BBBC Before + After and My Hip T Contest Giveaway!


Copy of Untitled-51 Missed my BBBC Results Part 1?

Taking Before and After pictures is scary enough without having to post them on the internet for all to see!

I hope you guys appreciate this because I was NOT going to do it!!! :D

It takes a lot of guts to see pictures of oneself on the internet…LOL.

So did it WORK? Click continue reading below.

65 Days of the BBBC Challenge did this for me…

BA1 copy

[Please ignore the fake tan in the first pic- I was prepping for my photoshoot at that time! lol]

What I noticed:

  • Smaller and more toned stomach area: Proof that CORE WORK rocks!
  • Toned arms and shoulders (Even though I didn’t see a decrease in arm circumference, I know the arms are much more toned- and that is what matters!)

Let’s ZOOM IN shall we?


And the behind pictures…


What I noticed:

  • Toning of the back: In the before picture you can see a bit of extra skin in the crease area, but in the after picture it is gone.
  • Back of my legs and butt area have firmed up
  • Bikini top also seems to fit better (the strap doesn’t dig in as much).

I am REALLY happy with these results– especially in my stomach area. Core work is the BEST!

I am so glad I took these pictures because I honestly had no idea that my body had changed so much. I am still quite amazed that just a couple strength exercises each day can make such a difference.

I also think that adding the Shred over the last couple of weeks has helped too! I am going to continue to do the 30-Day Shred because I really enjoy it! I will probably try to squeeze it in twice a week or so.

Also- BBBC participants: Don’t forget to send me your final results! :) [email protected]



Look what the awesome ladies of Hip-T sent me!


A beautiful Black Lace Hip-T!


I just love it!

Many of my shirts are too short (I have a long waist) and I find the My Hip T provides just the right amount of length.

It is SUPER slimming in the waist area too! I find it kind of sucks everything in.


The ladies of My Hip-T want to give one lucky reader a chance to win one of their beautiful designs!

To enter for a chance of winning a My Hip-T:

  • Visit the super cool Hip T website and check out all their funky designs!
  • Leave ONE comment on this post
  • Link back to this contest and receive another entry!
  • Winner will be chosen at random
  • Contest is open to anyone in the US or Canada
  • Contest closes Wednesday June 3rd at 4pm EST!

Goodluck! :)

Ok off to write my exam! Hopefully cramming works- I sure did it enough in university! lol.

Tonight I will be answering your most burning question:

Will I be doing a summer installment of the BBBC?


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1 Amy June 1, 2009

You look FABULOUS! thank you for sharing the pictures. I am officially inspired to get back into my strength training and core work


2 Katrina (gluten free gidget) June 1, 2009

Impressive my friend!


3 Holly June 1, 2009

Yet another reason to keep up the workouts :) [I thought it was cute they used the term ‘glow’]

Wow I love this thanks for sharing! ~A


4 Laura E June 1, 2009

Thanks for the opportunity. I really like the Zebra Print one.


5 amie June 1, 2009

you look great in both pictures…so jealous! I’m loving the Hip-T’s I want to buy one but would be cool to win!


6 Nicole June 1, 2009

I was always wondering how you were so tan! I live in Florida and I’m much whiter than you lol.


7 Kayzilla June 1, 2009

Congrats on your fantastic results! ^0^ You worked really hard, and it really shows!!

You lucky duck! I had my eye on one of those black lace ones. Or the white lace one. Ahhh I just love lace things, and things with lace that cover my crack = Major win in my book. XD


8 Amy June 1, 2009

Ooooh la la.. sign me up! :)


9 Angie June 1, 2009

AHH! They are SO CUTE. I need one stat, I think! And you’ve definitely inspired me to crank up some core work this summer- you worked hard for that amazing stomach, congrats!


10 Steph June 1, 2009

I love the idea of the Hip T’s! I’ve never heard of them before, but I often layer a tank top under my shorter shirts.


11 Dotsie June 1, 2009

You look great! I cand definitely see a difference–but you look great in both sets of pictures-before and after! YOU GO (GLO!) GIRL! :-)


12 Nicole June 1, 2009

Btw, you look great, of course!


13 Leila June 1, 2009

majah props Angela, not only on the results, but posting the pics too. You look (and looked) amazing.

P.s. made a test batch of the mini doughnuts this weekend and my family was blown away. Thanks for the great recipe.

now off to figure out which colour Hip T I’m going to get.


14 Mara @ What's For Dinner? June 1, 2009

A) You look AMAZING!!!
B) I totally need the white hip-t!! Will be linking later!! Don’t forget to enter MY contest! It’s the last day! (Ange, would you mind linking??)


15 Sam June 1, 2009

Congratulations on all your hard work paid off. You look great!

Ever since you introduced me to the Hip-T design I’ve been wanting to find one. I would love to get the chance to try one out for free.


16 Allison June 1, 2009

Wow! Your core looks awesome (before and after! :D )

I think the Hip-T is an awesome idea – I think I’ll have to get one whether or not I win – I have a long torso too, and my shirts are always too short!


17 Sara June 1, 2009

You can definitely see a difference. Hard work does pay off.

I really like the white hip-t, I could wear it with so many things!


18 Natalie M. June 1, 2009

You look ferosh Angela!!! Your BBBC has definitely helped me incorporate some moves into my workouts.. I may be bikini ready next year.. this year would be pushing it LOL

Thanks so much for sharing your photos!


19 SweetKaroline June 1, 2009

never heard of the hip-t before…sounds super for us long waisted gals! I’m always finding myself searching high and low for t- shirts that are long enough not to show belly haha.

P.s. you look great, both before and after pics, you look awesome!


20 Run Sarah June 1, 2009

You look amazing – congrats! :) That hip-tee sounds awesome, I have a proportionately longer torso too so I find shirts can be too short.


21 Jess June 1, 2009

I love the Madrid one! Fun idea – I never would have thought to create something like that!


22 cathy June 1, 2009

You look amazing Angela! Good work :) I wanna try the shred soon. I like the looks of the Sassy Prints – Dot 2 Dot hip-ts, but i would probably go for white or black to go with many things.


23 The Running Yogini June 1, 2009

Wow! Great job :-) I totally need to get my rear in gear! That shirt looks awesome! I LOVE long shirts, but I actually have a short waist… I guess it works for anyone :-)


24 Susie June 1, 2009

Congratulations on the results!! You look fantastic as always. The HipT is such a neat concept. I`m crossing my fingers!


25 TanyaS June 1, 2009

Amazing results, good on you!

I’m in love with anything that promises to “hug things in”!


26 Shari June 1, 2009

Congrats on the great results!

Hip T is such a great idea.


27 Brooke June 1, 2009

Congrats on the BBBC results! its so inspiring to see pics and know that it works. it gives us all hope. I love the hip-t’s and hope to get to try one soon. Darn those low wasted jeans.


28 Katrina (gluten free gidget) June 1, 2009

BTW: you got a GF Gidget shout out!


29 Georgia June 1, 2009

I want a hip t! I don’t want to share my crack (ha!).
I also felt like my arms made a huge difference but my measurement is still 11′ too.. But I feel like they’ve changed so much!


30 Susan June 1, 2009

lots of hard work, but you look great! and so do those Hip-T’s!


31 Sarah June 1, 2009

Wow! Check out those abs! You look great Angela. Congrats on the amazing work.


32 Jess June 1, 2009

Ohhh the Hip T is very cool! And it looks like all your core most definitely paid off!


33 Criztawl June 1, 2009

Wow, the differences in your before and after for the BBBC are amazing!!!!

The Hip T’s are really cute, I too have a long torso and find that some of my tops just seem to short.

I’ve made a shout out on my blog about your giveaway!!


34 Steph June 1, 2009

Lookin’ good! I must admit that I was skeptical about how much progress could be made with only a few exercises a day… but now I regret not joining in with this challenge!!! I think it would be great to leave all of the exercises that you did posted somewhere on your website so that those of us who did not participate could still do it if we wanted to!


35 Dana June 1, 2009

I love the dot 2 dot hip-t! Thank you for the opportunity!


36 shannon June 1, 2009

OMG you look great! I want your abs!


37 Christine June 1, 2009

Your website has helped me more than you could ever imagine! You are a great role model and I love reading your blog each day [more like several times a day!] :)


38 Laura June 1, 2009

You have inspired me to get moving, I’ve gotta be in a bikini in about 3 weeks. Love the Hip Tee!


39 Marcy June 1, 2009

I like the “original” Hip T but the “Basics” are good too.

Great giveaway!!


40 Phoebe June 1, 2009

Those Hip Tees are adorable! I like all of the lacey ones – so cute. they are definitely slimming as well.


41 Red Head, Yellow Dog June 1, 2009

Very awesome! and I love the giveaway!


42 Jess M June 1, 2009

Wow, impressive results, congrats! But you looked awesome before :) Good luck on your exam Angela! I would love to win a Hip-T.


43 Shelly June 1, 2009

You look wonderful!
I would love to win a HIP-T b/c the muffin top area is my biggest problem. Even when I don’t have one, I am constantly worried that the waist band of my pants is sticking out and making it look like I have one. I am also super obsessed with my shirts being just the right length.


44 Trisha June 1, 2009

You look so toned – Great pictures! Those Hip-T’s look like such fun!


45 Leah @ Simply Fabulous June 1, 2009

You don’t have to enter me in the contest.. just wanted to say you look great! :)


46 Laura S June 1, 2009

I love the idea of the Hip-T!Awesome job with the core workout! You look awesome!


47 e. June 1, 2009

Yowza! You are brave to post pics in a bikini on the internets, but you look fab!

How often do you think you can do core work? Same rules apply as regular crunches — don’t work them two days in a row?

Okay, I’m off to post a link to this contest on my resurrected blog!


48 Krista June 1, 2009

These have got to be the coolest things ever! I really like the lace in the original ones although some do have some pretty funky patterns!


49 Alison June 1, 2009

What a cool idea. So many of my shirts are too short. I love the lace too.


50 MaryBe June 1, 2009

Wow you look even more awesome-er! (I love to make up new words!)
To lose that much off an already small waist is amazing.


51 Mallory June 1, 2009

I have the SAME problem with the long waist + short tops!

I think the black one would go with more of my shirts… but if I win I’m sure I’ll be hooked on them and buy a few more in different colors :)


52 Jessica June 1, 2009

You loow awesome in you rbikin – go you! I’d love to win the Hip-T, thanks for the offer.


53 brandi June 1, 2009

awesome results! you can definitely tell a difference in your stomach. I hope there’s a summer one – I need to be better about it :\

I love the hip-t in just black or gray – that would be so nice to have with some shirts I love but that are just a little too short.


54 Jess June 1, 2009

You look great, missy- both before and after! Thanks for having the nerve to share the pictures. :)

I’m really excited about the Hip-T giveaway since I love the layered look but am often over warm down here in good ol’ FLA. Be on the look for a link back in my post this afternoon!


55 Sara June 1, 2009

I’d love to win one of those! I hate when my shirts are too short. Also, thanks for sharing your pictures. I didn’t do the challenge, but I’m thinking of starting it now!


56 Liz & In The Skinny June 1, 2009

Impressive photos!
I would love to win one of the Hip Ts. I would wear it all the time! I’ll link back to the contest tonight.


57 nicole June 1, 2009

I love the idea!!!! My shirts always seem too short for me. This would totally help the problem and look fashion forward as well.


58 Mary June 1, 2009

Outstanding results! I didn’t follow the plan (started reading your blog only a few weeks ago) but I’m thinking about going back and using it:)

I have the same problem as you…too long of a waste and shirts that are too short! I would love to have a Hip-T.


59 Heather June 1, 2009

Wow, that is SO impressive Angela. You should be so proud at yourself for what you’ve accomplished! CONGRATS!!

ADORABLE shirt! I’d love to win one! I’ll link back on my blog tonight. :)


60 LESLIE June 1, 2009

i love this product. such a good idea.
i find myself always having to layer because shirts arent long enough, but that always adds more fabric to my outfits making me look ‘bigger’ sometimes.

i would love to try this!



61 Amy June 1, 2009

I would love the Hip-T!

Thanks for doing the BBBC, I really enjoyed it even though I didn’t do before and after measurements or pictures. I would love to keep doing it over the summer!


62 Recipes for Creativity June 1, 2009

Awesome! You look great, even though you already looked wonderful to start with!


63 bobbi June 1, 2009

great job girl, you look awesome!


64 Taylor June 1, 2009

Wow such a difference – you look great – even in you’re before picture!! Those hip-T things look perfect. I love the long shirt look (it really leans you out!). I may have to invest in some.


65 Jessie June 1, 2009

Hip-T, Hip-T, Hip-T!!!


66 Jennifer S June 1, 2009

wow, great results!! I love those hip-t’s!


67 Lindsay June 1, 2009

great job on all your improvements, I love taking before and afters of myself…they are so motivating.

I want a white lace hip-T sooo bad!


68 Susan June 1, 2009

Those are awesome results! I’ve gotta jump on the core work bandwagon I think!!

I would loooove a white hip-T. I like to wear a lot of cardigans, but they’re usually too short. So one of these would be perfect!

Good luck on your exam!


69 Catherine June 1, 2009

wow, you look amazing! very inspirational. and thanks for doing this giveaway. until you posted about them awhile ago, i didn’t know such things existed. what an ingenious invention!


70 katie June 1, 2009

you look amazing! i think i’ll definitely be going through the bbbc and doing some of the core work exercises, especially if you don’t end up doing a summer version of it.


71 Tiffany June 1, 2009

wow, you look gorgeous! congratulations on your accomplishment!


72 Kori (All Things B.) June 1, 2009

You look so fit and healthy Angela! You looked great in the before pics, but your posture is more confident in the results shots! Great work and I’m crossing my fingers for a summer BBBC!!


73 Maggie June 1, 2009

Nice job on the challenge!

I’d love a tee like that – since I’m tall I can NEVER find tanks that are long enough.


74 Jen F. June 1, 2009

Way to go Ang!!


75 Stacey June 1, 2009

I so need one of those for my long torso too.


76 Emily B. June 1, 2009

Wow, congrats on your accomplishment! You look GREAT.

I’d love to win a Hip-T, my favourite design is the Madrid.


77 Janette June 1, 2009

Great job, that Hip-T would come in handy for all my short t-shirts that my husband shrunk in the dryer.


78 Shelby June 1, 2009


You look phenomenal! =)


79 Ellen @ Peace in Motion June 1, 2009

that zebra print is out of control!


80 Juie June 1, 2009



I have been searching for the post when yo made the spinach and tomatoe in the saute pan!

Can you please tell me which post!! It is driving me crazzyy!!! LOL.


81 Kiersten June 1, 2009

Great job with the BBBC! I am glad it paid off for you.

I love those Hip-Ts! They are adorable.


82 Emily June 1, 2009

Cool giveaway! I’m top-tall also (long torso) so the Hip-T’s would probably be good for me.

I’ll link back from my blog :)


83 Jenny June 1, 2009

awesome giveaway girl! i definitely have a longer torso than legs so this would be awesome!

congrats on finishing up your bbbc girl! you look awesome.. though you looked great before :)


84 Tegan June 1, 2009

Great job! The BBBC paid off!

I’d love to try the Hip-T!


85 Robyn June 1, 2009

You can really notice a different from the back especially. You look great, although you started off pretty great too!

Those Hip-Ts are super cute. I’m just sayin’ :)


86 Jennifer June 1, 2009

Great results! Now I have motivation to work on my core!


87 Jodi June 1, 2009

Great job! You look awesome! :)


88 Sheri June 1, 2009

Ok, first…great results! You look fab! Thanks for sharing the pictures they really do show the changes!

I sure could use a Hip-T! I have some shirts that I do not wear anymore because they are too short! This would work perfect for that.


89 Gina June 1, 2009

Both your before & after pics look so good! I just found your blog a few days ago, and I’m considering going back through the BBBC Challenge on my own since I can tell from your pics it really worked!

The giveaway looks really neat, as well! Hope I win =P


90 Sarah the Short-Waisted June 1, 2009

I’m short-waisted, but I STILL have the plumber’s crack problem with my fav jeans. I love the idea!! I’d love the black basic or original!


91 Sarah the Short-Waisted June 1, 2009

Oh, and I forgot to say how impressed I am with your ab definition!


92 Stephanie June 1, 2009

You look great! I can really see a difference from the back (not that you had anything to lose!). Would love to win a Hip-T for myself! :P


93 Anneliese June 1, 2009

Wow! Great job with the BBC :-)

And the Hip-Ts are awesome. I really could use something like this!


94 Kristen June 1, 2009

Wow! I really hope you continue the BBBC so I can join in and follow. I just started reading your blog and I love it. I really need to work on my core so I’m going to go back through and try some of your workouts! Thanks for the inspiration!


95 Yasmin June 1, 2009

I’ve never seen these before! Cool!


96 Abby Tichenor June 1, 2009

I’m so impressed with your blog! Much like my interest and lifestyle – great job!! The hip tee would stretch a clothing budget to include maybe some older tops and tanks i have that i didn’t want to get rid of!


97 chanturtle June 1, 2009

omg you loook amazinger!!1


98 Vanessa @ Last Night's Leftovers June 1, 2009

I don’t know what you were worried about…you look great before AND after! I can definitely see the results of all that hard work though. Great job!


99 Eve June 1, 2009

Wow, Angela! You look amazing, I am so jealous of your flat stomach, I hope mine can look like that soon!! You also got me onto the Green Monsters! All I can say is I love them!! I can’t go a morning without them now! Keep up the excellent work – your blog ROCKS!!!!



100 Jenn June 1, 2009

wow your stomach didn’t even look bad before but now its supper flat! I think I need to up my core exercises! I haven’t been following your BBBC very closely and I was wondering did you change your diet any or you just did more strength exercises? Those are some amazing results, great job!!


101 Niki (The Vintage Artist) June 1, 2009

You look even more amazing Angela! Totally inspiring. xx


102 Amy June 1, 2009

This is awesome. Your abs are ROCKIN!! That is amazing. Now I wish I would’ve done the BBBC :(. I’ve been following your progress but didn’t do it. If you do a summer installment, I think I will!! :)

I have the same problem with shirts…I am tall and a lot of shirts aren’t long enough; at least, not as long as I’d like them! The Hip-T is super cute!!


103 Clare June 1, 2009

Congrats on the results – you’re hard work really shows!

I’d love to win a hip-t….I think I’d get the most use out of a white one. Thanks for sponsoring this (and for being awesome, as usual)!


104 Shannon (The Daily Balance) June 1, 2009

you look FANTASTIC! Sign me up for a summer installment! – if you do it ;)


105 kristin June 1, 2009

yowza!! your abs look amazing! i should’ve done the BBBC :(


106 Rachel June 1, 2009

You look awesome!! Thanks for informing me about the Hip-T. I love the idea and want one now!


107 Helena June 1, 2009

that hip-t is such a good idea! Sign me up for the contest!
I’m also doing a before and after thing on my blog, but the after’s won’t be posted until the end of the summer :)


108 veronica k June 1, 2009

You look great! NIce work!


109 Serena June 1, 2009

I am new to your blog and am enjoying your posts and recipes too! I have been inspired by your green monster’s and have been making my own. I also tried the 10 minute yogurt with Almond milk and strawberries. It turned out well. It was a little more runny than the Trader Joe’s yogurt, but it tasted delicious! Plus, I put it in a green monster with tons of spinach, half a frozen banana, and some frozen mango cubes also from TJ’s. Yummy!


110 Hayley June 1, 2009

Angela, you look amazing! Great job on the BBBC Challenge! Are you planning on doing a summer BBBC edition? That Hip-T is super cute, would be so happy if I won one! I also have a longer torso; it’s funny but I never connected the two together as to why my shirts were always too short. I had previously been blaming it on the manufacturers. haha.


111 KatieTX June 1, 2009

Don’t you love spray tans!!? Planks are so amazing.Great job!


112 Kristen June 1, 2009

What a fun concept! I love the Madrid print Hip T. :-) And congrats on the BBBC success!


113 shannon June 1, 2009

You look so good.

Love the Hip-T. :)


114 Eat, Live, Love, Dream June 1, 2009

You looked amazing before, but you look even more amazing now!! That is so awesome! So happy for you! very very inspiring:)


115 Katie T June 1, 2009

Ditto the above post – you look even more incredible now! And I applaud your courage for putting those up for everyone to see. Thanks for being such a constant source of inspiration!
P.S. Now I really want one of those Hip-Ts…I have a super long torso too, so I know what you’re talking about!


116 Jessica June 1, 2009

you look great!! i really hope you do another challenge because i really want to tone up for summer. oops, its kind of already here isnt it??

loving the hip-t. such a great idea.


117 Danielle J June 1, 2009

you look great! :)

the hip-t looks so cute.. would loveeee to get my hands on one!


118 Jessica June 1, 2009

Just linked back to your giveaway, i’ve got to get one of these babies!


119 gliding calm June 1, 2009

wow Ange! you look amazing!!!! sexy mama!!! I love that bathing suit too! (I’ve been looking for a new bikini…for oh, I danno……..6 yearS?!)

i want a hip t so badly! they are adorableeee!!!

thanks for the giveaway!! have a great evening and happy Tuesday beautiful!!!


120 Faith June 1, 2009

Congrats on your hard work paying off! Seeing results makes it all worth it.


121 stephanie p June 1, 2009

you look fit in both pics! congratulations!

I would love to win a black hip-t – it would come in handy for work!


122 Cate June 1, 2009

Great job on the BBBC. You look awesome (you always do).

I want a Hip-T! I will probably want a couple (when one’s in the wash). I will link back later.


123 melissa June 1, 2009

You look great! Core work is the best!


124 Barbara June 1, 2009

Ok..I’m buying a Hip T regardless and that would make a killer gift for friends.

Great job on the BBBC!



125 Amy June 1, 2009

You look amazing! I’m inspired to go shred right now. I definitely want to get a Hip T. Those are so cool!


126 Anne P June 1, 2009

lookin hot! nice work :)

and i would love one of those shirts!


127 Sarah June 1, 2009

Your before was gorgeous, and I wasn’t sure how you could possibly look any better. I love how you just look more toned now.


128 Diana June 1, 2009

You look GREAT!
Perhaps I will take part in the summer edition – if there is one!?


129 Jaime June 1, 2009

what a genius idea! hope i win:)


130 Becky June 1, 2009

You look awesome! I would love a Hip-T, I have an obsession with all things lacy ;)


131 Sara B. June 1, 2009

I have a really long waist too and would love a Hip-T :)


132 Kris June 1, 2009

You look AWESOME!!!! As always though :) Just a bit more toned. Isn’t it amazing how just a bit of strength training can make a difference? Way to go!

I love the black Hip-T….I want it! I think it would go with most things I wear!


133 Susan June 1, 2009

you look great!

i would love a Hip-T!


134 Ellie June 1, 2009

i would love a hip-T!!


135 Andrea June 1, 2009

You look awesome!!

I would love to win a hip-t! I always hate when my undies show :)

I also linked you back from my blog!!


136 Alison June 1, 2009

I love the layered look you can get from the hip-t, such a great idea!


137 Brooke June 1, 2009

I need one of these so badly. I have a very long torso and my shirts always ride up. Not pretty.
Wow, your stomach is impressive!


138 Anne K. June 1, 2009

You look awesome! Those hip-T’s are a great idea :D


139 Anne K. June 1, 2009

I linked back here:


140 Callina June 1, 2009

Just found your blog; love it and I love the Hip Ts–I have a long torso and it’s so hard for me to find shirts that are long enough, so I might be ordering some of these….awesome!


141 Ris June 1, 2009

you look awesome!

and the hip tees look sweet … i have a long torso too, my sis and i are the same height but her legs are 4 inches longer!


142 Carolyn June 1, 2009

If I don’t win one I am going to have to purchase a Hip-T soon. They are less expensive than I thought they would be, awesome idea too!

I hope you do a summer BBBC, your results are nothing short of FANTASTIC!


143 Katie June 1, 2009

wow i want one of those they look better than most stuff thats in stores these days..and spanx is wayyyy to expensive!!!


144 Laura June 1, 2009

Congrats on your fantastic results!

The Hip-Ts are so cute, I hope I win one :)


145 Christina June 1, 2009

Hip-T’s are so cute – I’d never seen them before your blog!


146 Ashley June 1, 2009

It’s inspiring to see the results of your bbbc! The hip-t’s look really nice!


147 junghwa June 1, 2009

lovely giveaway!
i would love to win hip-t!


148 jk June 1, 2009

thank you! i’d love to own Hip-T!. It’s so cute!


149 june June 1, 2009

i’ve never heard of hip-t before but it looks so adorable on you. if i don’t win it, i’ll probably purchase it!


150 jayme June 1, 2009

loving hip-t. i need something like that esp since i work with kids. haha


151 hyang June 1, 2009

another great giveaway angela! thanks!


152 Coley June 1, 2009

Wow I would love to try the Hip-T!!

You look amazing by the way, maybe i’ll have to hop on the BBBC challenge band-wagon!


153 Elizabeth Edith June 1, 2009

1. You look great! I wish I’d started reading your blog when the BBBC challenge started :-(

2. The giveaway sounds cool and I linked back to it.
Happy Monday!


154 april June 1, 2009

Your abs look amazing!! I wish I could get those results in a few moves a day! lol. I’ve never seen those Hip-Ts before here in New Mexico..I’d love to be entered to win!!


155 Megan June 1, 2009

Your body is rockin’!!

I swear by planks! They just do wonders for your core!


156 Brittany June 1, 2009

Your before and after pictures are awesome!!

I wanna win the Hip-T, it looks great on you.


157 ashley (sweet & natural) June 2, 2009

Ow ow! Lookin’ good Angela!

I’m obsessed with that Hip-T! I always layer to make my top longer. It is perfect for me!


158 Julie Dawn June 2, 2009

Great work! I will join the summer BBBC if you have one.


159 Help Meghan Run June 2, 2009

So cute! :) I’d love one.


160 Nicole June 2, 2009

Awesome results!! You did great!!


161 Karin June 2, 2009

This Hip-T looks awesome! Nearly as awesome as you do ;-) Congrats on your results – very inspiring!


162 Jenn (eating bender) June 2, 2009

OMG, Ange – you look AMAZING! I am so inspired by you because I could not get up the courage to post my before and after pics when I did P90X. Kudos, my friend!! I can totally see a difference (though you look great in both – I mean that).

The Hip-T looks so cool! I have the same issue with shirts, so that would be perfect!


163 Arwen June 2, 2009

Wow impressive Angela! You have inspired me to try BBBC.

I have loved the idea of owning a Hip-T since I saw it on your site. Hope I win!


164 Eva June 2, 2009

You look great Angela. I will join the summer BBBC if you have one.


165 Liz June 2, 2009

Looks like the BBBC did it’s job… looking good. And thanks for the Hip-T giveaway, those things sound awesome.


166 Lisa June 2, 2009

I love that the Hip-Ts add the look of a layer without bulk. I hate that bunched up feeling and I’m always hot, so actual layers don’t work for me!


167 Milca June 2, 2009

You’re body looks amazing. I can absolutely see the definition. I need a Hip-T, so I hope I win.


168 Lisa June 2, 2009

Super cute T!!!! What a great idea.


169 leatitia June 2, 2009

I’d love to win, it looks so cute! :)


170 D June 2, 2009

I had never heard of these shirts, but how wonderful. It gets so old seeing ladies buttcracks and g-strings sticking out.


171 Amanda June 2, 2009

Amazing results Angela :)


172 Dana June 2, 2009

Great results!! The hip-t’s are awesome, I will definitely be buying one if I don’t win one!


173 Brianne June 2, 2009

You look so great!


174 Caitlin June 2, 2009

wow-you look so great!!


175 Diana June 2, 2009

I would love to win a Hip T! I have the unfortunate “problem” of having a little waist and womanly hips, so I have to buy pants to fit my hips and they end up being to big in the waist. I HATE belts, but I think the Hip T would do a great job of helping keep the waist of my jeans up!


176 carolinebee June 2, 2009

You look great ang! Ha love the fake tan :D Those hip t’s are so cute, I stick with Express they make the longest shirts!


177 Kimberly Lee June 2, 2009

You look amazing! I would love to win a Hip T. I too have a long waist and find that many of the shirts that I buy are too short to wear with my jeans/pants/skirts. You’ve shown me that the Hip T can be the solution to that problem.


178 Ruby Red Vegan June 2, 2009

Hey Angela! Congrats on the BBBC results! I wish I could create a little room for you in my apt. and you could come be my personal trainer for a few months! :)

Oh my, the Hip T’s are so cute! I can’t decide whether the pink, white, or black is my fave – but I love all 3 of the lace ones!


179 lora June 2, 2009

omg love this giveaway! And your results are awesome! you are so brave for showing us pics of yourself–I am way to nervous to just be in a bikini hahaha



180 Julie June 2, 2009

love the hip t :) sounds like it would be awesome for summer!


181 Emily (Healthy Fit Mama) June 2, 2009

Wow – those are come great results! Way to go!


182 Ashley June 2, 2009

Seeing your pictures was so motivating to me. My core is an area that I have always needed to work on (strength wise and toning) but I have always shyed about from it. Isn’t it funny how we don’t want to work on the things we need to do most?

A couple of weeks ago I signed up for boot camp and I start next Monday – so excited and scared! After seeing your pictures I felt really inspired to kick start things and do some core yoga last night. I had tried core yoga previously, I turned off the podcast about 5 minutes in because “it was too hard”. Last night I persevered and stuck with it and it felt really good!! It was tough, but I was happy to challenge myself.

Thanks for such an inspiring post :)


183 Low June 2, 2009

You seriously look amazing in both of those pics! You are certainly brave for posting them, but looking great is a great way to find courage!

I would love a summer installment as I wasn’t around in the blogosphere to catch the first one!


184 Talia June 2, 2009

Those are awsome! I love the idea! I have a super long torso!


185 Erika June 2, 2009

Having recently found your site, I am now considering joining the Green Monster movement, lol…and am also considering more raw diet foods. As for the Hip T, I would sooo love this. In my job, I have to be ale to raise my arms and keep my belly covered for professionalism, and I have such an issue finding shirts long enough but still flattering. Plus, it would be seriously nice to win something once in my life, lol. Keep up the blog…lovin it :) HUGS


186 Maddy June 2, 2009

OMG look how toned you are! Go girl! =)

I would LOVE to win the Hip-T. Ever since I saw them on your site I’ve been thinking about ordering one!


187 Enrica June 2, 2009

I absolutely LOVE the lace ones. So girly!!


188 Kel June 2, 2009

I think I might buy a couple of these Hip T’s. I am tall, so I have the hardest time covering up! Thanks for the link and way to go on your BB results!


189 Lauren June 2, 2009

what a cool idea! i always have this problem (with tops being too short) and end up having to either give the shirt away, or layer!


190 Lindsay June 2, 2009

Wow, you can really see a difference in your midsection – amazing how just a few exercises a day can make such a difference! I would love to see a summer BBBC, since I missed much of this one. :)


191 jvegegirl June 2, 2009

I’d love one of these. And you look awesome in both pics by the way!


192 Nicole June 2, 2009

I’d love one of these cute shirts! I loveee the zebra one (:


193 Anna June 2, 2009

You look AMAZING!! Looks like all the hard work paid off.

The Hip Ts are such a great idea!


194 Jen June 2, 2009

Love the idea of the Hip-T – Definitely important when you don’t want that underwear to show!!!


195 Heather(OHIO) June 2, 2009

Holy cow! You look amazing and im very proud of where you have came from. Thanks for sharing the pics.
The Hip-T is just what i need, lol.


196 JJ June 2, 2009

Wow what a great invention; the hip T! I would love to try it on


197 CATIEDIDIT June 2, 2009

I would love a hip-T!! It would be fun to have a unique color to spice up an outfit.

And I would also love to look like you do in your “before” pics!!


198 Menden (Skinny Menny) June 2, 2009

Hey Angela!

You look great in your pics…you go girl!

I am coveting a hip-t….I think it’s the best invention ever :)


199 lauren alysse June 2, 2009

angela you look incredible! you’ve def. inspired me to get my butt into gear :)


200 Courtney June 2, 2009

What a great giveaway! I’ve wanted one of those ever since I saw it on your blog.


201 jen June 3, 2009

congrats and way to be dedicated! :)


202 Abbie June 3, 2009

Hi From a new reader :) Your pics are very inspiring! Thanks for offering this fun giveaway too!


203 Screamin' Mama June 3, 2009

I love the black with lace. I’m sure it’ll go with everything. Thanks for the giveaway! Keeping my fingers crossed.


204 Jen June 3, 2009

Love it!


205 Hyedi June 3, 2009

I really think I’m going to do the BBBC this summer along with Shred! Love the Hip-T, it’s such a good idea!


206 Bethany June 3, 2009

I LOVE that tee and would be thrilled to win one! Thanks for the opportunity!


207 Jessie June 3, 2009

the zebra print is so cute, what a great idea!


208 Michele June 3, 2009

Both your before and after pictures look great. Thanks for the opportunity to win a Hip-T.


209 Kelly June 3, 2009

Thanks for sharing your before and after photos and congratulations on your results! Do you have a post that lists what exercises you did during the challenge? I’d love to incorporate some into my own exercise routine.


210 chippednailsandall June 3, 2009

those hip-t’s are so cute and comfy looking :)


211 Anna June 3, 2009

I love those Hip-Ts! Your pics look great!


212 Carrie H June 3, 2009

You look great and so does that tee! Thanks for the contest. :)


213 Sara June 3, 2009

You look Amazing!! Not that you didn’t in the beginning photo ;)
I checked out the Hip-T site cuz I liked yours that they sent you…. it is THE solution I need for all my short shirts! I am a big fan, out of necessity more than anything else, of wearing tanktops under my shirts. If a hip-t slims, even better!!I think one in black or white would be perfect for everyday – because I would wear this a LOT!! Thanks for the contest entry :)


214 Heather June 3, 2009

Hey Ang, what size did you get? I ordered a Hip-T before and it ended up being too big….wondering if you should order down since they stretch or not. I was in between the sizes, so I went up.


215 Christina June 4, 2009

You look gorgeous!


216 alta June 4, 2009

Wow, takes lots of guts to post bikini pics of yourself on the internet! You look great in both, congrats though on the hard work! And I’d love a Hip T!


217 Fitzalan June 5, 2009

Oh wow….those are some fabulous results on someone who I would say was already looking wonderful.

Maybe I’ll go back and start BBC from the beginning…I wasn’t a daily reader when it began and well, I just wasn’t motivated. But results always give me a nice push in the butt!

Happiness Awaits


218 Jess June 6, 2009

Wow! Awesome results! You look amazing, but you did before as well!

Those Hip-T’s are neat!

<3 jess


219 theskinnyplate June 7, 2009

Angela, you looks amazing!! Thanks for all the wonderful recipes and healthy inspirations!! I love your blog and OSG Bakery.


220 Sarah June 18, 2009

Great job! Wow, it sure makes me wish I’d stuck with it too, haha. In my own time ;-)


221 matt April 14, 2010

insert flattering but highly inappropriate comment here


222 elizabeth June 2, 2010

you can totally use the hip tee when pregnant (just get larger size) or nursing (to hide the angry red stretch marks!)


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