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Happy Monday!

First up, check out this fun Adore giveaway going on at Eating Journey!

Did all of you have a fun Super bowl Sunday? I had this post ready to go up yesterday while in the car, but Eric’s internet stick was out of range. We went to visit family yesterday up North and didn’t get home until about 11pm or so.

Let me recap!

Sunday is supposed to be my rest day for exercise, but I ended up cleaning for 3 hours early Sunday morning. My exercise was scrubbing the hardwood and slate floors! My least favourite thing to do every week.

I mix a tiny bit of Murphy’s oil into a bucket of warm water and then I wash a tiny portion of the floor by hand and then dry with a cloth by hand, and I inch my way across the entire hardwood on my hands and knees. I find that if I don’t dry it by hand it streaks really bad. Does anyone have any tips on how to clean hardwood? There must be an easier way…

It looked nice though!

IMG 0568 thumb   Vegan Heaven

I also removed a ton of appliances off the countertops. I cleared out a bunch of room in the cupboards to store appliances like my stand mixer. I love a clear countertop! I also have 3 huge boxes to donate to goodwill now.

IMG 0573 thumb   Vegan Heaven

Then I made a stir-fry to bring for our visit. This one was similar to last Sunday’s however I cooked the veggies this time and I sprinkled everything with sesame seeds:

IMG 0547 thumb   Vegan Heaven

So easy: chickpeas, 1.5 zucchini, 3 carrots, celery, EVOO, seasonings, S&P, sesame seeds:

IMG 0602 thumb   Vegan Heaven

The sesame seeds made the entire dish! I need to do this more often.

My eats of the day included fresh juice:

IMG 0550 thumb   Vegan Heaven IMG 0552 thumb   Vegan Heaven

2 carrots, 1 cuke, 1/2 lemon, 1 grapefruit, 1 piece ginger:

IMG 0555 thumb   Vegan Heaven IMG 0560 thumb   Vegan Heaven 

I made another batch of my homemade crunchy maple quinoa cereal:

IMG 0528 thumb   Vegan Heaven 

So in love with this cereal!

Lunch was a can of Amy’s reduced sodium Split Pea Soup:

IMG 0596 thumb   Vegan Heaven

and Doctor Kracker x 2:

IMG 0587 thumb   Vegan Heaven

Then I decided to finally bring out my Kitchenaid food processor that has been sitting in the box for months!

I made a boo boo though :(

IMG 0579 thumb   Vegan Heaven 

I dropped it :( and made a huge gash in the dining room floor. :(  

I swear this thing is cursed! If you recall I broke the first one and had to send it back…this is number two…and the beast is HEAVY. Hopefully I can figure this thing out!

IMG 0582 thumb   Vegan Heaven

I got ready to head to our family get together and put on my new Lululemon jacket that I bought two weekends ago. I love this jacket! It is called the Stride II jacket and has fun thumb holes for staying warm. It is super comfy and functional.

IMG 8398 thumb   Vegan Heaven

Is it weird that I use 90% of my lulu clothes for actual casual wear and not exercise? The only lulu stuff that I use for exercise are my shorts and workout tanks and the rest I treat like they are spun with gold silk, haha.

IMG 8391 thumb   Vegan Heaven 

We are still experiencing a huge bout of cold & sun around Southern Ontario. I love the sun and will take cold and sun over clouds and snow any day.

IMG 0614 thumb   Vegan Heaven


IMG 0615 thumb   Vegan Heaven

We had such a nice visit!

Harvey, Eric, and Diane (sorry the pic came out dark- was using my point and shoot)

IMG 8408 thumb   Vegan Heaven

Diane cooked up a VEGAN feast!!!!!!!!!!

IMG 8410 thumb   Vegan Heaven

She made all of these wonderful vegan dishes and used all these different ingredients like grape seed oil! It was so nice of her and she certainly went out of her way for me!

Spinach and Clementine salad in balsamic:

IMG 8406 thumb   Vegan Heaven


IMG 8412 thumb   Vegan Heaven

Homemade garlic infused hummus, flatbread, and vegan coleslaw:

IMG 8411 thumb   Vegan Heaven

Top going clockwise: Broccoli stir-fry with raisins and sunflower seeds, roasted potatoes, Greek salad (minus the feta for me), squash, my stir fry, coleslaw, homemade hummus!

I felt like I died and went to vegan heaven. Everything was SO SO good. I am going to beg her for the recipes.

IMG 8405 thumb   Vegan Heaven

I had seconds of the squash.

Veggie juice :) My fav of course.

IMG 8407 thumb   Vegan Heaven  

Dessert was a vegan apple crisp and tea.

 IMG 8413 thumb   Vegan Heaven

Instead of using butter she used grape seed oil…very good idea! It tasted delicious!

IMG 8414 thumb   Vegan Heaven 

I was stuffed but in a good way. :mrgreen:


I’m off for a long day of baking and going to squeeze in my workout over lunch.

Have a good one!

Angela Signature thumb10   Vegan Heaven

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Jessica @ How Sweet It Is February 8, 2010

I am LOVING your new lulu jacket! So cute. My mom has always washer her hardwood floors with Murphy’s oil soap, and that is how she taught me to wash mine and do my cabinets. The smell is so comforting me. :)


Shawna February 8, 2010

Angela, the Strike Jacket looks great on you! The thumb holes are the best feature.

online community
lululemon athletica


megan February 8, 2010

such a cute jacket! I would treat them like gold too haha.

I wash our hardwood floors with vinegar/water. sometimes i mix in some lemon juice so it smells better :)


Angela (OH She Glows) February 8, 2010

Do you know what ratio of vinegar to water you use? :)


Michelle @ Eatingjourney February 8, 2010

I love jackets like that.

I also LOVE being vegan. LOVE it. Just made buckwheat cereal. It makes me think outside the box and so fun.


Jessica @ The Process of Healing February 8, 2010

The meal sounds fabulous!!!
And your jacket is too cute! If I could get Lulu clothes, I’d totally be wearing them out. If i’m going to pay that much for exercise clothes… um i’m so not going to sweat in them haha


Aoife February 8, 2010

That was so sweet of Diane to make a vegan feast for you all, aww! :) Looks delicious!!


Allie (Live Laugh Eat) February 8, 2010

I LURVE thumb holes!!!! I used to cut holes in my sweatshirts just to stick my thumbs in :)

You’re eatin’ like a vegan QUEEN!!


Paige @ Running Around Normal February 8, 2010

LOVE the new jacket. That’s my favorite shade of grey :)

How wonderful of Eric’s mom to make that gourmet vegan FEAST! You have wonderful in-laws, Angela!


Angela (OH She Glows) February 8, 2010

hehe nope they aren’t Eric’s parents, they are gradparents…i know they look young dont they?


Angela (OH She Glows) February 8, 2010

oops grandparents I meant


Tracey @ I'm Not Superhuman February 8, 2010

I love that jacket. I agree: Exercise clothes that cost that much shouldn’t be sweated in! Big YUM to that apple crisp. Mmm.


kalli@fitandfortysomething February 8, 2010

how nice of the grand parents to make all the vegan food!


Shannon (The Daily Balance) February 8, 2010

lovely dinner! what a treat!


Katie February 8, 2010

Floors are my least favorite thing to clean, too. We have hard flooring throughout, but it’s laminate so I’m limited in what cleaning products I can use. I got a steam mom for Christmas and I LOVE that thing. Not sure if it’s safe for hardwoods or not. It’s a Haan and it dries instantly.


Teri [a foodie stays fit] February 8, 2010

Sorry, no tips on hardwood floors. But I’ve heard some people love the Swiffers (if you can find them!). Your floors do look beautiful.

And I’m sure if I ever by Lululemon stuff, I’ll never work out in it either! :)


Lauren @ Eater not a runner February 8, 2010

That looks like such a great dinner!

I do the same with my lululemon clothes haha. I do have my eye on that jacket, it looks SO cute!


Alexis @ Mission: Ambition February 8, 2010

Your floors look gorgeous! I need to clean mine – I don’t do it nearly as often as I should.

Love that lululemon jacket – so cute!! I would probably do the same thing if I owned any lulu clothes. I tend to wear a lot of my cute “fitness” clothes for casual wear as well!


Laura Georgina February 8, 2010

You have some serious commendable dedication to your floors! I grew up mostly in wood-floor houses and HATED it when it was my turn to mop with murphy’s and the rest. (The family house floors now get Squirt and Mop and look great, with a lot less work… in case you want to give it a shot).


Julie @SavvyEats February 8, 2010

That is quite the spread of food!

I love Lululemon clothes, and would totally wear them as casual clothes…if I could afford them!


Christie @ Honoring Health February 8, 2010

We have the same food processor. We have a tile floor (which I hate) and I am always so worried about dropping it.

p.s. I am super jealous of you clean counter tops.


Ameena February 8, 2010

I love Lululemon clothes and I only wear them as regular clothes. I use my Target sweats to work out in!!


Jenn @ Livewellfit February 8, 2010

Ok, so let’s all just be honest with each other: Lululemon has the best jackets/hoodies/pants/clothing in the world! I have one of their special hoodies that came out over the holidays that has more fleece and warmth built in to it…I tell ya, there’s is no other jacket out there like it!

Love your new one! It’s taking everything for me not to run across the street where a Lululemon store is (bad for me) and grab something fun and new. :)


Jenna @ Eating Green, Staying Lean February 8, 2010

That food looks amazing! I’ve recently gotten into the world of vegan recipes and just.can’t.stop. I love them, everything is so fresh and tasty!


Erin (Travel, Eat, Repeat) February 8, 2010

So much good food! I’m not vegan but have recently bought a few vegan cookbooks and really enjoy all of the recipes.


Heather (Where's the Beach) February 8, 2010

I really have been wanting one of those jackets with the thumb holes. We live in a very old house (1890) so dinged up floors are the name of the game around here. Works for me though b/c they add “character” and I don’t have to stress LOL!


LindsayRuns February 8, 2010

haha most blog posts don’t make me feel a need to compare…but I am really self conscious about my floors now! I’m a, gonna, go mop now… ;)

cute jacket! If I had a shirt that cost that much I wouldn’t be running in it either. (Totally just realized that I run in $50 brooks capri tights…never mind) But that shirt is cute!


Pat February 8, 2010

When I was having trouble with my floors my husband got me an old floor polisher. We grew up in the 50′s and 60′s and thats what they used. Even if the finishes are better these days I still like to buff mine!


Megan @ Healthy Hoggin February 8, 2010

I love that Lulu jacket! So cute!!

The last time I went shopping at Target I saw a hardwood floor cleaning “kit.” It was like a Swiffer, but with cleaning pads specific for hardwood floors… maybe you have something available like that near you? Either way, that’s an awesome workout cleaning the way you do!


skinnyrunner February 8, 2010

your kitchen is so pretty and your floors are gorgeous!


Tracey @ TropicalHappiness February 8, 2010

Love the lulu hoodie. Adorableness at it’s finest! I’m the same way with some of my really cute workout items- I just wear them out, and reserve my t-shirts and older pants for my actual workouts!


Danielle (Coffee Run) February 8, 2010

That was so nice of someone to cook you a vegan feast! I’m jealous ;)

Sorry about the dent in your floor :? I’m always marking up the walls and ruining the carpet…
Cute jacket!


Jessie (Vegan-minded) February 8, 2010

What a great vegan feast! I love your Lulu jacket, and I am with your with wearing lots of “workout” clothes when I’m not working out. They are comfy and cute, so why not? :)


elliebelle February 8, 2010

Your food looks great! I know how you feel about the Lulu stuff – so much of it is really more of a casual wear garment than it is for working out in. I do wear the tanks for working out – but not the jackets! :) Love your stride jacket, by the way!


Estela @ Weekly Bite February 8, 2010

super cute jacket!!! I love lulumon!


Maureen February 8, 2010

If the floors are dirty hot water and vinegar just a splash not too much. If they are not very dirty but just dusty I only use water.
Looks like you had more than enough food to eat and it all looks great. I noticed in yesterdays blog you showed your favourite BBQ sauce and it has the word Honey on the label. Is this just the name or is there honey in the sauce?


Angela (Oh She Glows) February 8, 2010

Nope the label is misleading!!!


Water, Apple Cider Vinegar*, Evaporated Cane Juice*, Tomato Paste*, Blackstrap Molasses*, Rice Starch*, Herbs and Spices*, Potassium Chloride, Garlic*, Natural Flavor, Onion*, Lemon Juice*, Xanthan Gum, Gum Tragacanth, Citric Acid, Natural Hickory Smoke Flavor


Maureen February 8, 2010

great I will have to give it a try.


steph February 8, 2010

My mom uses some kind of swiffer wet jet on her wood..


Jolene ( February 8, 2010

You have beautiful wood floors!! And that vegan meal looks fantastic – what a great spread.


Mo February 8, 2010

OH MY GOSH – you are a hardwood floor cleaner like me! After getting married and moving in with my husband last June, I have become obsessed with the floor scrubbing! I come from the world of wall to wall carpet. I am so critical of my efforts and even after working on for hours, I feel like it looks terrible! Maybe I can learn from you!!

First, what type of hardwood do you have? Ours is Brazilian Cherry and VERY difficult to keep looking good. I blame the dark color and the shine that it has. The floors show EVERY smear :( I tried this product called Bono becuase everyone raved about it. I have a feeling that it is starting to build up and cause more smearing – even though I use a TINY amount.

How does the Murphy’s oil work? Is it a cleaner? Does it not leave any residue? Maybe it works on your floors, but would not work on mine… all wppd is different.

Why am I so insanely interested in this topic? I need therapy about it! :-D

Your top picture of the floor looked gorgeous – good job cleaning and polishing it!


Angela (Oh She Glows) February 8, 2010

i do not like the murphy’s oilas it leaves a residue!!!

I think ours are cherry too…very glossy and smear SO easy.


Angela February 8, 2010

The hardwood floor guy that put ours in told me to use a lil vinegar and water. He said to “damp mop” it. I’d be afraid to use anything any harsher than that for the fear of a waxy build up. I bought a pair of knee pads and clean my hand (when needed…I also found that was the only way I could really get it clean). I also bought some soft socks to slip over my hands to “polish” it with. I just mist my “glove” and change when it gets dirty. The Swifter towels add up money-wise. The socks can be washed and re-used.


Angela (Oh She Glows) February 8, 2010

awesome tips!!!!!!!!!!!

So trying this :)


Cole February 8, 2010

Adorable jacket! And thanks for the heads up on the Adore bars in your shop. I had to run over and snag me some.


Lisa (bakebikeblog) February 8, 2010

Wow what a fun looking day – all those eats look amazing!
I am yet to find a Lulemon store as there isn’t one where I live. Next time I am in Sydney perhaps? Their clothes look fantastic!


Kris | February 8, 2010

Vegan feasts rock! I think it is wonderful when families support your eating habits.

My man’s mother doesn’t think I eat “normal”….LOL…sorry are Fruit Loops normal?! LOL

Have a fab day



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