A Full Tank


I showed Eric this picture and he goes, ‘Are those BUGS?’


Hardy, har, har, Mr. Funny Man.

Chia seeds win for ‘cutest seed’ in my books. They are elegant, refined, dainty, and sophisticated. Much cooler than the sugar coated raisins that top HIS cereal (I won’t mention any names…).

My 2nd breakfast in a row with no green monster! Shocking, I know. I’ll have to make one this afternoon.


This morning I had Nature’s Path Flax Plus Cereal, chia seeds, and soy milk and a HUGE bowl of organic red grapes and cherries. I think I had like 2-3 cups of fruit.


The cherries were a bit tart, but the red grapes were magnificent.


I had it with a Stash Vanilla Nut tea.


I can tell I am definitely getting off of my flavoured tea kick. This just didn’t do it for me! I wished I was drinking my loose leaf Sencha instead. I’ll have some soon…

My belly is FULL to the brim after all this volume food.

Oh I also meant to mention, I got 2 hours of satiety out of my all vegetable lunch platter the other day. It was longer than I expected since it was all high-H20 veggies. I ended up having two snacks during the PM hours to tie me over until dinner. Weeeee.


Yesterday’s bridal order came out lovely.



I was really excited doing this bridal party order! I love the idea of being a part of someone’s special day. :) The bride, Jessica, is a regular customer of mine and is a sweetheart. I first met her back when I started the blog. Dave and Charlotte shot their gorgeous engagement pictures and they are also shooting their wedding this weekend. How exciting!


Jessica ordered her bridesmaids some goodies but nothing for herself. I just couldn’t stand for that! So, I included an order for Jessica and a bunch of my new Awake Glo bars on the house (Jess is a huge Glo bar fan!).



1. SGBC Photography contest

The judging is currently under way. The entries will be narrowed down to 5 and then you, my PEEPS, will vote on a winner! I hope to have the poll up early next week. Stay tuned…

2. Lonely Sketchie…


Needs a buddy??


I’ve been in such a ‘I want to rescue a kitten’ mood lately. Wish we had the extra money for another pet because I would so get one.

3. My Honeymoon page has been updated. I added Athens pictures as our second stop on the cruise.



Today’s agenda:

  • Bake Bridal order (Part 1 is today Part 2 is tomorrow and Sat morning)
  • Figure out Eric’s birthday gift (his birthday is August 11th)
  • Open a business bank account and get a business credit card
  • Research online shopping carts + automatic shipping tools
  • GMM business stuff (have something exciting in the works!)
  • US Package stalk #3
  • Tweet with my peeps!
  • Blog 2x
  • Workout
  • Update Glo Bakery website

Make the most of it!


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1 Jasmine August 8, 2009

The Glo Bars and cookies on your Glo Bakery’s website look so good and healthy! I wish you ship them to Singapore too!


2 Kristin P. August 6, 2009

Ohh adopt a kitty! There are so many who need loving homes. My theory is that if you have one, you might as well get two! I have two myself and the cost is minimal especially compared to the love I feel for them! :)


3 Jessica August 6, 2009

i agree. chia seeds are the cutest seeds ever!
oh shoot, how could i have missed a photography contest????!?!?!?!! Nooooo!


4 Jenn Eats Nutritiously Now August 6, 2009

I think that would be so amazing if you could rescue a little kitty!


5 Becky August 6, 2009

I also haven’t been having my GM’s for brekkie, as I am out of spinach! I just got my chia seeds though and love love love them. They thicken my oat bran right up! Good luck with the to-do list :)


6 Lainie August 6, 2009

I love your pictures of Sketchie! I’ve always wondered…how did you end up naming him “Sketchie”? It’s adorable :)


7 Meredith (Pursuing Balance) August 6, 2009

I just love cereal! I wish I had the money for a kitten too. I saw one in a box outside the grocery store a few weeks ago at like 9PM, with no one around watching him — just a sign that said “to a good home.” I desperately wanted to take him home, but I just can’t afford it right now :( I hope he’s ok and that someone nice took him.


8 Melissa August 6, 2009

I just saw this post with Almost Instant Chia “Tapioca” Pudding http://www.dietdessertndogs.com/2009/04/08/flash-in-the-pan-inter-faith-holiday-pudding/ and immediatly thought of you… :D I’ve yet to tried Chia yet but I’m very curious about it.


9 britt August 6, 2009

the bridal order looks great! and how sweet that you included a little something for the bride – she will totally appreciate that.

oh, and that picture of sketchie is too cute! i’m always telling my husband about him :)


10 Alex August 6, 2009

I have been using chia seeds for a couple of months now and I’m still not over their dainty cuteness.

Love the new pics! As I was browsing, I was also reminded about how much I LOVE your Miss Sixty sundress. I have been searching ALL SUMMER for a go-to fun and elegant sundress but no luck!

Any ideas??


11 kristi (sweet cheeks) August 6, 2009

I LOVE chia seeds! I have been putting them on everything and in everything lately. You just can’t beat those nutritional stats!

Hope you have a great day Angela! :)


12 Julie August 6, 2009

Wow, those bridal orders are so beautiful! Love the picture with the green!

Check out my new blog by the way: http://juliesrealkitchen.blogspot.com

Have a nice day :-)



13 Danielle C. August 6, 2009

Oh that kitten is soooo cute! You know you want to rescue it. ;) We have two cats, which my hubby says is the limit for our townhouse. I keep saying ‘what if I found xyz kitten’. I got him to say yes to a silver tabby kitten….


14 Vanessa (Last Night's Leftovers_ August 6, 2009

Looks like a busy day! Enjoy :)


15 Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope August 6, 2009

The bride package looks fabulous! I can definitely see that being a big hit for your business in the future! :)

Good luck on your busy day!



16 Pam at Highway to Health August 6, 2009

I LOVE Sketchy! The bridal orders cake out great. That is a great idea – I love cookies!


17 Michelle August 6, 2009

Where can I buy chia seeds? I keep reading about them, not sure where to find them though!


18 Amy August 6, 2009

Check out places like Kijiji etc. There are always people giving away kittens.

Yes, you’ll have the cost of spaying but honestly feeding two cats isn’t much more pricey then feeding 2!

I have a golden retriever and 2 cats…. I think I drop about $125 on food every 2 or 3 months, and I feed high quality food. The higher quality of food, the less they need! :)

Get Sketchy a brother or sister!


19 Jenn August 6, 2009

I saw that SAME organ grinder when I was there in 2006. He was on Ermou Street – the one with all the shoe stores.


20 Shannon (The Daily Balance) August 6, 2009

Look at you, you busy bee!

Cookies look amazing!

I have also been eating red grapes like crazy! They are better than candy! So ‘poppable!’


21 Mara @ What's For Dinner? August 6, 2009

HAHA bugs… i wouldn’t put it past us food bloggers to try them!


22 brandi August 6, 2009

“are those bugs” – that made me laugh :)


23 Sarah August 6, 2009

I hadn’t had a GM in what seems like forever and I finally had one yesterday and all those great feelings came rushing back to me! I love my oats but I cannot neglect my GM’s for that long EVER again ;-)

I really have to thank you for the introduction to them, I don’t know if I ever would’ve tried it otherwise!

Have a great day, hope you achieve all you’ve set out to today! :)


24 Paige @ Running Around Normal August 6, 2009

Looks like you have a busy day ahead of you, chickie!

Those cookies look fabulous – wrapping, decorations and all :)


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