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The name of the game before mom arrives?

Clean House :)

img 7734   Family Love

Eric is a big list guy so he always makes a big list for us to cross off when we do a big top-to-bottom house clean. It always makes me laugh when he gives me a list!

IMG 7292   Family Love

Mom was very impressed with the renos we’ve done since her last visit!

IMG 7337   Family Love

Earlier in the day, we had a lovely visit with Grandpa and Diane when we picked up my mom (she was staying there for a few days).

IMG 7296   Family Love

My Grandpa continues to stay very positive with his Leukemia battle. He’s had a very rough go with a chemo drug called Valcade, so he’s off of it for the time being. The drug gave him extreme leg pain and he lost about 15 pounds while on it. Not a very fun way to live! Since he’s been off it, he has regained about 10 pounds and his leg pain has improved about 40%. He is still on another chemo drug (can’t remember the name) that doesn’t have as many side effects.

Despite all this, he is always positive and staying active. He’s a fighter!

IMG 7300   Family Love

DSC01063   Family Love

A couple group shots…

IMG 7302   Family Love

DSC01072   Family Love

IMG 7303   Family Love

After our visit, we met my Grammy and Harry for lunch. It was a beautiful day so we sat outside!

IMG 7318   Family Love


IMG 7319   Family Love

Eric enjoyed beer because I was the driver yesterday. :)

IMG 7308   Family Love

Mom and I had green tea.

IMG 7315   Family Love

Meals were enjoyed…

IMG 7323   Family Love

IMG 7324   Family Love

IMG 7325   Family Love

IMG 7329   Family Love

The North Restaurant is by no means a vegan-friendly restaurant, but the chef said he could make me a stir-fry that was vegan. I asked for brown rice and a vegan protein along with the stir-fry, but no such luck….just veggies came out!

IMG 7330   Family Love

It was beautiful, but not very filling for my growling stomach. Luckily, I packed a high-protein Renew Glo Bar and apple + PB in my purse because I anticipated post-restaurant hunger. I dream of the day when restaurants are more vegan-friendly…until then, I make do with what I can!

This morning, I was the first one up around 7am, so I headed out for a quick run while the beauties slept. We’re supposed to get T-storms all day, but I was happy to see that it was just cloudy this morning instead of rain.

IMG 7278   Family Love

I picked up this Power Y tank after so many of you recommended it in my workout clothes post. I’m in love with it…I also love that it is one of their cheapest tanks. It doesn’t have much support though, so I wear the Flow Y bra underneath when running.

IMG 2295   Family Love

Umm..don’t mind my weird alien expression…it takes me about a mile before I wake up in the morning! 

IMG 7353   Family Love

I ran a 3-mile progressive negative split (<—info) and I told myself I was running a race to make it more interesting!

  • Mile 1 = 8:36
  • Mile 2 = 8:26
  • Mile 3 = 8:13


I just love fast & short runs. I’m thinking of signing up for my very first 5k race soon! I think this will be the summer of short distance races, perhaps…

When I returned the sleeping beauties were awake and we made breakfast. Mom and I both thought a Green Monster would hit the spot…

IMG 7347   Family Love

I made us a berry banana GM with lots of chia seeds and spinach.

IMG 7339   Family Love

For two servings: 3 handfuls spinach, 2 cups almond milk, 3/4 cup frozen berries (cherries, strawberries), 2 tbsp chia seeds, 2 frozen bananas, protein powder.


IMG 7344   Family Love

I photographed them on our new tablerunner & napkins that mom got us from Crate & Barrel. :) They match our orange dining room really well. :)

I think we’re off to do a bit of gardening before the storms move in…see ya soon!

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Sara June 11, 2011

Thanks for the workout clothes suggestion. I’m in desperate need of some new exercise clothes and must go shopping today!


Katie @ Nourishing Flourishing June 11, 2011

How lovely! Hope you have a great time with your Mom :)


mariah (pictures pups and pies) June 11, 2011

At least your veggies looked beautiful… perfect for photographing. You are smart to pack back-up food! I need to think of that more often. Have a great weekend!


Felicia (Natural + Balanced) June 11, 2011

i love the power Y tank! i have it in blue and purple. after doing my first half marathon, i realized that i definitely love short and fast runs! with the higher intensity i saw dramatic changes in my body too (for the better!) i felt like i was getting runners puff with the high milage- my body definitely prefers quick and intense over longer runs! not saying i would never train for one again, but i love short distances better. have a great weekend :)


Angela (Oh She Glows) June 11, 2011

Im the same way! I love the fast pace of the short runs. I used to run short distance races in school and Ive always missed it!


Abby June 11, 2011

Great run lady! I love that table runner! Very cute!


Amber K June 11, 2011

I dream of a day when restaurants are more veg-friendly and more allergen-free friendly. I basically just don’t eat out because I hate wasting money on food when I end up having to eat again right away.


The Teenage Taste June 11, 2011

Aw, you and your Mom look so alike! Glad you are enjoying each others company! Have a great time!

Also, you are super fast! I cannot believe you never ran a 5K before! 25:12 is my current PR and you already almost beat it. You. Are. Awesome!


Angela (Oh She Glows) June 11, 2011

aww thank ya!


Emily @ Comfortable Home Life June 11, 2011

I look pretty much exactly like you when I wake up: confused! LOVE that table runner. I think I need to get to the nearest C&B outlet stat!


Angela (Oh She Glows) June 11, 2011

hehe yes confused is a great way to describe it!


Gina @ Running to the Kitchen June 11, 2011

cute table runner! I hate trying to take pics of yourself, especially in a mirror. I never know where to look!


Ashley June 11, 2011

So glad your mom is in town!! Have fun today. :) Your grandpa sounds like quite the fighter!!


Bronwyn June 11, 2011

Love that you call your grandmother “grammy” definitely what I used to call mine. :)


Chloe (South Beach Girl) June 11, 2011

Good for your Grandfather, I hope that the switch in drugs allows him to fight the leukemia while also staying as healthy as he can. My Grandmother was recently diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia and also had a bad reaction to the first drug she was put on, but now that they’ve switched them she is also feeling much better.
The dinner looks amazing! Such delicious looking healthy food :)


Angela (Oh She Glows) June 11, 2011

Thanks Chloe…I hope your Grandmother continues to feel better!


Amy June 11, 2011

OSG MOM is a serious hottie!


Angela (Oh She Glows) June 11, 2011

Oh that will make her day when she reads it :)


Gina (Yogattude) June 11, 2011

Have a fun weekend with mom! I don’t have any of the Power Y tanks, but I don’t have like 15 racer backs…I just love them! Your green monster looks so refreshing…I think I’ll follow suit this morning!


Hannah June 11, 2011

I love following your blog — you really do glow!! Your face always looks so flawless – what kind of makeup do you use? :)


Angela (Oh She Glows) June 11, 2011

Thanks! I use Bare Mineral powder and MAC cover up concealer (for acne and undereyes)


Hayley @ Oat Couture June 11, 2011

Great run! :) All of those meals look delicious but I agree yours wouldn’t fill much of a hole with me either! Some restaurants are so bad at vegetarian / vegan meals. A few friends and I were out one evening and requested something vegetarian. They brought us out 1 half of a baked potato, a small piece of cauliflower some carrots and string beans… with so sauce or seasoning whatsoever! Can you imagine our faces!? :/ I think every restaurant should have at least 1 or 2 options… anyhoo! enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)


Angela (Oh She Glows) June 11, 2011

oh yea I can relate to that all too well. It is a shame especially because eating out should be such a GREAT experience and a real treat.


Holly @ The Runny Egg June 11, 2011

Have fun with your Mom!

I love the family pics :)


Audrey June 11, 2011

You look so gorgeous, Angela! I love your chunky necklace.

Have fun with you family! :)


Liv @ The Salty n' Sweet June 11, 2011

It must be amazing to spend time with your family again :) Hope you enjoy every minute of it! And cute running outfit ;)


Apron Appeal June 11, 2011

Ha ha! I read “growing” stomach instead of “growling” stomach. I just spent the past 15 minutes breezing through the past few months of posts to see if I missed something. I was just about to enter a clarification comment and decided to read the post again. Yep. I read it wrong. What a difference a letter makes. :)


Molly @ RDexposed June 11, 2011

We had parallel mornings! I ran, drank a green smoothie, and cleaned the apt since the parents are coming up! Ah…Saturday mornings!


Angela (Oh She Glows) June 11, 2011

haha nice work! It is a good feeling to get it checked off the list early in the weekend.


Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn June 11, 2011

Ahhh I am so glad your family is doing well!! I love lists too :)

p.s. I love my garmin, it is basically my fifth appendage


Angela (Oh She Glows) June 11, 2011

I dont know what Id do without it anymore! Its so cool to be able to look at pace and mile splits.


Ellie@fitforthesoul June 11, 2011

Your grandpa is such a cutie and an inspiration Angela! :P I loved this post–filled with so much love! Oh and that first dish presentation is off the chart!!! so pretty!!


Mercedees @ Cultivating Consciousness June 11, 2011

Looks like such a loving family! And speaking of love, I love your kitchen! Definitely have kitchen envy… :)


Sara (The Veggie Eco-Life) June 11, 2011

You are glowing in your pictures! :)

I really hope your grandpa gets better! It’s great that he has your and other familymembers’ support.
I also started running 2 days ago, I had my second run today, it’s exciting :)


Angela (Oh She Glows) June 11, 2011

congrats on your running! How exciting. You will probably be surprised at how fast you can build endurance!


Moni'sMeals June 11, 2011

What a fun time. I liked how you and Eric slpit the cleaning, it should always be that way!

What great pictures and a nice looking family. :)


katie June 11, 2011

oh your day sounds so lovely so far! family time is the best and farmers markets are always so enjoyable. That table runner is absolutely gorgeous too, perfect for summer. Have a great day!


Sherri Lambe June 11, 2011

I love your moms socks. My grandmother is from New Brunswick and she buys me a pair of those fuzzies for Christmas every year!


Angela (Oh She Glows) June 11, 2011

I love themt too…so cute! I need to find out where she got them…they are mini sock/slippers


Melanie @ Trial By Trail June 11, 2011

I love that dress you are wearing in those group shots – where did you get it?


Angela (Oh She Glows) June 11, 2011

Thank you! Its Miss Sixty brand and I got it in 2008.


Gracie June 11, 2011

I love looking at photos of your kitchen. LOL

I wish at some point, you can do a clothing post because I LOVE seeing all your dresses! They’re adorable.


Angela (Oh She Glows) June 11, 2011

thank you!


Julie @ Shining From Within June 11, 2011

that GM looks so refreshing! Enjoy the time with your mama :)


Charlie June 11, 2011

I read your blog all the time… for many reasons, mostly though because I am trying desperately to get my Glow back! I started the Green Monster 2 months ago and it has made a huge difference in my energy, skin, and many other things.

Thank you for all of the inspiration!


Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga June 11, 2011

I love that your mom bought you a new table runner and napkins…as a blogger, getting anything new to photograph things on is like kid in a candy store type moment!

The pic of you in your new tank and workout clothes….you are lookin’ good there, girlie! Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it. You look awesome :)

The pictures of the restaurant food are amazing. I am super impressed with your restaurant photography skills! Which is it’s own beast. ha!

Have a wonderful time with your mom, Angela! :)


Angela (Oh She Glows) June 11, 2011

Thanks hun!


Claire June 11, 2011

Where do you get the neat glass straw that you drink your green monsters with?

Thanks for all your helpful posts!


Angela (Oh She Glows) June 11, 2011

Hi Claire, Its from Glass Dharma:

love them :)


kaila @ healthy helper! June 11, 2011

Thats so great that you and Eric work together to get the house together for your mom! How sweet!

Banana and frozen sweet cherries are my favorite things to put in green monsters! Love the one you made!


Stephenie Zamora June 11, 2011

I struggle with eating out as a vegan as well… especially when it involves family or other people. You always end up with a weak salad or a bunch of grilled veggies like that. I decided after the last salad that I’m going to start bringing my own beans and add on toppings with me. :)

PS – your house is beautiful! xo


Angela (Oh She Glows) June 11, 2011

haha that would be awesome to bring your own beans!!!


Justeen @ Blissful Baking June 11, 2011

It must be so nice to spend time with your family! My relatives are all in town this weekend, and it’s been so much fun catching up with them!

I had almost the exact same green monster today, except I used kale along with spinach. Yum!


Chelsea @ One Healthy Munchkin June 11, 2011

I’m glad your grandpa is doing better after that bad experience with the drug. Hopefully this new one will be better for him and that he continues to stay positive and fight!!! :)

It makes me crazy that a restaurant assumes that just because someone is vegan, they are also a light eater who can be satisfied by a handful of vegetables. I can’t wait for the day when restaurants start including more meat-free proteins in their meals!


Leanne @ Healthful Pursuit June 11, 2011

Sounds like a great time! haha I look the SAME in the morning when I go for my runs too.


Em Marie June 11, 2011

Your house is gorgeous!

Have fun with your precious family!


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