Goodbye April, Hello May


Despite lingering throat soreness and a tickly cough that keeps me up in the night, I am feeling a bit better each day. I’d say I am about 80% healed. The flu just seems to be leaving my body very. very. slowly.

My flu fighting plan includes:

  • Juicing first thing every morning (ginger, lemon, grapefruit, carrots, cucumbers, beets- are my go to’s)
  • Gargling with warm salt water 3 times a day (now I’m down to 1-2)
  • Neti Pot (1-2 times a day, as needed)
  • Oil of Oregano drops (few drops, 1x a day) + Echinacea drops (1ml, 2-3 times a day)
  • Continue with usual Vitamins (what I normally take: Probiotic, vegan vitamin, B12, Calcium/magnesium, Vit D)
  • Fresh lemon and ginger tea (Grate 1” piece ginger and steep with a tea steeper + juice half a lemon + hot water + maple syrup to taste)
  • Japanese Sencha tea
  • REST (This is the hardest part for me…I am not a ‘rester’)


Whether actual physical healers, or mental placebo healers, it’s probably a bit of both. I’m just happy to be feeling better.


I’m really ready to bid farewell to April though. It was not a stellar month for me. An injured sciatic nerve, a bad flu, and a record amount of rainfall all knocked me off my course.

I’ve been feeling pretty down lately because my exercise has been totally side-lined and I’m feeling really out of shape. I keep telling myself that this is just another pothole or obstacle along my journey and it will pass. I miss running. I miss Body Pump. I miss endorphins. I miss the Hot Yoga class that Ange and I planned to try out. But it will come…in time.

I think I’m going to call the month of May ‘getting my groove back’ month. :)

Despite a crummy April, this breakfast was a good way to end the gloom and doom! And we woke up to sunshine for the first time in 2 weeks.


My breakfast inspiration came from Tina’s hot off the press Carrots ‘N’ Cake book. I was sent this book as a review copy from the publisher last week.


Tina Haupert, who has been blogging at Carrots ‘N’ Cake for a few years, wrote this book to share her healthy living journey. The book contains over 50 of her go-to recipes (many of which are vegetarian and a few of them are vegan), as well as her workout and healthy eating tips.

I took it as a sign that the very first recipe in the book happened to be vegan. :)


And cookies.

And quite healthy cookies at that!

So I whipped them up this morning and made it into breakfast.



I adapted this recipe lightly based on what I had lurking in my pantry…

  • I added a tbsp of chia seeds
  • I used spelt instead of whole wheat
  • I used maple syrup instead of agave or honey
  • I used coconut oil instead of canola
  • I used 1/2 a banana instead of 1
  • I reduced the chocolate chips down to 1/4 cup


They turned out delicious- big, pillowy soft, fluffy, and lightly sweet. Like a bowl of oatmeal in cookie form. Thanks Tina!

For breakfast, I had a bowl of Nature’s Path Spelt Cereal, with almond milk, buckwheat groats, and a cookie crumbled over top. And some Japanese Sencha on the side.


Shortly after breakfast, the deck guys arrived to install the deck beams around 8am. Not having the experience or equipment to do it himself, Eric hired the pros to install the 22-24 deck beams.

The rest of the deck, Eric plans to do on his own, with the help of myself & friends here and there.


We were really worried when they dug by the well, but thankfully no pipes were broken!! Here’s hoping that everything goes smoothly today!


I hope the sun is shining where you are!


If you’d like a chance to win a copy of the Carrots ‘N’ Cake book, leave a comment below and I will select 1 random winner on Monday. Goodluck :)

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Kate April 30, 2011

That looks like a wonderful book, i’m going to try out the recipe tomorrow. I’ve been feeling in a funk lately too, so May is “getting my groove back” as well!


Stacy @ LoveDiscoveryGratitude April 30, 2011

I’d love to have a copt of Carrots ‘N’ Cake, that would be so fun!

And it’s so weird that you posted those healthy breakfast cookies! Yesterday I was web surfing everywhere for something like this! Yay for law of attraction! LOL!

I can’t believe tomorrow is May! I graduate college a week from today! Woot woot!


Elizabeth April 30, 2011

I would love to win Tina’s book! I find her to be inspiring!


Kara April 30, 2011

Keep on kicking that flu’s butt…glad you are feeling better!
Breakfast looks AMAZING!


tea-bag April 30, 2011

i’d love a chance for a peek at that book! i’ve seen it floating around so much of the blogs right now & all the recipes look great!


Lauren (Diary of a Vegan Girl) April 30, 2011


I really hope you feel better!


kate@ahealthypassion April 30, 2011

glad to hear you are feeling better, I love cookies for breakfast and these ones look amazing!


Marie P. April 30, 2011

I finally have all the ingredients to try a recipe out I will be making these today, they look delicious.


Kellie April 30, 2011

I understand about not being a “rester”. I have the hardest time just sitting. Something I need to work on.


Cate April 30, 2011

So glad you are feeling better, and those cookies look awesome!


Megan April 30, 2011

I just came across Tina’s blog and love it! I don’t know how I’ve missed it these past few months. Thanks for the giveaway!


Roseanna Schiralli April 30, 2011

Here’s to getting your grove back Angela!! Yay, May is here and it better bring some beautiful flowers because April was filled with tons of showers! It’s sunny here in Innisfil too, it’s great! Good luck on the deck guys, we renocation every weekend here as well, fun isn’t it! lol
Off to paint the basement now – enjoy the sun!


Pam April 30, 2011

Can’t wait to give these cookies a try. They look yummy! Love your blog, you do a great job!
Thanks for the chance to win.


Mikayla April 30, 2011

Those cookies look divine! Would love to own a copy of the recipe book :)

As always, love your blog!


Kathleen April 30, 2011

I’m glad you’re feeling better! Those cookies look delicious, and I happen to have all the ingredients on hand at the moment… hmm… :)


Marlina April 30, 2011

Happy to know you’re feeling better! I’m gonna have to try a couple of your flu fighting tricks next time I get sick…your juices look delicious!

Enjoy your sunshine :)


Anu April 30, 2011

Those cookies look so good! I’d love to win Tina’s book just to try all of her recipes!


Jess Z April 30, 2011

I am glad you are starting to feel better. Yay to new months and fresh beginnings! :) Thanks for the chance at a great drawing… I’d love to add to my new vegetarian book collection!


Richelle April 30, 2011

Glad to hear you’re getting better! Those cookies look so good!


Marithé April 30, 2011

Just finished reading your article.Happy that you are getting better!!!!Can not wait to try cookie recipe!!!! P.S April was terrible for me also…had pneumonia and stomach flu!!!!!!
Thank you! Marithé


Linda April 30, 2011

Those cookies look delicious, especially crumbled over cereal! I would love a copy of Tina’s book…I love her blog!


Arun April 30, 2011

Yum, those cookies look amazing!


Sydney April 30, 2011

Really glad you’re on your way back to full health! I’m going to join you in the getting my groove back May, I haven’t been cooking as much or exercising to my full ability, but that’s gonna change! Your baked oatmeal is the first thing on my cooking list…those cookies just took second place! Delish! Thanks for the recipes.


Alex April 30, 2011

April can definitely go do one! Here’s to May being much better!

Not sure if your competition extends to the UK, but thought I’d try my luck anyways…

Hope your other 20% of feeling tip-top comes soon :)


Anne April 30, 2011

Glad you’re feeling better! It really was the crummiest April in a long time. Here’s to May flowers and health!


vanessa April 30, 2011

So sorry it’s been such a rough month!! But take that time you need for yourself, your month to get your Mojo back!! Maybe this is just the universe’s way of reminding you to take care of YOU – and you inspire all of US to take care of ourselves, so the lesson gets passed along in the best way!!


Candace April 30, 2011

Wishing you a speedy recovery and a happy month of May!


Clare @ Fitting It All In April 30, 2011

Hope you feel better soon!! I’d love to win a copy of Tina’s book.


Jill April 30, 2011

I would love a copy of Tina’s book. I love her blog (and yours too, of course!), so it would be such a great read. Thanks for your amazing blog!


Tessa @ Amazing Asset April 30, 2011

So glad to hear you are feeling better! It’s sunny for the first time here in several weeks and that always makes me feel mentally better :)
I would love to win a copy of TIna’s book, thank you for the giveaway!


Kierstan @ Life {and running} in Iowa April 30, 2011

Those cookies look delicious – and a huge bonus that you can eat them for breakfast!


carol April 30, 2011

Hi Angela! I am so happy to read that you are feeling better. I read your blog first thing every day and I must say that you are an inspiration! I love all your recipes and tell everyone at work about them. I hope I win a copy of the book. I love these kind of recipes. Your cookies look so delicious! I will bake them this weekend!


Anna April 30, 2011

Yesterday and today the sun has finally come out! It makes me happy to see the sun along with warmer temperatures :)


Cynthia April 30, 2011

So glad you are feeling better! I woud love to win a copy of Tina’s book.


ellalinea April 30, 2011

Hope you feel better soon! I hope you can take that hot yoga class in may.. It’s such a good workout and you will feel fresh and energized! :)


Kristen April 30, 2011

I’m so happy you’re feeling better! April has been a very stressful month for me as well & I am definitely ready for May:) Those cookies look delicious & now I’m wishing I hadn’t made those not-so-healthy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies last night…


Christina April 30, 2011

Yummo!!!! Those cookies look delectable…. I would love a copy of Tina’s book. I could use a little pick me up right about now.


Nicole April 30, 2011

I’m hope you feel 100% soon, and don’t worry you will get back into your exercise groove before you know it!


Lexi April 30, 2011

That juice looks divine! I love beets but have never tried juicing them :)


alexe @ soyaetchocolat April 30, 2011

I feel your pain about your sciatic nerve injury. I had the same thing last fall. I couldn’t run for 2 months and then, I had to ease back into it verrrryyyy slowly… It took me two months to be able to run 5K without pain again (and I had just ran a half marathon prior to my injury). I was pissed!

You’ll be back in shape just in time for the nicest time to run in Canada : summer! I live in Montreal and we are experiencing the most crapy spring you can imagine. We’re seing the sun for the first time in weeks today!

I hope you feel better soon!


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