P90X Yoga: Something Blue, Something New


Ladies and gents, I have been rocking the yoga this week!

IMG 7255 thumb   P90X Yoga: Something Blue, Something NewIMG 7256 thumb   P90X Yoga: Something Blue, Something New

Specifically, the P90X Yoga that I mentioned earlier this week. Eric borrowed this from a coworker and we have had it sitting around for ages now. I finally dug it up and gave it a whirl!

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you probably remember my stint with yoga in December 2008/January 2009. I dove full force into yoga, 30-Day shred, and training for a marathon. It was no surprise that I sustained an injury from the over-training.

I have grown a lot since that time and I realize that I am the type of person who likes to focus on one main goal or challenge, instead of spreading myself all over the place. When I was training for my races this summer and fall, I was focused. I had tangible goals and I met them.

There has always been this lingering desire for me to practice yoga on a regular basis. I think this is the perfect time for me to explore something new. I find that I am craving flexibility and tension-relief exercises. I haven’t done anything of the sort in months! Baking all day has left me with really stiff and sore back muscles and I hope that yoga will help with that.

IMG 7262 thumb   P90X Yoga: Something Blue, Something New

I have been turning out the lights in the office and lighting a few candles. This instantly relaxes me, similar to baking when the sun rises and everything looks clean and crisp outdoors.

I haven’t set a time limit. I just go until I feel tired and stretched out. Tuesday I ended up doing 15 minutes, Wednesday I did 25, and Thursday I did another 15.

I immediately knew that I was going to like this DVD because it didn’t seem too ‘out there’ for me. It seemed like a normal group of people practicing yoga. I liked that the group involved a male athlete who had just started to take up yoga to help with his athleticism! Many athletes in all different areas practice yoga as a way to improve their chosen sport. I think it can really help with my running too because I have obviously gotten really tight and was doing nothing about it.

IMG 7260 thumb   P90X Yoga: Something Blue, Something New

I can’t review the entire 90 minute DVD since I have only done 25 minutes, but I can tell you what I liked about it so far:

1) Aside from the instructor’s heavy breathing, he is quite easy to listen to and learn from. He explains things clearly.

2) The DVD counts down the time remaining (far right) as well as how many seconds are left in each interval. I don’t pay much attention to it, but it is nice to have.

3) For the first 25 minutes, I was able to follow along with the poses without too much difficulty. At some parts they moved a bit quicker than I did, and this caused me to lag a bit, but it wasn’t a big deal.

4) In addition to the instructor naming each pose, the bottom of the screen also displays the name. This really helped me learn each pose name. I find when instructors just say it, I never really picked them up. I am a visual learner! I love how clear this DVD is.

IMG 7264 thumb   P90X Yoga: Something Blue, Something New

Here is what I didn’t enjoy:

1) Downward facing dogs

I despise them with every core of my being. My arms are so sore!!!! I could see enjoying this pose if I was flexible, but it really is no fun when you aren’t. I hope this improves over time. This DVD had many series of down dogs over and over and over again. I found it felt a bit long. Again, I hope that improves as I improve. I also need to work on my mental game and focus because I am not as zoned out as I would like to be.

IMG 7250 thumb   P90X Yoga: Something Blue, Something New

At the start of the DVD, the instructor says, ‘Free your mind of all the clutter’. It really is necessary to get into it. Tonight my mind wasn’t into it and I could tell. Eric and I sort of had a stressful night and I was just not able to tune out my thoughts.

        IMG 7230 thumb   P90X Yoga: Something Blue, Something New

To all you yogis out there: What are your tricks for zoning out and being present in the moment? Does it just come with practice?

What do I think of yoga so far?

All and all, I am enjoying it so far and I am trying to keep my spirits up despite feeling like I suck. I think the reason I get so frustrated with yoga is because for me it is not easy to see improvements with it as fast as I would like to. Yoga, to me, seems abstract. With something like running or weight training, I have clear tangible evidence of my hard work in terms of numbers. I know that my flexibility will improve and I will notice that over time, but it is just not what I am used to I guess!

Yoga is probably one of the hardest challenges I have given myself because of my lack of flexibility and my fidgety personality. When I was young, I always scored POOR on my flexibility tests in gym class. I also am the type of person who can’t sit still, so it is no surprise that I did not gravitate toward yoga.

I got frustrated with my down dogs tonight and Eric said something very clever. He said, ‘It’s not about whether you do the pose exactly right or not. It’s not about your form. It is whether you are challenging your own body. Are you stretching? Well, then you are doing it right.’

Who is this guy? lol. Apparently, he was a yogi in his past life! ;) Wise words from my man.


I think I need to stop focusing on my form so much and start focusing more on how my body feels and where my mind is. I think I will find that it is much more pleasurable this way.


Do you do yoga? What was it like when you started? Tell me your story!

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Rachael (La Dolce Vita) October 30, 2009

I’m love yoga and have been doing it on and off for awhile now. I’m currently obsessed with hot yoga – the chilly Canadian fall makes me crave that sweet, sweet heat!

When I started I was a bit insecure to practice around all the other seemingly advanced yogis in my classes. But as I kept at it, I realized that everyone is at a different stage in their yoga practice and there is no “perfect”. We are all working on ourselves.

After a few weeks of doing hot yoga every day, I found a noticeable improvement in my balance, flexibility and even my muscle definition. I’m still working on it :)

I am really intrigued by this video you’re doing. I have been looking for a good yoga video I can do at home while my daughter takes her nap.



Rachael (La Dolce Vita) October 30, 2009

Oops! I meant “I” – not “I’m” in that first sentence. I think a good rule of thumb is that if there is a typo in the first word of your comment then it’s time to put away the computer and go to bed hahaha


Kate October 30, 2009

I agree, hot yoga is incredible! The heat promotes sweating out the toxins and you can go deeper in your stretches. Plus, your heart rate works faster which also creates a cardiovascular workout. My skin was so clear, my muscles were the most relaxed they’ve been in ages, and my mind was clear as well. Hot yoga (also known as “Bikram Yoga”) is my favorite out there!

And I think clarity of mind can definitely come with practice. The first several classes I took, I had to remind myself to focus and stay in the moment. Yoga was more enjoyable when I did and soon after, I found it was second nature and I was automatically ‘focused’.


Jacqueline October 30, 2009

Since I started running last month I’ve been focusing on that so much. I really need to get some Yoga back in my life now. I could use the stretch after a run!

Thanks for reminding me!


Jolene October 30, 2009

I have never done yoga, but I really want to try it. I have a feeling I would get bored – as bad as that sounds!


Michelle October 30, 2009

I think that people don’t like yoga because they feel like it’s just stretching. Which is true. however, I love yoga because it demands that you stay focused and totally in tune with your body. It’s easy to run, cycle, swim without actually being invested in the activity. In order to hold poses you actually need too be in the moment. The beauty of yoga is it not only strengthens your body, but it strengthens your mind.


Alissa October 30, 2009

I consider myself a very active person. I workout 6 days a week and am a solid tennis player. I also have a background in ballet, gymnastics, and pilates, so i’m very flexible and pretty strong. I took a yoga class at my college about 3 years ago and got nothing out of it. (Thinking back on it, the teacher was terrible).

So I’ve always thought yoga was a joke, but after a recommendation from several friends, I tried an 8 class beginner series of Power Vinyasa yoga this summer. And WOW was it incredible–one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I recommend you take some sort of structured intro series where you can learn all the poses and learn to do them RIGHT.

The class was 1 hour and fifteen minutes. The beginning of the class consisted of the teacher explaining the poses as an assistant modeled them. Then as we did the poses, the assistants walked around the room and physically ease our bodies into the correct pose. It is so crucial that you do the poses correctly or you will not get anything out of it–or worse, you will hurt yourself. This has been the most challenging workout I have had in a long time! I have never sweat so much in my entire life, granted the room was 88 degrees. (a warm room is crucial as well).

Because I’m so flexible, I always thought downward dog was so boring… until I realized I was doing it wrong and it is so much more of a spine extension than a hamstring stretch!

I’m now back at college and am quite disappointed with the yoga classes. It is so important to good instructors… you must enroll in an intro series! And buy this book: Journey into Power by Baron Baptiste…it is very well-written and so inspiring. One of the chapters explains all of the poses.


Sarah @ The Foodie Diaries October 30, 2009

I’ve had a very similar experience with yoga, but I think I’m growing to love it. I have a very fidgety personality, too, and a VERY cluttered, constantly churning mind–so it’s definitely a challenge to shut off.. but I’m enjoying working on it :)


Taylor October 30, 2009

Honestly, for me, yoga really only works if I am in a class. Getting out of my own environment puts me into a different mindset, and it is easier for me to get into the moves and get my brain out of all the clutter. Have you ever tried a class, or just videos? I like being actually present with the instructor, I don’t know, it just changes things. You might want to try that! Yoga also isn’t about being really busy and having a total heart-pumping workout like a lot of people try to make it (although you definitely work your muscles). It’s about turning and twisting your organs and removing the static and toxic matter that builds up and finding a peace within.


K October 30, 2009

Keep it up with the stretching, it really does improve despite taking time. :) I used to have issues touching my toes standing up and now I can fold in half without feeling like my hamstrings are going to snap.
I like hearing about your yoga pursuits as I keep meaning to really try it out but never do it. So thanks for the updates and I look forward to seeing your progress with it.


Janine October 30, 2009

Hey Angela,

I hate to disagree with Eric because he is always so right on everything else, its not always a good idea to challenge your body when you’re doing yoga. Just relax into each pose. Then when you are comfortable, just let go a little more. If you challenge or push, you may injure yourself. Does that make sense?

and sorry, but I so love downward dog! it feels great!

Keep it up – you will grow to love it.


Tamara October 30, 2009

Wait till you get past minute 25. Minute 30-45 is soooo tough!! Your legs/booty will be screaming for mercy. And near the end there’s a crazy ab workout thrown in. I did the entire program by myself and then started another round with hubby. I told hubby that yoga was the physically hardest of all the workouts and he laughed and said no way. Before the 90 minutes was up he was singing a different tune!


Cynthia October 30, 2009

I started yoga about 3 months ago and have only really done vinyasa because thats the one offered at my gym. At first it was really, really hard and i would constantly check the time to see how much longer the class was. I am not flexible at all and while I may have improved slightly, flexibility is still a challenge for me. I don’t go as consistently as I would like but it has gotten easier and I love it more every time I go. I finally learned to relax and get in the yoga zone. I hope to try hot yoga one of these days.

Btw, this is my first time commenting but I have been following your blog and wanted to tell you how much I love it! Your posts are very informative and you got me into lululemon! Congrats on your recent half marathon!


maria October 30, 2009

Focus on your breathing above all else. If a pose is difficult or you’re just not getting it, move into a pose you know and can do. It’s about the whole, not the little parts. :)

Also, downward facing dogs will get easier. I promise!!!


Marissa October 30, 2009

That is a great shade of blue on you! Yoga is hard!


Marina October 30, 2009

I started yoga few months ago, but a month ago I started to go to a studio, for some real power yoga. I love it! I was flexible before, but I can see improvement after every single class.After it, I’m so relaxed and peaceful.Just what I need after a long day.I also see some good changes on my body.So I’m in love with yoga all the way :)


Jen @ follow my bliss October 30, 2009

I threw my back out last summer. At the time, my workout regimen included regular cardio, lifting and pilates. But I knew my body needed something different. Even though I stretched, I was often sore.

After I threw my back out, I knew I needed a few months away from lifting. So I slowly introduced cardio back into my life after a few weeks of barely being able to walk. And then I slowly started introducing yoga. Over a year later, I’m madly in love with it.

It’s more spiritual for me than anything. But I love the workout also. It’s one of the hardest, most fulfilling things I’ve ever done. I can feel such a difference in my body. And it helps my mind and spirit. And I’m stronger than I’ve ever been.

I wrote a post about my love for hot yoga, and about hot yoga verses Birkam yoga, here: http://follow-my-bliss.com/2009/06/09/letting-my-ego-sweat/


Juicy Jessy October 30, 2009

I just started doing yoga yesterday! I will do a small review on my blog. It was a yoga for beginners course so I’ve learned a number of poses to start with. The downward facing dog is indeed challenging! The instructor of my video keeps repeating that it may be too difficult in the beginnening and maybe you are not able to hold on to the pose for the entire interval; but that’s ok. You just have to practice and you will get better in time. I think that’s the progression to look for in yoga, if you can’t do a certain pose for 30 seconds and in two weeks, you can? Well then you’re improving!



Kelly October 30, 2009

I really want to try the yoga P90x video! Looks good.

I am JUST like you with yoga. I am NOT flexible and yes I did terrible on flexibility in elementary school also…I think it was called the sit and reach, ugh! My biggest problem with yoga is that in most classes I just feel like I wasted an hour doing nothing at all. I’ve started going to a hot yoga class and that solved that problem. I leave so sweaty I think it’s a better work out than most cardio stuff I do.

One way that helps me see improvement is to do a certain time, and see how much easier it gets after awhile. If you don’t want to do a time though, I bet you’ll still notice the time you are able to do comfortably increasing. It definitely takes awhile with yoga but it’s worth it. I am still not even CLOSE to an expert!


Nicole October 30, 2009

I definitely agree with the other commenters about going to a yoga class as opposed to doing it at home. For some reason, when I’m at home, I feel like I need to clean something or look something up online, or I’m hungry, or some other thing that wouldn’t let my mind calm down. When I’m in a class, I’m able to concentrate. Also, it helps to have other people there in the class with you. You are not supposed to be concentrating on those other people, but it definitely helps when you don’t want to do a pose if others are doing it, then you want to too!


Emily Eats October 30, 2009

Hey Ange,
I do do yoga. I tip-toed in it for a while, and then once you linked to the yoga today site, I really got in to it (thank you for that!). I still use that site, and am thinking I might try yogadownload again, now I’ve seen the poses many times over (I found yogadownload too frustrating to begin with, as I didn’t know what I was really doing). The way I kept going was by noticing how easy and smoothly I was transitioning poses and how my mind became less focused on trying to stay in a pose and became just clearer – rested in a position.
I look forward to reading more about your yoga journey!


Emmanuelle October 30, 2009

Hi Angela,
I practice yoga almost on a daily basis and I am in love with it. I too have poor flexibility, or rather had, as it has definitely improved overtime. I used to hate downward dogs for the same reasons as you, but lately I have started enjoying them.
Yoga is not about performance, and you don’t have to force anything. More that doing a pose perfectly, it is the intention you set behind it that counts. Anyway with time you will notice the difference.
Yesterday for the first time I managed to do a pose I wasn’t able to do… but on one side only. It could be frustrating, but I said to myself that it was ok, it was already good to do it on one side, and if I keep practicing then I will be able to do it on the second side, no big deal :-) And I am the kind of girl that can get veeeery frustrated if I don’t do something perfectly the first time around, being able to let go and let it come is an achievement for me!
It will come with practice, again don’t force anything, be happy with what you CAN do :-)


Katie October 30, 2009

I confess it’s been a month since my last yoga class. I’m terrible no scratch that horrible. I can’t do foreward bends can’t reach the ole toes. Downward dog leaves me feeling shaky and sick my hammies are so tight and my arms so weak. Yet I do it because I do feel better when I do. I need to get back to class. I may spend half in child’s pose because I can’t go 45 minutes, but at least I’m trying!


Laura October 30, 2009

I’ve tried yoga. Really, really tried to give it a shot – classes, DVDs, more classes – and it just isn’t for me. For ages I thought I just wasn’t doing it right, or I needed to find a different type/teacher/environment, so I should keep trying, but it just never made me feel strong or connected or any of that. It left me feeling weak, achey in unusual ways, and defeated. I used to dance pretty seriously, so I know when my body is just tighter or less flexible than it should be, and that wasn’t it. Finally, a pilates instructor told me, “you know, for some people, it just doesn’t ever FEEL right – not everyone’s body is well-suited for yoga. that’s totally ok, there’s no reason to force something that doesn’t seem right.”

it was a little shocking. I had thought all along that I just wasn’t trying hard enough, wasn’t getting into it enough, wasn’t paying enough attention, when really, it’s just not for me. my body doesn’t like it. I LOVE stretching, but it’s pretty run of the mill dance and grade school gym class stretches done thouroughly that make me feel best; and I do love pilates, as far as feeling centered and connected to my muscles and all of their potential! I love how different it feels from anything else, how important breathing is, how challenging it is to the muscles that never get any play, and how clearly you can see progress doing the basics (one day it’s impossible, a few later you’re halfway there). But yoga? Nope. My wrists, elbows, hips, knees, shoulders, and neck have all thanked me for finally choosing to let go of that dream. I think that it was easy for me to mistake discomfort for challenge; I figured it would feel better eventually, I just had to get better at it. Truth is, even when something’s hard, you can still tell when it FEELS GOOD to you, and to me, yoga just doesn’t. Sadly. Maybe someday.

I hope it makes your body sing, though! Looking forward to seeing how it goes. :)


Jessica @ How Sweet It Is October 30, 2009

Downward dog was SO hard for me when I first started, and I was a dancer! It will get easier, just keep up with it!


Sayer October 30, 2009

Hi Angela,

I have recently picked up yoga again after months of trying to follow along with free podcasts at home. This did not work for me, and intrinsic motivation was lacking, so I signed up for some classes.

Even though they can be pricey, taking 1-2 classes per week has made all the difference. Each class is unique, the instructor can adjust individual posture problems, and I am receiving (however much my mind resists) the full yoga experience… more than just the poses, there is a focus on the mind and spirituality.

Anyway, one of the things I have heard from various instructors is–only go as far as you can with each pose. If you feel a stretch, you are getting the same benefits as someone who is able to touch their toes with straight legs, etc. We also use blocks–if you are doing forward bend and your hands aren’t able to balance on the ground with straight legs, you should position blocks for your hands to create balance between the weight on your hands and the weight on your feet. Does that make sense? Hard to explain.

In downward dog, most of my weight was on my hands leading to wrist pain and fatigue. But, if you send your hips toward the ceiling and think about balancing weight between your hands and feet, it helps a lot!


Katy @ These Beautiful Feet October 30, 2009

I am actually going to my second yoga class in a couple hours. I was nervous the first time and I am nervous again! But it’s great because the point isn’t to force yourself.

They tell us “If you want to force yourself then you came to the wrong place, you can force yourself somewhere else” and they encourage us to rest in child’s pose whenever we feel like our breathing is getting to heavy or we are NOT breathing and that it takes more courage to rest then force yourself into a pose. It’s very helpful.

I just feel so great after it that makes it all worth it! Give it another shot! I think it can do amazing things. I hear it can improve your running even when not running as much.


Susan October 30, 2009

I remember reading some of your old yoga posts and being right there with you! I’d only done videos at home, hated downward dog, and in all just felt like I was “missing” something about it.

Then I started taking Iyengar classes at my campus gym. There are no flows in Iyengar. It’s static poses that you hold for what feels like a very long time! The instructor is very “hands-on” and will come right up to you and adjust you. I left those classes feeling as if there wasn’t a muscle in my body that didn’t get stretched to its limits.

Those classes made me realize that for me, yoga isn’t a “workout.” It’s about doing something that’s good for my mind and body. So no hot yoga, or flow after flow (can’t stand sun salutations!). I like to go to classes that are very laid-back and calming, and that’s where I’ve been able to find my “yoga-zone.”

Just keep experimenting! I think I remember you mentioning the high price of yoga in your area, but in my experience, the classes are really worth it!


Red Head, Yellow Dog October 30, 2009

Hey! I know this might sound silly..but don’t try to fight the thoughts that you have when you are trying to quiet them. Acknowledge that they are there and then try to let them go (deeeep exhaling breath and visualize them leaving you) The best thing for me is to take deep cleansing breaths and to concentrate on my breathing. How does the breathing make me feel? How does my body feel?
My mom has practiced meditation & yoga for as long as I can remember so I have to give her credit for all these tips :)


Kasey (Fit For Wellness) October 30, 2009

I danced for 18 years so the flexibility is not a problem for me. I struggle with staying focused because my mind wanders!


Paige @ Running Around Normal October 30, 2009

I’ve been doing yoga this week, too! From yogadownload.com I love it! I’ve just been doing the free 20 minute sessions, but there are longer ones you can buy too. And it comes with a pose print out. I light a few candles, and go at it!


carolinebee October 30, 2009

I love p90x!!! I think Tony is one of the least annoying video instructors :) And how hardcore is that black guy in the yoga!?? haha Tony always oohs and ahhs over him


MarathonVal October 30, 2009

When you said that you feel like you suck, that comment reminded me of a recent experience I had… I’m relatively new to yoga myself, and the last class I attended – not at a fancy yoga studio, but just a free class at my gym – the yoga instructor came over to whispered “I feel like you are ignoring everything I say!!” in an angry voice…. this was the first 5 minutes of class, so I couldn’t have been doing THAT badly. Either way, it really turned me off and I’m actually not sure I want to go back to her class, which is unfortunate. But, rest assured that you are not the only one that struggles and feels like a beginner!

Have a great day! :)


Beki October 30, 2009

I took yoga as a P.E. in college and I loved it. I really really sucked at it in the beginning, but by the end of the semester i could do all the moves that the instructor demonstrated. I left everyday feeling relaxed, calm and strong. You wouldn’t think that yoga would help strengthen you, but it did me. It just takes time so don’t give up.


leslie October 30, 2009

i am so, so excited that you are enjoying yoga!

i haaaated down dogs in the beginning. coming from running, my upper body strength was never good, and between all the down dogs, planks, and chaturangas, i thought i’d never improve. but you will see improvements if you keep at it. yoga isn’t like running in that you can go out and say, “today i’m going to do x miles.” but you can say, “i’m going to do x class, and see what happens.’ you’ll be in the middle of a class, and all of a sudden you’ll start to feel strong in the poses, or you’ll go deeper into a stretch than you thought you could, or you’ll make it through a flow where you might have needed a break before. it has its rewards too. :)

i also think you’re doing the right thing by taking it slow and in short bursts. you have the most balanced approach to exercise! i’d also totally recommend the 20 minute classes from yoga download – it might feel nice to feel like you can make it through an entire class, rather than having this long class looming in front of you when you’re just starting out.


kristen October 30, 2009

I started doing yoga with my mother. It was weird to go to a class and see that my mum was more flexible than I was… Even as a little girl in ballet class, I had tight hamstrings and was the least flexible kid in the bunch.

I’ve never thought of yoga as something you can “suck at”. Some parts of my body are more “open” (like my hips…i can do the fire log pose like there is no tomorrow…) and some are wound up like springs (i share your dislike for down dog…my hamstrings hate it). I just go with what my body does and can do and try to get the tight parts to open up a bit. One of my favourite yoga teachers always says “listen to your body and go with what it is telling you TODAY. some days you will be more open and more balanced than others. go with what you are feeling today, not with what you THINK you should be able to do”

I’ve now been doing yoga for 6 or 7 years and have found that I still really hate some poses, but that I’m slowly finding that although I hate them, they are becoming more “available” to me and I see their function in stretching me out rather than causing me pain and frustration.


Sara October 30, 2009

In one of my yoga classes, my teacher told me to think of your thoughts as arrows being sent away from your mind. That has always stuck with me, and makes me relax every time.


Casey October 30, 2009

Hi Ange,

Firstly, congrats on starting yoga and committing to it – that’s awesome! I am no yogi in the sense that I am not overly flexible, balanced or even just good at it, but I do know that when you start to focus on breathing as your first focus, the other parts of yoga tend to fall into place. Sure it can take time to get more flexible and move deeply into postures and build strength, but if you get the breathing sorted, it becomes meditative, and your mind becomes controlled and calm and centered and the body follows. Try it! :)

Have fun!

Casey x


Cynthia (It All Changes) October 30, 2009

I love yoga. I never did it before my back injury. But when I first strated having problems. my doctor suggested it might ease the pain a bit. I fell in love. And after surgery I was advised to do it regularly because it would keep my hips loose since I have a fused lower spine. I try to do it at least 3 times a week to just enjoy it.

As for zoning out you just need to enjoy it and do it. Sometimes relaxing music can really help but I don’t know if you can do it with the music on the dvd. Also you will get more flexible as you do it. Downward dogs are some of my favorites.

Also try to find a studio near you who has community classes. They usually have a low fee and you can enjoy learning from someone who can help correct your form.

Do you know if you can purchase just the P90X yoga dvd. I don’t know if i can do the entire thing but I love a good yoga DVD.


Mary October 30, 2009

You may want to try pilates. It is great for flexabilty, but you move around more than with yoga, which helps with the fidgety personality. Once you’ve done pilates a few times, you’ll notice the increased flexability. Then, try yoga again and you’ll get more out of it because you’ll be able to do more of the poses. Then, instead of worrying about not being flexable enough, you’ll be able to relax, clear your mind, and enjoy it more. At least, that’s what worked for me.

Btw, I’m new to your blog. You’re awesome!!


Chelsa October 30, 2009

Stick with it. Once you fall in love with yoga, there is no turning back. I normally have one day of strenuous exercise like running/squats/lunges/weights and then the next day recover with yoga and nothing else. I know you like to dive in to one activity at a time but switching it from day to day really works wonders. Good luck!


Janna (Just Flourishing) October 30, 2009

Sometimes I find it hard to concentrate in yoga as well. All I want to do is get out of the pose!

It’s easier said that done to “free your mind of all clutter”. I tend to focus on my breathing. Literally, I just focus on BREATHE IN. BREATHE OUT. Deep breaths.

A lot of people above have said this… and it does work. And I think if you practice more consistently it becomes much easier.


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