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Good morning!

Well, I was right, I was working until about 10pm last night. But, I have great news- almost everyone has confirmed their donation for Shop 4 A Cause 2! I was actually blown away by how fast everyone made their donation and even emailed to tell me about it. A HUGE thank-you to everyone for making this such a smooth process! The fact that we had over 55 auctions and 52 of them are now paid is really, really amazing. THANK YOU so much!

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The heat wave continues and so does the Banana soft Serve Vegan Overnight Oats parade!

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Recipe can be found here. Toppings included raw cacao nibs and Nature’s Path Rice Crisp cereal again. So much crunchy goodness!

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I did not use a frozen BROWN banana today, but a nice yellow one. It made such a difference in the banana soft serve. It ‘whips’ a lot more and gets much more creamy.

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Every last drop.

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The Wedding Planner

I don’t know how I forgot about this, but Eric and I have a wedding to go to the night before my half marathon this weekend! We got the invitation long after I had booked my half marathon last year, but I didn’t want to miss a wedding just because of a race, so we agreed to go. However, now I am starting to get a bit nervous about being at a wedding and then having to get up around 4:30am the next morning!

A few things I am worried about:


Number one rule of racing is not to do anything different before the race. Obviously the food will be out of my control the night before and I am a bit worried that something is going to upset my stomach. I requested a vegan dish, but other than that I have no idea what I will be eating.

2.     OPEN BAR

Need I say more? I have told myself absolutely no alcohol at the wedding. Who wants to be hungover the morning of a race? Plus it is dehydrating. I am really hoping I can stick to this pledge because open bars and I go way back. :lol:


The wedding begins at 2:30pm so it will probably be a day spent on my feet like most weddings are. I am a bit concerned that my legs will not be fresh for the race! I ALWAYS wear heels with a dress, but I think I may bring a pair of flats with me if I want to give my legs a rest.


I am still debating what time I should leave the wedding at. I’m thinking my cut-off should be by 9:30-10pm? I think the wedding is about a 15-20 minute drive from home, so I need to factor that in too.


My plan is to prepare all of my race stuff (clothing, sneakers, water, hat sunglasses, sunscreen, Garmin, music, etc) tonight or Saturday morning so I don’t have to worry about it Saturday night or Sunday morning. I am also going to do Vegan overnight oats and make that Saturday morning and pop it in the fridge so it is ready come Sunday morning.

Have you ever had to deal with weekend social outings when you have a long workout or a race the next day? Do you skip it or go out and modify your evening? Any tips for me and how I should handle Saturday?

See you this afternoon for 1,000 words…errr….12,000 words. :biggrin: *wink, wink*

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Jessica @ How Sweet May 28, 2010

Oooh. I love weddings so much that I would not do the race…LOL! Can you tell I am not a runner?? ;) I think it sounds like you are well-prepared doing everything on Saturday.


Jolene ( May 28, 2010

I’m with Jessica ;-)


Alexandra May 28, 2010

Wow! Sounds like you will definitely have a busy weekend on your hands! I think you have everything under control with how you plan to go avoiding any race-day issues. Remember to enjoy the wedding too, though! :) I don’t think one drink will hurt you, definitely wear comfortable shoes and the going to bed early thing also sounds like a smart idea. I think you’ll be okay! :)

Ps. I haven’t tried the banana soft serve over night oats yet but it looks yummy! I just made banana soft serve last night with some home-made nutella in it.. o-m-g.



Matt Brosseau May 28, 2010

I say modify your evening. The wedding is an afternoon wedding so will likely peter out totally by 8:00 in the evening or so. And guests will be trickling out early as they usually do. If this person is a dear, dear friend whose wedding you would never consider leaving early, then you’re in for the long haul and would do best to follow the plan you have.

Eat a good lunch BEFORE the wedding that will give you energy to get through to dinner; if the meal is completely unacceptable (it’s usually some sort of pasta primavera in my vegetarian wedding experience) you will at least have eaten and can have a salad (combine yours and Eric’s if you need to, he can eat later) to get you through.

As far as drinking it’s mind over matter. Don’t try to drink nothing, have a glass in your hand but just fill it with something nonalcoholic like cranberry juice or club soda.

You’ll be fine, just keep your eye on Sunday morning! Good luck…


Nicole @ Geek Turned Athlete May 28, 2010

I completely agree with Matt. This same thing happened to me last year. The served New Mexican food which I knew my stomach would be able to handle since I grew up eating it.

*No alcohol.
*I left early. (Everyone was drunk anyway at that point, and didn’t remember me leaving so early.)
*hydrate!!!!! Seriously, you should be chugging water like it’s your job at the wedding.
*If you have all of your stuff layed out, it will seriously be less stress for you to worry about during the wedding.

You are going to do great as long as you plan ahead. Make sure when you pick a time (do this beforehand), that you stick to it! Otherwise, you will be there all night, and feel like crap the next day!

Good luck!


Jen May 28, 2010

I have a half marathon on Sunday too! The Calgary half. Anyways, I think the most important sleep in 2 nights before the race. So I plan on going to bed early tonight! Good luck!


Tracey @ I'm Not Superhuman May 28, 2010

Talk about a busy weekend. I’d stay away from the alcohol, wear flats (c’mon, they’re cute), and try to slip out early. The bride and groom won’t notice; my wedding was a blur. (Do you remember people leaving at your wedding?) Most weddings that start at 4 or 5 finish with all the big stuff at 8 or 9. Once it’s just dancing, dancing, and more dancing, I think it’s safe to leave.


Sarah Walnuts May 28, 2010

I agree with Tracey, flats are super cute! I wouldn’t take the risk with heels. I wouldn’t sweat it, leave early. The bride and groom will be so consumed with the festivities it will not matter! The wedding I went to most recently, people left right after the speeches and it was not a big deal at all!

Good luck with your race, I’m sure you’ll do fantastic!!


Ameena May 28, 2010

I would definitely modify my evening…leave early, no alcohol, no sweets! But I’m 100 years old so I’m not sure if you should follow my advice!

Have a great long weekend and enjoy the heat!


Beth @ Beth's Journey to Thin May 28, 2010

I’ve never really had events planned before races, but it seems like you’ve got a great plan. I think the no drinking one, unfortunately, will be especially important. It’s too hard to control yourself at open bars, so “just one” probably won’t work! Good luck!


Janna May 28, 2010

I haven’t had to deal with it for a race, but I have before a big exam.

I agree with modifying the evening.

- Limit yourself to 1 drink and make sure to drink lots of water
- Bring flats to change into
- I don’t think food will be a problem the night before. Just don’t go overboard! And eat a stabilizing breakfast in the morning!
- And yes, leave early!



Jenn @ LiveWellFitNow May 28, 2010

What an incredible weekend you have ahead of you!

If I were in the same place as you, the first thing I would do is take a really deep breath. Think about all of these wonderful events ahead of me. I would put myself at the wedding, enjoying every moment of it and then waking up ready to go on Sunday! And just keep breathing!

I used to stress and stress and stress when life would get in the way of things. It made things so much more difficult! Now, I go prepared, I think through what is important to me and then- I ENJOY IT! :) And that’s exactly what you are doing doll!

So, keep your flats close. Eat a huge and wonderful lunch full of nutrients you need and then go be a part of that wedding. Leave when you feel comfortable and then focus on Sunday!


Allison @ Food For Healing May 28, 2010

its okay to call it an early night! I am sure they’d understand. You can go for a bit just to show your support and all. But take off early, rest your feeties and get a decent night sleep


Laura May 28, 2010

While it is important to not do anything different, your sleep and food are also key 2 nights before a race…
Having said that:
1. water, water, water, water, water…
2. I’d wear flats but my feet are pretty sensitive.
3. get your gear ready well ahead of time so you can squeeze in any extra sleep you can.
4….have fun? I have skipped many social events not just for races but when I am serious training. For me it is a commitment that I need to stick to.


Annie D. from Annie'sSimpleLife May 28, 2010

Oh I think you’ll be just fine! Have one drink early in the evening and then stick with water for the rest of the day. And don’t stay out too late! You may want to bring a pair of flats with you just in case your feet start to hurt, or some snacks in case the food isn’t what you’re used to eating.


kim May 28, 2010

i highly suggest finding some cute flats. heels are awesome, but if you aren’t an everyday heel wearer, a night in heels is going to reek havoc on you on race morning.


Chelsea May 28, 2010

I once had to host a bachlorette party the night before a big mountain bike race. I had to be up by 530 and drive 1 hour+ to the race the next day. I decided to be the DD so I could not be tempted to drink at all, and I insisted on us being back by 130am. I some how managed it. During the race I kept singing to myself “living on a prayer” because thats what it really felt like, I think I had a headache after wards, but I got good sleep when I got haom afterwards. I still got first place, musta been adrenaline! I know you can do it!! :)


Charlotte May 28, 2010

Oh, I was on the swim team in both high school and college – my last year of high school, the statewide championship meet that I had shaved, tapered, and worked for for four years happened to be preceded by my Senior Prom the night before. I figured that given the circumstance it would be foolish to have miraculous expectations for my race, so I decided to have fun at my Prom, dance my ass off (high heels and all), and made sure to drink plenty of water without stressing about the next day. I knew that if I worried too much, my night would be ruined – and worrying wouldn’t have led me to a great time anyway. I woke up exhausted the next morning, but I had mentally prepared myself to have FUN during the race instead of setting any PR expectations. I think my adjusted attitude was the most important contributor in ensuring that I was still pleased with the outcome of my swim meet. Even though I didn’t get a best time, I still tried my hardest and managed to have fun at both the prom and the meet. Best of luck to you and I hope you have FUN at both!


Jen May 28, 2010

I wouldn’t be too concerned if I were you – the night before the race isn’t quite as important as the night before the night before (if that makes sense). I think it’s natural to get less rest the night before a race (nerves and early wake-up) but your body will perform just fine. It’s mostly mental. That being said…no alcohol, flats, simple food are good ideas!


AngelaOSG May 28, 2010

AMAZING tips everyone thank you!

I never would have even thought about TONIGHT’s Rest- but now that you mention it, it makes total sense. I will try to get an extra long sleep tonight and feel rested for Saturday.


manda_michelle May 28, 2010

i have the exact same problem! i’m doing the Toronto Women’s 5K on Sunday, but Saturday is some dear friends of ours wedding day! I was (still kinda am) conflicted on what to do. I know a 5k is not a half, but i decided to enjoy the wedding, leave slightly early (its 2 hours from Toronto, ugh!) and just do the 5k for fun, even if i have to walk.
i’m sure you’ll do great, it sounds like you are super planned anyways!!


Jessica @ The Process of Healing May 28, 2010

Yikes!! I’d say wear flats, eat foods that you are familiar with, and limit alcohol!


Stacy (StacyGrowsHealthy) May 28, 2010

It would make me nervous too. I turned down a concert the night before my first half marathon (coming up!), but if it was a wedding or something bigger I would probably go. It sounds like you have it pretty well planned out. Try not to let it stress you out to much and just enjoy yourself!


Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg May 28, 2010

Sounds like you’ve already given it a lot of thought! I definitely think having everything prepared to go before the wedding is a good idea, and as for the shoes, go with flats, girl! I love wearing flats with my dresses!

I would have trouble with the open bar thing and the curfew too. It’s so hard to not drink or stay out late when everyone else is! But I would definitely do those things– running hungover, dehydrated, or with no sleep is NO fun!


katherine May 28, 2010

I think it’s really important to go to the wedding so I think you made a good decision. I know that training is important, but if we start training so hard that we give up the things that are important to us (i.e. celebrating milestones with family and friends), then we begin to lose our identity to running…or biking…or training…whatever it is. I think it’s no problem to head in early. I’ve done the same thing before.


Jess May 28, 2010

I had a half-marathon the day after my family celebrated Mother’s Day a few weeks ago. (We celebrated that Friday night – I had the race that Sat morning). I did my best to stay on track w/ bedtime and eating rituals. I over ate a bit and was out until around 11pm. Got up at 4:30 and ended up running a personal best. I think it’s all about staying positive!! Sometimes our schedules get the best of us, and we just have to make the most of it!


Mary @ Bites and Bliss May 28, 2010

It depends on what it is whether or not I skip it to prep for the race/workout. In this case, I definitely wouldn’t skip it- just modify the night a lot. It’s a friends wedding! That’s a once in a lifetime thing for her (hopefully) and you wouldn’t want to miss out on celebrating it with her.


Triathlonbabe May 28, 2010

Wow, you are going to be quite busy, but you know what, it’s totally doable and like some of the others stated, it’s “all” mind over matter.

**No alcohol, but drink water or juice in a wine glass so it seems like you’re having a drink (mind over matter), but hydrate…hydrate….hydrate, especially because of the warmer temps you guys are experiencing up there. I’m used to that kind of heat and humidity, I live in North Texas, where today it’ll be 95 for a high….eeek!
**Good idea to have all your race stuff ready to rock for race morning including your food, then you have no worries.
**Wear comfortable shoes for sure, you want those feet fresh for race morning.
**Don’t forget the most important thing, HAVE FUN, remember this race is for fun just like your Try a Tri will be!!!

I’ve had a work happy hour (mandatory when the boss calls it) the day before a race and boy I had a time of it, not being able to consume my favorite drink in the world (Grey Goose Dirty Martini), I’ve also skipped many a social events due to an important race.

Good luck!!!


Carolyn @ lovinlosing May 28, 2010

I think the most important part is that you have a plan, which you obviously do! Eat right before you leave and bring some snacks to tide you over!


Kristin May 28, 2010

WOW — what a coincidence! Just last week I finally made the decision to train for a marathon this October. Turns out, my husband’s buddy’s wedding is the DAY before, not the WEEK before as I’d previously thought. ARRRGGHHH!!!! And, it’s an hour away. I’m really torn on what to do. They’ll only get married once, but there’ll be other marathons… but I don’t have to stay out all night and party… We could drive separately since my husband will drink anyway… they won’t even miss me… etc., etc., etc. I still need to think about what to do.
Although, my husband’s buddy gave me a high-five when I told him because that’s $20 less the the bar will cost him, he said. Har har.


Kristin (Salty Tooth) May 28, 2010

My husband recently ran a marathon the day after we had two weddings and he made it a point to only drink water and brought his own snacks to munch on, just in case dinner was something he was uncomfortable eating before a race. It worked well and he ran on of his best races the next day!


Laura May 28, 2010

Don’t worry about it too much! You said you weren’t going for a PR anyway, but wanted to check out firefighters. I ran a race two weeks ago (a 5k, but I never run further than that so for me that is far) and also had a party the night before. Recap is on my blog. My plan was: go home early, easy on the alcohol. I ended up drinking way more than usually and getting home late. I also ran around town in my heels for a couple of hours and the food was not what I usually eat either. Still…I set a PR the next day and even felt great during most of the race!


Shelly May 28, 2010

I have a race this evening and I was definitely out late watching Sex and the City 2 (and drinking wine) with my girlfriends. I’m just not planning to be that fast today- haha!


Michelle @ Give Me the Almond Butter May 28, 2010

I’m struggling with a similar but a bit different situation right now actually. Tonight I’m heading to a party with a lot of friends, and it should be a good time. But I have a huge final project that I have been working non stop on due Tuesday. I usually like to go in early to work on it, but ugh, I don’t know if I’ll be able to work on it as much as I would like it this weekend.


Shelly May 28, 2010

First, I think that while you should try to get to bed at a semi-decent hour, most people sleep poorly the night before the race and so losing a little sleep probably won’t affect you that much if you’ve slept well during the week.
Secondly, you should definitely slip into flats if you’re going to be dancing.
Thirdly, is is possible for you to eat most of your food early in the day so you can just nibble at the wedding. In my experience wedding food tends to be less than stellar so you won’t be missing that much.
Fourthly, I know you know this- not drinking is key.
And finally, if you just tell yourself it’s okay if you’re a little slower than usual at the race, you won’t worry so much. Don’t pressure yourself to PR and you’ll do fine!


emptynutjar May 28, 2010

I used to travel with teams a few years back for athletic (running) competitions all the time…we had important races…yet travelling at odd hours, sleeping in hotels, eating at restaurants where you had to take your best picks….none of us cared…it was the EXPERIENCE…tried new food, had fun at restaurants, enjoyed watching a movie at the hotel, etc….still woke up to prep for the race and did well

its the training and stuff u put along the way…but the experiences are key….we always had great results in races (despite less than ideal circumstances) and the memories i have are of the external events versus the actual events…


Heather (Heather's Dish) May 28, 2010

i bet things are going to be better than you think…you’ve done a good job of preparing for this race, and i would be willing to put money on you doing an awesome job, wedding and all!


Liz May 28, 2010

I’m going to a wedding the night before my first triathlon so I am in the same boat! I am definitely not going to drink and I may sneak a PB & banana sandwich into my purse in case the food is too heavy.


Camille May 28, 2010

I think the big thing will be to wear comfy shoes and try and go dance-light tonight :(
I always end up really sore after I dance for a long time!


Courtney @ Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life May 28, 2010

I have a feeling that you will end up knowing exactly what you need to do in order to be prepared for your race. Definitely go, have a good time, but just be mindful and do everything in moderation. Enjoy open bar, but don’t take advantage. Have fun dancing, but don’t stay out on the dance floor all night!
Weddings are SO MUCH fun!! I have one to go to next weekend and am having a hard time picking a dress. If you check out my post today, you can help me vote for your favorite! I’ll take any advice I can get :-D


ruby May 28, 2010

3 girls in my half-marathon training group had a wedding the night before our half. They did what you suggested:
1) Chug lots of water and stay away from the open bar
2) Don’t stay out late (maybe not drinking will help with that!)
3) Bring flats (please no flipflops, it’s a pet-peeve of mine)
4) Regardless of what they serve, there will be something carby so you can do you carb-loading.
Good Luck!!!!


Mai May 28, 2010

Haha, YES! The Friday and Saturday before the Vancouver 1/2 marathon (a Sunday) this year I spent up at Whistler for my boyfriend’s mom’s 60th birthday party. It was made especially complicated because we actually drove down from Whistler after her birthday dinner at about 9:30pm, the race started at 7:00 am the next morning here’s what I did:

1. I set everything out for my race on Friday before I left
2. Pasta is my pre-race meal, and I ate pasta at the restaurant the night before – I put in a request for whole wheat pasta and to my surprise they actually had some
3. I drank no alcohol the entire weekend
4. I slept A LOT on Friday night
5. I chugged the entire pitcher of water they left on the table
6. I made my boyfriend drive home so I could sleep in the car (I took him out to brunch after my 1/2 at his favorite restaurant as a thank you afterwards.
7. I slept a lot AFTER my 1/2, because I only really got about 6 hours of sleep – though I told myself before and during the race that I got 8, fake it till ya make it right?

Good luck, I can’t wait to hear how you do!


Michelle May 28, 2010

Just chill, relax and try to enjoy yourself on Saturday! Realistically it’s very hard to get a good night’s sleep the night before a race anyway, so Friday is much more important.
As long as your staying hydrated and trying to conserve your energy I’m sure you’ll be fine :)
Have a great race, I’ll see you there!


Rachel May 28, 2010

One of my best friends graduated college after 13 years (at least he finished!) and had a grad party the night before I had a race. I was the DD for about 4 people and I didn’t want to rush anyone home. The party was also an hour away from my house.

I can’t get a good night’s sleep before a race anyway, so I just enjoyed myself, stayed away from alcohol and ate foods that I knew wouldn’t upset my stomach. But I know that part is out of your control.

You will do great! I think your plan of action is top notch.

Why don’t you bring some Glo bars just in case any of the food looks suspicious to you?


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