Maple Cinnamon Almond Butter with Hemp, Flax, and Chia Seed



Last June, my blog buddy Ashley came for a visit! It was our first time meeting ‘in real life’. I was nervous and basically had hot flashes anticipating her arrival.


Luckily, we hit it off.  :)

We bonded over foodie gifts..




[That would be my favourite VOO –> Cherry Chocolate Bomb Vegan Overnight Oats]



And hiking!


Oh, and nut butter. It was on this visit that Ashley gave me some of her Maple Cinnamon Almond Butter and Salt-Kissed Cashew Butter.  Before then, I was always a Homemade Raw Almond Butter kinda gal, but she inspired me to experiment with other homemade nut butter flavours!

I have since made 4 Ingredient Dark Chocolate Almond Butter


Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter                                       and Dark Chocolate Pecan Butter


Clearly my nut butters are simply another vessel for chocolate. I blame PMS.

Yesterday, I made a spin-off of Ashley’s Vanilla Bean Maple Almond Butter. It was also inspired by Naturally Nutty’s Cinnamon Vanilla Almond Butter made with chia, flax, and hemp seed that I spotted on Kath Eats. I thought the idea of adding chia, flax, and hemp seed was a great way to sneak in more nutrients.

And I’m totally down for anything that gives me another reason to eat nut butter!



Have you ever made homemade nut butter before?

It is really quite easy if you have a processor or blender that will do the work. This recipe requires more time than any nut butter recipe I have made before (due to the almond roasting), but it was so worth it in the end!

Mix together the almonds, chia, flax, hemp, and maple syrup. Spread out onto a lined baking sheet and bake for 30 minutes, stirring once half way through, at 300F.

IMG_2510 IMG_2513

After 30 minutes of roasting:


Eric came into the kitchen when I was making this yesterday morning and he said, ’Mmm it smells amazing in here! WOW!

When I told him that I was making nut butter, he was crushed (he hates nut butter).

He thought I was making waffles!

I pity the fool.


For the first 5 minutes of processing, stop and scrape down the bowl every 30-60 seconds as needed. In the initial stages, I stop every 30 seconds or so.

After 5 minutes (half-way point):


After 5 more minutes of processing, my nut butter was ready! I added in the cinnamon, salt, and vanilla around minute 9.

I won’t tell you how much fun licking the bowl is. That would just be mean.


It makes about 1 and 1/4 cup.

IMG_2536 IMG_2546

The result is an almond butter with a deep roasted flavour and layers of nuttiness with just a hint of sweetness. I didn’t detect the chia, hemp, or flax flavours specifically, but I was happy knowing they were in there!

I enjoyed some apple slices spread with nut butter and strawberry jam.



The clean up for this photoshoot was also a good time. ;)


If you’d like to make chunky almond butter, you can process or chop some almonds and then stir it back into the almond butter. I think I will try that next time!

Does anyone know if I can make nut butter in my Vitamix without a DRY container? I’m scared to ruin it!

Have a great Monday!

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Pia March 14, 2011

Oop! here’s the link to the video on the vitamix site…


Vegyogini March 14, 2011

I’m pretty sure the dry VitaMix container is for milling flour from grains, not for nut butter. I’ve made nut butter in my VitaMix before, though, and it is such a pain to clean out from under the blade. It’s easier in a food processor. :)


Eileen March 15, 2011

Good Morning! This might help you to clean your Vitamix. Whenever I make something “gooey” that is hard to clean I put a few drops of dish soap and fill about a quarter of the way with water. Then I put the blender on high for about a minute or so… VIOLA! CLEAN!


Jodi March 14, 2011

Great photos, keep it up!!!


Jen March 14, 2011

After reading the pasta post where you mentioned that Eric “forgot” to eat lunch, and now reading that he hates nut butter…I think I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s nuts (pun intended). Your nut butters look more amazing than any others I’ve seen! I’m afraid to think about how much nut butter I would eat if I lived in your house.

By the way, those almonds look like they’d be a yummy snack straight from the oven!


Jess@HealthyExposures March 14, 2011

I love the addition of all the seeds in this!! I love experimenting with nut butters, too. that moment where it goes from a lumpy ball to a smooth, spreadable nut butter… It’s like magic :]


Mel S March 14, 2011

I just read your posts of your visit with Ashley, how fun! The nut butter sounds amazing! I will definitely be making this as soon as I return from Florida :) Your recipes have inspired me to try vegan diet for a week. I never realized the vast variety of vegan food! If you are ever in upstate NY, I would love to meet up with you!


Kristen March 14, 2011

Thank goodness for you + Ashley! You have both saved my life with these nut butters – not to mention my wallet! Naturally Nutty’s is my absolute FAVORITE nut butter around because of the smooth yet gritty texture, but at $8.99 a jar, they’re a little pricey. I will need to go pick up some hemp seeds to try your recipe out! Thanks for all your amazing recipes!


Odette @ theonlyplanetwithchocolate March 14, 2011

This post just seals the fact that I need a food processor!! Those voo and the nut butter both look so delicious- can’t wait to try them! :)


Mackenzie@The Caramel Cookie March 14, 2011

Okay, I’ve GOT to replace my burned out food processor so I can start making some of these delicious nut butters!


Leanne @ Healthful Pursuit March 14, 2011

I can imagine how much fun the cleanup was. This nut butter looks tasty + delicious! I love adding flax to my nut butter to give it some crunch but I’ve never thought to add chia!


Maryea {Happy Healthy Mama} March 14, 2011

I didn’t read through all the comments (119!) so I’m assuming you already got your answer, but just in case you didn’t, YES you can make nut butter in the wet container of the Vita Mix. Actually the recipe book it comes with recommends using the wet container, not the dry. I always use the wet.

This nut butter looks amazing!! All of yours look amazing.


kaila @ healthy helper! March 14, 2011

YUMMY, YUMMY, and MORE YUMMY! I live for nut butter and this one packs so much flavor and nutrition! Can’t wait to try it out! If only I had a vita mix :(


Hannah March 15, 2011

Some of my closest friends are women I’ve met through blogging, so I know the amazing feeling of really connecting in person for the first time when you were a bit nervous! Also… this nut butter…. YES YES YES.


Lana March 15, 2011

I’m watching the Food Network as we speak (type) and Sandra Lee just sprayed her measuring cups with cooking spray so the honey and peanut butter easily come out of the measuring cups…pretty nifty, eh?! (thought it might be useful, lol)
Anywho, that almond butter looks heavenly!


Eileen March 15, 2011

LOVE your blog!! I make EVERYTHING in my Vitamix. I only have a “wet” container and all dry ingredients do fine. I just make sure that I mix all my dry ingredients first and set aside, if necessary. You can have nut butter in seconds! Just use the tamper that came with the blender to push down the ingredients to keep them moving. I’ve had my vitamix for almost 6 years, it was the BEST Valentines Day gift my hubby has ever gotten for me!!!


Toni March 15, 2011

I’ve never tried making my own nut butter which is silly considering nut butter is really difficult to find where I live. I guess I always thought it was really complicated and difficult to make! Thanks for sharing, I will have to try this – it looks pretty easy!


Sabrina @ Radioactive Runner March 15, 2011

This maple almond butter looks so good and makes me want to step out of the box a bit and try and make my own. YUM!

I don’t think you need a dry blade for the vitamix to make nut butter. I don’t have a dry blade although I have made “cookie dough balls” (all dry ingredients; cashews, dates and all) and it was totally fine! It was a bit scary because it made a bit more noise but there was no problem. I was worried.. actually scared I was going to ruin it too.. BUT thankfully it didn’t!
If you try it, please let me know how it works and maybe i’ll try my own.


Richelle March 15, 2011

Wow, this sounds and looks amazing. I don’t have a food processor and am afraid to try making nut butter in my blender. At least I can drool over you pictures!


Stacie @ Imperfectly Healthy March 15, 2011

How could someone not like nut butter? :)

Seriously, it’s probably my all-time favorite food – I’m not sure I could live without it!!


veganlisa March 15, 2011

I love that I posted my own Cinnamon Maple Almond Butter inspired by Ashley on the same day as your fantastic post. I think next time we should just make a double batch together and share the clean-up.


Jennifer Drummond March 15, 2011

I just made this and OMG! This is so good!!! Getting ready to cut up some apples as we speak! It was so easy and so yummy!! Thank you for sharing the recipe! I am enjoying your site! Lots of great recipes!!!!


Angela (Oh She Glows) March 15, 2011

glad to hear!!!!


Kathleen @ KatsHealthCorner March 16, 2011

I love your camera!! :D

I especially love that you used Hemp seeds in this! You don’t see that very often! :D



Anita March 19, 2011

Could I make this with pre-roasted almonds instead of raw, and a mix of honey and golden syrup instead of maple syrup? Maple syrup isn’t readily available where I live.


Angela (Oh She Glows) March 20, 2011

I would guess that yes you could substitute those ingredients, but I’m not positive since I have not tried it before. Goodluck!


Jenny March 19, 2011

I just made this almond butter a few minutes ago and i am enjoying it with a banana right now. AMAZING! Mine didn’t turn out quite as creamy as yours, more like a paste, but who cares when it takes this delicious! Thanks for the great recipes! I always look forward to seeing what you come up with!


Brigitte March 22, 2011

I made this almond butter yesterday and it’s absolutely amazing. i didn’t put the cinnamon though, thought it would take away from the maple syrup.

Love your website Angela, lots of great recipes and great pictures, i’ve even made your website my home page!


Angela (Oh She Glows) March 22, 2011

aww thanks!


Emily March 22, 2011


I am sitting in front of my television dipping my scraper into my vat of almond butter and licking away. SO DELICIOUS! Thanks Angela!


Angela (Oh She Glows) March 22, 2011

haha NICE!!! You just described…my entire winter? lol


Renata March 29, 2011

Hi Angela! I just have to say I made this last night and ate some right away. It was so delicious and this morning during my workout I felt SUPER FUELED. It’s magic… Thanks :)


jocelyn April 4, 2011

i dont get it, i have a kitchen aid food processor which looks just like this one and i processed it for 20 minuites and it has barely done anything exept get stuck ever 2 seconds!!! im pulling out my hair, what do i do? definatley NO butter in sight!


Sophie April 20, 2012

Hi Angela!

I’ve made this recipe many times :) LOVE it!!!

Actually, my question is about the spoon and the red bowls in the picture. I have been shopping around for some new things for the kitchen, and was wondering where you got the little red bowls? It is so cute! What about the green measuring cup? A good set of those would be nice…



Janie June 18, 2012

How do you store your nut butter? In the pantry or do I need to refrigerate? How long does it last?

Thank you for answering my questions! Can’t wait to try the recipe!



Angela (Oh She Glows) June 19, 2012

I store it in the fridge and it will last over a month in an air tight container :)


Valerie July 4, 2012

I don’t have any hemp seed, do you think this would work without it?


Angela (Oh She Glows) July 4, 2012

yes for sure! Just make sure you use a heavy duty processor as smaller processors sometimes can’t make nut butters.


Natalie July 31, 2012

I made this this afternoon in my Vitamix, and it is AWESOME! I have one question though regarding making your own homemade nut butters: How long do they last? Should they be refrigerated? I look forward to checking more out on your blog! You have lovely photos!



Angela (Oh She Glows) August 1, 2012

Hey Natalie, Yes for sure put it in a container in the fridge. It will last for a while- at least 2-3 weeks if not longer. Enjoy!


Carole - FlowerTowne November 20, 2012

I just made this delicious nut butter, and then I added it to some of the banana soft serve I made…yummy! Quick question…is it better to refrigerate the nut butter or not? Thanks for yet another awesome recipe!


Angela (Oh She Glows) November 21, 2012

Yes I always refrigerate the nut butter – it can last over a month or longer in the fridge! :)


Carole- FlowerTowne November 21, 2012

Thank you for continuing to inspire me ;)


Ashley December 7, 2012

I just made this and it is delicious!! It is my first homemade nut butter ever and I am very impressed. Of course I knew your recipe wouldn’t fail me, I have so much success with all of your recipes!


Brittany January 14, 2013

Shoul this be stored in the pantry or in the fridge?


Anna January 29, 2013

I “made” this with raw almonds. I don’t know what happened but it NEVER turned into almond butter. Hours and hours in the Cuisinart, still a lumpy, greasy mess.

On the bright side, though, I found that that lumpy, greasy mess made the most EXCELLENT little Tootsie Rolls.


virginia April 19, 2013

Yes, you definitely can use the wet container of your Vitamix. In fact that’s the one you’re supposed to use for nut butters. Roasting helps the almonds release their natural oils, thereby making a more successful and quick nut butter. I finally bought dry roasted almonds, no salt, no added oil. After numerous unsuccessful attempts at making raw almond butter in a food processor and my vitamix, the dry roasted almonds were like a miracle! Delicious, creamy and warm almond butter in my vitamix super fast, probably under three minutes. Yes, you do use the tamper and it’s a good workout for your arms, but oh so worth it!


Katie Murphy May 7, 2013

I just made this maple cinnamon almond butter and it’s AMAZING. I normally don’t like almond butter, but this one is a keeper. yum.


CHLOE May 11, 2013

How long does this keep?


colleen November 25, 2013

how do you store you’re almond butter? Fridge? Pantry? Im curious as to which keeps it at a better consistency…obviously fridge will keep it longer, but I’m not concerned with this sitting around too long :)

Vitamix: I make nut butters in it all the time. Typically cashew or sunflower which are softer, but i add melted coconut oil to it to aid the blending process which make my vitamix should less like its dying.


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