Healthy Chocolate Chia Pudding





Mood swings.


Sore boobs.

Tearing up over random TV shows (example: Redemption Inc).


Uncontrollable yawning.

Random anger.

Healthier chocolate pudding.


I am a woman, hear me roar!

This is the pudding I make when I feel like inhaling a bag of chocolate chips.


It lets me return to my normal self, at least for now…

My chocolate cravings are satisfied and I feel like a million bucks, minus the sore boobs, mood swings, and yawning of course.


I wouldn’t say that it’s for everyone though; if you aren’t into soaked chia seeds (and their slim-factor) you might not like this pudding. You could try adding rolled oats for a chewier texture and do more of a vegan overnight oats recipe if that floats your boat. I added in a couple tablespoons of oats at the last minute.

Top it with a bit of shaved dark chocolate on top…and it’s pretty much my favourite snack going. I also love it heated up with a spoonful of coconut cream stirred in! Want to thicken it up? Mash in a banana just before serving.


Healthy Chocolate Chia Pudding

Vegan, gluten-free, no bake/raw, oil-free, soy-free



I make this pudding when I want something indulgent tasting, but don’t feel like eating a ton of sugar. It satisfies and energizes me while letting me get on with my day. I love mixing carob powder and cocoa powder for a more complex chocolate flavour. The carob powder also adds a natural sweetness that I love. If you don’t have carob, I suggest using a bit more cocoa powder and sweetener since it will be less sweet without the carob. Serve cold or heated up!

Adapted from Repair and Recover Chia Pudding

2 servings
Prep Time
Cook time
0 Minutes
Total Time


  • 1 & 1/4 cup to 1 & 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk, as needed to thin out
  • 1/4 cup chia seeds
  • 1 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 2 tbsp carob flour/powder (I buy it at Bulk Barn)
  • 1 tbsp pure maple syrup
  • Shaved chocolate for garnish (optional)


  1. In a large bowl, whisk together all of the ingredients (starting with 1 & 1/4 cup almond milk) until the clumps are gone. Place in fridge for 1-2 hours, until thick or overnight. Stir well, add more milk if desired to achieve the thickness you desire, and serve chilled. Alternatively you can heat in the microwave and serve it warm. It’s nice with a spoonful of coconut cream mixed in or a mashed banana too.
197 calories12 grams15 grams8 grams

Also try Pumpkin Pie Chia Pudding Parfait.

This morning, I enjoyed heated-up chocolate pudding and a breakfast cookie.

I should be a lot nicer today.

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Charlotte ( January 18, 2012

This looks great and easy! If I don’t have Carob powder could I just use more cocoa? Also, thanks for including the nutritional facts – really helpful for those of us with New Year’s Resolutions :)


Angela (Oh She Glows) January 18, 2012

You can use a tiny bit more cocoa but I would also add more sweetener since carob is sweet and the cocoa is bitter.


Jeralyn January 18, 2012

Can you use whole wheat flour for this recipe?


sophie January 18, 2012

Thank you for bringing chocolate pudding bac into my life. Today I tried it with some added peant flour…mmm :) Keep doin’ what you’re doing :)


Sherlock January 21, 2012

This looked very good which is why I had to try it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a huge fan. The chia seed flavor was overwhelming. I even processed the pudding before eating which did improve the texture. It definitely needed more cocoa and sweetener for my liking but my 3 year old enjoyed it.


Kelly January 24, 2012

I made two nights ago & since I didn’t have carob powder I used cacao & cocoa powders. It was fabulous! I had one serving last night & had enough will power (surprisingly) to save the other serving for later tonight.


Susan January 26, 2012

even though I don’t actually get PMS symptoms- I still used my period as an excuse to make this pudding; it wasn’t quite as good as I hoped – it tasted healthy – but it was ok. I must admit that I didn’t add the maple syrup and it would have likely improved the sweet factor but added cinnamon sugar instead


Kevin (Closet Cooking) January 31, 2012

That pudding looks amazing!


Helen February 5, 2012

I just wanted to let you know how much I love your blog. The recipes are great and your stories are so inspirational. My whole life I’ve struggled with my weight and body image. Last year, my first year in college, I experienced debilitating and unexplained health problems. After many hours spent in doctors offices with no answers I finally discovered that my symptoms were food related. After going on a highly restricted “elimination” diet removing common allergens, I am finally starting to get my life back on track. My eating habits and general lifestyle has changed drastically since August when I altered my eating patterns, but its blogs like this that have helped my manage the stress of doing so. Thank you so much and keep up the good work!


Angela (Oh She Glows) February 5, 2012

Thank you Helen, goodluck with everything!


Natalie Michael February 18, 2012

Oh my god, Angela! I absolutely love this recipe. I used dates instead of maple syrup, and I added vanilla and some melted organic chocolate to it. I am in heaven!!!!


Alice February 19, 2012

You sound like me when I’m about to be on my monthly. :) Sounds really good, I’m going to try this!


Katie March 1, 2012

Hey Angela!

This looks delish, as everyone has mentioned ;) Wondering if the syrup is a must for this – I would imagine the pudding texture would happen even without the syrup wouldn`t you say? lol :) Thanks!


Angela (Oh She Glows) March 2, 2012

I wouldnt say it’s a must but I would say sweetener (of some form) is a good idea!


Katie March 2, 2012

That’s great – I actually did it up without the syrup last night (but with stevia) and it was amazeballs:) Thanks for the wonderful idea!


Therese March 6, 2012

Actually Costco sells chia seeds for a very reasonable price in their pharmacy section.


Kirsten April 27, 2012

Great recipe for inspiration! I tripled it for my family, used raw milk, added two raw pastured egg yolks and will use my immersion blender to add an avocado right before serving. I know this isn’t a vegan thing, but it works for us. Thank you!


Phillip Minton, M.D. June 27, 2012

Thanks for this recipe! A perfect chocolate dessert for summer!


Jon June 28, 2012

Hello… I wanted to write to say that 1. You made me laugh and showed me a great recipe for healthier eating and 2. I wanted to show that there ARE intelligent men that are willing to learn how to eat healthy and sacrifice certain things as well. (burgers and pizza and beer).

Felt weird since I see there are no other comments coming from any males… anyways thanks for the great recipe and keep up the great work!


Angela (Oh She Glows) June 28, 2012

Hey Jon, It’s a pleasure to hear from you! I too wish there were more males commenting! Hope to see you again.


Spaceranger June 30, 2012

I’m *thrilled* to have found this recipe. I don’t have carob powder, so have been experimenting with other sweeteners–vietnemese cinnamon, high quality vanilla, and mollases (and sometimes a teensy bit of xylitol). I have also been using lots of raw cacao powder in it along with cacao nibs when I feel like it. Sometime I’ll pick up some carob powder and give it a go with that! This has been such a delicious little treat for me lately. My toddler loves it too!


cathy July 13, 2012

I just put chia seeds in chocolate soy milk with a couple tablespoons of oatmeal and let sit. nice and easy!!!


Sandi July 25, 2012

Do you know if this would still set up into pudding if I use chia powder or blend it thoroughly to eliminate the lumps of the chia seeds? My little boy has issues with texture and I’m trying to get some nutritious foods into him. Thanks!


Angela (Oh She Glows) July 26, 2012

I can’t see why it wouldn’t work when using ground chia. Let me know if you try it out!


Sandi July 26, 2012

OK – I’m going to try it today and I’ll let you know how it goes!


Kara Swan July 26, 2012

I’m not ashamed to admit that I just ate this for breakfast. Chia before gym = a great workout. Take THAT PMS!


Kaely September 29, 2012

I made this this afternoon – very very tasty. I used honey because i didn’t have anything else, and I used Vanilla Almond Milk in place of unsweetened. I also threw in a few chocolate chips and using Hazelnut Meal/Flour in place of the Carob since my husband can’t eat carob. It was tasty, but not quite a pudding texture, so I’m about to add some rolled oats and see if that helps! I used this coconut whipped cream on top! yum!


Anne M. September 30, 2012

No where around here carries carob flour, what would be a good substitute?


Angela (Oh She Glows) September 30, 2012

Hey Anne, you could probably use cocoa powder, but since carob is sweet and cocoa is bitter, you’d have to add more sweetener to taste. goodluck!


Anne M. October 1, 2012

Thanks! It was wonderful! I made the lentil walnut loaf for dinner with green beans topped with the parm used in the butternut squash and kale recipe as well as a fruit salad and the pudding for dessert.

Thanks for all the great recipes! I love your site!


Rita (More Health) December 25, 2012

This looks absolutely divine! Thanks for the great recipe, I will definitely be trying this one out. Going off for some chia seeds and carob flour. Thanks again!


Fit Missy January 14, 2013

This looks amazing! Going to have to try it!


Janet January 14, 2013

I added sliced strawberries .. yummy


Catherine January 14, 2013

… and here I am with chia seeds and no idea what to do with them. I think I know what tomorow’s breakfast will be!


Heather January 15, 2013

Great recipe!!! I want it right now too!!!:)


The Healthy Epicurean January 15, 2013

I love chia and of course I adore chocolate so what’s not to like. I’m making this :-)


Amanda January 15, 2013

I have tried tris recipe twice, and both times ended up with a runny, soupy mess. I made a half recipe, with 2/3 c almond milk, 2 T chia seeds, 1T coca, and 2 tsp of maple syrup. I tried just mixing and putting it in the fridge, as well as microwaving it for a bit first. Neither time was successful. Any suggestions?


Andrea January 16, 2013

Love chia! I admit I haven’t tried chia pudding yet, but I adore it in smoothies. I love the thick texture! I don’t have any carob powder, so I used some chocolate protein powder instead. I’ve got this in the fridge now and will have for breakfast tomorrow. In my opinion you can’t go wrong with chocolate and make-ahead breakfasts! I am one of those people that would never eat breakfast if I didn’t prepare something the night before.


Alyssa January 21, 2013

I’ve already made this and it’s phenomenal! I added some unsweetened coconut and a little bit of coconut oil, and it added a whole other dimension.
I’m trying to get into packing lunches, and I was wondering how long the pudding would keep in the fridge if I were to multiply the recipe and take it as a snack throughout the week?


Lynda January 26, 2013

This sounds really good, but what about an alternative to almond milk, would lactose free skim milk work? Almonds are a problem for me.


Angela (Oh She Glows) January 27, 2013

I can’t see why it wouldnt work Lynda. Goodluck!


Healthnut Nutrition February 13, 2013

This looks amazing! I’ve been obsessed with chia seeds lately and soaking them to make this amazing chia drink which u can check out here: I also have been wanting to experiment with making pudding from chia seeds soo will def be trying out this recipe! Thanks:)


Jessica April 11, 2013

I just made this right now – I can hardly wait for it to “gel” in the fridge, I keep sneaking bites of it! So good. I added a little bit of pure vanilla extract and used a bit more maple syrup and unsweetened dark cocoa powder since I didn’t have carob on hand. It’s my first chia pudding, and I can’t wait to experiment with other flavors! Thanks for the recipe!


kim May 23, 2013

WOW!! I just tried this recipe and it is simply amazing! It is now an official go-to for a healthy sweet treat! I added bananas to mine and let it set with the pudding wonderful.

Did I mention it’s cheap too? Well it is! Here in NYC everyone sells some form of healthy chia pudding, etc..but it’s that I’ll be making my own from now on.


nicole May 27, 2013

I made this and it tasted really good, but the chia seeds were a bit too much chia-y-ness for me, so I blended it for 20-30 seconds in my blender and it got a chia-y taste to it but gave it a thicker (although slightly gritty) consistency. it’s delicious!!


Loren June 12, 2013

This was delicious! I skipped the carob flour (didn’t have any), but added ground (still a little crunchy) cocoa nibs and a bit of coconut milk (full-fat from the can, but watered down). Next time I’ll experiment with grinding the chia seeds in a seed or coffee grinder 1st to see how pudding-like I can get this baby. Was so good and realllly filling!

@Phyllis – this amount of chia seed in one sitting is totally ok. Have you ever heard of Chia Fresca or Iskiate? Angela actually did a post on it, you should check it out. Happy chia exploring!


Angela July 21, 2013

This recipe is wonderful!!! I have been looking for a way to incorporate chia seed into my diet, and this has totally worked! I love, Love, LOVE Chocolate. This recipe takes care of those chocolate cravings that sneak up on me. Thanks so much for another fabulous recipe!


guy incognito August 10, 2013

incredibly sad instructional video for creating chia chocolate mousse


lynneta August 17, 2013

can this be made with oh so good coconut milk?


Angela (Oh She Glows) August 19, 2013

I can’t see why not – let me know how it goes!


Josée August 19, 2013

I just noticed the picture for this pudding is featured on MindBodyGreen!


Angela (Oh She Glows) August 19, 2013

thanks for letting me know, I asked her to remove it.


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