The Insatiable Hunger


Why hello there! Fancy meeting you here. :D

My hunger has been through the roof today, not surprisingly since I burned about 650 calories with my long run today.

I had a great breakfast today comprised of about 1 cup of Healthy Valley Spelt Flakes & Cranberry cereal and 1 cup of Nature’s Path Flax Plus Pumpkin Raisin Crunch cereal.


It was my first time having this Flax Plus cereal and it was really yummy. I especially loved the pumpkin seeds! It is higher in calories than most cereals I eat (~200 per 3/4 cup), so I will eat it when I need a high calorie breakfast (like this one) after a long workout or I will sprinkle a bit of it on my regular Spelt Flakes for added flavour and crunch on regular mornings.


Of course I poured my Almond Breeze Milk over it…probably 1 cup’s worth.


The heavenly mix:


The fun table setting with the new Clementine Centrepiece that I put together this morning. I had a large clementine on the side.


Not even an hour later, I was ready for lunch: A huge romaine & tomato salad, a toasted veggie sandwich, a large banana with MaraNatha Raw Almond Butter, and a Pistachio Larabar.

That should do it for a while!?


Tomorrow night we are hosting our first dinner party in our new house!

We are having a fun couple over- Colin and Christine. Eric works with Colin and he is a really cool guy. They both attended our wedding and I have always wanted to have them over to get to know them better.

So of course after they confirmed their attendance, I was flying through all my cookbooks trying to come up with a great dinner!

I still am on the fence but the menu will look something like the following:

  • Hors d’oeuvre: Baked Artichoke Dip and crackers (from 101, drinks
  • Appetizer: Ceasar salad or regular veggie salad
  • Main: Burgandy Pork Tendeloin, Ultimate twice baked potatoes OR Sour Cream & Chives Mashed Potatoes, Steamed Baby carrots, Shiraz red wine
  • Dessert: Smitten Kitchen’s Carrot Cake with maple-cream cheese frosting

This menu is subject to change based on how I feel when I go through everything tonight! I plan on baking the dessert tonight ahead of time, to save me time tomorrow.

We are leaving now to go to Crate & Barrel!!! I am exchanging a few things. We also need to pick up groceries for dinner tomorrow night and to make sure I have all the ingredients necessary!

See you tonight for some fun Crate and Barrel products and some baking fun! :)

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bamarunner January 3, 2009

thanks for stopping by!

that menu looks delicious! am in invited!?


lauren January 3, 2009

enjoyed catching up on your year in review! happy new year – cant wait to see how the dinner party turns out…


Amanda January 3, 2009

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me the trick to reading while you are on the treadmill running at that speed.


marafaye January 3, 2009

That looks like a beautiful menu!! I’d go with mashed potatoes over the twice baked… but that’s just me!


VeggieGirl January 3, 2009



bobbi January 3, 2009

i love love love crate and barrel! HAVE FUN!


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