Chocolate Coconut Butter Banana Bites



Remember last summer when I made Chocolate Covered Frozen Bananas?


Covering a banana in chocolate and then snapping a picture of it proved to be a bit awkward for all parties involved. It was not my finest moment of photography.

Then I found out that Bon Appetit and Ashley from Never(home) Maker were making Chocolate Banana Bites. You know me, I love my bites and all things mini sized.

I have made…


Clearly, these chocolate covered banana bites were calling my name!


I ended up putting a fun twist on them and the result was an incredibly tasty treat when you want just a little bite of something to satisfy that sweet tooth. I just LOVE these things and I am so happy that I have a bunch stored in my fridge whenever I want a mini treat.


The first thing you do is make your coconut butter. Alternatively, you can use 1 cup of store-bought coconut butter.


Keep in mind that not all food processors can make coconut butter! I have heard from many of you that tried making it and it never turned into butter, even after 30 minutes of processing. For best results you really need a high-speed processor (or blender) for it to work.

After 8 minutes of processing, I had drippy coconut butter.

Now add in kosher salt, sifted icing sugar, and your desired extract. I used peppermint and it was lovely.


Process it all together and it will thicken up slightly.


Now melt your chocolate and oil in the microwave and then process the melted chocolate and coconut butter mixture together.


Pour into a bowl.


Peel and slice your bananas into 1 inch pieces.


Using a fork, dip the bananas into the bowl of chocolate coconut butter. Gently tap off excess on the side of the bowl.


For the first trial that I made, I placed them onto a Silpat baking mat. This worked out great, except it created a ring of chocolate around the bites (which is no big deal), but I wanted to try using a cooling rack to see if that helped.



With a cooling rack, the excess was able to drip off, but honestly I prefer the first method because the cooling rack just made more steps and was messier in the end!!


You can stick ‘em if you like before freezing!


Freeze for 10-15 minutes until set.


I found they were perfect after 15 minutes of freezing…the result is a solid exterior with a soft (but cold) pillowy banana interior. Yes pillowy. Mmm. I preferred them this way as opposed to completely frozen, but perhaps during the hot summer I will change my mind…

My little banana pops!


I had almost 1 cup of Chocolate Coconut Butter leftover so I put it in a jar and will store at room temperature. This will be great warmed up and poured over oatmeal or VOO!


I used 3 bananas and made 18 bites. I’m storing them in the fridge in a container. They will also stay solid at room temperature too (thanks to the coconut butter which hardens up nicely!).


Mmm pillowy banana middles.


A delicious snack that is perfect for bite-sized indulgences whenever the craving strikes!


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Katie May 31, 2013

Oh good Lord I have so many tabs open right now! Just discovering your amazing blog! I popped online to find a healthy but special cake or cookie recipe for a very good friend and am spoilt for choice :) I think you’re doing an amazing thing here and will look forward to reading more of your recipes!


Angela (Oh She Glows) May 31, 2013

Thank you so much!


SarahBeee February 26, 2013

I JUST made these. I have 20 in the freezer as we speak….actually scratch that I have 18……eh…..let’s call it 17 ok? They are stunning!!! I tried to make the coconut butter last night, but either my blender isn’t fast enough or I am too big a wuss to let it go into full speed, but it failed anyway.I bought some “coconut manna” today (which is just coconut butter, I don’t know why they’re getting all fancy), and made the entire thing in no time! And apart from one icing sugar incident, it was super easy to do! (I spilled the silly bag of icing sugar all over myself and my clean floor…d’oh!). GREAT recipe!!!


Esty August 2, 2012

These look lovely! Are they good made in advance? (1 day ahead?) Should they be stored in the fridge or freezer?



Angela (Oh She Glows) August 3, 2012

They should be fine 1 day in advance. I store them in the freezer. :)


Donna March 4, 2011

I want these immediately! Fantastic recipe as always
Extra bananas have been added to the weekly grocery list :)


Kathleen @ KatsHealthCorner March 4, 2011

Banana Pops! YAY! Those are so cute! :D I want me some Chocolate Banana Bites! :D



Stacey @ Here's to Life March 4, 2011

Those look AMAZING!!!! I absolutely cannot wait to make these!


Beth @ DiningAndDishing March 4, 2011

Love chocolate covered bananas! They remind me of summers at the beach where we used to always have one as a treat at the end of the day. This recipe is adorable :).


Faith @ lovelyascharged March 4, 2011

Delicious looking as usual…and way less phallic ;)


Sabrina @ Radioactive Runner March 4, 2011

Ohhhh my goooodnessssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want one of these right now…. is 750am to early to eat bananas and chocolate? These look AMAZING!!!!!! Can’t wait to try them!!!


shana March 4, 2011

This look great!!! I WILL be trying sometime soon. Thanks for the recipe =) I love what you do and your blog and if you ever make a cookbook, I’ll be first in line!!


Danielle March 4, 2011

I tried making something like these long ago, but I just used normal chocolate melted onto banana bits, and it didn’t work out nearly as well as yours did. I have a feeling this recipe will work MUCH better!


Jolene ( March 4, 2011

Mmmmmm, those banana bites look cute AND tasty!!!


bitt of raw March 3, 2011

Chocolate Coconut Butter leftovers? Love that! Might just make that and slather over bananas. For some reason i don’t like frozen banana unless I make it into ice cream.


Nichole March 3, 2011



Liz March 3, 2011

“Covering a banana in chocolate and then snapping a picture of it proved to be a bit awkward for all parties involved”

Best line ever :) thanks for the laugh


Emma March 3, 2011

These look great and pretty easily as well! Perfect to curb a chocolate craving :)


Bridget March 3, 2011

YUMMY!!! I just made a batch of coconut butter today (soooo much cheaper that way heh?). Well….I guess now I have an excuse to use it ;)



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