Oh Mega Carrot Cake Breakfast Cookies & Superfood Green Monster



Well, I didn’t end up making the Itty Bitty Carrot Cake Cookies, but I did end up making an off-spring!

IMG_5223 IMG_6132

Meet the carrot cake cookie in breakfast form. I cut down the oil (using applesauce to replace some of it) and amped up the protein, fibre, and healthy fats naturally using ground flax.

In my first version, I used protein powder instead of flax, but the texture was weird and the flavour was off. Ground flax all the way!


I also left them chunky instead of flattening them down. Much better.


The cookies are lightly sweet, with a lovely carrot cake flavour and the texture of a muffin top. I added in a full cup of grated carrots and a tablespoon of freshly grated ginger for a boost of nutrition and an authentic carrot cake flavour. Ginger also aids in digestion as an added bonus.

Eric summed them up nicely, “If I was looking for a healthy cookie, I would be happy with these. If I wanted a regular unhealthy dessert cookie, I might be a bit disappointed. But they are perfect for breakfast or a snack and I like that they taste like a muffin.”

I’m not sure I can add anything to that, so I’ll just give you the recipe! Nutritional info follows.


4.9 from 7 reviews

Oh Mega Carrot Cake Breakfast Cookies

Vegan, soy-free


Like a healthy breakfast muffin in carrot cake cookie form. Coconut oil, maple syrup, and fresh ginger work well to create a nice carrot cake flavour, however if you are without those ingredients you can try subbing in another light tasting oil of your choice, other liquid sweetener, and ground ginger (maybe 1/4 tsp?).

Adapted from Itty Bitty Carrot Cake Cookies, which was adapted from 101 Cookbooks.

13 cookies
Prep time
Cook time


  • 1/2 cup chopped pecans, toasted
  • 3/4 cup ground flax
  • 1 cup whole wheat pastry flour
  • 1/2 cup regular rolled oats
  • 3/4 tsp baking powder
  • 1/4 tsp kosher salt
  • 2 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1/3 cup raisins
  • 1 cup lightly packed shredded carrots (use finest grate)
  • 3 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1/2 cup pure maple syrup (other liquid sweeteners should work)
  • 1/4 cup applesauce
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • 1 tbsp fresh grated ginger


  1. Preheat the oven to 325F and toast the pecans for 10-11 minutes. Meanwhile, prepare the batter. In a large bowl, mix together the flax, flour, oats, baking powder, salt, cinnamon, and raisins.
  2. Grate the carrots and ginger using the finest grate. In a smaller bowl, melt the coconut oil in the microwave for about 45-60 seconds. You want the oil hot so it doesn’t clump up when adding the cold wet ingredients. Now add in the maple syrup, carrots, applesauce, grated ginger, and vanilla. Stir well.
  3. Remove pecans from the oven and add to the dry ingredients. Increase oven temp to 350F. Now add the wet ingredients to the dry and mix well. The dough will be very sticky, so not to worry.
  4. With a spoon, scoop about 13 cookies onto a lined baking sheet. They don’t spread much so you can put them an inch apart. Bake for 14-15 minutes at 350F and allow to cool on baking sheet.
186 calories9 grams5 grams4 grams


Just a word of caution- the dough is very sticky so don’t be alarmed when you mix it up. It’s easiest to just scoop the dough with a spoon and drop it onto the baking sheet.


They are a lovely cookie for an on-the-go breakfast or a mid-afternoon snack. And like Eric says, keep in mind that it’s a healthier cookie and you won’t be disappointed.


Breakfast this morning was a lovely Green Monster with a side of cookie.


Superfood Green Monster

Print this recipe

This Green Monster packs in superfoods like blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, chia seeds, and spinach! For more Green Monster recipes, visit the Green Monster Movement.

Yield: 1 serving


  • 1 large handful spinach
  • 1 cup + 2-3 tbsp unsweetened almond milk
  • 2 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1/4 cup frozen mixed berries
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 scoop Garden of Life Raw Protein powder, or other powder
  • Ice, if preferred


1. Add all ingredients to blender and blend until smooth. Add ice if desired.

Nutritional Info (serves 1): 349 kcals, 14 grams fat, 39 grams carbs, 21 grams fibre, 12 grams sugar, 27 grams protein.


Note the hot tea in the background to warm me up!


[Mason glass was picked up in November while visiting Fish’s Eddy in NYC]

I thought I would pass along a couple fun vegan links for you today…

1. Check out the PPK’s Vegan Top 100 of 2011 list

2. VegNews Top 10 Vegan trends of 2011


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Have a great day!

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1 Angela @ Eat Spin Run Repeat January 10, 2012

Mmm these sound tasty Ange! I bet they made your house smell pretty great as well. Eric is a very good food critic – I know that he, like me, has a highly sophisticated palate when it comes to carrot-based goods lol!!! Have a great day!


2 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 10, 2012

hah yea he should go pro, I think. ;)
The house did smell awesome come to think of it!


3 Laura @ My Pink Thumb January 10, 2012

yum! those cookies look great!! added to my list of things to make ;)
oh how i miss green monsters. i just can’t seem to bring myself to make cold smoothies in the winter time..


4 The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh January 10, 2012

I’m so glad I bought a bag of carrots this week! Of course between this and pineapple carrot muffin recipe I found, I’ll need to buy another bag for the chicken noodle soup I was going to make but it’s all good baby! Tell the hubby thanks for his input too. I have a feeling my hubs will feel about the same. But it’s all about variety right!


5 Ashley January 10, 2012

I love how they look unflattened! Such great texture. I haven’t had a green smoothie in way too long! Wow, the PPK top 100 list looks awesome. Need to check that out! And reading the other article, I just realized there is a vegan food truck in Denver! I’ll have to check that out at some point.


6 Jessica @ Chockohlawtay January 10, 2012

These cookies look amazing! I know I need to get more veggies in my daily diet and these are the perfect solution :)


7 Betsy January 10, 2012

Bookmarked! My husband is going to LOVE the idea of breakfast cookies! Thank you!


8 Sunny January 10, 2012

These cookies look DELICIOUS, can’t wait to try out the recipe! :) Also – I have been buying a different brand of protein powder lately, but prefer Garden of Life, just wondering do you buy it in store or order it? I’ve heard it can be less expensive to order online, but haven’t found the best site to do so… iherb perhaps?


9 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 10, 2012

I think Iherb and Amazon carry it although I haven’t purchased it from there yet…been meaning to!


10 Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table January 10, 2012

Too bad the protein powder didn’t work out – I have yet to find a great way to bake with it. But they still have 4g of protein – I’m impressed!

your green smoothies looks almost exactly like my daily drink. Except this morning I was running late and skipped it – I think I’m addicted because I’m having serious cravings now. :)


11 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 10, 2012

I haven’t had much luck baking with protein powder either…I find the taste always comes through!
The only success I’ve had are the high protein no bake granola bars: http://ohsheglows.com/2011/11/25/last-minute-protein-energy-bars-creamy-holly-nog-smoothie/


12 sugar January 10, 2012

hye girlie, you’ve been tagged



13 Tanya C. January 10, 2012

If I had to use Ginger from my spice cabinet instead of fresh grated Ginger, how much would you recommend? I have everything for these in my possession except the fresh ginger! Thanks!


14 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 10, 2012

I would start with 1/4 tsp and then taste test and add more if you like.


15 Kris | iheartwellness.com January 10, 2012

I think, just think your making a LOT of us women stop in our tracks right now with knowing we can HAVE COOKIES for Breakfast!!! OMG!!!

These look amazing, doll!!!



16 Tiff January 10, 2012

I can’t get enough of your carrot cake loaf, so I’m sure I’d also love these cookies!


17 Valentina January 10, 2012

My Green Monster is just like yours, minus the berries :)! I love it! I’m going to make these cookies after falling in love with the itty bitty carrot cake ones…do you think I could replace flax seeds with something else? It’s not easy to find them around here! Thanks!


18 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 10, 2012

You could maybe replace it with chia seeds (but I doubt you can find those if you cant find flax), however I wouldn’t use a full 3/4 cup of chia…maybe 1/4 cup since they absorb so much moisture.
Maybe try 1/2 cup wheat germ or more oats?


19 Maryea @ Happy Healthy Mama January 10, 2012

I love carrot cake cookies! Good call on keeping them unflattened–the texture looks perfect for a snack cookie.


20 Amanda January 10, 2012

Any excuse to eat cookies for breakfast! I think I have all of the ingredients, minus the pecans. I might try subbing in some chopped almonds instead…

Also, I just added that widget to my blog. Thanks for sharing!


21 Jasper Naomi January 10, 2012

Angela, when I got the feed of your post this morning, I couldn’t wipe a grin off of my FACE!There is something just so EXCITING about your posts. So, thank you. really, thank you. My Grandpa died on Sunday and it’s been really hard for me and really hard for my entire family. Because Grandpa was such an icon, the family is getting flooded with words and prayers and it’s a bit overwhelming. REALLY, I just want to say, thank you, Angela, because your blog is such a lovely place to just hang out (however nerdy I do sound)

much love! – jasper


22 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 10, 2012

Hey Jasper, I’m sorry to hear about your Grandpa. You and your family are in my thoughts!
Thank you for your kindness…that means so much to me.


23 Heidi @ Food Doodles January 10, 2012

These look fantastic! I actually love healthier cookies. I used to be a cookie fiend but now that I’ve stopped eating regular sugary, buttery cookies I don’t really want them anymore(OK, just sometimes ;) ), so these look perfect. Can’t wait to give these a try :)


24 Heather Nauta January 10, 2012

Angela, these look awesome… I get the same reaction from my husband when I make healthy cookies instead of dessert cookies :) But he’s gotten more and more used to them over the years! I’m going to a skating competition in Mississauga this weekend and was trying to think of some healthy snack to take, and if I have time I will definitely go with these. the ingredients are going on my grocery list, and I’ll be sure to check back to let you know if I get them made… I love that you mentioned the tea to warm up this time of year after green smoothie for breakfast :)


25 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 10, 2012

I hope you enjoy them….goodluck with your competition! You are right in my area :)


26 Heather Nauta January 20, 2012

Well, the cookies went very well :) I made half the batch with protein powder (for me to take to the competition) and half with flour to leave at home with my husband. I liked the protein powder ones, but Phil preferred the flour ;) Anyway, this is a fantastic recipe that I’ll definitely use again. Love the mound of flax going in there!! I didn’t think about it when I read the recipe, but when I was measuring it out it made me really happy :) Thanks!


27 Heather @ Get Healthy with Heather January 10, 2012

I love that you add the note about them tasting like a healthier breakfast cookie as to not dissappoint anyone. I’m a fan of healthy cookies and what a great way to pump up the veggies first thing in the morning :)


28 Michaela January 10, 2012

Where do your purchase your chia seeds? I’ve only found them at one grocery store, and they were really expensive. Do you get them online?


29 Lindsay @ The Reluctant Runner January 10, 2012

Awesome! I am so excited about this! My work schedule is really weird now, so I eat breakfast around 7:30 and then need to eat half a meal at 10:30 and the second half at 3. This would be perfect for the first half of my meal at 10:30! I’m definitely making these for next week.


30 Danielle January 10, 2012

I’ve been loving green monsters since new years, they are #1 when trying to get back into the healthy habits. I have to ask, is that an actual pic of the recipe provided? Whenever I add blueberries, even just a few, I have a purple monster :)


31 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 10, 2012

hah yup that was the actual pic. I know though isn’t it weird that it didn’t turn colour that much? I was thinking the same thing. I think it was because I only used 1/4 cup and the scoop may have been heavier on the strawberries.


32 Jasper Naomi January 10, 2012

this might be an off color comment (no pun intended) but my boss just had a baby and she’s SO DARK and he’s black (my entire family is African so I feel weird saying “African American” because he’s not) and they just had a baby that is SO WHITE…smoothies can just be surprising like that with the way they mix maybe ;)


33 Valentina January 10, 2012

I can’t see my previous comment…these look super yummy, can’t wait to make some! What could I replace the flax seeds with? It’s hard to find them over here! Thanks!!!


34 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 10, 2012

Hey Valentina, I answered your comment above! :)


35 Katie January 10, 2012

Wow – these look awesome! I’ve been looking for something I can make a batch of and throw in the freezer. I’m in Nursing and my usual hot oats don’t bode well with 7am starts 2x a week!
I have been cutting back on my sugar intake and am finding myself really sensitive to sweets! If I cut back the maple syrup to 1/4c, would I have to sub anything else in to compensate or do you think it would be ok?

Side note: I have been following your blog since I became vegan three years ago… in fact, this blog is the main thing that helped me when I thought that I couldn’t handle another salad (although now I crave greens!). You have inspired me so much with vegan food! Thank you!


36 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 10, 2012

Thank you Katie! Congrats on being vegan for 3 years :) If you cut down the maple syrup, I would probably add a couple more tablespoons of aplpesauce, just to make sure they dont end up too dry.


37 Sonia The Mexigarian January 10, 2012

anything with the phrase carrot cake is golden in my book :) i would love to have one of these now but I went gluten free for a month. would there be a specific flour you would recommend instead of the whole wheat pastry?


38 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 10, 2012

GF baking is always unpredictable, but I would like to think the flax would hold the GF flour together? I would probably try oat and almond flour, only b/c I think that would taste great. Let me know if you end up trying a gf version!


39 Sarah with Veggie Kids January 10, 2012

Carrot Cake BFast Cookies!? Loving it!! I’ve made some seeded versions of bfast cookies but love the idea of using carrots. I’ll have to make these this afternoon as it’d be a great choice for my kids!!


40 Rachael @ FreshlyMinted January 10, 2012

I’ve needed new breakfast ideas So. Badly. Those “cookies” look amazing! Something I can get the Husband to grab before work is always a plus…


41 Sharon January 10, 2012

Thank you for providing specifics regarding ingredients that you use in your recipes. So many times I try a recipe and then when I plug in the nutrients they are nowhere NEAR what has been listed. Having the specific products you use makes it easy to see where the discrepancies might be and allows me to adjust if necessary to the products I have on hand. Thanks again!


42 Lauren @ What Lauren Likes January 10, 2012

yumm! I can definetly see myself making these! I love anything carrot-cakey :D


43 Julie (A Case of the Runs) January 10, 2012

Those made my stomach grumble. I’ve been craving cookies constantly lately… I like to see carrot bits in my cookies, so I would go with a slightly larger grate, but then again, my grating is usually very small even on the big side of the grater!


44 Lauren @ Oatmeal after Spinning January 10, 2012

This sounds really good- I think I’m going to try to make larger cookies and have them as a breakfast, along with a little nut butter. I have a huge appetite in the morning and breakfast is usually 400-500 calories!
Have you tried Vega protein powder? I’m kind of obsessed with it. And their vanilla chai flavor makes your smoothie green- instant green monster!


45 Hilliary @Happily Ever Healthy January 10, 2012

Carrot cake, and cookies for breakfast! Sign me up!

I was looking through your recipe page today to get inspiration for overnight oats, I finally purchased chia seeds! They make a world of a differences in overnight oats!


46 Jamie January 10, 2012

1st: Love (as in L-O-V-E) your blog–read it all the time. Comment like never. You are very inspiring!!! Just wondering what would happen if I used a gluten free flour blend?? I COULD try it myself, of course, but I’d hate to waste a batch if they’ll be yucky. What do you think?? Thanks!!!! :)


47 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 10, 2012

Hey Jamie, I’m really not sure! GF baking can be so unpredictable at times. I would guess because of all the flax it would hopefully hold together with GF flour. I would probably try a mix of oat flour and almond flour?


48 Sandi January 10, 2012

Excellent timing to use up some carrots. But I noticed you have 2 Tb in your green monster for a one serving monster. My husband had me back off for his to only 1 Tb (too much ‘music’ in his intimate office setting). Over the holiday break, I shared with my daughter and she now makes them for herself and her boyfriend after workouts, but he had an ’emergency run’ in the grocery store. And after she served him some muesli with flax seeds on the same day, he’s convinced she’s trying to kill him with biological warfare. So they’re backing off to 2 tsps since she feels like a whale with an upside down blow hole, and he lost half of his body weight (her words, sorry for the mental image). But 2 Tb for you, incredible!


49 Christine (The Raw Project) January 10, 2012

The breakfast cookies look wonderful, I’ve gotta try them! And I’m a fan of that protein powder, not harsh to digest and blends well.


50 Emily (Edible Psychology) January 10, 2012

The only disappointing thing about these cookies is the fact that I just did my big weekly grocery shop and I don’t have all of the ingredients on hand to make them! The look wonderful – I need to remember them for next week.

Hope you are having a good Tuesday!



51 kaila @ healthyhelper January 10, 2012

Since the winter has been so unseasonably warm I actually have been getting back into making smoothies lately!! Always looking for a new one to try out! I tend to stick to the same boring combos but this one sounds really good!


52 Maria @ Sinfully Nutritious January 10, 2012

Those cookies look great. I am trying to spruce up my baking skills, I am an excellent cook, but baking is a whole other realm. I am hoping to try some raw dehydrated cookies and see if i am any better at “raw baking”. I will give these a try…cross my fingers!


53 Sally @ sally's baking addiction January 10, 2012

these look incredible, angela! carrot cake is one of my most favorite desserts. having it in a healthy breakfast cookie form makes me excited!! I saved this recipe. :)


54 Anna @ The Guiltless Life January 10, 2012

I’m ALWAYS happy to see a recipe for breakfast cookies, love them! Thank you! And I’ve been loving my Green Monster lately – I usually omit the berries and put a tbsp of peanut butter or almond butter and it is a creamy nut buttery delicious smoothie! My favourite juice would probably be apple, spinach, kale and some blended berries – so refreshing, so sweet and so good!


55 Andrea January 10, 2012

These cookies look awesome! And it’s also fun to see what you have a breakfast or dinner, etc. on a random day :) Always gives me meal ideas!


56 Angela @ Happy Fit Mama January 10, 2012

Good thing I bought a 2 pound bag of carrots this week. I’m off to make these right now!


57 Katrina January 10, 2012

These sound so yummy! Love this idea!


58 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 10, 2012

Oh I should try apple…I dont use it enough in smoothies!


59 Erin January 10, 2012

The cookies sound like a fantastic recipe to keep in the freezer and grab for breakfasts. You could add even more omegas by using walnuts instead of pecans!


60 Kate January 10, 2012

Are Kcals the same as calories?


61 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 10, 2012



62 Jen @ keepitsimplefoods.com January 10, 2012

Hey, I have the same mixing bowl. Fun! Also, I’ve been looking for a good breakfast cookie recipe, so thanks! xoxo


63 Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga January 10, 2012

These look lovely and I am such a fan of carrot cake, raisins, cinnamon…all those flavors make me happy. They look perfect for a cool day to put something warm in my tummy. I make oatmeal and blueberry or oatmeal and raisin cakes like this in…the microwave :) Because I am impatient like that. Haha!


64 Sara @ Plant Powered Mom January 10, 2012

A delicious looking recipe and a great tip on a social media widget. I’m going to use both!

Thanks Angela!


65 Cat @Breakfast to Bed January 10, 2012

carrot cake is so under-appreciated! I feel like I should make a cheering section for it!


66 Lisa (bakebikeblog) January 10, 2012

These look so very delicious! I love using carrots in baked goods!!


67 VeggieGirl January 10, 2012

What sort of protien supplement would you recommend for smoothies? I bought a cheap generic vanilla one from Walmart but I know there have got to be healthier/better options than Walmart’s idea of ‘healthy’ lol


68 VeggieGirl January 10, 2012

to be more specific- something under $40, and a powder with a taste that isnt overwhelming


69 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 10, 2012

I’ve really taken a liking to this garden of life one pictured above- you can find it online at amazon or iherb for around $30.


70 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 10, 2012
71 Ali @ whatalididnext January 10, 2012

Cookies for breakfast – you might have just solved my problem of how to get my daughter to eat inthe morning. Yippee


72 Beth - Tasty Yummies January 10, 2012

I love the idea of a breakfast cookie. Who can’t get behind that? These look amazing.
BTW sooo many of my favorite bloggers featured smoothies this morning. Must be something in the air :)


73 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 10, 2012

I think it’s that time of the year! :)


74 Renee January 10, 2012

My husband’s favorite dessert is carrot cake…and he is in a breakfast rut! This looks like the perfect solution!


75 Stephanie January 10, 2012

This is a great recipe. So glad you shared it with us.


76 Sharon @ Bit of the Good Stuff January 10, 2012

Hi Angela! These cookies look wonderful! I’m looking forward to giving them a try. They could make a great mid morning or afternoon snack to pack into little ones’ lunch boxes x


77 StoriesAndSweetPotatoes January 10, 2012

I have some healthy cookies in the oven right now! They look like vomit but I think they will taste okay, lol


78 [email protected] January 10, 2012

Love the muffin top texture idea!


79 Emily January 10, 2012

Yum – I am always looking for breakfast cookies to add to my lineup. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m tricking myself by eating a “cookie” for breakfast, but they fill me up nicely!


80 Anna January 10, 2012

Hi Angela,

I don’t see the place to subscribe to your website via email, where am I missing it?


81 Anna January 10, 2012

Oops, I didn’t get that it was an icon! My bad!


82 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 10, 2012

Glad you found it!


83 Laura @mypurposefullife January 10, 2012

These look so good! I love any excuse to eat cookies for breakfast:)


84 Chelsea @ One Healthy Munchkin January 10, 2012

You had me at “carrot cake”. :D Is there any better flavour? Well, okay, pumpkin pie and chocolate mint rank pretty high, but carrot cake is definitely up there too!


85 Brieann January 10, 2012

I just put these little nuggets of joy in the oven. Can’t wait to try them! The batter was delicious (I may have licked the bowl…) I didn’t have any maple syrup, so I substituted honey- hopefully it will work the same. Thanks, Angela, for yet another amazing idea!


86 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 10, 2012

Glad you are giving them a try! Oh man, the batter- it’s amazing isn’t it? I could just eat it as is…


87 Alex @ Raw Recovery January 10, 2012

BREAKFAST COOKIES OMG OMG!!! I loooove breakfast cookies but haven’t made some in over a year. Can’t wait to try these! Also, what is your opinion: where is the best place to buy a vitamix? Thanks!


88 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 10, 2012

i just bought mine from their website…but I have heard that Costco brings them on “tours” throughout their stores. I think you’d have to inquire with them when it’s coming to their store (if they are still doing it that is), but I’ve heard they are quite a bit cheaper. Other than that, I’m not too sure.


89 Brieann January 10, 2012

Ok, I just had to post a follow-up: These are fantastic! I just took them out of the oven and promptly ate two, then picked a piece off of a third… debating going in for the rest of the third cookie. YUM!


90 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 10, 2012

Glad to hear that!! Ours arent lasting very long.


91 luminousvegans January 10, 2012

Man, can I come over for breakfast? I love cookie/cake like things for breakfast…thank you for sharing the recipe. It looks like chia seeds are popping up everywhere!


92 suzanne January 10, 2012

The cookies look like a perfect morning treat – esp to go with the smoothie. I am addicted to the green monsters – despite the cold temps – and always chase them with hot tea!!! Gives me 2 things to look forward to in the morning :-) (now 3 with the cookies!) Thanks for another great recipe


93 jenna January 10, 2012

i love breakfast cookies! not too sweet and healthy!


94 em @ simplypresent January 10, 2012

Both recipes look delicious! I have been wanting to try a “Monster” smoothie forever but I haven’t… Can you make them taste yummy without the protein powder?


95 Kathleen @ KatsHealthCorner January 10, 2012

Both of those recipes look SO good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


96 Diana January 10, 2012

Hi. I’ve never really had any kind of green smoothie, but I visit your blog to get get inspired to eat healthier & to see all the great recipes and photos. Do the berries make it taste more like a fruite smoothie? just asking cuz I dont think id like the taste of the greens..thanks :)


97 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 11, 2012

I think it depends on how much you use. I find you can’t taste the spinach at all when using a frozen banana. Enjoy!


98 honeywhatscooking January 11, 2012

those cookies look so good.. i love carrot cake. a healthy cookie is so worth that carrot cake flavor. :-)


99 Kari @ bite-sized thoughts January 11, 2012

These look even better than the originals! Although I have to say that it looks like the offspring came first…surely these must be the parents? ;)


100 [email protected] for the Soul January 11, 2012

I loooove healthified recipes of cookies, muffins, etc.! I’ve been craving carrot cake and these sound really good~And I love how honest Eric is with you! He kind of reminds me of my fiance. He’s very careful and gentle with how he describes things, but still honest. :P Aren’t we lucky to have them in our lives?! hehe.


101 [email protected] January 11, 2012

Oh, that’s exactly what would I need every morning! Thanks for posting! Where can I get this magic Raw Protein powder?


102 Vogue Vegetarian January 11, 2012

Angela, my hubby has been begging me to make something healthy for breakfast other than the mixed buckwheat and oat hot cereal. I thought this would do nicely so I whipped up a batch tonight. They are perfect! I’ll look foward to having these in the morning. Thanks!


103 Caroline @ chocolate and carrots January 11, 2012

I love this! What a way to start your day! :-D


104 Jennifer @ Peanut Butter and Peppers January 11, 2012

The carrot cookie looks so good! I would never of thought of that! I have a few carrots looking to be created into something tasty. Thanks Angela, I’m going to give this one a try!


105 LizAshlee January 11, 2012

Luv both of these recipes..they sound great! Can’t wait to make a carrot cake breakfast cookie..I have found that I need a bit more than a green smoothie…great idea!


106 Leanne @ Healthful Pursuit January 11, 2012

This is my kinda cookie! I just pulled them out of the oven and they look delicious! To make gluten-free, I replaced the flour with: 1/2 cup sorghum flour, 1/4 cup arrowroot starch and 1/4 cup sweet rice flour. Then the oats with quinoa flakes. Yummy!! Going to pack 2 in my lunch for today. Thanks for the recipe, Angela.


107 Squash Blossom Babies January 11, 2012

WOW! I can’t wait to make these!!! And I just happen to have a ridiculous amount of carrots right now! Thank you for such a great idea.


108 Rebecca @ Naturally Healthy and Gorgeous January 11, 2012

Those cookies look great! I love a healthy carrot cake recipe!


109 Brooke Epple January 11, 2012

I made these last night and had them for breakfast this morning! They are awesome, very filling and tasty. As a new vegan missing my sweets I don’t even notice these cookies didn’t have sugar, eggs or milk in this recipe. Amazing!


110 Wendy January 11, 2012

I made a GF version of these carrot cake cookies last night and used 1/2C buckwheat and 1/2C sorghum flour and they turned out amazing!! I even brought them to work to a non-vegan, non-GF crowd and everyone loves them. I think I will try them again with almond flour instead of the buckwheat just to see how they might be different. Delicious either way I suspect :) Thanks for the recipe!


111 shelly January 11, 2012

can i replace the coconut oil with another oil???


112 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 11, 2012

Yes another oil should work! canola, extra virgin olive oil, etc


113 Ashley January 11, 2012

I love your carrot cake scuffins so I’m sure I’d love these too. They look delicious!


114 Lexi @ Cura Personalis Foodie January 11, 2012

YUMMM to the cookies! I would have been tempted to just eat the straight dough ;)


115 angel kazakoff January 11, 2012

I have been obsessed with your site for a good 3 weeks now! I just recently went vegetarian, and am slowly transitioning to vegan. Your site has soo many AMAZING recipes!! I especially love your VOO recipes! I am a huge breakfast fan, and anything that tastes yummy and can get me through my morning workouts is a thumbs up!! Soo happy i found your site!!!


116 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 12, 2012

Thank you Angel, what a nice thing to say! Congrats on going veg too!


117 Susan H. @ The Food Allergy Chronicles January 11, 2012

I my goodness these look good! Will have to make them without the pecans as we are a nut free household. Carrot Cake is one of my favourite cakes!


118 Misti January 11, 2012

Made these tonight! They were awesome! I will add them to my mid-morning snacks at work.


119 Varsha January 12, 2012

The carrot cake cookies sound amazing!!
I have a question though, will plain honey work instead of the maple syrup?? Or how about avoiding the ‘whole syrupy’ business altogether?? Will it work?


120 [email protected] January 12, 2012

Mmm, we both had vegan carrot cake cookies on the brain. I just made some yesterday but a bit more basic ingredients. Mine were crisper almost like a wholesome cracker consistency. Can’t wait to try your version. Yum!


121 Jonathan January 13, 2012

Yummy! I don’t personally like “sweets,” so my dessert creations always tend towards hearty, healthy, and comforting. And this cookie looks like it fits all the criteria (and then some). Thanks for sharing, Angela!


122 Kara January 13, 2012

Angela – these look fabulous! My husband and I are newly vegan, but we are also omitting any type of oil. Do you have a version that leaves out the oil?


123 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 14, 2012

Hi Kara, No I’m sorry I don’t, but I assume you could replace the oil with applesauce…but they won’t be exactly the same.


124 Jennifer January 22, 2012

Hi Angela,
I loved the sound of these cookies when I first read your post – I mean a breakfast cookie – what’s not to love! I made a batch on Saturday and they were such a big hit with my boyfriend I had to make more on Sunday! I had run out of ground flax but ground almond and extra oats worked a treat. The cookies are so tasty and we have been having them as pre and post workout snacks! Thanks :-)


125 Jennifer M. January 22, 2012

I just had one these smoothies! Mine had spinach, banana, blueberries, soy milk, and orange juice in it. So yum!!


126 Sara January 29, 2012

My ginger was really fibrous, so I think next time I’ll chop it up and smush it with my garlic press. I also think I’ll squeeze some of the moisture out of my carrots next time. I used a medium cookie scoop and ended up with over 30 cookies! Excellent recipe, I’ll be making these a lot!


127 Stephanie @ Legally Blinde March 5, 2012

I made these yesterday and they’re delicious!! I’m taking a week-long trip next week and want to bring healthy breakfast foods and snacks with me, and these will definitely be perfect. I had one and then froze the rest until I leave or else I’m sure they’d be gone before my trip! Thanks for the great recipe :)


128 Amy Franklin June 4, 2012

What would you use in place of applesauce? I’m living in Brazil, and I can’t find applesauce yet, but these look so good, I’m going to try to bring them to a brunch tomorrow :)


129 Tera August 1, 2012

Would this recipe work omitting the pecans? My daughter has a peanut/tree nut allergy and I would really LOVE to try this recipe. Thanks Angela!


130 Angela (Oh She Glows) August 1, 2012

Yes Im sure it would still turn out just fine :) Just wouldnt have the “crunch” factor.


131 Tera August 3, 2012

Thank you so much! Gonna try this today, so excited!


132 Tracy August 20, 2012

I only found your blog- wanted to say I love it! Also, I am not a vegan. I do do eat “real” food and try to focus on veggies! I made a batch of these for breakfast this week- I forgot the applesauce tho. All I had on hand that I thought might work was babyhood- so I used 1 4oz jar of sweet potato and cinnamon and only added1 tbsp of oil (olive) also I used white whole wheat flour as I didn’t have the pastry flour on hand. I also did some small grate carrots and some bigger pieces too…. These are awesome! My baby and I both loved them so much…I can’t wait to eat them for breakfast this week…I may give one to DH to try- I haven’t decided yet… :)


133 Angela (Oh She Glows) August 21, 2012

Hey Tracy, Thanks for letting me know – and Im especially happy to hear they are baby approved! Awesome. Enjoy the rest.


134 Jessica November 19, 2012

I made these yesterday and they are SO good! Even my picky 6, 4, and 18 month old kiddos ate these. Thanks for another healthier yet delicious cookie!!


135 Amy January 7, 2013

where do you fine whole wheat pastry flour? I haven’t been able to find it at the grocery store. Is there a substitute or can you grind up whole wheat flour more fine in the Vitamix?


136 Candace January 20, 2013

I just made these and they smell delicious! I left them in balls and toward the end of the cooking time I smashed them down as they were not spreading at all. I could not find ww pastry flour either so did a combo of whole wheat and all purpose…maybe that was the issue? I am srue they will still be tasty even if they don’t look as good as yours do!


137 Caitlin January 30, 2013

Hello! I absolutely adore you’re blog. 80% of what I eat are your recipes. Thank you for making being a vegan so easy!

I do have a suggestion for a post though. I just recently adopted a Bengal and I was wondering what you feed sketchie? I’ve been trying to find the most organic natural pet foods possible but I’m weary about most of them :/

Thanks :)


138 Angela (Oh She Glows) January 31, 2013

Oh gosh we’ve struggled with the same cat food issues too. It doesn’t help that Sketchie has a very sensitive stomach and has had some stool issues in the past. Right now we have him on a natural canned food from Whole foods…can’t quite remember the name but he seems to love it. He’s also on a natural dental dry formula from the vet but I wouldnt necessarily recommend it. We’ve been looking all over for an organic food and haven’t found anything yet. Let me know what you come up with!


139 Caitlin Morin January 31, 2013

Orijan is the best I’ve found. Not organic that I know of but they use locally sourced ingredients made in small batches and they don’t test on animals.

The website has a ton of info



140 Angela (Oh She Glows) February 1, 2013

Thank you, I will certainly check this out!


141 elizabeth March 13, 2013

Hi. These cookies look delicious. Do you think it would be possible to make them gluten free? Thanks!


142 ATasteOfMadness April 14, 2013

Wow! What a fantastic sounding breakfast! I’ve got to try this


143 Rachel April 24, 2013

I have made these so many times! They are so good and a super easy breakfast for hectic mornings. I have been spreading melted raw coconut butter on them, which made them even better! Thanks for all your yummy recipes.


144 Sonya June 3, 2013

I made these this weekend and they turned out great! Have you tried freezing them? Thanks


145 Angela (Oh She Glows) June 3, 2013

Im sorry I can’t remember..let me know if you try it!


146 Vivian July 8, 2013

Hi Angela!

I just discovered your website and it is amazing! Do you think I can omit the nuts in this recipe? Would I be able to increase the oats? If so, by how much? I am trying to find nut free/gluten free/ wheat free/ dairy free desserts/sweets for my friend’s daughter. If you have any other recipe recommendations, I’d greatly appreciate them!

With best wishes,


147 Angela (Oh She Glows) July 9, 2013

Hey Vivian, Yes you can certainly omit the nuts if required. I wouldnt increase the oats, but just leave it as is. Enjoy!


148 Mallory July 19, 2013

Hey Angela!
I wanted to share- I just made these last night but mine were turning out too dry as cookies…so I made them into muffins! I added about 1/2-3/4 cup of almond milk and some applesauce and baked them in a muffin pan for about 20 minutes…They were great! Just thought I’d pass that along!


149 Connor September 15, 2013

Hi! I wasn’t sure where to inform you of this, but I recently read your post about trying to keep your ads vegan friendly, and I just got one that was asking me which brand of yogurt of was most familiar with. Just thought you’d want to know! ^_^


150 Angela (Oh She Glows) September 15, 2013

Hey Connor, Thank you for letting me know! I will do my best to find it and remove it. If you see one again, please take a screenshot of it and email it to eric[at]ohsheglows[dot]com – also if you can let us know the brand of the ad, that helps us locate it. Thanks!


151 Jill October 16, 2013

Hi Angela! I am gluten free and vegan for health reasons that came on in the last year. I saw your suggestions for making them gluten free to Sonia above so I tried it and they are great! I made my own oat flour and almond flour and use 1/2 cup of each in place of the whole wheat flour. I love them and my baby girl who is 14 months loved them too! Thank you so much for all the work you put into your beautiful site and recipes. Your blog and one other vegan blog are my go to’s for dinner every night!


152 Amanda November 26, 2013

Hi, Don’t know if anyone will benefit from this since it’s been awhile, but I used Red Mills Garbanzo flour. I thought it might taste weird, but they turned out well. :-)


153 Michelle December 10, 2013

Have you tried to make them GF and if so, what type of flour did you use? I like to use brown rice, almond or buckwheat usually? Thanks. They are yummy. Made them last year on Christmas morning and will do the same again as the boys loved them and I knew they had some healthy fuel to last for the exciting day ahead!

Love your site so much. Sending love from Bermuda


154 Elise December 11, 2013

Just tried it with whole Chia seeds and it totally worked! The colour is bad, but the taste and texture so good!


155 Jodi Kurilla March 12, 2014

Hi I was wondering if the recipe would still be the same if I used a gluten-free all purpose flour?
Thank you, Jodi


156 Julia Kristina April 15, 2014

Made the cookies for a pot luck lunch and they were so good!! I kept a few leftovers for me to have for little snacks over the next couple days… well, let’s be honest, they were gone within a few minutes.

Thanks for the recipe!

~Julia Kristina


157 Rachel Malley April 22, 2014

I made these last night and they were SO good! Incredibly moist and easy to make. I topped the cookies with an avocado cream made with almond milk and a bit of vanilla extract and sugar. My roommates loved them! The cookies followed your Lentil Walnut Apple Loaf, which was also a big hit. I live in a 6 person co-op and we adhere to a vegetarian diet in the house, so I frequently visit your blog for inspiration. Your creative and playful recipes have truly influenced my growth as a cook over the past 6 months, and making food for people is now one of the greatest sources of joy in my life. Thank you!


158 Terri May 12, 2014

I just made these and they are yummy. Keep in mind they are not super sweet which makes them perfect for breakfast!


159 Donna August 27, 2014

We have what seems like a ton of carrots from our CSA share. To help use them up I made these last night with my 3 year old. They were a huge hit all around! We all love them!


160 Donna August 31, 2014

I need to add an update: My 3 year old asked for these carrot cookies for breakfast this morning! The batch I made a few days ago disappeared so I made another per his request.
Yesterday morning I made your blueberry muffins (http://ohsheglows.com/2014/02/19/blissful-blueberry-banana-spelt-muffins-vegan-refined-sugar-free/) – I made them in mini muffin tins, and he devoured them. Big hit! …At this rate I’m thinking you would have great success with another cookbook “Vegan recipes for picky preschoolers”! It feels wonderful to give little guy (and big guy) fresh-baked, delicious, homemade treats for meals and snacks that are truly nutritionally sound. So happy :)


161 Robin October 17, 2014

I just found your website recently and totally enjoy it. I am not Vegan but my daughter is a vegetarian and I find Vegan Cookingm to be healthier and way more creative. I am sooooo looking forward to making these to send as a snack with school lunches but had a question about the applesauce – do you use sweetened or unsweetened

Thanks. Keep on recipe creating.


162 Melinda January 27, 2015

I made these today and they are excellent! I used a regular cookie scoop and ended up with 25 cookies. I think I should have baked them for maybe 10 minutes instead, but they were good. My husband and I liked them and my 4 year old ate one too. My 2 year old sniffed out a carrot and wouldn’t eat his though lol. I’ve got to figure out new ways to get him to eat veggies. Thank you for the wonderful recipe!


163 Lori June 16, 2017

My son, too!
The best way I’ve found so far, is to finely shred carrots and stir into lemon jello. For broccoli, I slice off the green buds and mix with lime jello.
Noticing the date of your comment, perhaps you found other effective ways to incorporate veggies?


164 Lara February 8, 2015

Hi Angela! I‘m thinking of making these for a 5 day trip. Would make for a very good breakfast! Do you think they would keep ok in a container at room temperature?


165 Sydney April 5, 2015
Recipe Rating:

Hiya! Made these bites and accidentally used a whole cup of pecans instead of a half cup. Not a totally fatal mistake, it’s quite nutty and I love the savory aspect; I can really see myself enjoying these on my way to work with a thermos of irish tea. I added a tiny bit of mini dark chocolate chips for fun, why not?! I also used a mixed lot of raisins, Trader Joe’s sells a little bag with different colored raisins and I thought it’d make a pretty cookie : )

One question, *how can I have these last the week without molding?* I made delicious blueberry banana muffins off this site last week and they were molded by Thursday–I chopped the molded part off, sliced them in half, toasted them, and topped them with Earth Balance anyway, but would like to know if there’s a recommended way of storing baked goods.


166 Melon June 10, 2015

Thanks for sharing this recipe. As an Aussie some of the ingredients aren’t as common here so I used what I had in the house at the time: plain flour instead of pastry flour, no pecans, ginger syrup & extra maple syrup instead of applesauce and ground ginger. I found they were rather plain by themselves (to my surprise as I usually like milder flavours) but delicious with marmalade or peanut butter. It’s a great base recipe though and I’ll try them again, perhaps with marmalade IN the mix or with dried fruit or rind, spices (nutmeg, cloves) or lots of fresh ginger. Thankyou!


167 Naja June 28, 2015

Hmmm… my green monster turned brown… very delicious but not very attractive…I used raspberries – what to use next time? strawberries maybe? Now off to make carrot cookies – excited!!


168 Amy July 21, 2015
Recipe Rating:

One of my favorite OSG recipes! :)


169 Sandy August 6, 2015

Hi! Would regular whole wheat flour work for this recipe?


170 Jen Q September 9, 2015
Recipe Rating:

I made these this past weekend, and they’re delicious! Tasty, and super filling, you only need to eat one of these for breakfast! I am attempting to make some healthier choices, and these were my solution to replacing my morning muffin. YUM! Also, just to put it out there, I made them exactly as the recipe instructs. No substitutions. :)


171 L October 2, 2015
Recipe Rating:

Thanks for the delicious recipe! I used walnuts instead of pecans, and they were great. I also didn’t have applesauce, so I just peeled and chopped up an apple and steamed in the microwave with a bit of water, cinnamon and nutmeg to soften – there were still apple chunks throughout but it was nice for the variety in texture. I only used about 1/4 cup maple syrup and I found they were sweet enough! Finally, I hope this isn’t offensive, but I cut mine in half and put cream cheese in the middle, to go along with the carrot cake theme – I’m not sure what would be the vegan alternative – this was my first experience baking something vegan, so please forgive me :)


172 Tiffany November 15, 2015
Recipe Rating:

I made this recipe after finding on Pinterest. Your recipes are some of my favourite out there! Even bought the cookbook! Today I want to make these again but don’t have oats. Could I just up the flour instead? Or maybe add more flax? Thanks!


173 Margaret February 3, 2016
Recipe Rating:

This is the second time I’ve made these. They are soooo good. But they do take me 30 minutes to prep-hand grating my carrots and ginger- and 30 minutes to bake to get the bottom crisp and a cooked layer on top. I don’t bother lining the tray with cooking paper and the cookies come off with no problem. Thank you for your brilliance!


174 Rebecca April 29, 2016

These look delicious! I never have applesauce around – what do you think about replacing the applesauce with an egg? (I’m not a vegan…) Thank you!!


175 Anne-Sophie May 1, 2016
Recipe Rating:

Hi! Just made (& ate) these… AMAZING!!! Unfortunately, I didn’t have everything so I made a couple of swaps… I used light spelt flour, chopped dates instead of raisin, food processed baby carrots and mashed banana instead of applesauce… And it worked perfectly! I really love that most of your recipes can be adapted with whatever we have on hand, it makes every single recipes I did (about 10000040404838) all amazing and unique. I am basically living off of your recipes and I am always amazed by your creations.


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