oats, Green Monsters and your SuperBowl Chili are all consistent staples in my house….just last week when I was reading your post about snacks to have on hand I was literally shovelling S&V chick peas in my mouth. As for folding sheets, I heard a great tip a few years back and thought I’d share. Take the fitted sheet, the matching flat sheet and the two pillow slips and fold them all together. Use the fitted sheet as a type of “bag” that holds the matching linens. Does that make sense? Then, when you need them, all you have to do is take out the bundle that you want and voila…all together.


Tash (Dairy Free Chick) March 30, 2012

Hmm… so now you reheat leftovers on stovetop? Or eat cold?


Sam March 30, 2012

I have a friend who has done away with her microwave and she uses a toaster oven a ton. It takes up a lot less space on the counter.
I would love a staging post!


Lauren @ What Lauren Likes March 30, 2012

our family lived without a microwave for a long time, now we don’t even miss it anymore! The house looks fab :)


Robyn @ Blueberries and Oats March 30, 2012


I would love a post on staging! Tips for opening spaces is always helpful!


K March 30, 2012

toaster oven works great for re-heating, I bake in there too sometimes!
Made some carrot cake oh mega cookies yesterday in it!


Deirdre @ Ladies Holiday March 30, 2012

YAY microwave free. I’m waiting for ours to break, then not buying a new one. Any tips, tricks, etc. to living micro-free- please post!


Deanna March 30, 2012

I would LOVE to see a post on staging!! We’re hoping to put our house on the market in a couple months and I’ve been seeing more posts about staging and I know more examples will be helpful!


Tonya March 30, 2012

3 things;

– Please do a staging post!

– I’ve been without a microwave for 3 or more months. Thought I would miss it, I do not. Love the extra counter space. Tea water tastes better boiled rather than nuked.

– Makin me some energy balls this weekend! a raw energy ball recipe was like the OSG recipe I ever made. Thanks for bringing me back to the basics with yesterday’s post!


Stacy March 30, 2012

Your new place looks great! I love the green accent color in your living room, and of course your awesome bathroom. I would love to see a post on staging too!

I can see the appeal of the second floor laundry, but I learned from watching HGTV that it can create a major problem if you have a leak! It could drip through the floor into the first-floor ceiling and really be a mess. They recommended you use one of those tubs underneath the washer to catch any water – I couldn’t tell from your pics if you have one.


Life's a Bowl March 30, 2012

Your place looks gorgeous! And your husbands idea for the rack above the washer/ dryer unit looks like it worked out perfectly :)

P.S. IDK if I would be able to live without a microwave… Thinking about it now, I use it multiple times a day to warm food!


Christina March 30, 2012

I’d love to read a post on staging!


mia d March 30, 2012

We have that same laundry room w/ the same shelving on the 2nd floor of our townhouse too! I do love it! Same w/d too…the trade off for convenience helps :) I store cleaning supplies up on the shelf in bins..and stack bins of things that I need to store and I go all the way to the ceiling!! One trick that I’ve found (b/c I am short!) is to put the laundry soap/fabric softener/bleach/dryer sheets right on the top/back of the w/d.. in small wire bins -or- not! They actually fit on there and they stay even w/ the washer going.. it’s really another shelf and is much more convenient!! Hope it works for ya. (Also the bigger sizes from Costco fit there perfectly..


Sylvia March 30, 2012

I got rid of my microwave about a year ago and it did take some getting used to but I dont miss it at all! It was convenient since I have two young daughters and I do like to cook/bake a lot but it was ugly, old and taking up space.

I now use a little coffee pot – you know the kind that is just a lid-less metal container with a long black handle and holds about 1 – 1.5 cups of liquid? I melt chocolate in there, coconut oil, butter… you name it. Its so fast on the stove top! I also prefer stove popped popcorn (SO much tastier!!) so my microwave is officially something of the distant past.

Lovely house by the way! Youre too cute with the way you set up everything so perfectly! Oh and I LOVE your table!! I seen one like it years ago and have been lusting ever since!


Katie March 30, 2012

Oh my gosh, my boyfriend and I moved into our (smaller) apartment last summer, and we knew our kitchen was going to be tight, so we lived the last 2 months in our condo NOT using our microwave. Like you, I didn’t want to clutter the [limited] counterspace we now have. I will tell you, 8 months into, we do not miss having a microwave at all. We just reheat leftovers on the stove or oven (which tastes 100 times better). It’s also a great excuse not to buy bad-for-you microwave meals. ;)


Sara N March 30, 2012

Please write a post on staging!


Angela March 30, 2012

I agree with you on the microwave bit. I reheat leftovers in our steamer basket. Buuuuutttt, I do use the microwave to sterilize my neti pot and for that reason I like to have one in the kitchen.


Ashley March 30, 2012

Everything looks great! Looking forward to seeing the rest. :) I’d love to see a post on staging and your before and after pics of your old place when you did staging.


Laura @ My Pink Thumb March 30, 2012

Loving the new place!!
My hubby and I are in the midst of re-decorating/reviving out home now that I’ve been in it for almost 5 years. So with that being said, I would just love to read a staging post! :)


Renee March 30, 2012

Looks great, Angela! And I would definitely be interested in hearing your tips and tricks on staging.


Amy March 30, 2012

A staging post would be great! We have our house on the market now and need some staging tips.


Natasha March 30, 2012

your house looks so beautiful! I’m a little confused as to how that shelf is also a clothes-drying rack. do you just hang clothes on hangers there?


Stephanie @ Legally Blinde March 30, 2012

It’s looking great! I love all of the natural light in your bathroom – how nice. I would definitely like to see a post about staging; that sounds really interesting and the mirror “trick” seems like a great idea. I don’t know if I could give up my microwave… definitely curious to see how it goes for you!


Anna @ The Guiltless Life March 30, 2012

Staging makes SUCH a huge difference when you’re selling a place, for sure! We’re struggling right now because we have tenants in a place we are trying to sell and we’re nervous that not having it staged will impact its sale – which I think it will for sure. However, thankfully we have very neat tenants who are really helping us out!


Chelsea March 30, 2012

Staging is so intriguing to me and I know nothing! I’d love to read your insights!

Both of our bathrooms are microscopic and have white tile halfway up the wall. One I painted a bright magenta and hung a black mirror and medicine cabinet and used brushed chrome fixtures. The sink is a white pedestal like yours. I love the bold color pop!

I gave up my microwave, too, when we moved into this house! I missed it often at first and had to learn to plan ahead with defrosting things, and had to shrug my shoulders at lukewarm coffee, but I’m glad we stuck with it! There’s so much controversy with microwaves and I’m feel like we made a good decision to be on the safe side. :-) You’ll definitely get used to it and hardly miss it!


osgmom March 30, 2012

I would go with a blue tone for the half-bathroom to give it a Spa like feel – maybe a silver sage (more blue than green). I love your new furniture — very you!


AGS March 30, 2012

You go, girl! My trick for sheets is to fold them mostly neatly (by which I mean, my husband thinks not at all — he’s a neat freak), and then slip them into one of the pilowcases. Then, when you go to make the bed, you just grab a pillowcase sack, and there you go. It looks way more neat stacked in our linen closet. . . and no extra folding for yours truly.

Sometimes, I’m so brilliant, I shock myself. Well, really, just myself, because no matter how many people I tell about this, they somehow don’t associate brilliance with pillowcases. . . oh well.


AGS March 30, 2012

On painting: bold colors — try a dark blue or black (makes the white “pop”). We painted a lot of our trim black (lots of time/tape/etc.), but it looks very good. Plus, it lets you go minimalist. . . no extra decorating required if you just pick 2-3 strong contrasting colors.


Erica March 30, 2012

Ha ha, I hate folding too! My husband won’t let me fold our laundry because I do such a sloppy job due to my lack of patience. I hang what I can, but inside my clothing drawers there are big messes and a lot of wrinkled garments!

Did you keep your treadmill?


Melissa March 30, 2012

Yes, a post on staging would be most welcome!


jeanne March 30, 2012

I got rid of my microwave about two years ago and I realized I really didn’t need one. Although I love popcorn so I bought a $15 hot air popper from amazon. You should get one if you find youself missing microwave popcorn!


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