Army Fitness Test #2 and a Winter Wonderland

by Angela (Oh She Glows) on December 19, 2008


I must say I love working from home!! It is awesome. I slept in til 8:30am, then got my laptop while still in bed and got caught up on emails and blogs for a bit. :D So relaxing!!

We are getting pummeled with snow here- it is so beautiful outside!  Poor Eric had to go into work today, I hope he can leave early!!!

It is coming down so fast…and it is drifting! I am going to post an ‘after’ video when the snow stops falling. Should be almost a foot of snow!

I can’t believe we are leaving for Calgary tomorrow. So much to do!

I started my morning off on the right foot with Army fitness test #2. See last night’s post for a video explanation. :D

I knew that I could run a better 2-mile time than last night since I had a full stomach and wasn’t feeling my ‘lightest on foot’…and guess what? I was right!

Army Fitness Test #2: (2 miles at your fastest!)

  • I ran the first 1.15 mile at 8.6 mph (I didn’t even know I could run that fast!)
  • For the rest of the 0.85 mile, I ran between 8.0 mph and 8.9 mph.
  • Max Heart rate: 175 bpm (90% of max)
  • Avg Heart rate: 162 bpm (83% of max)
  • Time: 14 mins. 11 seconds (beat yesterday’s time by 49 seconds!)
  • Average pace: 7.10 min. mile
  • Max. avg. pace: 6 min mile!

I just looked at the results of yesterday’s poll on whether you want to see calories posted with my workouts, and while it was close, the majority did say they’d like to see it! So I am going to try to include this stat in my above stats from now on. I don’t focus on it myself, and I know many of you don’t, so we can just ignore it. :D

My Army Fitness test burned 131 calories during the 14 mins. 11 seconds. It sure felt like a lot more than that! haha.

After I finished, I got some water and then hopped back on the treadmill to run another mile at an easier pace:

  • 0.10 mile walking, 4.0 mph, 4% incline
  • 1 mile run, 6.5 mph, inclie 4%
  • 0.32 mile walking, 4.0 mph, incline 4%
  • Max heart rate: 165 (85% of max)
  • Avg heart rate: 144 (74% of max)
  • Duration: 16 mins.
  • Kcals burned: 119

Both workouts combined:

  • 30 mins
  • 250 kcals burned
  • 3 miles run, 0.42 miles walked

It felt amazing beating my Army Fitness time from last night! I really gave it my all. :D I am going to keep testing myself on and off to see how I improve.

I had a huge bowl of cereal after my workout because I was quite hungry! I should have had more than 2 clementine’s before my test, but I was worried that the food would slosh around and give me cramps!


Some interesting Health news headlines….

  1. A bigger income may mean a bigger waist, for men anyways
  2. Proof that massage really works, in Rabbits, and probably in humans too
  3. One tiny truffle may lead to overindulgence


See you this afternoon for more fun & healthy posts!!!

“You can make yourself happy or miserable, it’s the same amount of effort.”

~Ray Bradbury

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Denise December 19, 2008 at 11:45 am

I am working from home today, too. It’s the best. Spent 2.5 hours at the gym, doing laundry, reading blogs…so relaxing!


girlrunningaround December 19, 2008 at 12:41 pm

Great job PR-ing on your Army run. :)

We have about as much snow here too. I think I’ll post a pic later.


Lara December 19, 2008 at 12:49 pm

I am seriously impressed with your test time. I think a lot of my runing hurdles are mental blocks. I know I can run faster and longer than I actually do. Do you have any tips for this?
LOVE that quote!


VeggieGirl December 19, 2008 at 2:09 pm

Hooray for working from home and for a great run!!


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