Leah’s Wedding: Getting Dolled Up


Hello there!

Wow what a night. If you saw on Twitter yesterday I was Tweeting the whole event! :) I am dragging this morning big time- 5 hours sleep!

And here we go with the next recap…

Missed The rehearsal or  Part 1 of the wedding morning?


We met in Carley’s room for 8:45am to get our hair and make-up done! It was sheer madness with ladies getting curls, up-dos, make-up, oh my.


Rach’s hubby brought over some Timmy’s! I had an XL Green Tea (with two bags!). It was just the pick me up I needed!


Shortly there after the fruit tray arrived:


This fruit was SO delicious and juicy. I had probably 2 cups worth over the course of the morning/early afternoon. We were getting ready from 9am-2:30pm!


I got my make-up done and then the customary hot rollers…


Which made gorgeous curls…


I wish I curled my hair like that! haha. I was going to get a half up-so but then I saw the brides hair and I didn’t want my hair to be the least bit similar to hers (she said she didnt care but I wanted to let her stand out as much as possible obviously!).

Leah begged me for an emergency Glo Bar because her energy was running low. ;) I gave her my new coffee Glo Bar called Awake. I thought it was fitting!


Her half up-do turned out fabulous!

One of the bridesmaids gave me a french manicure while we waited…


Not bad for doing it on the fly (she’s not even a professional!):

With our up-dos:


Then it was time to get dressed!

Before getting dressed I had some Spelt cereal + soy milk:


It was about 1:30pm and I knew it was going to be a long time until I next ate (6pm!)


Getting dressed…


Then off to Leah’s room to help her get ready and snap a few pictures…

She looked stunning!

Clicky to enlarge…


Then we were off to the ceremony!

That will be part 3 though because I am blogging in the car and it is extremely hard to see the screen! lol.

See you later!


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1 Jocelyn August 15, 2009

Wow ..Leah looks absolutely gorgeous! And so do you! Can’t wait to read all about the day :)


2 Lainie August 15, 2009

You looked STUNNING Angela – and so did the bride! Congrats to your friend!


3 Priyanka August 15, 2009

The bride looks absolutely stunning and so does the bridesmaid!!

Can’t wait for part III


4 Yasmin August 15, 2009

I love how your hair came out. Absolutely gorgeous! And Leah looks amazing :)


5 Amanda August 15, 2009

Wow, you both look beautiful! So nice of you to go with the different hairstyle so Leah could stand out – that’s a true friend!!


6 Lara August 15, 2009

Leah looks STUNNING. As do you and all the bridesmaids.


7 Bridget August 15, 2009

You ladies all look absolutely stunning!!! Hope you have a fabulous day!!!


8 Katie August 15, 2009

Oh my goodness, her dress is beautiful! She is a gorgeous bride! And has such pretty bridesmaids!!


9 Marilyn August 15, 2009

You all look gorgeous! And I love all of the dresses, and the hairstyles were so nice.


10 TanyaS August 15, 2009

Were you aware that the Raw Food Divas have declared today “International Green Smoothie Day”?

Sadly, I am out of spinach, but I’m going to throw in an extra scoop of Amazing Grass Wheat Grass.

The wedding party looks fabulous and set for a fun time!


11 MarathonVal August 15, 2009

How beautiful!!! You all look fabulous!


12 Jenna August 15, 2009

wow everyone looks FAB!!!! i love your hair!!!! :)


13 [email protected] August 15, 2009

All of you look gorgeous! Your hair is amazing… Can’t wait for Part 3… :)


14 Jenn August 15, 2009

All of you look GORGEOUS! I thought of you yesterday in the sweltering heat as I was swimming in my pool. ;)

PS – I love Leah’s Bench jacket!


15 Foodie August 21, 2009

Wow! You, Leah, and all the bridesmaids SO beautiful!(I LOVE Leah’s dress). You really have your glow on, Ang. It just radiates from within.


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