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IMG 2624   Always Check The Driveway

After Eric and I returned the moving truck on Sunday afternoon, we came back to the new place and I started unpacking while he set up the office.

Suddenly, Eric came into the room looking panicked.

“Ange, I think I forgot something at the old house.”


“…I forgot your COMPUTER on the driveway!!!!”

You know, I always thought we’d forget a few things when moving…maybe a tarnished earring in the bathroom drawer, a dusty sock under the dryer, or a garden tool in the garage. Somehow, we managed to forget one of the most valuable things in the house- the machine that holds my cookbook recipes and photography. Go figure. And on the driveway of all places…lol.

It had now been about 4 hours since we left the house…and the computer sitting on the driveway. We called our friend Mary who lives nearby and she checked to see if the computer was still there. Thank goodness it was! Two hours later, we returned with my computer in hand and I figured this was a good time to back my computer up which is something I hadn’t done for a couple months. You can never be too sure with computers, especially during a move when things can get banged up…or forgotten on driveways.


Aside from that excitement, things have been going smoothly!

I managed to unpack our clothing:

IMG 2702   Always Check The Driveway

We have a small walk through closet adjoining our bedroom and bathroom.

Eric’s side:

IMG 2718   Always Check The Driveway

And my bigger side: :)

IMG 2719   Always Check The Driveway

I’m like a human colour wheel or something.

We’re storing our underwear, socks, PJ’s, etc in the tall dresser in the bedroom. I’m also hoping to get some kind of shelf unit for the bottom of the closet for a bit more storage for odds and ends.

As for my eats, we’ll they’ve been all over the place since we started moving! Here are a few things I managed to snap a picture of…

Costco crackers and sunflower seed butter:

IMG 2705   Always Check The Driveway

Not the healthiest choice, but handfuls of chocolate chips are a great blood sugar boost when moving boxes all day long. and Eric wondered where my super human strength came from…

IMG 2706   Always Check The Driveway

dried cherries:

IMG 2708   Always Check The Driveway

Chocolate and cherries…it’s practically trail mix, right?

lots of beer. Not good for staying hydrated…

Random bowls of banana, almond milk, sunflower seed butter, and hemp seeds also do the trick:

IMG 2722   Always Check The Driveway

As do boxes from Whole Foods salad bar (probably the only veggies I ate for a few days):

IMG 2654   Always Check The Driveway

I’ve been rocking the Vegan Overnight Oats like nobody’s business! Easiest breakfast/snack food ever.

IMG 8213   Always Check The Driveway

Amy’s veggie burgers:

IMG 8243   Always Check The Driveway

and this delicious creation I came up with the other night! I added about 1/2 cup of almond milk, 3/4 cup frozen mixed berries, and 1/3 scoop Vega Chocolate protein powder into the blender. The result was almost like a berry sorbet…and made the perfect dessert!

IMG 8249   Always Check The Driveway

I adore this President’s Choice Power Fruit Blend in smoothies. There are so many sweet cherries in it!

IMG 8250   Always Check The Driveway

As for Sketchie, he’s not sure what to think of all of this!! He was on edge all day Sunday as he checked out every inch of the place.

Leave it to Sketchie to find this random hole in the kitchen cabinet…

IMG 8241   Always Check The Driveway

I was in the kitchen and noticed him at my feet with HALF his body in the hole! I grabbed him out just in time! Gave me a real scare. I moved a big block to cover the hole so he can’t climb in…so hopefully that works. I can only imagine having to call the fire department for that one…umm my cat is stuck under my kitchen cabinet…haaaalp.

IMG 8234   Always Check The Driveway

Yesterday, he did much better and got caught up on some major shut eye while I worked. I’m just trying to give him extra attention and affection while he makes this new transition. Moves are hard on people, but they may be even harder on the fur balls!

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Meister @ The Nervous Cook March 20, 2012

Woah, you have great karma! Forgetting your computer in the driveway is kind of the blogger equivalent of forgetting you put your coffee cup on top of the car so you could open the door, and then driving away only to have it slosh all the way down your rear window…

So glad it was waiting for you! Sheesh.


LizAshlee March 20, 2012

Oh my gosh, that’s crazy-of all things, the computer! I am so happy it was still there when you got back…I’m sure this will be something you guys forever remember!! Happy unpacking! :) I’ll be joining in on the fun in a couple weeks-we are headed out this week to find a new place!


The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh March 20, 2012

My face went white when I read that about your computer! You’re so lucky that it was still there! (Or should I say HE was! HA!) What a random hole! Kitties find everything so it was good you were alerted to this cubby now instead of later when chaos could ensue!


Angela @ Eat Spin Run Repeat March 20, 2012

OMG I don’t know what I’d have done if the computer had gone missing!! SO happy you guys managed to get it back safely! And it looks like you have some fantastic fuel to keep you going… how many WF trips have you made during the move? ;) Have a great day Ange!


Grace @ Healthy Dreaming March 20, 2012

Thank goodness the computer was still there. I once left my ENTIRE LV PURSE in a dressing room and THANKFULLY it was still there when I ran back >< ..I felt like such a spazzzz


Stephanie @ Legally Blinde March 20, 2012

Oh wow, I can’t even imagine what you must have felt like when Eric remembered about your computer – so glad it was still there! Seems like you’re making great progress unpacking – good luck with the rest of it!


Leanne @ Healthful Pursuit March 20, 2012

haha wow, I’m so surprised you kept your cool! I would have been panicked! I haven’t tried that super fruits blend, I’ve seen it, just never thought to pick it up. Have fun unpacking :)


veganlinda March 20, 2012

So glad it was still there!


Leah @ Chocolate and Wild Air March 20, 2012

Love love love the WF salad bar – it’s my go-to for veggies when I’m out and about!

Come one Sketchie, we don’t need anymore drama up in here. A move it enough to worry about!


Amateur Mommy March 20, 2012

Yikes that could have been a disaster! I love the pic of your kitty, BTW :)


Andrea March 20, 2012

I love your new place, it looks so modern and shiny! Sketchie is adorable as always – love the kitty updates! I am so appreciative of the fact that you’re a Canadian blogger. It is so exciting to hear you talk about products I can actually find here in the great white North :)


Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table March 20, 2012

The computer was STILL in the driveway?! That is unbelievable. I would have had a heart attack (not to mention it would have been long gone in Atlanta – LOL!).


Janae March 20, 2012

Isn’t it ironic how we can try so hard to remember everything, yet despite this, we sometimes forget the most important thing(s)? So glad your computer is safe and sound.

I’m so glad I’m not the only one who loves to eat bananas this way. I think it’s such a comfort food–sliced bananas, milk, some raisins or other chewy something, and a few chopped or sliced nuts. Your cat is gorgeous. I (and my kids more so) hope to have a kitty one day…

(and I love all the colors in your closet. says loads about your personality :)).


Faith @ For the Health of It March 20, 2012

Yikes – moving is no fun at all. So glad you caught the computer mistake! I’ve got to start getting ready to move (thankfully only across town) in May, but that’s not going to be fun either!


Kayti March 20, 2012

Where did you get the cookies?! I’m dying to know! lol.


Meg | One Love Meg March 20, 2012

I hate the feeling when you know you have left something behind. I once was doing laundry at a laundry mat and left al my bras hanging to dry on the basket. ( ALL of my bras) and I only like Victoria Secrets so they are not the cheapest bras. I didn’t realize it until a few hours later, by the time I went back they were gone. Someone had actually stolen my bras! My story did not have such a happy ending. But I moved on, went to the store bought a few to tie me over and now my collection is growing again. :)


Meg @ Sweet Twist March 20, 2012

Was that the whole foods detox salad?? I love that, just got it on Saturday.


Alex @ Raw Recovery March 20, 2012

I’m glad your computer was still there! My dad’s business partner’s laptop was stolen on a train in Amsterdam that had all their business information on it….bad, bad thing. Thankfully it turned out ok. Always check the driveway, always check/watch for sketchy people on trains.


Joann@womaninreallife March 20, 2012

I would say you are eating very well considering all the work you have to do. I have been known to snack on those Mega Chunks too! :)


Clem March 20, 2012

My cat will always get in the most awkward/dangerous nooks and crannies. He once got himself lost behind a drawer of my sister’s dresser. Most stressful 30 minutes of my life, but he finally got out of there in one piece. Silly cats, they just love to frighten us!


Janine @ThePurpleGiraffe March 20, 2012

Our cats were so freaked out when we bought our house – Azrael didn’t come out from under the guest bed for two days. I had to set up a litter box and food dish in there!


Ashley March 20, 2012

Aw, little fur ball! That is nuts about the computer! I’m glad no one BACKED over it when leaving the old house. Yipes! Love those Costco crackers. :)


kath March 20, 2012

Isn’t it weird the first time you photograph food in your new home? It’s like you won’t know how your photos will turn out until THAT MOMENT!

Although it wouldn’t surprise me if you did a test shoot when you were shopping for a place :)


char eats greens March 20, 2012

I hope you didn’t have a heart attack about the laptop…I think I might of! I want to go to Whole Foods for some pizza action! My friend said they actually will put Daiya cheese on it…I almost had a heart attack from so much excitement. I also told her it was worth the 40 min drive to come and enjoy it with her =)


Lauren @ Oatmeal after Spinning March 20, 2012

Okay, I’m not a cat person at all- but your cat is gorgeous!!
I can’t believe you forgot your computer in the driveway. That is SO something I would do. I would have had a momentary heart attack for sure!


Meredith March 20, 2012

Oh goshhh I’m glad your computer was still there! Note taken, I will always check the driveway.

Your new home looks beautiful! It must be so exciting to start fresh. ALso love the color wheel that is your closet! It’s fun to wear colors, so wonderfl that you have a vibrant selection.

All the eats look delish; great to stay healthy in such a hectic time


Cait's Plate March 20, 2012

You’ve done some pretty good eating despite the move! I’m impressed!


Leslie March 20, 2012

Glad to hear the computer was still there!!!

Your comments about Sketchie adjusting to the new place reminded me of this hilarious post about dogs and moving.

Good luck with all the unpacking. cheers, leslie


Angela (Oh She Glows) March 20, 2012

hahaha LOVE love that blog. I die every time. Thanks for sharing, I hadn’t come across that one!


Becca March 20, 2012

Sketchie is such a beautiful cat <3.

And you are right: animals don't understand moves. They extra love to know that everything is OK and that despite the chaos, their owners aren't go anywhere!


Beks March 20, 2012

At my last apartment, my roommate called me to tell me she couldn’t find my cat. We had a hole under our cabinet, too, next to the stove, and she was the only animal we had that could fit in there. Scared me to death!


Natalie March 20, 2012

We had a kitten that did that – there was a space under the cabinets that we didn’t know about until she got her head stuck… for 45 minutes. I was dancing around freaking out and the kitten was screaming and the other cat watching while my boyfriend performed the resuce mission. What killed me is she was back there the next day looking at the space! I was so afraid she would suffocate! She was really stuck.


carrie March 20, 2012

Love the looks of your new place.

We moved this past year as well, for the same reason you did, my husband had been driving 3-4 hours every day for almost 3 years an we finally said “enough of this”. We took possesion of our new house the first of June. We did not however, sell our old house. My daughter finished out her school year and I was still working in our old town for the entire summer. So we were sort of living in two places until Septmber when I officaily left my job and our daughter began the new school year here in our new town.

During the summer, she spent a week in july and a week in august with daddy at the “new home” and the cat accompanied her for both weeks. So when we did our final transition, the cat had already been here a couple of times, which I thought would make it easier on him. Cats are funny creatures though and he was unsettled for a couple of weeks before he began to seem like his regular old self again. He seems to love the place now as much as we do though!

Hope you all feel comfortable and ‘at home’ soon!


Averie @ Averie Cooks March 20, 2012

Nothing like moving to throw eats and snacks for a huge loop…like, oh, that random bag of this or that that I’ve had for a year and didn’t touch, sure, I’ll eat that now. With this other food that’s sort of random, too, but they kind of go together. Chocolate and cranberries, perfect!

Your computer. OMG. You and computers DON’T have good luck…the smashed laptop screen, thanks to the airlines from a few months back. Glad your desktop was safe!


Sarah March 20, 2012

My dad is getting remarried very soon. They’ve bought a new house that they’ll move into soon as well. The scary part is they will have three cats and three dogs to move as well. I’m not so sure it’s going to be easy to get them all to get along and enjoy a new house. Aaaah! Love new spaces though. I’m so excited you get to live in a town you love!


Victoria March 20, 2012

I wish I had eaten as well as this during our house move. We lived on takeaway and rubbish for a good few days!



Bronwyn March 20, 2012

Oh cats! They will find everything there is to be found in a new place. Glad you got your computer back, and for the most part the move went smoothly.


Kathryn March 20, 2012

You did way better on food than I did. We ate out, ate out, ate out. There are great resturants below us and surrounding us! Finally made a green monster today to get back on track!


geosomin March 20, 2012

Glad you talked Sketchie out of going spelunking. We did a few small renos a while back and woke up to the sound of our cat meowing…inside the floor! Thankfully we were able to call him and convince him to come back out (all warm and dusty).


Jasper @ crunchylittlebites March 20, 2012

you still have President’s Choice in Canada? Great Value Walmart brand swallowed PC nearly a decade ago I think… :(


Yellow Haired Girl March 20, 2012

Eeeesh I’m so glad the computer didn’t disappear!


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