Decisions, Decisions


Good morning :)

I am running outside this morning!

This is not something I have been able to do this winter. I live in an area that is surrounded by busy country roads that are filled with transport trucks!

Snow + ice + blind corners + trucks do not mix for me. I can tolerate it in the summer (although it is still scary), but I have had to keep my running indoors this winter.

I thought it would be fun to change it up by meeting a couple girlfriends in Toronto for a run!  And, I mean…running causes hunger, and there are yummy restaurants in the city, right? It’s a win, win. If I run around my house I get a mouthful of slush.

Last night I was hotly debating my outdoor running wear. The weather forecast looks cloudy, 2C/35F, and we just had a series of mini snowstorms in the area. I am sure my feet and pants are going to get soaked! I decided on long black pants, white workout tank, light yellow zip-up, gloves, and then another jacket overtop. I’m sure I’ll be sweating like a pig. ;)

And then it hit me: Do I wear my knee sleeves?

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have not had to wear my knee sleeves yet this year (on my treadmill). Last year my knees hurt while running on the treadmill (and outdoors). I attribute my decrease in knee pain to the strength training I have been doing with Booty Camp Fitness. I have been doing a ton of lunges, squats, one leg dead lifts, one leg squats, calf raises, etc etc and my legs feel stronger than ever! I think I am not going to wear the knee sleeves today and see how my knees feel. I have a feeling they will be fine. :)

Krissy, Jess and I will be running 10 km along Lakeshore:


Our route may or may not take us to a certain favourite restaurant in Toronto. :)

I woke up EARLY this morning, as if I was running in a race or something! So strange.

I made a pot of Japanese Sencha:


and I gobbled down a Run glo bar:


Ok, ok, I will spill the deets. We are going to Fresh after the run!

What to eat post-run?

I have been thinking about what I will get post-run…I am going to be very hangry indeed.

Check out their menu and let me know what YOU would get at fresh after a 10k run!

Click the image below to open up the PDF of the menu:


Decisions, decisions…

I’m thinking some kind of juice to start and then a very filling meal…

See you later this afternoon for a recap!


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1 Kristine February 28, 2010

black bean burrito all the way! Good luck on your run!


2 Angela (Oh She Glows) February 28, 2010

mmm I didnt think of that but good choice!


3 Nour March 1, 2010

Black bean burrito!! I totally agree. I love this, and it is very filling indeed.


4 Alanna February 28, 2010

It’s great that your knees are feeling good and strong! Remember that your treadmill is a lot less impact too, that could also attribute to not having to wear the sleeves.:)

The warrior bowl sounds delish! Have a great run!


5 Angela (Oh She Glows) February 28, 2010

In 2009 my knees hurt while running on the treadmill, so I dont think it is just from that. :)


6 Nicole @ Making Good Choices February 28, 2010

I would get the warrior or the jerusalem bowl…looks so yummy! Have a great run, I can’t wait till I can get out!


7 Angela (Oh She Glows) February 28, 2010

yea I got the jerusalem bowl last time and it was awesome.


8 Anna @ Newlywed, Newly Veg February 28, 2010

Get the Warrior bowl– because you’re a warrior!!! :-)

It doesn’t look like you can go wrong on that menu, though!

Have a great Sunday, Angela!


9 Nicole @ Geek Turned Athlete February 28, 2010

The superbuff looks absolutely wonderful!! Good luck on your run! I know how it is! I just got to FL last night, and it will be a nice change from the German weather that I’m used to!


10 Jessica @ How Sweet It Is February 28, 2010

Not really a meal, but I like the shamrock power shake!!! Love those flavors – it sounds so good!


11 Heleana @Raw Action February 28, 2010

A green smoothie or juice with some spirulina and a nice big sprouted salad with sea veg sprinkled on it!


12 Heather (Heather's Dish) February 28, 2010

oh, that holiday wrap is calling my name! i bet whatever you pick is going to be face-rocking though :)


13 lindsey February 28, 2010

macro greens salad… yum!


14 EaterNotARunner February 28, 2010

Oh my goodness, this place looks so good, I wish we had something like that here! I would have a lot of trouble deciding :-)


15 christie, honoring health February 28, 2010

Have fun on your run!

All the food looks awesome,that would be tough choice!


16 Danielle (Coffee Run) February 28, 2010

I used to have knee-pain from running too! Then, I started doing strength training and it *disappeared* :D

Good luck on the 10K! If I were you, I’d get the Beach Bowl


17 ~Jessica~ February 28, 2010

Have a fabulous run :)

You’re SO lucky to have a restaurant like that in your vicinity! If I went there I would get the ‘Simple’ bowl with added chickpeas, grilled spinach, red pepper and zucchini and also a ‘swoosh’ protein shake with vegan protein because it sounds so utterly divine. I love the way that you can customize everything so much ~ there are NO restaurants in the UK where I live where you can do that, and only one that’s primarily veggie/vegan. Given that I have IBS, can’t tolerate soy, am vegan and also possibly celiac, that resturant would be heaven for me…particularly because there are dishes with no onion or garlic in them!




18 Lauren February 28, 2010

If it were me, I would get one of the veggie burgers after my run. I always grave filling, substantial things after a tough one, though I know it makes a lot of people lose their appetite. Hope your run is great and your meal is delicious!


19 [email protected] February 28, 2010

Sounds like a great day with the girls! Have fun.


20 Miss February 28, 2010

Oooh, well, I always get one of two things: The Beach Bowl or the Mega Life Salad & grilled sweet potato on the side. Mmm! After your run I’d probably go with the salad, but the bowl works great as lunch when you know that you’re going to be going for a carb-burning workout later that afternoon. They’re both HUGE though!!
If you like the Mega Life, I’ve created a homemade version based on kale and grilled spinach leaves that you’ll die for – I’ll link you to it when I blog about it, just as soon as my new homepage is up and running.


21 Tania @ Moment Anew February 28, 2010

Have fun on your run and at lunch! I still have not yet gone to Fresh but it is on my list of places to try. Enjoy! :)


22 Stacey February 28, 2010

I went to the Fresh website the other day. I really wish we had one it looks so good.


23 Dawn February 28, 2010

I’ve been checking out your website over the last couple of days, and I love it! Congratulations, it’s awesome and very inspiring!
I’m about to go for a run too, and I’m going to wear a longsleeved performance top, with a light performance jacket, ear-warming headband, baseball cap, and some lulu running pants. I hope I’ll be warm enough. Enjoy your day in Toronto!


24 Mrs. Money February 28, 2010

Wow, that is a cool teapot! I am jealous.


25 Mara @ What's for Dinner? February 28, 2010

Bean burrito all the way!!! YUM!


26 skinnyrunner February 28, 2010

have fun on your run and with the girls eating too!


27 Anne P February 28, 2010

The entire menu. Duh. :)


28 Amanda Jewell February 28, 2010

umm first off, this menu is AMAZING!! I WANT TO LIVE INSIDE THIS RESTAURANT!

Secondly, I would go with the 16oz Detoxifier Juice then as my meal, either the Macro Greens Fresh Bowl or the Beach Fresh Bowl…. (with an extra side of sweet potato fries to take home for afternoon snack later… yummm).


29 Adam February 28, 2010

Pretty sure you are LUCKY to be living so close to a great restaurant! I would definitely go for the Powerhouse Bowl with maybe some puffed quinoa on top after a nice 10k.


30 Lynda February 28, 2010

This is my absolute favourite restaurant, I go there a few times a month since I discovered it, I’m addicted!! I love the small portion of the soup/salad/corn bread combo and just recently expanded to the Kathmandu wrap on lettuce. Both are brilliant!! I hope you have a great run AND post-run meal, enjoy!!


31 Emily February 28, 2010

My knees are the worst about bothering me. I have bad knees thanks to 8 years of volleyball without wearing knee pads (that floor will kill your knees)!

While I would love any of the smoothies, food wise, I would go with the grilled vegetable and pesto burrito!

Let us know what you decided! :)


32 Bridget February 28, 2010

I have been debating running outside or on the treadmill all morning…we are having similar weather here and this post may have just motivated me to get my booty outside! First time of the year for me too :)

The Warrior Bowl sounds really warm and filling. Yum!


33 [email protected] February 28, 2010

That place looks so awesome! It’s hard to choose just one thing! I’d get some sort of a smoothie, and for me personally when I get done with super hard workouts I usually just crave the freshest things so I’d get a salad as well!


34 lisa February 28, 2010

I think something hearty like cheeseburger and onion rings w/ a shake since it’s cole up there and you will be starving!!


35 lisa February 28, 2010

i meant COLD


36 Bridget February 28, 2010

Everything on the menu looks soooo delicious! Decisions decisions decisions :P As far as the salads go, I would get either the Super Protein Salad or the Tangled Thai Salad. I’m also gettin’ a nice vibe about the grilled veggie pesto burrito and Jerusalum bowl :)


37 Carly February 28, 2010

I would DEFINITELY get the ‘energy’ fresh bowl. Yum! My stomach is growling at this delicious menu! Have fun on your run and enjoy your lunch! :)


38 Janna (Just Flourishing) February 28, 2010

FRESH is definitely one of the things I miss about living in Toronto.

My favorite things to get there are, of course the bowls. And my favorite and filling bowls:

The Warrior Bowl or The Beach Bowl.

I want FRESH now… :(


39 Meredith February 28, 2010

I just got back from a run around the river in Calgary. Running outside when the snow’s starting to melt is the loveliest thing! Everyone’s out and in a good mood. Spring is in the air :D

Post 10k I’d dig into the mushroom burger. One of my faavorites and high in protein.


40 Tay February 28, 2010

The Thai burger and vegetable pesto burrito caught my eye! But of course it ALL looks amazing!!


41 Jolene February 28, 2010

I would get the fruity green juice and the black bean tostadas I think :-)

I would love to try that restaurant one day!! Is it a chain?


42 Lauren February 28, 2010

Sounds delightful! I went running outside this morning as well! It was glorious! :) Have a blast!


43 Jilly February 28, 2010

Mmmm, I love Fresh. It is my absolute favorite restaurant in the world. I’ll be in Toronto in a week and I am definitely planning on eating there :) My favorite is the macro bowl with brown basmati…. mmmmm…..
I went for a run this morning too! I wore black yoga/walking pants from Old Navy, my Helly drifit longsleeve top and a lined wind breaker. I have some awesome merino wool socks that keep my feet toasty warm in my running shoes.


44 Run Sarah February 28, 2010

The Green Goddess bowl looks amazing! I need to check out Fresh next time I’m in Toronto, for sure!


45 Jennie {in Wonderland} February 28, 2010

I want the Energy bowl! OMG, the thought of coconut curry sauce right now… eee! Also, the high protein veggie burgers look ahhhhmazing! I think the ‘swoosh’ smoothie would be like dessert! Yummy!


46 Anne February 28, 2010

The energy bowl on soba is always a great pick after a long + hard workout.

Hope the run + lunch were good!


47 Therese February 28, 2010

Mmmmmm!!! Fresh is my favourite restaurant!!!! My boyfriend bought me one of the cookbooks for my birthday! I’m a lover of the black bean burrito and the buddha bowl! Sad that they took the ninja bowl off though. :( Have fun on your run, I’ve run on that area of the Lakeshore a few times and love it!


48 Shamima Z. February 28, 2010

Energy Bowl- just had it with a friend today for brunch and it was awesome!!!


49 mary ann February 28, 2010

At first i was going to say the miso burger… then i saw the prix fixe and was like, well she wanted a juice first… but then i saw quinoa onion rings??? I would make a sampler out of the cornbread, rings and dosas (followed by dessert, obv.) What a menu!!


50 Kristin (Cook, Bake and Nibble) February 28, 2010

Ahh, I live right on Lakeshore! I wish I had seen this earlier, I would have caught up to ya! lol

And Fresh… yum! It has been way too long since I have been there!



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