Family Room, You Have Come A Long Way


Good morning!

Guess who slept until 8:30am?! Amazing! I guess my body needed it after my long run yesterday. I find I always feel a bit drained after long runs. The body needs lots of rest and apparently my body needed a solid 9.5 hours worth.

IMG 5671 thumb   Family Room, You Have Come A Long Way

I was so excited for pumpkin pie this morning! I am so smitten by this latest vegan overnight oats concoction. I love, love, love having my veggies in the morning and since spinach in vegan overnight oats didn’t work out for me, I am quite excited that pumpkin did because pumpkin is super healthy and a great food to add to any diet.

I used the same recipe as yesterday! Click here for Creamy Pumpkin Pie Vegan Overnight Oats.

 IMG 5658 thumb   Family Room, You Have Come A Long Way


(See I’m working on my French!)

IMG 5668 thumb   Family Room, You Have Come A Long Way


IMG 5674 thumb   Family Room, You Have Come A Long Way

CREAMY goodness! (Not sure what the French translation is for that!) ;)

IMG 5676 thumb   Family Room, You Have Come A Long Way

Family Room, You Have Come A Long Way!

Now I would like to show you some BEFORE and AFTERS of our Family Room! Well, they are technically not ‘afters’ yet because we still have a lot of work to do (and furniture to buy), but they are more like ‘mid-way’ pictures if you will.

This is what our Family Room looked like when we moved in and set up our furniture back in December 2008!

Don’t you love the 70’s lamp shades rocking in there?

IMG 5292 thumb   Family Room, You Have Come A Long Way

It was a tearful goodbye, but we chose to part ways.

Dark, dingy, and depressing!

I will note that the wall paper was GLUED on and took us 2 months to remove. The wall paper was also lined with wood! so it came off in wonderful 2 inch increments (even with steaming). Good times! ;)

IMG 5293 thumb   Family Room, You Have Come A Long Way

Mid-Way pictures (What it looks like TODAY!)

Much warmer and brighter…

IMG 5691 thumb   Family Room, You Have Come A Long Way 

IMG 5690 thumb   Family Room, You Have Come A Long Way

These chairs are on loan to us right now. We are storing a bunch of my brother-in-law’s furniture in the basement and they said we could try out their chairs to see how we like the set-up.

IMG 5694 thumb   Family Room, You Have Come A Long Way

IMG 5687 thumb   Family Room, You Have Come A Long Way

Giraffes fit perfectly on this wall:

15of12 thumb   Family Room, You Have Come A Long Way 14of12 thumb   Family Room, You Have Come A Long Way

We also put up chocolate curtains:

IMG 5679 thumb   Family Room, You Have Come A Long Way

IMG 5688 thumb   Family Room, You Have Come A Long Way

We are also going to put some kind of shag on top to cover the bar and blinds, but we’re not sure what would look good.

Originally, we put up white curtains and did not care for them! We took them back.

IMG 4958 thumb   Family Room, You Have Come A Long Way

The white just looked too stark in our opinion…

Future plans for the family room include hardwood flooring, art/photography on walls, and furniture (coffee tables, chairs, corner unit for electronics). In due time!

Unfortunately today is a house work day for me- cleaning and laundry! Necessary evils.

Have a great day!

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Marilou August 8, 2010

Absolutely lovely. It’s very warm and looks cozy!

I also have the giraffe print, hehe completely fell in love with it!


Gabriela @ Une Vie Saine August 8, 2010

Wow, this looks AMAZING!! I can’t even believe that’s the same room!! I love the colors and furniture…it makes the room look so much more open with all that dark paint!


Freya @ Brit Chick Runs August 8, 2010

Your house looks STUNNING! Beautiful furniture, all so charming and cosy looking. Yours is like my dream house :)
I really want to know what you’d just been watching on TV in the 1st pic though..end credits make me curious!


AngelaOSG August 8, 2010

My memory fails me as it was December 2008…but I will take a wild guess and say one of Eric’s kung-fu movies ;)


Morgan @ Healthy Happy Place August 8, 2010

the room looks great! we’ve also rehabbed our entire house. It’s amazing what a little TLC can do for the feel of a room


Jennifer August 8, 2010

*Je l’adore = I adore IT.

Also, that’s an amazing improvement! I can’t even tell that it’s the same room, it looks so warm and homey! The old version looks kind of like a billiards room in a sleazy bar.


AngelaOSG August 8, 2010

What if I love the oats like a human being though? ;)


Jennifer August 8, 2010

Same thing!


Megan (Running Foodie) August 8, 2010

I really love all the pops of green! You’ve done a great job!


Danielle (Runs on Green) August 8, 2010

Whoaaa your family room has done a 180! Seriously, it doesn’t even look like the same place. Do I even have to say that the ‘after’ shots look a lot better? :)


Shanna, Like Banana August 8, 2010

Incredible change! It does look much brighter, airier, and welcoming. Great place for entertaining, reading a good book (EPL), or taking a nap ;)


Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg August 8, 2010

Wow– it looks SO much better!!!! Home projects take a lot of time, but they are SO worth it. We just did a major makeover of our living room (new paint color, furniture rearragement, etc.), and it just makes me so much happier when I walk into our house now!


tanyadaily August 8, 2010

good choice…much warmer


rachelc August 8, 2010

WOW!!!! What a difference, looks so cozy now!


Lori August 8, 2010

Wow that is an AMAZING transformation! I couldn’t have even dreamed that one up! The room is beautiful! What awesome work you have done. Congrats!


Camille August 8, 2010

Wow! If you hadn’t said it, I wouldn’t even know that was the same room!


Angela August 8, 2010

Wow! It looks amazing! I love the color scheme the colors are gorgeous together and make it look so bright and open! I think you should come to my house and decorate!


Jessica @ How Sweet It Is August 8, 2010

Beautiful room! Want to come decorate for me? :)


Amanda August 8, 2010

I just love your house Ange! Wanna trade? lol


Amy August 8, 2010

I love the open space and all the natural light in your family room…the green and chocolate are great color combinations!!!


Heidi M August 8, 2010

Your family room is stunning and that fireplace is BEAUTIFUL!!

What a fantastic change! You should show some more pictures of your beautiful home!


Maria @ Oh Healthy Day August 8, 2010

Uh oh…I think you’ve inspired me to re-do my bedroom. The Fiance better hide his credit card. Evil laugh ;)

Such a cozy and sweet room now. I don’t know about you, but I find it much easier to relax in a room with lighter color walls and neutral tones.


holly @ couchpotatoathlete August 8, 2010

I like the chocolate curtains – they look very nice! You could maybe make some kind of wood cover thing to cover up the curtain pole — that way it would match the wood beams on the ceiling?

What a change though! The walls look so much better painted white — that dark green looked so dingy and depressing!


Steph (@mediterraneanmiss) August 8, 2010

It’s so -you- now!! What a beautiful space <3 I loved decorating my little loft.


christina cadden August 8, 2010

Your room looks great!


Liz @ Tip Top Shape August 8, 2010

OH wow! Your family room is beautiful now!! Not that it was very ugly before, of course, but it has a lot more character now!


sassy molassy August 8, 2010

Angela, I love what you’ve done with the living room! Amazing what some paint and diff furniture can do! I love the color pallet you’ve chosen. Fun yet relaxing.


Michelle @ Give Me the Almond Butter August 8, 2010

What a great transformation! The old version looks kind of like a hunters lodge. lol.


Angela @ Eat Spin Run Repeat August 8, 2010

Wow, great job!!! If you ever get tired of baking I’m sure you’d have no problem starting an interior decorating business! I love the contrast between the walls and the brick at the end of the room. Have a great day! :)


Kelly August 8, 2010

Looks wonderful!!!


Mary (A Merry Life) August 8, 2010

That’s amazing! It’s so lovely and definitely came a long way!


Run Sarah August 8, 2010

Wow – that looks incredibly gorgeous! I need you to come help me with my condo, or my future dream home. Love it Angela!!


Lana August 8, 2010

The room looks fabulous!! I agree with the white…definitely too stark.


Heather August 8, 2010

wow what a difference! I dont like dark colored walls, makes the room look small and closed in


Nicole @ August 8, 2010

I made carrot cake scuffins this morning–OMG! I’m gonna do a post on it today if you want to check it out :) I added something that made them incredible!


Brittany August 8, 2010

The family room looks so cozy now. It has come along way!!


Lauren August 8, 2010

Oh wow, LOVE the new family room!! Good work


Rachel (Two Healthy Plates) August 8, 2010

Wow! That fireplace area is beautiful =D I would love to have a seating area like that


Pure2raw twins August 8, 2010

Your family room is stunning! Can I hire you to decorate my place??


Cindy August 8, 2010

That looks great! That couch look soooooooooo comfy!


Camille August 8, 2010

Hi, I just wanted to say I really like your blog and that I added it to my blogroll….When I read your story, I recognized myself in the “restiction” struggle, I still have some issue and I really work hard on myself to let go that control and be healthy…
you are a real inspiration..thanks.


Jenny August 8, 2010

Angela! That is gorgeous! You guys did a great job! I showed my bf because he loves that kinda stuff and he was really impressed too. Congrats you guys! What a lovely home.


Shannon August 8, 2010

I love the before and after pictures!!! What a great transformation. It’s amazing what a little TLC will do to a room!


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